Conspiracy Titles

June 1999

By Eric Samuelson, J.D.*


Those in "the know" say its impossible to get any conspiracy title published today in New York City. The result is a shortage of up-to-date conspiracy writings. If you rely upon your local bookstores or public libraries, you will find very little of real interest.

As a whole, the platter of servings for conspiracy buffs has been pretty meager for the past few years. With the loss of Gary Allen and other conspiracy scholars, the search for modern reading material has become very difficult.

For now it is necessary to rely upon relatively hard-to-find independently published authors who are active now in writing both about the present and the past. One such author is named Elliott Germain. He specializes in avoiding run-of-the-mill facts. He belongs to the "League of the South" which promotes the Southern Cause in the political arena.

In 1995 Illiya Llangois published his Inside the New American Underground. This work details his classification of ten US groups ranging from "generic" Patriots to "separatists." About sixteen pages is devoted to a synopsis of the underground's "conspiracy theory." He then takes the reader on a historical walk through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The book has no index. The book was authored under the name Illiyaya Langlois because "Illiya" is "Elliott" and L'Anglois is his family name traced back to 18th Century France. He says: "Perhaps I should have used my regular name, it has led to some confusion."

In Western Man: Alpha to Omega (1997) Germain suggests there is a conflict between "cultural preservationists" and "genocidists" who consist of the media, the Federal government and the International Corporations. This book has a chapter on the Two Armaggedons which was the initial script from which he composed his series of 4 audio tapes.

His latest book, Transfer of Power: The War of 1861 (1999), is loaded with pro-Southern material on very controversial subjects, brought up to date to the present day. It isn't kind to "Yankees" and also isn't likely to be seen on the shelves of a bookstore near you soon.

Elliott Germain Describes His Background in May 30, 1999 Letter: "I'll be 49 years old this Friday. Born in Richmond Va. I served as a meteorologist in the Army, ages 18, 19, 20. Did 6 months in Vietnam. Returned home, attended college for 2 years and dropped out. I had a hunger for "Truth" and I thought college would supply that, it did not; so I thought to seek it elsewhere. I accepted the Lord as my Savior in 1973; and got married in 1973, celebrating 26 years in August.

Went into residential construction, while attending college and I am still in it today. After voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976, and noticing that everything stayed the same, I became suspicious of the whole system. I was already suspect because while in Quang Tan Vietnam (north of Da Nang) I saw a US newspaper, the front page story was a statement by Nixon that there were no US troops north of Da Nang. Now either the media lied or the President and the government lied. I later found out that it was and is both. As a teenager I supported Goldwater and then Wallace but didn't know exactly why, but now I do. Both wanted to stop the power grab by the Federal Government. Well, back to the Carter election. By June 1st of '77, I was becoming totally confused about the government, so I prayed to God to show me why things are the way they are. The next day I saw an ad in the paper (John Birch Society) announcing that a speaker (William Mcllhany II) was to speak at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond; and he did a Conspiracy 101 that made grown men cry. I thanked God for such quick service answering my prayer.

After the enlightenment, I started joining different groups, though I never joined the Birchers. I exposed myself to every "Conspiracy" doctrine that I could find; and weeded out the absurd. While others fell into the "Tax Groups" or "Farmer Groups" or "Race Groups" etc. I would listen to those doctrines but "Conspiracy" was my calling. I also studied in Bible Prophecy which I believe to be directly linked to "Conspiracy" theories. Example: the prophetic Ten Horns who have received no kingdom as of yet but support the Whore of Babylon up until the day that they betray her in a Conspiracy to overthrow her in favor to the Lucifer who has incarnate the 8th head of Rome: the Dragon.

So since 1977, I have specialized in Conspiracy theory and prophecy, and the possible correlations between the two. And in the context of "Conspiracy" theory, I actually do not wish to study every nuance of every faction; instead I specialize in conspiracy "Strategy Analysis." I study the motivation behind the "historic events" in my effort to discover and reveal their strategy and narrow down their time frame for the Caagsone of their centuries of work. I also avoid duplicating work already done because there is so much redundancy in this movement.

