VOL. 1. NO. 3. (to November 15, 1998).

BB=Bilderberger CFR=Council on Foreign Relations M=Mason RS=Rhodes Scholar TC=Trilateralist


The special son and now chosen patriarch of a Deer Island-meeting order of still-unknown German origin has now triumphed in his Texas takeover after the powerful Democratic Lt. Governor, Bob Bullock, early predicted that it would be virtual suicide for anyone to stand against him. In the race that just was money was never made an issue and George Walker Bush (S&B 1968) had barrels of it to defeat Gary Mauro with kindness and compassion. Mauro was and is a well-meaning proud but blind political hack who failed to motivate not-yet too numerous Texas environmentalists and was unable to see the handwriting on the only for big bucks wall.

The origin of the big bucks campaign contributions is still largely unknown in Texas. Each political season goes by with only scant listings of contributors in the press while the supposedly public information is never provided by state regulating officials in a format that the public can easily study. So following the money trail, which requires signing a request sheet, demands hundreds of hours or spending hundreds of dollars to make copies. A close look at Bush's contributors and their elite connections would go far in suggesting his chances for making it to the White House in the year 2000. The flat reality is that the Bush family has now long-mastered the political art of best-representing the interests of the rich who run this country while relying upon extremely competent political advisors. The "campaign finance reform" battle will only begin when voters wake-up to the fact that when they vote for the politicians who raise the most money and can therefore win, they are also voting for a politician that has also been bought by and for the rich.


Since 1994 TAAS overall "passing" scores in Texas have increased from 50% to 75% with a 37% to 65% gain for blacks and Hispanics, according to Time (Nov. 16). The Skull and Bones Texas Governor has said that: "Teaching kids to read is the best juvenile-justice program I know." He has also taken credit for increasing spending on education by $4.7 billion (31%). Isabel Beck, a University of Pittsburgh Education Professor described Bush as educationally savvy: "He knew about phonemic awareness,"4 she said. "That's very technical business."

Bush will announce his presidential decision around April or May of next year. He will not have the power to veto a proposed pending new Texas Constitution but his position will surely be of interest since it would give the Governor of Texas powers not seen since the once-hated Radical Reconstruction Republican Carpetbagger Regime. If he gets some form of tax cut and the usual more money for education, his presidential starting-gate position will be extremely formidable.

Bush has stated: "I'm an activist governor with a conservative agenda." In a poll last week he was 12 points ahead of Vice-President Al Gore, Jr. (CFR).


On Thursday Texas Governor Bush filled the vacancy caused by the resignation of the last remaining high Texas Democrat (Raul Gonzales) with his Secretary of State appointee -- Alberto Gonzales. The newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice, a Harvard Law School graduate, who has no judicial experience, will face Texas Senate confirmation (already likely) and the voters in the year 2000. The way is now clear for Bush to appoint Harvard Law School Graduate Clark Kent Irving (RS), a former associate director of policy for his father, to the now vacant appointed post of Secretary of State.


Calls for a new "Marshall Plan" coincided with a tour of Honduras by former President George Herbert Walker Bush (CFR/M/S&B1948/TC) who said the situation was "appalling." He said aid would be needed for months and years to come and endorsed forgiveness of debts. He said the Points of Light in the U.S. would respond. Bush told Larry King Tuesday night he felt like a "spring colt" and plans an encore jump to celebrate his 75th birthday next June.

On September 23, l991, then President Bush, in a UN speech, urged the formation of what he called a "Pax Universalis." He discussed the need for "collective settlement of disputes," and advocated international action to settle "nationalist passions" within the borders of sovereign nations. Bush also applauded the continuation of UN sanctions against Iraq, and said he wanted them kept in force for as long as Saddam Hussein "remains in power." With his sons governing both Texas and Florida, the real powerful and still politically-tainted "Daddy" Bush can now semi-emerge without hurting their votes.


Former President Carter (CFR/TC) called for forgiveness of foreign debts. Carlos Flores Facussee, President of Honduras, said his country's $4.2 billion foreign debt was "unpayable." Several European leaders have called for a moratorium or outright forgiveness. On Tuesday France canceled its $70 million share of the Nicaragua's total debt because of Hurricane Mitch. The French also canceled $30 million owed to them by Honduras. Meanwhile Great Britain supported a debt moratorium. Cuba also forgave some $50 million in Nicaraguan debt--mostly dating from the leftist Sandinista government in the 1980s.


Alan Reynolds, writing in the Nov. 9 issue of The National Review said the IMF "never reveals the strings it attaches to loans." He added: "The IMF nearly always requires countries to devalue their currencies or raise tax rates or both." Reynolds said the IMF was unable to be lender of last resort: "About all it can do is shift debt from frivolous lenders to innocent taxpayers."


