Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Original Trustees of CEIP Appointed by Carnegie (1910)*

Robert Somers Brookings (22 Jan 1850-15 Nov 1932) (1910-1932). Toured Europe (1880). President, Corporation of Washington University (1897-1928). Partner, Cupples and Mastron (St. Louis). Organized St. Louis World's Fair (1904). Chairman, Price Fixing Committee, War Industries Board. Accompanied Carnegie on peace visit to the Kaiser prior to WWI. Consultant to Commission on Economy and Efficiency (Taft Administration). Founder and VC, Institute for Government Research (3-25-1916). Began Institute of Economics (6-1922) (got $1.65 million from the Carnegie Corporation). Incorporated Robert S. Brookings School of Economics and Government (1924). Eponym of Brookings Institution (consolidated in 1927). Chairman, Brookings Institution (7-1-1928). Timber and Mining interests. Married Isabel Valle (1927). She pledged $350,000 for Robert Brookings Graduate School of Economics and Government (1924).

Thomas Burke (1910-1925)

Nicholas Murray Butler (2 Apr 1862-7 Dec 1947) (1910- ) Student in Berlin and Paris. Doctoral thesis was "The History of Logical Doctrine." J.P. Morgan mouthpiece in academic world. Head of American branch of Association for International Conciliation (1906) (parent was located in Paris). President, Columbia University (1902-1945). Republican VP candidate (1912). President, CEIP (1925-1945). Director, New York Life Ins. Co. (1929-1939). Nobel Prize in Peace (1931) with Jane Addams (for Kellogg-Briand Pact). Trustee, The Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teach (3-10-1906). Married Susanna Edwards Schuyler (7 Feb 1877) (daughter of Jacob Rutzan Schuyler). Daughter: Sarah Schuyler Butler.

John L. Cadwalder (1910-1914) Lawyer. A founder of the Metropolitan Club (2-20-1891); Governor. Member, Union Club.

Joseph A. Choate (1910-1917)

Cleveland Hoadley Dodge (26 Jan 1860-24 Jun 1926) (M$T1912) (1) (1910-1919) Original Trustee, Russell Sage Foundation (4-11-1907). Wilson intimate. Original Trustee, Institute for Government Research (IGR) (late 1915). VP, Phelps Dodge Corporation. NY 2001 Society. National City Company (1st securities affiliate) (illegal according to A.G. opinion suppressed by President Taft). Owned 2,500 shares of National City Bank of New York (1-22-1913); Director (1917-1918 Period). Winchester Arms Co., Union Metallic Cartridges, Remington Arms Co., Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co., National City Bank and Kuhn Loeb & Co. married Grace Parish (11 Oct 1883).

Charles William Eliot (1910-1919) -- Educated in Germany. Original Trustee, Institute for Government Research (IGR) (late 1915). 21st President Emeritus, Harvard University (1869-1909). Incorporator, Rockefeller Foundation (1913); Trustee (1914-1917). Member of the Lyman family (like Henry Pratt Johnson). Married Ellen Peabody. Nephew of George Ticknor.

Arthur William Foster (1910-1925)

John Watson Foster (1910-1917) -- Secretary of State (1892-1893). Father of Mother of Dulles Brothers.

Austen George Fox (1910-1937) -- Offcier of the "Brandeis" Celebration of June 25, 1895, Harvard University School of Law.

Robert A. Franks (1910-1935) Trustee, The Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching (3-10-1906).

William M. Howard (1910-1930)

Samuel Mather (1910-1919) Son of Samuel Livingston Mather (Co-Founder of Pickands Mather). Lawyer. Founder of the Cleveland Iron Mining Co. and Iron Cliffs Mining Co. (became the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Co.). Trustee, Brookings Institute (7-1-1928). Original Trustee, Institute for Government Research (IGR) (late 1915). Original Trustee, Institute of Economics (4-21-1922).

