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The Token - 16KB

Knowledge, or carnal reasoning against the Word of God is sin
The only way to balance the books, is to meet God's price - Life for life
We're born with a chain around our neck. The legacy of Eve's sin
The virgin birth provided the answer
The token is the Life of Christ living through you
The Token is not the Token unless It's on display
The blood was the Token for two thousand years of the Church while the truth was lost and Christ was a Mediator
Jesus stated emphatically that the generation that saw Israel restored to the Promised Land should not expire through old age before the Millennium
"AUSTRALIA, DOPE and the CIA", an Intelligence Report
Nugan Hand, the CIA and the Political Landscape of New Zealand and Australia
But why, exactly, was Whitlam ousted?
massive expansion of the dope trade run through Australia
what is the message in all of this for Christians

The Law of Death versus the Lord of Life - 20KB

the rider of the four horses of Revelation 6 was Satan
The Culture of Death Versus the Lord of Life
those who direct the government conquered group after group
God's purpose is to fellowship in harmony with His new creation
those who would RULE the NWO, plan the World population ceiling
What does the immediate future hold for AUSTRALIA, and the Western (once Christian) World?
Let's take a closer look at ancient Rome through the records of history
a strong "women's rights" movement developed in Roman society
We send filth into the living rooms of millions via TV!
This total decay of Rome's, moral fiber signaled the final collapse of the empire
Another important factor that contributed to Rome's downfall, was the huge influx of aliens
Welfarism was a "leading fact of Roman life
Eventually the tax burden became so unbearable, that the tenants left the farms and the merchants forsook their businesses

The World is going Insane - 17KB

A recent US report, compared school behavior problems in 1948 with those of 1995
This world cannot become a `better place'
mind manipulation must be directed at those most intelligent and most subject to education
Today, our educators deceive us!
education should aim at destroying free-will
Would they give up blue jeans if they knew they were invented in 1850?
The result of selective miseducation is always massive extermination
It's taken 300 years of social manipulation to bring culture to scientific dictatorship
The obstacles to the rediscovery of true humanity and true democracy are created by education and propaganda
We may be taught that there's no conspiracy
Why are elitist dictatorships of both left and right disguised as caring families?
Corruption has defeated our natural desire to take positive action to defeat corruption
the way `up' is `down'

A Conspiracy of Self Interest - 15KB

wasting life's second chance
Without corrupt government, all who find a more productive use for life could retire much younger
What is the real base for human civilization?
Today, there is an
assault on childhood
the establishment wants control of the child
The war against family and Christian values is relentlessly pursued by education and mass media
educators may teach that there is no truth - that one opinion is as good as another
the change to unleaded petrol
the British "National Society for Clean Air" no longer supports unleaded petrol

A Nation Enslaved by Folly - 20KB

Our democracy has been corrupted by the undemocratic party systems
As a nation we're enslaved by folly
international crime has taken over our country because our institutions and churches have been conquered by a spirit called communism
Israel were taught to separate clean from unclean, Spiritual from profane
the antichrist spirit is not a communistic anti-God affair; it's a religious spirit
A Jewish man, imprisoned 15 years by Soviet authorities for political dissidence, became a Christian while in the terrible Gulag
`Do you think you have a direct line to God'
Sigmund Freud could not predict how history was going to unfold
Bolsheviks who took over Russia did so under the Red Shield of the House of Rothschild, and most carried U.S. passports
Freud's failure to predict the future, stands in stark contrast to the hundreds of fulfilled prophecies of the Bible

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