An article in The New Republic (Nov. 16) by Ronald Radosh, John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, said that in the 1940s more than 350 Americans "had covert relationships with Soviet intelligence agencies..." Only half were ever identified and only a baker's dozen were prosecuted. As to IMF Co-Founder (with Keynes) Harry Dexter White (Weiss), the article stated: "High-ranking officials, including Harry Dexter White, assistant secretary of the treasury, Laurence Duggan, chief of the State Department's division of American republics; and Lauchlin Currie (CFR), an administrative aide and State Department liaison to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, gave secrets to Soviet agents." The article by three experts also added: "White even met with a Soviet agent while at the San Francisco conference establishing the United Nations, revealing to him the American negotiating position on a number of issues."


August figures from the Congressional Budget Office showed that $105 billion was added to the U.S. public debt in fiscal year 1998.


The Consumer Federation of American said Tuesday that state laws against payday loans are being skirted to the tune of an estimated $1 billion a year. The loans are being made to consumers who have maxed-out their credit cards and carry interest rates of between 391 and 780%. Some 14-day $100 loans cost $17.50. Opponents defended what might be termed legal usury by saying the consumer group had made a "bogus presentation" because the loans were short-term. The consumer group asked states to enforce the laws and consumers were advised to create "savings nest eggs."


Last week Brazil enacted a social security reform bill. Wednesday Brazil's central bank lowered the country's key interest rate from 49.75 percent to 42.25 percent. Next year's interest rates are projected at 21%. The interest rate in Brazil nearly doubled to 49.75% in September as investors fled the country after Russia's August default. Foreign reserves were estimated at around $43 billion compared to $70 billion at the end of July. The IMF insisted upon drastic budget cuts before providing a loan. The amount of the loan was boosted to $41.5 billion (over the next three years) as it was announced that 450 of the Fortune 500 corporations are now doing business in Brazil. $5 Billion will come from the U.S. semi-secret Economic Stabilization Fund. $18 billion of the loan is to come from the IMF. The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank will each provide $4.5 billion. Brazil will now have to go through an "inevitable recession."

On Friday Mark Mobius, head of Templeton Asset Management, said on CNN that Brazil must reform its pension system. His #1 flagship fund is down 24% for the year but has led the 13 emerging market funds for the past five years. The fund has 31% of its investments in Asia. Thailand is at the top of his recommended investment list.


In his first major policy speech, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder promised Germans $8.9 billion in tax relief -- targeted to households -- over the next four years.

The new liberal Justice Minister of Germany, Herta Daeubler-Gmelia, said she plans to urge a law making it illegal for parents to either slap or spank their children.


In a report on seizures ending September 30, 1998, the U.S. Customs Service said that about 99% of the 124,786 pounds of illegal drugs seized at the Mexico Border was marijuana.


One of nine jobs cut last month was the result of mergers.


On Tuesday President Clinton (BB/CFR/RS/TC) issued a statement that the U.S. would not tolerate the "flooding of our markets" with low-cost goods from Asia and Russia. The statement came days after a White House meeting with top steel executives and union leaders which helped get the Democratic vote out last week. But Robert E. Rubin (BB), who is said to be thinking of departing, stated in the same meeting: "We don't want to encourage greater protectionism abroad."


As the Euro is set to technically debut on January 1, 11 of 15 participating EU governments are busy educating their citizens. The Dutch slogan is "The euro will belong to all of us." The four European countries who will still have sovereign currencies are Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Greece (which hasn't yet qualified). Euros will not circulate physically until the year 2002. American Express and Thomas Cook will begin issuing traveler's checks in Euros on January 1.


On Monday Mexico and the 15-nation European Union (EU) began talks on what would be the 1st free-trade zone in North America. Mexico now does 85% of its exports to the U.S. but that may soon decline. Last year Mexico had $4 billion in exports to the EU which exported $10 billion to Mexico. Negotiators will meet every six weeks until June 1999.


Time took its second look (Nov. 16) at corporate welfare. Boeing, whose largest customer was China, was the largest recipient of Emimbank (called the Bank of Boeing by insiders) largess -- a total of $11 billion during the 1990-1997 period.

In February of 1934 George N. Peek, the 1st President of the Export-Import Bank, said: "(The Emimbank) has not been created for the purpose of acting as a Santa Claus." The investigation revealed that just 10 companies accounted for 50% of the $51 billion in financial deals revealed in the bank's annual reports.

Business with Communist countries has long been financed by the Export-Import Bank, according to Phobe Courtney, in THE CFR 68 (1968). The Bank, under its president and chairman, Harold F. Linder (CFR) advanced funds to U.S. firms for goods shipped to the Communist bloc. David Rockefeller, then President of Chase Manhattan Bank and Vice-President of the CFR, wrote to Senator John J. Sparkman, chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency, in support of a 5-year extension of the Export-Import Bank, on April 10, 1967: "Each new program instituted by the Bank, in particular the institution of risk insurance through the Foreign Credit Insurance Association and the system of support for commercial bank loans to exporters through Export-Import Bank guarantees, has demonstrated the ability of the bank to work with and anticipate the needs of the business community in fulfilling its functions." Courtney added that taxpayer-financed bank guarantees allowed investors in communist countries to face no financial risk.

