The Law of Death Versus the Lord of Life

And I'm Brother Anthony, welcoming you to 'Bible Believers', where we focus on the PRESENT Truth.

It's great to be with you again this-morning. We'll commence our program by addressing an interesting post I received from Brother Andre. Brother Andre lives in Tasmania and can't listen to Bible Believers programs on the radio, so he reads them on his computer. What you're hearing on your radio this-morning, others - across Australia and around the world, will receive by computer networks, we call 'the Information Superhighway'.

The subject of Brother Andre's message is the 'law of death'. It's particularly interesting, because we live at the climax of world history. Soon there'll be a showdown between Satan and the forces of death, and Jesus Christ and Life. Israel arrived at this point when they turned from grace to the Law. Deuteronomy means two laws - one is the Law of Life through obedience; the other, the law of death through disobedience.

You'll remember the rider of the four horses of Revelation 6 was Satan. He receives a name in this day. That name is death. And he rides into perdition with all of his followers. Daniel says, that after the close of the Gentile dispensation, Israel will make an agreement with Satan's false church system, to finance the NWO. Isaiah says, God will disannul this covenant with death, and their agreement with hell shall not stand.

Paul Keating established a commission to eliminate nuclear arms. But a world Police State will be required to enforce this policy, and it'll be a Nuclear Police State. As you'll perceive, Andre's message has much to do with the NWO God's ENEMIES will use to RULE the world, and to FORCE the mark of the beast. Let's read what he says:-

The Culture of Death Versus the Lord of Life

"If you can't control consumption, then you have to control the consumer... It's better just to convince the victims to kill themselves, so that's what they did.

They convinced them that the laws of God about human sexuality were all wrong.

The government, and the media, and the academics promoted the demise of the family - with easy divorce, government welfare, and intrusion into the family.

They created the new counterfeit 'rights' to destroy the real rights. They encouraged women to work outside the home, and abandon their children; after all, a new car is more important than another child, right? A working mother can't be tied down to five children.

In effect, they convinced almost everyone, contrary to the law of God, to perform voluntary genocide on themselves, by limiting the size of their families.

Then they promoted homosexuality. Any way you cut it - no matter how long 'Adam and Steve' are 'married' - no matter how many times they do 'whatever it is' they do to each other, they will not have any children.

So you remove a big slice out of the reproductive population by promoting sodomy.

Then there was aids...

And look, if you can't get rid of the suckers any other way, and you need to cull the herd, then why not convince them to kill their own children? So you legalize abortion and promote it as an alternative method of 'birth control'. ...Besides, that cheapens human life, and softens up the suckers for the next step: killing-off the old folks.

First you bake the cake of human-concern, for 'dignity in death,' and then you pour on the icing of self-interest: it costs heaps to keep the old 'useless eaters' alive. Don't be selfish; make way for the next generation - not a mild inducement in a society that worships youth. A by-product of the euthanasia industry is suicide at all ages. You know, we all have to go sometime, so why not 'be like god', and decide for ourselves when we'll go?

And they introduced the death cult in rock music. And the use of repetitive, heteronomic sounds (a different mode of arrangement) in 'music' to supplement the effect of psychotropic drugs, and to create a society that endorses and encourages the use of drugs.

That convinced the young ones to kill themselves before they got to breeding age and cluttered up the scene with still more children. This was part and parcel of the same cult of death worship. You know Scripture says: 'all those who hate Me, love death'.

And in judgment, the God of Life abandoned them to the desires of their heart. They wanted death, and that's what they got. Lots of it...

So gradually, gradually, those who direct the government conquered group after group. They convinced the people that they couldn't be responsible for themselves; and only the government had the wisdom necessary to make the hard decisions forced upon us, by a complex, modern world. This is the essence of slavery: the free man gives up responsibility for himself.

I'm always amused by those who want to reject the so-called 'harsh Laws of God.' But Jesus said, 'Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, for My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.' He's the God of Life, and His Law is the Law of Life. The law of men is the law of death."

Brother Andre took this from a book by Jacqueline Kasun:- "The War Against Population: The Economics and Ideology of Population Control" (San Francisco, CA: Ignatius, 1988).

God's purpose is to fellowship in harmony with His new creation - Jesus Christ and the New Testament saints - who'll rule this world through eternity. This harmony in fellowship has its highest expression in the marriage union between a man and his wife whereby God commanded them to multiply their joy, by bringing more life into the world. As God's children, we're to be amateur gods. When we come into harmony with god through agreement by faith, we have fellowship with Jesus and the Father and are without sin (I John 1:7). The Bible calls it a marriage, because it's a Spiritual union between our soul and Christ, the Anointed Word, and produces God's own Life in the new birth.

