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WELCOME: Those who have real power typically avoid exposure and unwanted attention by denying that they have it. The Establishment exists but doesn't want the public to get the full picture of its control.

As Epperson stated, history happens either by accident or by conspiracy. Much of the conspiracy revolves around money—its creation and its use in corrupt politics. Many of the groups are secret societies whose members agree obey unknown rulers. The common thread is that they meet outside the view of both the public and the press. Those who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed truly believe there is no such thing as conspiracies. This is what the conspirators want them to believe. Those who seek to hide conspiracies are fond of using ridicule to "label" and "stigmatize" serious inquirers. If the people believe there are no conspiracies, they will spend no time to study them. However, only a brief study will reveal that there have been and are many conspiracies! The conspiracy, by virtue of the number of secret groups and individuals involved, is also so vast that no one person can claim to have full grasp of it. By definition it is "secret" and cannot be discovered without diligent inquiry. Just a basic overview requires studying many sources.

The term "conspiratorialist" is an inevitable term that will be applied to anyone who delves too deeply into the intentionally hidden history. In every era, dedicated truth-seeking conspiracy scholars are a rare commodity. There is rarely any real money to be made and foundation grants and subsidies are non-existent.

This will become the place or nook for those who want to find the real truth. As things progress we hope eventually to be able to assemble a Conspiracy Encyclopedia containing the membership lists of all active secret societies since 1776. The present trend is not to publish books by any scholar who ventures into the forbidden issue of the power elites. Initially we will post the names of scholars—trying to be inclusive rather than exclusive. All scholars have strengths and weaknesses but all have something to say. Soon we will feature short bios, lists of books as well as tapes and details as to availability and price.

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