In June 1993, Kenneth Brody, President and Chairman of Eximbank, stated: "The President's highest foreign policy is probably aid to Russia, (and his) highest priority domestically probably is jobs. When Exim is involved in Russia, we solve both problems. We provide them with money; they buy our products; they create jobs." But, said Time, in 1997 the U.S. had only 18.7 million manufacturing jobs compared to 19.3 million in 1988.

The second in the series of real investigative reporting also revealed the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). With a very high get-in fee (usually $1 million or more), this corporation is open mainly to 1) wealthy individuals, 2) institutions (such as pension funds, which are doing very well lately) and 3) large corporations (such as GE and Citicorp). Clinton, during his time in office, has increased OPIC funding from less than $100 million to $3.2 billion. Just 4 companies amounted to a third of OPIC's constituency: 1) Citicorp, 2) Chase Manhattan, 3) First Bank of Boston and 4) Enron Corp. (Houston, Texas). 14% ($3.6 billion) of all OPIC insurance went to Citicorp and its various affiliates. Citicorp, Inc. is the parent of Citicorp and Travelers Group. While collecting several billion dollars in corporate welfare, GE cut 123,000 jobs since 1986 or 43% of its workforce. Meanwhile, the right-hand man to recently departed Jamie Dimon, Steven Black, has quit. Citigroup will buy back $2 billion in stock.


Most economists (70%) expect another $0.25 cut at the upcoming Fed meeting. Worker productivity was up 2.3% in the third quarter as manufacturers "squeezed" their workers. But Scott Bleier, of Prime Charter Ltd. disagreed, saying: "I think they've (already) given us our Christmas present."


More than half the people in the world have never made a phone call.


Cargill is buying Continental but no impact on prices is expected.


James Galbraith of the University of Texas is calling for a "small tax" on foreign exchange. Speculation is a threat plus there is a right to know. Taxing foreign exchange transactions was initially suggested by Nobel prizewinning American economist James Tobin. More specifically the tax would be on the interest income earned from foreign currency deposits. It would act to deter short-term currency speculation.


William Henry Luers (CFR) will take over as the next chairman as well as president of the powerful United Nations Association of the U.S.A. The Business Council and the UNA will likely mere in 1999. His wife, Wendy, heads the Foundation for a Civil Society.


On November 10 Reuters announced that the Russians would offer equal terms to all investors in the restructuring of frozen domestic (GKO) debt. Russian Finance Minister Mikhail Zadornov said a meeting was likely next week of both foreign and Russian investors. Of the July 1998 Russian $4.8 billion IMF loan, at least $1 billion went to pay off investors in very-high-yielding GKO short-term bonds. No one knows where the rest went.

Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov said Wednesday that a tight lid would be kept on spending and no large sums of money would be printed to pay debts. Current wages could be paid without more money, he said. The money printed will total up to 25 billion rubles (worth about $1.7 billion). Official October inflation was 4.5% (down from 38.4% in September). Arkady Zlochevsky, chairman of the non-government Russia Grain Union, dismissed predictions of food shortages. The actual grain harvest, he said, was higher than officially reported because grain producers under-report output so they can illegally sell leftovers.


Yeltsin was out of sight at his country home. He played host to Japanese P.M. Meizo Obuchi on Thursday (his first high-level meeting in a month). It was the first official visit by a Japanese Prime Minister for a quarter of a century. There is a dispute over the Kuril Islands off Russia's Pacific coast. The island are known to the Japanese as the Northern territories and consist of four islands. They have been controlled by Moscow since the end of WWII. 18 major Japanese banks make 75% of all loans. Japanese banking is largely unprofitable. On Friday Yeltsin greeted the Japanese Prime Minister but skipped the state banquet although his aides said he was feeling fine.

Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy and Germany\'92s new foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, were also in Russia for talks this week. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is set to visit Russia this week. Axworthy recently suggested the adoption of a global convention that would prohibit the international transfer of small arms to any parties except governments.

Yeltsin met with Chinese President Jiang Zemin on Nov. 22. China is now a major trading partner and lead customer for Russia's defense industry. After U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson was sent by Clinton to Taiwan to address a business meeting and meet with Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui this week, Clinton may get an earful during his hour-long meeting next week with Zemin as 21 world leaders meet at the Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Malaysia. A September 30 editorial in the China Daily was hostile after U.S. officials dared to complain about the $60 billion U.S.-China trade deficit. Two weeks later the livid Chinese called U.S. support for Taiwan's entry into the WTO "a rude infringement of China's sovereignty." Gore may now replace Clinton on the trip to the conference. Taiwan has asked the U.S. to provide the sophisticated Aegis defense system to counter Beijing's military naval build-up. U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski, who was in Taiwan on a three-day trade mission, said the U.S. would continue to provide hardware to Taiwan consistent with the Taiwan Relations Act. On Wednesday some 200 futures-scammed disgruntled investors in Xin Gua Da Futures Co. Ltd. marched through Beijing in one of the boldest protests since the 1989 Tianamen Square demonstrations.