Andrew J. Montague (1910-1937)

George Walbridge Perkins (31 Jan 1862-18 Jun 1920) (M$T 1912)(1910-1920) U.S. Financier. Clerk, New York Life Insurance Co.; Chairman of the Finance Committee (1898); VP (1903). Chairman, National Executive Committee, Progressive Party. Partner, J.P. Morgan (1900) (also Drexel, Morgan & Co. of Philadelphia and Morgan, Harjes & Co. of Paris) (resigned 1910). Owned 1,240 shares in Bankers Trust Co. Director and member of the finance committee, U.S. Steel Corp. Director: International harvester Corporation, German-American Insurance Co. and German Alliance Insurance Co., New York Trust Co., etc. Married Evelina Ball (daughter of Flamen Ball). Children: George Walbridge Perkins, Jr. (1895-1960) (U.S. Ambassador to NATO, 1955-1957) and Dorothy Perkins.

Henry S. Pritchett (1910-1939) Suggested idea to Andrew Carnegie that he support a free, noncontributory pension fund for college faculty (1904). Trustee, The Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching (3-10-1906); President (1905-1929). Approved $1.65 million grant to found the Institute of Economics. President, M.I.T. (1904). Manager, Franklin Fund of Boston (1904). Director, American International Corporation, (1917-1918 Period ?). President, Carnegie Corporation of New York (1921-1923).

Elihu Root (15 Feb 1845-7 Feb 1937) (CFR21) (1910-1937) -- Lawyer/Diplomat/Politician. Member, Metropolitan Club. U.S. District Attorney for Southern District NYC (1883-1885). Secretary of War (1899-1904). Hired Henry Lewis Stimson (S&B) out of law school. Secretary of State (1905-1909). Legal adviser to Theodore Roosevelt. Senator from New York (1909- 1915). Gentlemen's Agreement with Japan (1908). 1st President, CEIP (1910-1925). President, American Bar Association (1915-1916). Honorary President, Council on Foreign Relations (1921- ). Nobel Peace Prize (1912). Leader in movement for world peace. Trustee, Institute for Government Research (IGR). NY Social Register. Century Association. Honorary President, American law institute (1923-1937). Son: Elihu Root, Jr. (Director: AT&T and Mutual Life Insurance Co. 12-16-1928-1939).

Jacob G. Schmidlapp (1910-1919)

James Brown Scott (1910- ) 1st President, American Society for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes (1906). Member, Union Club.

James L. Slayden (1910-1924) U.S. Representative (San Antonio, Texas). Called for a world court.

Albert K. Smiley (1910-1912)--Kin to Donald Smiley (Chairman, Macy Co. ?).

Oscar S. Straus (CFR21) (1910-1926) 1st President, New York Peace Society.

Charles L. Taylor (1910-1922)

Charlemange Tower (1910-1923)

Andrew Dickson White (7 Nov 1832-4 Nov 1918) (S&B 1854) (1910-1918) -- Son of railroad millionaire. Educator. Educated in Hegelian philosophy at U. of Berlin. Professor of History and English Literature, University of Michigan (1857-1866). Early Member, Society for Psychic Research (Venetian-trained Theological Expert). 1st President, Cornell University (1866-1885). Gave Cornell $300,000 to set up School of Government. Professor of history, Cornell University (1855-1885). Advised Hoover on establishing the Hoover Institution. Founder, Carnegie Institution of Washington. U.S. Minister to Germany (1879-1881) (1897-1902). U.S. Minister to Russia (1892-1894) (intimate of Russian aristocracy). Founder and 1st President, American Historical Association. Regent, Smithsonian Institution. Episcopalian. Helped establish Russell Trust at Yale (1856).

John Sharp Williams (1910-1922)

Robert S. Woodward (d. 1985) (1910-1924) Original Trustee, Institute for Government Research (IGR) (late 1915). President, Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Luke E. Wright (1910-1918)

*The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was founded on December 14, 1910 by tranferring $10 million in bonds to the 28 trustees. Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Summary of Organization and Work 1911-1941 v, ix-x (1941).