There is much analysis in the patriot movement, much of it questionable; but on the whole the patriot movement is the only resistance to tyranny, so count me in. Sorry that this is not much of a Biography, but basically, my "day job" for the last 22 years has been to support my education in the Conspiracy. I currently run the AOCP which operates toward that end: that at some point we will be forced to do something more than just "study" and our own "strategy" will become more important than the Conspirators'. I see no strategy from our side for preserving our Liberty and in that vacuum I propose that we act NOW before they play their trump card; NOW we have freedoms that we won't have after their trump card. Having studied strategy for twenty-two years, I can see its necessity. Strategy is forethought not reactionism.

I hope that you enjoy the reading of my books and notice my serious intent to reveal their strategy through their actions; and also notice the more rare information that I use to avoid redundancy."

If you like non-fiction material to read on a "hot" subject, there's plenty of reason to order his entire full offering - especially if you are aware that "The South Shall Rise Again."

A.O.C.P Product Information

Video: $20. The War Between the States and the Undefeated Southern Truth 2 hours and 10 mm. This video consists of seldom heard facts relating to the real causes of the War of 1861. It is presented in chronological order starting early in America's history. Five "politically incorrect" historians are interviewed, dividing their remarks between the many related subjects.

Book $10. Inside the New American Underground - Origins - Motives - Doctrines; 168 pages. This book is written in two parts. Part One is a break down of the ten types of "Patriot" groups: Generic Patriots; Constitutional Reformers; Tax Patriots; Underground Media Intelligentsia; Law Patriots; Militia; Race Patriots; Identity; Survivalists; and Separatists. Each grouping is discussed as to its origin and motives and doctrines. This is an objective way to learn about the entire resistance movement, instead of getting it from an individual promoting only one of the groups or worse, getting it from the Corporate Media. Part Two discusses the common thread between the groups: their belief in a "Political-Religious Conspiracy." Part two is a synopsis of the Conspiracy theory containing doctrinal elements from each of the groups woven into one chronological review of the progression of tyranny from ancient Egypt up to the present day.

Book $10. Western Man - Aloha to Omega. 142 pages. The intent of this book is to present the omitted history of the European people. This book combines critical information derived from History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Mythology, Anthropology, Psychology and Christianity in such a way as to reveal the lost history of Western Man from beginning to end. Follow Western Man from his origin, down through the ages and up to the end: the Battle at Armageddon.

Audio $20. The Two Armageddons (contains 4 one hour cassettes). This audio series compares the relationship between Armageddon prophecies and historic, political and religious events. This series is 95% history and 5% Bible interpretation. The critical part covered concerning the Bible is that the Bible prophecies that tell us that in the end-times there will be a Great Deception and that there will also be a battle to end all battles at Armageddon. Seminary preachers have taught Christians what to expect and World politicians have deployed political events to match that description. Babylon is the ancient and prophetic wanna-be world ruler, and as the centuries have gone by, Babylon has gotten closer and closer to its dream of a one world kingdom. So the powers of Babylon have gone to great lengths to create, for their advantage, a False Armageddon to be delivered at an opportune time of their choosing. Christians will be led to the slaughter by their own preachers. This audio tape series is essential to seeing through the Great Deception.

Book $15. Transfer of Power - The War of 1861. 296 pages. This is the best of the material we have for the person who wants to review the relationship between the current US government, and the Constitution, and the individual. This book traces the causes of the War of 1861 and goes further than the video in digging up the greed and political hunger which led to this War. The book traces exactly how President Lincoln, the Republican Congress and the Supreme Court usurped the US Constitution forever. This book explains the politics behind it, the money behind it, the occult forces behind it, and gives the exact slight of hand moments of treason. It also traces the legislation step by step which locked the Constitution into a vacuum seal glass as only a foot note in today's government.

Total Package (one each of the above products) $60. Note: Addresses without Zip codes will be sent 1st class mail, add 3% to price.

All prices include postage. Make checks or Money Orders payable to: Liberty Nation send to: Liberty Nation P.O Box 464 Hanover, Va 23069.

Write To: Liberty Nation, P.O. 464, Hanover, Virginia 23069 for more details.

"And to you, who are troubled, rest with us, when the Lord Jesus Christ shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power" (II Thessalonians 1:7-9).
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