U.S. News (Nov. 16) noted parallels between Weimar Germany in the 1920s and Russia in the 1990s. Yeltsin was compared to Paul von Hindeberg who opened the door to Hitler in 1933. Yeltsin was described: "In recent months, Yeltsin mistakenly identified Japan and Germany as nuclear powers, failed to recognize one of his own ministers at a public appearance, and blabbered incoherently at a press conference."


Wayne Gray of CNN did a short piece Tuesday on anti-Semitism in Russia. It ended with a statement by a Russian woman: "We're all one people -- people of the Earth."

The U.S. has given the cash-starved Russian government $200 million of the estimated $5.7 billion needed to destroy 44,000 tons of deteriorating chemical weapons which Russia promised to get rid of last year. Russia stopped its production in 1987.


Cedar Park Senior Pastor Jack Humbert of Hilltop Baptist has begun a series on "Doom, Dismay, Despair (All Coming in 1990)." His analysis includes excerpts from THROUGH THE EYES OF THE ENEMY -- a 172-page book written by Stanislav Luner -- Russia's highest-ranking military defector.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has demanded that the U.S. withdraw troops from South Korea.


The Taliban militia in Afghanistan has vowed to protect suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden "at any cost." A U.S. District Court has indicted Bin Laden for the August 7th bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa. The State Department has posted a $5 million reward for his capture. A former Fort Worth Lone Star tire shop manager has been jailed in New York. He was personal secretary to Ben Laden. The chief justice of the Taliban, Noor Mohammed Saqib, accused the U.S. of looking for an "excuse" to launch another missile attack on Afghanistan. On August 20 the U.S. fired Tomahawk missiles at suspected terrorist camps in eastern Afghanistan which killed 26 people. Saqib, who heads a judicial inquiry investigating terrorist charges against bin Laden, told the AP that America had produced no evidence of Bin Laden's guilt.


The Duke of Kent (M) K.G., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. [1990] made the 1st official visit to Israel by a member of Britain's royal family. He began his three-day trip with a stop at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. The Duke is the president of the governors of the Grand Lodge and is also the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry).


Former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds visited Iraq on Monday to check on the hardships caused by UN sanctions. Reynolds serves as a member of the Board of Governors of the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.


The U.S. and Israel are at odds over 1) the timetable, 2) continued Jewish settlement expansion and 3) the procedure for revoking provisions in the PLO founding charter calling for Israel's destruction. In mid-December the PNC and other Palestinian bodies will meet in Gaza. Clinton will attend and address the meeting. Netanyahu (a graduate of M.I.T. and former Israeli Ambassador to the UN) has insisted that a vote must be taken to repeal the offensive 1964 clauses that call for Israel's destruction. Arafat has agreed to convene and hold a new vote by the full 600-member Palestinian National Council (PNC) to cancel anti-Israel clauses in the PLO charter.

Sunday Israeli soldiers searched for a militant Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank village of Kabatiya.

David Bar-Illan, the senior adviser to Netanyahu, said Arafat must now "outlaw" the military wings of both the Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Anmed Qureia, speaker of the Palestine Legislative Council, said Israel had no right to demand the outlawing of groups before going ahead with the Wye River memorandum. The Palestinians said they would ban anti-Israel activity by Hamas or the Islamic Jihad but would not do an outright ban on them as political movements. David Bar-Illan, described as only a spokesman for Netanyahu, said Tuesday that the Palestinians had taken "some concrete steps against terrorists and that they are planning to take even more steps."

The Israeli cabinet, after a two-week delay, met at noon on Wednesday after Netanyahu was convinced that the PA had begun practical steps against the terrorist infrastructure and the terrorists. Earlier the cabinet had called on the PA to wage an "all-out-war" on violent militants who have carried out two suicide bombings since the signing of the October 23rd accord. Dozens of Islamists have now been detained by Arafat. November 2 was supposed to have been the starting date but another article said the memo had set Nov. 16 as the date to begin the first phase of the 3-month anti-Palestinian-led terrorist purge but that date has been delayed at the request of Netanyahu. The delay will just about give the U.S.S. Enterprise (and Marine Helicopter ship) time to be in the Gulf when Arafat begins his roundup of terrorists.

The Wye accord got eight favorable cabinet votes Wednesday (of 17 cabinet ministers) with four opposed and 5 ministers abstaining. After ratifying the latest peace accord, Israel announced it would begin the construction of a largest Jewish neighborhood in a sector of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinians as a future capital. Israel has agreed to withdrawal of troops in exchange for an "all-out war" by the PA against Muslim militants. Gas masks have been handed out in case Saddam Hussein takes actions against Israel.

