A Conspiracy of Selfish Interests

This morning, I'd like to philosophize on opportunities lost. Now and again, it's good to take a step back and reflect on what might have been with optimal deployment of resources and opportunities. Improved sanitation, refrigeration, housing and medical science have delivered us with a second chance to discover reality:-

One great pity in this is that so many people are now wasting life's second chance

At the beginning of this century, the average human life-span barely covered our most productive working years. By the time most would have reached today's retirement and an opportunity to review their life. They were already dead. Age pensions were introduced when few would benefit.

Now It's very different. Although there's been agitation to reduce retirement age, economic consequences have caught up with pensions - active life expectancy has sailed past retirement age - and the economic consequences have become clear.

But we've also advanced in science and technology. We could now socially afford a pensioned retirement, what we now can't afford is a corrupt government. Without corrupt government we could easily afford early and comfortable retirement from the paid workforce! In the natural course of events, we could also have many years of productive retirement to both advance our own development and give value to future generations, through voluntary work.

Without corrupt government, all who find a more productive use for life could retire much younger from the paid work-force. How much younger is a changing figure. With advancing technology the number of years we need to work to provide retirement sustenance, gets shorter. At present, given honest government and education, the age at which we could retire is certainly below fifty years.

So what would an honestly educated person do with this new found leisure?

We prepare for new-life opportunity by opening our minds. We learn to have faith in the truth of life, and not seek to bend truth to our desires. We seek basic social foundations, and long-lasting philosophical recipes for healthy living and basic values. We try to balance healthy mind-work with healthy and interesting body-work, and discipline ourselves for a healthy future.

As the years have passed we've been misled and confused by political philosophies designed to entrench a power structure of ego-serving elitism.

What is the real base for human civilization?

The real base for true civilization is moral; 'moral' means: what is good for human progress, it's based on reality, not emotion.

Health of mind and body is the base for human advance. Health of mind means faith in the true nature of life, and willingness to discipline animal instincts to human benefit.

A healthy body requires the natural resources to sustain life, and the mental discipline for wise use, rather than animal-like exploitation.

Today, children are taught to believe that each individual is the most important person in the world, (an arrogance now undermining human culture). Today all opinions are equal; knowledge is scorned - there is no truth. The state is god; social endeavour must be state controlled.

This may seem contradictory and, in so far as it is, it is a state desired situation. Confusion makes state control easier. Citizens know nothing, and, incapable of knowing, are equal; the State is the authority. Bureaucracy is arrogant and has no special meaning. The controller of that bureaucracy is god.

These beliefs make it easy to use violence against humans not sufficiently submissive to the state and its elitist gods.

If the system is challenged with the claim "it is controlled by a conspiracy of selfish interests", this is violently denied and ridiculed; but the challenge cannot be allowed open debate.

The fallacy of the denial would be made obvious by the restriction, if we could look honestly.

If society develops by chance, and self-interest cannot manipulate social order, why do they need to enforce their desires?

Today, there is an assault on childhood

What advice would I like most to give new parents. Three things!

1. Don't imagine the governing establishment has the interests of your children at heart.

2. Don't imagine that educators support family values.

3. Don't believe that display of affection is sufficient to generate lasting love.

A child is like an alien suddenly set down in a strange land. What it wants most, and needs most urgently, is guidance and information. It's this learning the children are most adapted to; love is only of benefit as a provider of these needs, and as a defender of life. If love is not sufficient to provide the needed information, and discipline for independent survival, then the child, as soon as it is able, will seek other authority.

As the establishment wants control of the child, it is in their interests to influence the behavior of parents to deliver the child to the control of establishment educators.

To help influence the child to reject its parents, the parents are encouraged to provide full time entertainment, and 'love'. This helps reduce the child's ability to adopt habits of mind that will enable it to pursue its natural essential mission of independence.

When it's then delivered to strangers for the education it craves, it sees itself as being both rejected by parents, and taken in by people who seem to want to satisfy it's craving for life guidance. It will be easily impressed by suggestions that parents are incompetent and out-of-date.

So, the child soon learns to reject its parents and adopts a convenient peer-group in pursuit of values suggested by those to whom its parents have delivered it for education. Why be surprised that so many of today's loving parents totally lose control of their children?

Public mind manipulation is depressing and contemptible, but when we turn a blind eye to moral values, and manipulate children to give us trust in exchange for a selfish love, what can we expect?

The war against family and Christian values is relentlessly pursued by education and mass media. A TV program called "Law of the Land", ran an episode (28/12/1995) to give a deformed image of Christian sects (and I say this without sympathy for narrow-minded sectarianism, whether religious or ideological). At the end, one actress said words to this effect: "If anyone comes to me claiming to know the answers I'll do two things: first I'll ask, "what are the questions", and then I'll run like mad.

That's the attitude being encouraged!

What it says, is that no social question is worth asking (there is no right or wrong answer). People not only assume that there is no truth to know, but also that they are incapable of judging what is real and what is not. Therefore, the safe thing to do is to avoid, at all costs, any information that might expose indoctrinated values.

