The World is going Insane

Brother Branham, the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, said "I believe the world is completely going insane. It's a time people can't judge between right and wrong, or truth and error? You know, politicians can't judge right and wrong? Look at the television getting these fictitious things in order. I predict, there'll come a time, when people will be completely, totally insane. The Bible speaks of the hideous sights they show in movies today, of prehistoric creatures that lived in the earth so many thousands and millions of years ago, hatch and come forth. That's just a minor thing, to what's going to happen, when hell is opened and the Devil comes out with all of his mysterious things, of locusts with hair like women, and teeth like lions.

Why, the world will be completely, totally insane. It's about one degree from it now. The whole world proves it is insane. Look at the murders and things that are going on in the world - insanity! The whole thing is coming to fulfill Revelation - those hideous things are not natural; they're spiritual things, that make people scream to the rocks and the mountains and everything else to fall on them."

A recent US report, compared school behavior problems in 1948 with those of 1995. In 1948 the serious problems were late assignments, speaking, chewing gum, or making rude noises in class. Today's serious problems are carrying firearms, and knives, rape, and drug abuse. A different order of magnitude.

This world cannot become a 'better place'. It is later than we think. Herald journalist, Alan Ramsay said, 'Paul Keating got his reprieve three years ago and squandered it' ("Not a bang but a whimper" 10/2/96). Unless they find Christ, not some make believe of denominational psychology, today's youth will have squandered their reprieve. The Gentile dispensation will be over: tribulation will be upon them, and they'll be nothing but atomic fodder, along with all those who refused to receive Christ's reprieve.>

The writing is on the wall. We've been weighed in the balances and found wanting.

Correspondent Alan Gourley, writes: A new item of research, 'new' in the sense that it's made public, claims:

"Happy people can't think straight. The glum and angry do better."

"It was quite startling," said psychologist Dr. Mike Oaksford of Warwick University, England. "We found happy people show reasoning strategies similar to those in patients who've suffered damage to the frontal lobes of the brain."

No doubt most people have noticed, that when they or others are having a good time, they don't want to think seriously, and also, most people who, as a way of life, think seriously, don't so much value 'fun' activities.

So, the above findings are not so surprising when we come to think about it. It's also therefore not so surprising, that those who specialize in public manipulation, go out of their way to promote fun and entertainment as a way of life in early childhood; the years that set life's pattern.

It also follows that, when this dream-like comfort zone is denied by real life, children become frustrated - rebellious - even suicidal. Suicide deaths are now greater than either car accidents or aids.

The success of these programs is shown when politicians, and even newspaper columnists, talk of "The rise of Australia's urban Underclass" (Barry Maley, "The Australian" 23/10/1995).

The sad thing is that the underclass doesn't know and, it appears, is incapable of wanting to know, of its enslavement. If people wanted to understand it then they could end it. Oh the unthinking pleasures of sin.

What makes explanation additionally difficult is that mind manipulation must be directed at those most intelligent and most subject to education. After all, there's no advantage to convincing the 'intellectually impaired' that black is white.

Those who may escape the education trap (for one reason or other), tend to trust the educated, rather than educate themselves.

Where is satisfaction to be found?

Over the ages many people have tried to find meaning in life through beauty, excitement, power and pleasure. But, these are transitory illusions leading to emptiness, sorrow and suffering.

Those more wise found that only by learning something of the truth of life can we find real beauty, excitement, lasting satisfaction, and achieve something for the betterment of life.

Today, our educators deceive us!

Over the last half century the young have been increasingly driven into the trap of denigrating the learning of the past.

Discouraged from skilled reading and learned literature, many scoff at the idea you either learn from the past or repeat it; though even the most simple use of intelligence reveals that if each generation must 'start from scratch', advance is impossible - all cover the same ground, and make the same mistakes. Respect for the experience of age is elementary common sense, and all cultures when advancing in human values, see this.

Deliberate miseducation, leading to contempt for past culture and experience has caused music, art, morals and political standards to degenerate to 'stone-age' levels while being praised as new and advanced. adolescent level interest in sex and pornography is now called 'adult'.

The bait to achieve the deceit of the young was to teach them the illusion that the meaning and value of life is to be found in physical pleasure and excitement. By teaching that pleasure, fun, sex and excitement are life's real values, and that discipline and morals are the restraints of those who'd enslave us, adolescents are kept from deep reasoning, and captured to serve greed.

This lie is revealed in the growing suicide figures which, bad as they are, are still artificially low because of the number of suicides disguised as accidents.

But the increasing suffering, at a time when life is on the verge of unfolding its greatest potential, does not register a cause and effect relationship with those deceived. Nor does it give the comfortable majority cause to reflect.

We begin life with assets of youth and beauty. We leave life having lost these treasures and often with nothing to show except vague memories of what is lost. Why be surprised that the young find life less meaningful, as meaning is removed?

If the passing pleasures and reproductions of animal life were all life had to offer, then life would be indeed as empty and futile as the increase of adolescent despair reveals.

Bertrand Russell wrote, "Although this science will be diligently studied, it'll be rightly confined to the governing class, and the populace won't be allowed to know how its convictions were generated... education should aim at destroying free-will so that, after pupils have left school, they'll be incapable... of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished" ("The Inpact of Science on Society").

Despite all the evidence, some may still question: "How could that happen?" For those more observant, the question must be, "How did this happen?"

Examples to show it HAS happened come in educated comments such as "the Constitution is from another world, why should i read this outdated document that needs completely re-writing, with provision for re-writing every 25 years".