Netanyahu, flanked by Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon, issued what the NY Times said amounted to a threat to annex chunks of the West Bank if the Palestinians moved next spring to unilaterally declare an independent state. Hassan Asfour, a top Arafat Aide, said: "We are not agents of the Israelis. We do not do as they command." Netanyahu, according to the NY Times, said on a late-night interview show: "My insistence is to sterilize elements which will stop the Palestinians not from running their lives but from threatening us."

On Friday it was announced that eight Arab states and both Russia and France, will not oppose the bombing of Iraq. One question raised by U.S. Senator Specter, is whether Clinton will seek congressional approval. Defense Department spokesman James Rubin (CFR) said the president had "inherent authority" to proceed with the bombing and also had previous congressional approval for UN resolutions but added it would be prudent to consult Congress.

Senator Richard Lugar (RS) (R-Indiana) has twice called for the bombing of Baghdad. He has called on Clinton to finish the job President Bush started. The last war involved 500,000 troops and resulted in much disease from much-debated mysterious causes.

Former Congressman and columnist Otis Pike stated this week: "We are tired of being the United Nations enforcer. But here we go again."

Defense Secretary William Cohen (CFR/TC) visited Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt. Sandy Berger (CFR) visited Western Europe.

Richard Haas of the Brookings Institution has suggested the U.S. use bombs and missiles on the facilities that can no longer be inspected.

CFR fellow John Hillen said: "Unilateral action is kind of like a drunk's courage. It's enough to get you into the fight but not enough to get you out of it successfully.

Tuesday nuclear inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) went on regular monitoring missions and remote cameras were still in place. On Wednesday, however, most UN and IAEA inspectors were evacuated because of the possible pending military strike against Iraq.

Force is viewed as increasingly likely (particularly on the part of Arafat and his PA police). The aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower and seven other navy vessels (equipped with more than 300 Tomahawk cruise missiles) remain on alert in the Gulf as the Clinton administration considered two plans. One of the two plans, evidently adopted, called for sending still more U.S. forces to the Gulf. It was said the forces were already on call and could be in the Gulf within 96 hours.

Cohen said the credibility of both the UN Security Council (which meets in secret) and the U.S. was on the line as Hussein flouted his obligations. He added: "A dance has a beginning and an end." A TV commentator said Iraq was "stiffing the UN Security Council." British Defense Minister George Robertson, said the crisis was the worst since the 1991 Gulf War: "Time is running out for Saddam Hussein." Except for Britain, there is little military support from the allies for an attack on Iraq. Hussein is said to be surrounded by a totally disconnected elite.

Clinton met with William Cohen, Albright, Berger and General Henry Shelton (Chairman of the U.S. military Joint Chiefs of Staff) on Tuesday. He also called Tony Blair (British P.M.)(who has apparently committed a few planes). Clinton then sent the U.S.S. Enterprise Aircraft Carrier (with an escort of U.S. Marine warships) to replace the carrier Eisenhower. It will arrive on November 23 (three days ahead of schedule). Long-range bombers are part of the buildup which will add 100 more planes to the 174 warplanes already in the Gulf. A "fresh" Marine helicopter carrier will also arrive on November 23. On Wednesday the Pentagon ordered 129 additional land-based warplanes (including 12 B-52 bombers armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, six B-1 heavy bombers,12 F-117A radar-evading stealth fighters, F-15, F-16 and F/A-18 attack jets)and 3,000 more Army soldiers to the Persian Gulf -- doubling U.S. strength. Additional Patriot anti-missile units have also be dispatched.

Iraq said a joint U.S.-British attack would "destabilize" the region. A ten-day trade fair, that brought together the biggest group of influential officials and businessmen since the Gulf war, ended Tuesday in Iraq. Trade Minister Mohammed Mahdi said there could be no cooperation with the UN until the sanctions ended.

Former President Jimmy Carter (CFR/TC) told CNBC that the U.S. doesn't have the previous support in Europe, Russia or in neighboring Arab countries, comparable to the Gulf War period. However, he added that the U.S. might get away with making an attack if it was restricted solely to military targets.

Dan Rather (CFR) on Friday said that the U.S. was "aimed, cocked and ready." An executive order forbids political assassination by the U.S. and Hussein is believed to have deep bunkers for his protection. George R. Stephanopoulos (CFR/RS) said on Friday'2s Larry King show: "(W)hat's illegal is not necessarily immoral...the President does have the authority to issue a secret finding to override the executive order against assassination." Republican Senator Richard Lugar (RS) said Saddam Hussein may have to be killed. However, Madeleine Albright (CFR/TC) said on PBS that: "The purpose of force, if we use it, would be to degrade his ability" to develop and use weapons of mass destruction. Congress has overwhelmingly passed an Iraq Liberation Act which appropriated money to support internal political opposition to Saddam Hussein.

A sustained massive attack may be looming since air attacks alone will not eliminate Iraq's capability to make weapons of mass destruction.