The present age is so against the Word of God, I read how those who would RULE the NWO, plan the World population ceiling of about 2 billion and about 7 million for Australia by early next century. Clearly, most of us are unwanted. And like so many human cattle, we'll be eliminated.

But we rejoice that we can see these evil plans, because they're a sign of the end time. Praise God! Those manifesting the PRESENT Truth in their lives will not see death. God will take us out of here before the Tribulation.

It's been said that there are three types of people: Believers who MAKE things happen, MAKE-believers who WATCH things happen, and UN-believers who wonder what HAPPENED.

The vast majority find themselves in the last two categories. Most have 'eyes to see' but don't see what's happening. Most have 'ears to hear' but don't understand what's happening - locally, nationally, or internationally.

Many people today feel there's no point in studying the past, for the answers to our present problems. God never changes and spirits don't die, therefore the past is a shadow of things to come.

This attitude of focusing on the present, while ignoring the lessons of the past, is opposed to the very precepts on which our nation was founded, and to the Bible.

Our forefathers were acutely aware of the warnings contained in the chronicles of past civilizations, and earnestly exhorted their fellow countrymen to avoid the mistakes committed by great nations of the past.

Our commonwealth was founded by men of vision, education and integrity. These rugged individualists set out to establish a society that would not fall unto the same snares and pitfalls as the old world. And many migrants since the Second World War who personally experienced the severity of tyrannical despotism in the lands from which they'd fled, warn us: Australia is heading down that path.

What does the immediate future hold for AUSTRALIA, and the Western (once Christian) World? Will we be able to maintain our present standard of living as one of the world's free and independent nations? Or will we be relegated to the ranks of the third world, having lost the respect of even our friends and allies?

Will inflation, unemployment and the National Debt continue to escalate, resulting in the collapse of the our economy?

The idea that we could become a political nonentity is unthinkable to most Australians who automatically reject it. But to ignore the possibility of national decline and ultimate collapse is to ignore the graphic lessons of history ... and the plans for the NWO.

As the famous philosopher Santayana observed, "Those who ignore the lessons of history are destined to relive them."

History is replete with examples of great nations which rose to a position of power, prospered for a time, began to decay, and finally were swept into oblivion.

The most outstanding of these superpowers of the past is the Roman Empire. Two thousand years ago Rome's wealth and military strength staggered the imagination of the ancient world.

But when free bread and circuses, became more important to people than hard work and patriotism, Rome began to crumble. Sounds like free concerts in the Domain, fireworks displays, mardi gras, the dole, and ticker tape parades.

Through historians, we learn, that the demise of mighty Rome was brought about by the same national diseases that are presently wracking Australia, and other nations in the West: rampant crime, inflation, the breakup of the home, with the resultant increase in divorce, an explosion in government bureaucracy, welfarism, the decline of patriotism, and the collapse of national resolve.

Sound familiar? Let's take a closer look at ancient Rome through the records of history.

Like Australia, Rome was built on the solid foundation of a stable family structure. But by the beginning of the second century, most Roman fathers had succumbed to the trends of the time: "Having given up the habit of controlling their children, they let their children govern them, and took pleasure in bleeding themselves white to gratify the expensive whims of their offspring. The result, was that they were succeeded by a generation of idlers and wastrels, who'd grown accustomed to luxury and lost all sense of discipline" (Carcopino, Daily Life In Ancient Rome, 78-79).

At the same time Rome witnessed "an epidemic of divorces," writes the same author. He quotes Seneca as having stated, "They marry in order to divorce" pp. 97. 100).

Was it so different from our no-fault divorce?

Carcopino tells us that a strong "women's rights" movement developed in Roman society: "Some wives evaded the duties of maternity for fear of losing their good looks, (today they take the pill and buy a cat to satisfy the desire to be mother), some took pride in being behind their husbands in no sphere of activity, and vied with them in tests of strength which their sex would seem to forbid; (maybe they played rugby and pumped iron at the gym); some were not content to live their lives by their husband's side, but carried on another life without him.... It's obvious that unhappy marriages must have been innumerable" (pp. 90, 93, 95).

The results? A continuing breakdown in the family structure and disintegration of the parent-child relationship. Perhaps there was a Roman senator Lionel Murphy!

What about Roman schools?

"They undermined instead of strengthened the children's morals, they mishandled the children's bodies instead of developing them and if they succeeded in furnishing their minds with a certain amount of information, they were not calculated to perform any loftier, or nobler task. Perhaps they too had a Senator Gareth Evans.

