VOL. 1. NO. 12. (to May 9, 1999).
BB=Bilderberger CFR=Council on Foreign Relations M=Mason RS=Rhodes Scholar TC=Trilateralist

May 3, 1999. Andrea Mitchell of NBC (wife of Greenspan) did a piece heavily critical of Jessie Jackson (CFR). Segment included interview with Richard Haas (CFR) saying Jackson was being exploited. Mitchell's name rarely given at end of her reports.

May 5, 1999. On CBS's David Letterman, the announcer said David was "High Priest of the Temple of Isis." This is the British Royalty cult on which Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was an expert while working with Doubleday and living with a "former" Mossad agent.

Also on NBC Wesley Clark (CFR) said NATO occupation forces must be "core" but would include Russian troops.

Also K-Eye reported that Governor Bush criticized Clinton for fighting with one hand behind his back in not having ground troop option. Zbig called for ground troops on Crossfire in solitary appearance months ago.

May 4, 1999. Moneyline. William Shatner (Captain Kirk) owns $13 million in stock.

"Western Leaders Opened the Door Wider for World Government at Their Recent Meeting in Washington, D.C."

NATO formally proclaimed its role as the standing army of the United Nations with a mission to patrol the world during its 50th anniversary summit in Washington. The 19 NATO nations agreed that it will now have a "key role in crisis situations beyond our borders under the appropriate legal basis," said NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana.

"Appropriate legal basis" was defined by French President Jacques Chirac: "NATO cannot and will not be able to act without the authorization [of the UN Security Council]. The primary responsibility [of the Security Council is] for the maintenance of international peace and security." "The Security Council has powers to impose solutions even against the will of a sovereign state," said French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine. American and European leaders were enthusiastic about formally making NATO the UN's global army.

The definition of NATO's future is not a "geographic issue," said President Clinton (BB/CFR/RS/TC). He pointed out that the attack on the sovereign state of Yugoslavia had set the precedent. The first time NATO went to war, it violated its own previously-defined role as a defensive alliance.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the Chicago Economic Club to proclaim NATO's right to intervene in sovereign countries, because stopping genocide "can never be a purely internal matter." "Relations between nations can no longer be founded on respect for sovereignty-they must be founded on respect for human rights," said Polish Foreign Minister Bronislaw Geremek. "Kosovo is yet another reminder that the greatest challenges ...emanate from beyond NATO's territory," said U.S. National Security Adviser Samuel Berger (BB/CFR) at a White House briefing. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott (CFR/RS/TC) (CEIP Director) hailed this "vision of the future." He had earlier predicted the end of "nationhood as we know it" and the emergence of "a single, global authority."

They must now deal with "areas of intense Western concern: The Arab-Israeli conflict, Iraq and Iran, Afghanistan, the Caspian Sea and Transcaucasus,"said Robert Hunter (BB/CFR) (socialist book writer), U.S. ambassador to NATO from 1993 to 1998.

Inside their meetings, behind closed doors, NATO leaders were equally emphatic in denouncing national sovereignty and calling for the alliance to become the UN's world army. "NATO 2000...will also provide us with new political and military options for conflict prevention and crisis management...the possibilities of preventive military deployments," said Solana.

"The potentially aggressive states in both North Africa and the Middle East-Libya, Iraq and Syria -- have obligated NATO to missions of extended duration and commitment," said Gen. Wesley (Kanne) Clark (CFR), who is the supreme allied commander. NATO will move from a "fixed, positional defense to a more flexible, mobile" organization "operating outside alliance territory," said U.S. Secretary of Defense William (Sebastian) Cohen (CFR/TC). (Spotlight Email Newsletter 22 May 5, 1999 with known "Elite" affiliations Added). week012.htm