Senator Arlen Specter (Republican-Penn.) said that a missile strike on Iraq would be "an act of war" and require approval by Congress. The President could call a special session of Congress to get such approval. Cato Institute's Ted Galem Carpenter said on Crossfire that Congress had abdicated its power to declare war. Senator Joseph Biden (Demo-Del.), the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the President was not required to but should consult Congress. Thursday Clinton called Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and House Minority Leader Richard "Dick" Andrew Gephardt (CFR) to brief them on the Iraq crisis. Paula Dobriansky (CFR), identified on the screen as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, said on CNN that the U.S. couldn't afford the delay required to go to Congress for approval.

Bob Novak, who is authoring a book to warn Republicans, on Crossfire Friday quoted from an article in the New Yorker (Nov. 9) that suggested that resigned UNSCOM head Scott Ritter worked hand-in-hand with both the CIA and the Mossad and was suspected to be an Israeli agent by the US. Government. Taria Aziz, Iraq Deputy Prime Minister, stated: "UNSCOM is a subsidiary organ of the CIA and of the Mossad, not a subsidiary of the United Nations or the Security Council."

The attack, if launched, would be the 4th attack on Iraq by the Clinton administration. Special envoy Prakash Shah on Nov. 14th said that Iraq will allow U.N. weapons inspections to resume without conditions.


In closely reviewing the activities this week, it appears that while Saddam Hussein is the "prey," the "play" is to be able to give protective U.S. military cover (including Marines with helicopters) to Arafat and Netanyahu for the so-far delayed 12-week terrorist-cleansing campaign. Marine General Anthony Zinni is the top commander of U.S. forces in the Gulf region. The real Gulf mission is to station more U.S. troops in time for the coming joint Israeli-PA roundups in Palestine that may provoke much bloodshed in the weeks ahead.


Former "Clinton spin doctor" and senior Israel-born adviser, Rahm Emanuel, said in a TV interview that the Democrats have been unified more by social security, a patient's bill of rights and 100,000 more teachers rather than by Newt. He said the right-wing in the Republican party opposed the leadership during the 1998 balanced budget dealings and was "very angry."

Emanuel was Assistant to the President and Director of Special Projects which included White House initiatives on crime and drug policy. He was also BC's chief fund-raiser who led the ratification of NAFTA, the passage of the welfare and immigration "reform" bills, the Brady handgun bill and also the "Assault Weapons" ban. He replaced George Stephanopoulos (CFR/RS) (now an ABC News analyst) on December 18, 1996 as senior advisor to the president and Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff (Erskine Bowles). He was National Finance Director of the 1992 Clinton-Gore Presidential Campaign after serving as Finance Director for the Daley for Mayor campaign in Chicago from 1988-1989 (see Dailey's current war on guns) and was National Campaign Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign (1987-1988).

Emanuel stunned legal observers in July by calling for extending the Brady gun control law to juveniles on NBC's "Meet the Press." Federal law already banned the sale of handguns to anyone under age 21. Host Tim Russert let the remark go unchallenged.


A full-page ad was taken out in the October 18 issue of the New York Times by the Association of Retired Aviation Professionals which questioned the official version of the cause of the air crash. The FBI, according to the ad, interviewed 115 eyewitnesses and then failed to make the statements public.


The New American (Nov. 23) noted as new 1998 CFR members: Former Reagan Secretary of State James A. Baker III, CIA Director George J. Tenet, Columnist Deroy Murdock and Hillary Clinton's media spokesperson Lisa M. Caputo. New CFR directors included TV newsperson Diane Sawyer, Roone Arledge and Bettee Bao Lord -- wife of Winston Lord (BB/CFR/S&B/TC).


Prince Charles of Wales (born Charles Philip Arthur George), already involved in some 200 different organizations, now has his own on-line web site ( The site was created after Queen Elizabeth II's site drew more than 100 million hits in its first year. The Prince's site will contain articles and the text of some of speeches. Recent published polls show most Britons want the Queen to remain on the throne. In 1998 Charles celebrated his 50th birthday with his long-time friend and companion Camilla-Parker Bowles, his two sons (Prince William and Harry) and some 100 guests. The Queen also gave him a birthday party.

His titles include KG, KT, GCB, PC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. Charles, who would become the Head of the Church of England, disdains the title of "Defender of the Faith". He prefers the more cosmopolitan title of "Defender of Faith." He is also said to be "a dabbler with spirit channeling and occult visualization" as well as a scrambled-egg eating vegetarian who disdains the killing of animals and is also said to talk to plants. He is also an environmentalist, a humanist, and a globalist to boot. Prince Charles, in 1986, awarded Reform Party-founder Ross Perot the prestigious gold medallion of the Winston Churchill of the United States Foundation. The awards banquet was dubbed "truly an Anglo-American evening" by the whiskey-preferring Prince Charles who was especially gratified by the orchestra's rendition of Rule Britannia.