"The pupils left school with the heavy luggage of a few practical and commonplace notions, laboriously acquired, and of so little value that in the fourth century, Vegetius could not take for granted that new recruits for the army would be literate enough to keep the books for the corps" (pp. 10(5-107).

The dismal education of these young romans, left them with no set of moral values, and no sense of patriotism.

"The Roman virtues - honesty, candor, frugality and patriotism - withered and died. What was left was a people whom neither the vices of the rulers, nor the increasingly bold attacks of foreign enemies could shake out of their apathy."

Sounds like Australia today!

Instead of facing these mounting problems, the Roman people flocked to the theaters. This attempted escape through fantasy and entertainment served only to further weaken the eroding moral fiber of the Romans.

"In all the great cities of the provinces, the theater held the same place of bad preeminence in the social life of the inhabitants. "The Roman stage was gross and immoral. It was one of the main agencies, to which must be attributed, the undermining of the originally sound moral life of Roman society.

"So absorbed did the people become in the indecent representations on the stage, that they lost all thought and care for the affairs of real life" (Myers, Rome: Its Rise And Fall, pp. 515, 516).

This same deplorable condition has repeated in Australia today. We send filth into the living rooms of millions via TV! Those who produce it, have such power, the U.S. would slap sanctions against Australia's exports, were we to refuse their moral depravity. How about the filthy theater, clubs, books and other entertainments with which Australians amuse themselves?

Romans reveled in the thrill and excitement of sport spectaculars. Caught up in a "feverish rush for excitement, for something new to feed the sated senses." A Roman super League?

They "thrilled with barbaric joy" and "could not restrain their delight" at the sight of the bloodiest conflicts. "The thousands of Romans who, day after day, from morning till night, could take pleasure in this slaughter, and not spare a tear for those whose sacrifice multiplied their gambling stakes, were learning nothing but contempt for human life and dignity" (Carcopino, Daily Life In Ancient Rome, pp. 238, 240, 243). How's about our gambling?

This total decay of Rome's, moral fiber signaled the final collapse of the empire

Another important factor that contributed to Rome's downfall, was the huge influx of aliens: "This orientalization of Rome's population had a more important bearing, than is usually accorded to it, upon the larger question of why the spirit and acts of Imperial Rome are totally different from those of the Republic" (T. Frank, American Historical Review, July, 1916).

The new Romans were totally different from the people who were fleeing the country to settle elsewhere. They "didn't spring from the soil of Rome, their recollections and affections were elsewhere. While the statesmen and leading men wore themselves out in trying to preserve what remained of the ancient spirit and old customs, down below, amongst those classes of the population which were constantly being recruited from slavery, there was a continual working to destroy it" (Historians History Of The World, Vol. 6, p. 365). Even Ancient Rome had multi-culturalism, which was in reality multi-racialism.

As problems multiplied within the borders of the Roman Empire, the authorities resorted to free handouts in an effort to placate the mobs.

Welfarism was a "leading fact of Roman life. The evils that resulted from this misdirected state charity can hardly be overstated. Idleness and all its accompanying vices were fostered to such a degree that we shall probably not be wrong in accounting the practice as one of the chief causes of the demoralization of society" (Myers, Rome: Its Rise And Fall, p. 523).

As problems continued to grow, the government came up with another answer - more government! This vast bureaucracy could lead only to one thing - higher taxes.

"There were land taxes, property taxes, occupation taxes, poll taxes." As a result, "the heart was taken out of the enterprising men."

Eventually the tax burden became so unbearable, that the tenants left the farms and the merchants forsook their businesses. At this point "the government intervened and bound the tenants to the soil [the beginning of serfdom], and the businessmen and the workmen to their occupations and trades. Private enterprise was crushed, and the State was forced to take over many kinds of business, to keep the machine running.

"This led to still further strangling taxation with repeated devaluations of the currency that fatally weakened the middle class and decimated its natural leaders. The attempt to cure the resulting disorder with the complete regimentation of the totalitarian state merely gave a temporary check to the progressive decay. Disintegration followed the stifling of initiative ... " (Haskell, The New Deal In Old Rome, pp. 216-18, 20-21, 231-32).

The incredible parallels that exist between ancient Roman society and our present Australian society cannot be denied.

Can we afford to allow these dangerous trends to continue? Can we afford to ignore the dramatic warning contained in the pages of history, and the Bible? The conditions of the days of Noah and Lot are upon us now. We're at the end of time. Soon cometh the earthquake. I encourage you to search the Scriptures for the promises of God for this day.

For the world, it's destruction. For the true Christian, glory and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. radio037.html

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