The manipulative deceit of this is clear to those who use their reasoning ability. If there's no truth, what's there to be afraid of? Why fight to uphold one set of beliefs over another? Why have laws? Why value life?

Having reached the level of understanding of social order achieved during my lifetime, one thing that's still somewhat of a puzzle is - why don't people care enough to try?

Even though educators may teach that there is no truth - that one opinion is as good as another - that science proves nothing, the fact remains obvious that if science and engineering did not provide enough true information, bridges could not be built; aeroplanes would never fly; cars would be too unreliable to be worth buying, and neither banks nor doctors could operate; modern life would be impossible. It is only because there is a truth in the nature of life that it can exist!

Sufficient of this should be so clear to the average intellect, that a desire for truth, as the only viable way to live, should be self-evident! We can all be fooled by false information, but when an alternative is available, why do we not care enough to check it out?

Mental 'log-jams' are neither unusual nor uncommon in our society and, I suspect, never have been. We're brought-up to accept cultural beliefs; having accepted them are we too selfish to 'rock the boat'? Is comfort worth more than life? Is it better to defend lies - to the death of both ourselves, and our descendants? Very strange!

Isn't self-protective deceit the mindless attitude of all fanatics or extremists whether of right or left? Yes! So accept the fact: that is what State education has now made the norm.

Does it matter?

Yes! It does matter, because "moral" means a way of life that will advance human welfare.

It was recently reported that a child had ridden his new 'Christmas present' bike off the footpath into the way of an oncoming bus. A tragic death, but who was to blame?

Was it the GOVERNMENT for running a service?

Was it the DRIVER for driving the bus?

Was it the PARENTS for giving the child a bike?

Was it the CHILD for not taking care?

I'd maintain that the main cause was most likely none of those. The most likely cause of this sad death was that the child had not been taught self discipline - had spent too much time watching tv, and not enough gaining real-life experience - had learned to believe that someone was always there to entertain and protect.

Accidents will happen: but is it not clear to thinking people that the great majority of young deaths and accidents - drug taking, emotional wantonness, violence, disease catching, despair, and car accidents, are all related to a common lack of self-discipline. A social sickness that's grown to epidemic levels over two generations of indoctrination to false values.

Parents could safeguard their children, but don't seem to care enough to give up selfish ideas. Most fly into a rage and abuse anyone who dares show them evidence they can't disprove.

An item reported from "The Queensland Jaguar Driver" about the change to unleaded petrol claims not only that the lead from leaded petrol is, after combustion, relatively harmless but that the ingredients used in unleaded petrol, Dimethylbenzene, Toluene, Mesitylene, Xylene and Benzene, are all declared carcinogens and far more dangerous. A Dr. Warren named as a government employed authority; said:

"In fact this stuff appears to be so dangerous, potentially lethal, that i urge you not to use it in any car not fitted with a catalytic converter. Don't use it in your mower, chain saw, or outboard motor and don't wash parts in it, and if any gets on your skin, wash it off immediately. Avoid fumes when refueling, don't allow anyone near the exhaust, particularly when the motor's cold. Remember that catalytic converters don't work until they read some 400 degrees." EQ.

Claims include: 'the British "National Society for Clean Air" no longer supports unleaded petrol, and that cars fitted with anti- pollution gear are only clean for about one year or 50,000K. Also that blood tests show lead levels to have gradually decreased since the '30's despite increasing use of leaded fuel. Change has followed the decrease in the use of lead solder in food cans; use of pewter; and replacement of lead water pipes'.

Why do political greenies and mass media support lies, and claim removal of lead from motor fuel as an environmental victory?

Another interesting question: why did MPs, like Ros Kelly, (the minister) push to ban lead in car fuel? She and other politicians have children and grandchildren who breathe the same air as the rest of us! Don't they care enough to look for the truth? What do they value more than life?

People show themselves as not only misled but afraid to consider evidence that could save them or their children. It seems we no longer care enough to make an effort. When disaster strikes we blame others, not our own irresponsibility.

The media shouts "Campaign against youth suicide in country town". But of course there is no suggestion of misleading education; lack of opportunity for early-life experience and mental development: poor discipline, or lack of value for human life in mass-media programming.

Countless deaths are the direct result of a deliberate ideological plan. We're indoctrinated to value trivia and fear challenge.

As the actress said, "if someone comes saying, he has the answers: I'll run as fast as I can". That is part of a constant back-up of the mind slavery in which this community now lives! I know from experience (my own and others) that it's so, and the more evidence offered, the more agitated and angry the enslaved become.

Why go on trying? Because there are still people who might be able to take that small step to a more rational world. If I'm unable to do more, that doesn't mean that there aren't others who may succeed, now that the problem is exposed.


It's been a different sort of a program this-morning. We haven't quoted the Bible, but we've covered a lot of ground and exposed a great many of the evils in our society. The Bible said, our world would be "as it was in the days of Noah", when God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of his heart was only evil continually.

Jesus said, "When you see these evils repeat, look up, for your redemption draws near". There is no hope for the world system. No chance to reform it. Our hopes as Christians, should be upon God's promises for this day. He has sent us a prophet with warning and a way of escape before the judgment. radio039.html

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