Armand Hammer, the deceased patron of the Soviets and Al Gore, Jr.'s father, was also the godfather of Charles' firstborn son, Prince William, according to Joan Veon in PRINCE CHARLES: THE SUSTAINABLE PRINCE 40-41 (1997). Armand Hammer established the United World Colleges -- a group of ten related International Schools--that today promote "international understanding through education." The concept of "Service" is central to the UWC life, and this may involve Social Services such as visiting elderly persons, tutoring disadvantaged youths, helping to clean up local parks, or perhaps building a boardwalk through a rainforest to protect the delicate ecosystem. The President of the United World Colleges is Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan (her husband is a 33rd degree Mason and King of Jordan). The President of the UWC International Council is Mr. Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa. The "united world" vision was shared and supported by the United Nations, and by Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Mountbatten served as the founding President of the International Council of the United World Colleges, and was later succeeded by H.R.H. Prince Charles. Lord Mountbatten was said to have been nicer to him than his dad ever was.

Charles participated in the 1986 Bilderberger annual meeting held in Scotland. In September 1987, David Rockefeller (BB/CFR/TC), Edmund de Rothschild and James Baker III (who finally was listed as a CFR member in 1998) attended a Denver, Colorado meeting. The Denver confab was arranged to announce the creation of the World Conservation Bank (WCB), in order to collateralize 30% of the earth's land surface through a series of debt-for-nature swaps. The plan would forgive multibillion dollar debts to U.S. megabanks if such countries as Mexico and Brazil sign over deeds for millions of acres of undeveloped lands to internationalists. The grandiose plan for a World Conservation Bank is supported by both Prince Charles and Prince Philip. Charles addressed the London Trilateral Commission meeting in 1989 on the hush-hushed WCB.

In 1990 Charleston, according to Veon, was host to a two-day organizational meeting dubbed "Stakeholders: The Challenge in A Global Market." Over a hundred CEOs from major multinational organizations attended. Among the conclusions from the conference: 1) CEOs have a lead role in setting company values and insuring that local managers listen to community leaders, 2) the adoption of "sustainable development" for processes and products and 3) assistance should be given to community leaders in inner cities and isolated rural areas to develop business skills.

A year later Prince Charles commended the Brundtland Commission for bringing the new buzz word "sustainable development" into everyone's vocabulary. This phrase is thought by some to have been coined by the World Commission on the Environment in its 1987 report entitled "Our Common Future." However, the phrase was used in the 1972 Program for the first UN environment conference. The UN began speaking of "sustainable development" in its documents, beginning with the 1992 Earth Summit.

The thesis is that the world's resources are finite and must be preserved for future generations. From the collectivist regulative view, it has become necessary to know how much of each resource exists so that government agents can monitor the usage. The only valid answers to such questions will come from environmental experts who will administratively determine the fines and penalties to be paid for any broadly-defined "misuse" of the earth's precious resources.

The socialistic global sharing concept has been advocated World Goodwill (founded by Alice Bailey). The scene was described by Texe Marrs, in THE DAY THEY TAKE OUR MONEY AWAY 179 (1990): "In reality, what is to take place is that the super-rich -- those who now control our banking and money and own controlling interest in the multinational corporations that encircle the globe -- will continue to hold on to their fabulous riches, property and power. But the average American must sacrifice 'for the good of all.'" This is an echo of the Communist platitude: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Its also a modern way for a robbing non-producing Peter to pay a somewhat gratefully receiving poor Paul.

Already, says Veon, both the World Bank and the IMF are "studying ways in which the production and over consumption of every person on the face of the earth can be measured."

In 1993 the World Bank created a division for sustainable development. The assets of the earth have been grouped into four classifications: 1) natural capital (minerals, water, forests or anything else that is natural), 2) manufactured capital (anything built like roads, buildings or homes), 3) human capital and 4) social capital (how people think, political correctness). In the same year, President Clinton, by a 1993 executive order, established the President's Commission on Sustainable Development.

Representatives of Israel and the Palestinians were invited to a secret meeting in London at which time later secret negotiations in Oslo, Norway were planned. At the Oslo conference Yitzhak Rabin (M) represented Israel, King Hussein (M) of Jordan the Palestinians and Lord Victor Mischcon (M), the personal attorney for Prince Charles, represented England. All three were 33rd Degree Masons.

When Rabin was killed, various Heads of State attended his funeral. They were shown on TV behind his casket. In the center of the front row was Prince Charles, the only one who was not a Head of State. Rush Limbaugh, commented, "What's this guy doing there? He's no Head of State." Within two hours after Rabin's funeral, according to the Jerusalem Post, Prince Charles was in Prime Minister Peres's office "insisting" that he attend a meeting at the Orient House, (in the Palestinian sector of Jerusalem), to begin negotiations to give back the Golan Heights to Syria.

Today some of the largest companies, allegedly "polluting" the earth, are the largest contributors of funds to the environmentalist movement. Prince Philip is one of their heroes, yet his son Prince Charles owns a million acres of forested land in Wales from which timber is regularly harvested and, in addition, Prince Charles is one of the largest owners of slum housing in London, where pollution thrives. His ample income includes the Duchy of Cornwall, rents from homes, farms and businesses.

