Initial Membership List of the Bavarian Illuminati*

Compiled by Eric Samuelson, J.D.

Baader, Professor 
Babo, Professor
Badorifer ("Livius")
Baierhamer ("Zoroaster" or "Confucius")
Bahrdt, Clergyman
Balderbusch, F. H. 
Bart, Professor
Baron Bassus-in-Sandersdorf ("Hannibal")
Berger, Counsellor ("Cornelius Scipio")
Bode, F. H. ("Amelius")
Johann J. C. Bode
Braun, Canon
Burzes, Priest
Busche, F. H. ("Bayrd")
Baron de Busch
Constanza, Marquis de ("Diomedes")
Cossandey, Professor
Danzer, Canon
Dietrich (Mayor of Strasbourg)
Dilling, Counsellor
Dillis, Abbe
Drexi, Librarian
Adrien Duport
Ecker, Count ("Saladin")
Fischer, Magistrate
Frauenberger, Baron
Gaspar, Merchant ("Tycho Brahe")
Saint Germain
Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832) ("Abaris")
Grunberger, Professor
Gunsheim, Count
Hertel, Canon ("Marius")
Hoffstetter, Surveyor of Roads
Kaitner, Lieutenant
Kapfinger ("Thales")
Knigge, Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwid Baron Von ("Philo")
Kreitmaier, Prince
Kundi, Professor
Kundler, Professor
Lange ("Tamerlane")
Leiberhauer, Priest
Losi ("Ludovicus Bavarus")
Lowling, Professor
Massenhausen, Count Hertel Poltroon Mandl ("Ajax") (treasurer)
Mauvillon, Colonel
Meggenhoff, Paymaster ("Sulla")
Baron Mengenhofen ("Sylla")
Michel ("Timon")
Mirabeau, Count Gabriel Riqueti (1749-1791) ("Cornelius Scipio")
Morausky, Count
Morgellan, Count
Christop Friedrich Nicholai (1733-1811) ("Lucian") (Bookseller)
Orleans, Duke.
Ow, Major 
Tallyrand de Perigord (Abbe)
Johann Heinrich ("Henry") Pestalozzi (1746-1827) ("Alfred")
Pfelt ("Cicero")
Pfruntz, Priest
Renner, Professor
Sauer ("Attila")
Savioli, Count ("Brutus")
Baron von Schroeckenstein ("Mahomed")
Seefeld, Count
Socher, School Inspector ("Hermes Trismegistus")
Steger ("Shaftesbury")
Strobi, Bookseller
Torring, Count
Tropponero, Zuschwartz ("Coriolanus")
Utschneider, Professor
Vachency, Councellor
Adam Weishaupt, Professor ("Spartacus")
Werner, Counsellor
Westenrieder, Professor ("Pythagoras")
Wortz, Apothecary
Kirchenrat Karl Kasimir Wundt (1744-1784) ("Raphael")
(the grandfather of Wilhelm Wundt)
Zwack, Herr von (Lawyer) ("Cato")
* The above list is primarily from John Robison, A.M. 
(p. 116-118) (1967 Western Islands Reprint).

Code names for cities included Munich ("Athens"), Ingoldstat ("Ephesus" or "Eleusis"), Heidelberg ("Utica"), Bavaria ("Achaia"), Suabia ("Pannonia"), and Vienna ("Rome").

Locations of Illuminati Lodges: Aix-la-Chappelle (2), Alsace (many), America (several), Ancona, Anspach, Austria (14), Bartschied, Bonn (4), Brunswick, Buchenwerter, Calbe, Carisruhe, Cassel, Cologne, Courland, (many), Cousel, Deuxponts, Dresden (4), Dusseldorff, Echstadt, England (8), Florence, France, Frankendahl, Frankfort, Hahrenberg, Holland (many), Hanover, Heidelberg, Hesse (many), Ingolstadt, Livonia (many), Magdenburgh, Mannheim, Mentz (2), Monpeliard, Munich, Naples, Neuwied (2), Osnabruck, Poland (many), Rome, Upper Saxony (several), Scotland (2), Spire, Strasburgh (5), Stutgard (3), Switzerland (many), Treves (2), Turin, Vienna (4), Warsaw (2), Weimar, Westphalia (several) and Worms.

Robison was not able to find the identities of Minos, Euriphon, Celsius, Mahomet, Hercules, Socrates, Philippo Strozzi, Euclides, and certain others whom he said "have been uncommonly active in carrying forward the great cause. He gave "the chief publications" that gave regular accounts of the whole (besides the original writings):

1. Grosse Absicht des liluminaten Ordens.
2. Nachirages (3.) an denselben.
3. Weishaupt's improved System.
4. System des Ilium. Ordens aus dem original~Schriften gezogen.

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