Such go on to outline adolescent ideas or demands. They refuse to try to understand what exists, while at the same time, making demands whose consequences are beyond their comprehension. Would they give up blue jeans if they knew they were invented in 1850? Cars in 1886? Zip fasteners 1891? Condoms 1878? Flushing toilets 1589? Or the hundreds of ideas that can only be improved by technology, because human nature and basic need remains remarkably constant?

The confusion between change and advance is a confusion of childish inexperience. Change does not mean advance, the common needs of life and social order remain relatively stable.

The result of selective miseducation is always massive extermination. We think it now impossible, but wherever it's happened, it was thought impossible. Human nature shows little change!

Already many young protesters are mere puppets, carrying out meaningless campaigns, designed to keep them from enlightenment, while their parents are cemented into beliefs they cannot break.

It's taken 300 years of social manipulation to bring culture to scientific dictatorship

The effects of mind manipulating education are very evident to those who've tried to deliver straight-forward and rather obvious social information to people confined to educated commitment.

Were we invaded by soldiers there'd be a massive response. We don't see, that takeover of the mind is far more dangerous for the whole human race than armed national invasion has ever been.

People aren't even aware that they sell their children to slavery or sacrifice because of fear of social rejection. We're made afraid to go outside mind-set boundaries, by being told that only anti-social fools would doubt the status-quo. Is human life worth so little?

The obstacles to the rediscovery of true humanity and true democracy are created by education and propaganda, as demonstrated in news items such as:

1. Told us that it had been found that women soldiers were as, or more, efficient than men and that women might soon serve on the battlefield.

2. 1,142 males between the ages of 15 and 44 committed suicide while only 241 females did so.

3. Girls now (with discriminatory education) do better at practically all school subjects.

4. Recent research reports girls commit most crimes as often as boys, though boys are twice as likely to be charged, five times more likely to go to court, twice as likely to be refused bail and, if found guilty, four times more likely to be imprisoned for the same offence.

But of course, everyone in their right mind knows that girls are always favoured by men. We love them! They bear our children and it's in our basic nature to protect them.

Yes, some men fail to cope with injustice and contempt - violence against women is growing, boys are becoming depressed, but if it is male nature to oppress women, then why do men let women with special abilities lead armies and nations? Why do they let feminist fanatics walk all over them?

Of course there are injustices, always have been, (also means for their correction), but the war of the sexes is not about equality, social justice or intelligence, it's about creating social trouble - distracting attention - upsetting natural balance. That the program is artificial can be easily judged by asking: "is man/woman a complimentary pair in the advancement of humanity?"

We may be taught that there's no conspiracy, and that social order develops as a result of natural forces, but those who teach this are very active in promoting social change to a dictatorial political design. They denigrate human nature and work to well developed scientific programs of cultural murder. If this is not yet obvious to you, read "Higher Superstition". (It exposes academic- left efforts to undermine science). This is planned war, not chance stupidity.

Without manipulation 'capitalism' and 'communism' would not exist. Without conspiracy there is no meaning in ideology; advance is natural.

Why are elitist dictatorships of both left and right disguised as caring families? Because they have to pretend concern for, (and enlist), the common majority.

A hopeful sign? They're afraid to have this story on TV, even though, if there were no power of conspiracy, it would make a great story. They still fear too many might think for themselves.

Contrary to the teachings of political manipulators there is a factual truth that applies to life, to economics, to morality and to human culture generally. There is a practical reality; an intellect that allows planning for good or evil, and a "soul" that gives a pleasure and satisfaction that is lasting to both the individual and to the human nature. If truth was not able to survive the test of time then drug addicts and suicides are the intelligent ones. It is not surprising that the intelligent, when they're made to believe the false teaching, are those most likely to take the path to self destruction.

In short: we can face eternity with treasures more valuable than those with which we entered life - abilities most now treat as garbage. If we cannot face the evidence of this then we're left with life of no intelligent value.

It's become increasingly evident that the teachings of the corrupt minority have succeeded in the corruption of the majority, to such extent that pride and prejudice now often over-whelm any thought or instinct for self-development, or concern for the future of human life.

Why do many resist life? Because many cannot face the fact that they themselves have been corrupted.

Corruption has defeated our natural desire to take positive action to defeat corruption

Strong words this-morning. An indictment of Western society. Let us look to the moral values of God's unchanging Word, and to the promised City not made with hands. If our fellow Australians think we're odd-balls and nuts, remember, it's the nuts that hold everything together. We're not responsible for how others think, or how they live. We answer to God for what we do with His Word. If His Word is living through us, they'll become thirsty, and ask how they can get what we've got.

Live according to God's Word. Don't seek to impress the neighbour by material and commercial success, or mastery in the ways of this world. Seek to please God. Paul observed "that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and god has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things of the mighty; And the base things of the world, and the things which are despised, has God chosen. And things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are: that no flesh should glory in His Presence".

So the way 'up' is 'down'. If worldly trends are pulling one way, Christians move in the opposite direction. If worldly fashions dictate certain styles, Christians follow modesty and the commands of God's unchanging Word. If the world is pushing 'political correctness', which was called brain-washing in the days when we condemned the communists for practicing it, we speak the truth in love, calling a spade a spade. Its something we called candor, and honesty: that was before Australia was conquered by Communism.

Communism is the spirit Jesus said would overcome the whole world, from the last or Laodicean Church Age. Laodicea means 'people's rights' or 'egilaterianism'. If you look at the perverted society that communist spirit is working to create today, it's one wherein everybody has 'rights', even animals in a deliberate plan, leading to anarchy and lawlessness, then enslavement. radio038.html

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