Prince Philip (Philip Mountbatten) presides over the Order of the Garter and is director of the World Wildlife Fund. He also heads the UN's Sacred Literature Trust. The goal is a One World Bible, according to Texe Marrs in his CIRCLE OF INTRIGUE 70-72 (1995). Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, married Princess Elizabeth of York (now Elizabeth II) in Westminster Abbey on 20 November 1947. He likes to eat roast goose and drink single malt Scotch.

Prince Philip -- the Queen's consort --_is head of the Worldwide Fund for Nature -- a leading sponsor of Eco-92. He shares a fascination for the lowly microbe, and stated publicly a desire to be reincarnated as a "deadly virus'' to help eliminate the world's unwanted human population ("useless eaters"). In a May 18, 1990 address to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the Prince stated: "It is now apparent that the ecological pragmatism of the so-called pagan religions, such as that of the American Indians, the Polynesians, and the Australian Aborigines, was a great deal more realistic in terms of conservation ethics than the more intellectual monotheistic philosophies of the revealed religions.''

America, which supposedly doesn't want a King or Queen, has newspapers and magazines who print news articles very favorable to the British Royalty. Some say this is to constantly remind Americans that some fellow human beings are "Royalty" and is really only a clever mask to conceal a subtle conditioning and normalize the existence of class and economic distinctions and inequalities. It is apparent that over the years many fawning wealthy American families have married into the more respectable and more socially established English families.


Alina Fernandez Revuelta, a daughter of Fidel Castro, said there had been thousands of victims at the hands of her father. She fled Cuba in 1993 calling Castro a torturer, drug smuggler and terrorist. She was quoted in the daily Le Parisien: "The Pinochet affair is going to create a legal precedent for all dictators, including those who are still in power, like Fidel Castro."


Wednesday lawyers for Augusto Pinochet, the former Dictator of Chile, said he had absolute immunity under British law which would have even given some protection to Adolf Hitler for his "official acts" during the Holocaust. Clive Nicholls told the five "law lords" that only parliament can outlaw absolute immunity. When Lord Slynn, chief of the lord's panel, asked if torture was a public act, Nicholls said it was if done "in the name of the government."

[Point 4 of Study No. 7, Basic Aims of U.S. Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations (November 25, 1959) planned to: "Make more effective use of the International Court of Justice, jurisdiction of which should be increased by withdrawal of reservations by member nations on matters (now) judged to be domestic."] The International Criminal Court, still not approved by the U.S., is now coming into being.


French populist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen faces a German criminal trial after the European Parliament lifted his immunity for stupidly stating that Nazi concentration camps were "a detail in the history of the Second World War." His punishment could be as long as five years.


Universal Studios will soon release "Babe: Pig in the City," a sequel to its 1995 Oscar-nominated film "Babe." The sweet-hearted swine will venture into the urban jungle as barnyard animals will be made to talk. Because of production delays, Universal canceled a scheduled world premiere that would have benefitted the Children's Defense Fund. The film will be ready for a November 25th opening.


As genetically-engineered vegetable products are not labeled in the U.S. 99% of chimp's genes are said to be the equivalent of humans.


Michael Douglas, on September 25, spoke out against the proliferation of small arms: "The sad fact is that while the major armies of the world are disarming, civilians are rearming."


Thursday a $433 million suit was filed by the City of Chicago and Cook County against 22 firearms makers, 12 suburban gun shops and 4 gun distributors on the grounds they were all creating a public nuisance. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley was quoted: "We are going to hit them where it hurts, in the wallet." Miami is expected to file a similar suit soon. The first suit in this series was filed in New Orleans and claimed that guns were "inherently unsafe."


An Arlington, Texas police officer was fired for daring to wear a cross. No religious pins can be worn on uniforms.


According to The New American (Nov. 23) Lt. Bill Bowers, the head of the New Mexico State Police, called a talk show host of Alamogorda's KINN after the UN charter was criticized by a politically-aware retired grandmother. Host Mike Shinabery was then questioned over the phone about "radicals". Bowers then called the owner of the station, Dave Nicholson, who said: "(I) found it highly unusual that he (Bowers) would call and quiz Mike about his guests."


The National Governors Association will help overhaul Executive Order 13083 so that a national ID system can become a reality.


Paula Jones won't get an apology but will receive lots of money ($850,000) from President Clinton. Almost half (about $400,00) will come from Chubb Group Insurance.

Mike Wallace today on 60 Minutes will feature nuns playing the stock market.

Billionaire Warren Buffett will play "Daddy Warbucks" next month in an Oklahoma production of "Annie." Cartoonist Al Capps created this now to be Buffett's character to represent the founder of the Federal Reserve System -- Paul M. Warburg (CFR) of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

On Friday King Hussein of Jordan said his cancer had been cured.

Indonesia rioting continued as troops killed students living in a nation where gun ownership is tightly controlled and few outside the military or police own pistols.

Two Israeli jets fired missiles on November 14th at the village of Sojod. Planes have raided suspected Hezbollah bases each day since November 8. week003.htm