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Immorality means: Crime against Human Nature - 20KB

Radical feminism and porn are deliberate products of the Public Relations propaganda
When the radical feminist comes to judge her life
laws can't substitute for morals, and that business can't prosper in dishonesty
All crimes of lust are crimes against the family; and therefore against children
The Devil takes a man's head, so he can use his eyes
Billy Graham, held up his Bible and said, "This is God's standard."
But when God comes to a man, He comes to his heart
ministers get up and try to explain what the mark of the beast is with a chart
the NWO, which is the great tribulation, will come upon the world
The Bible says in Ephesians 4:30, the Holy Spirit is the Seal of God
Abortions in China are always done as the baby is being born
in China, aborted babies are eaten as health food and considered a delicacy

Preeminence - 21KB

many times people with good intentions try to call others out of the will of God
Anyone knows decay sets into the human body in about seventy-two hours
The homosexual community claim homosexuality is passed on "in the genes"
By the year 2003, one-million-and-forty-thousand Australians will have been legally aborted
To understand banking, you must understand the creation of money
Private banks now own the prime function of government: creation of money

Then Jesus Came - 22KB

She'd lain nine years and eight months, flat on her back, unable to move
For sixty-six years Congressman Upshaw was pushed from Congress to different places in his wheelchair
Submarines are hiding under the seas, with missiles aimed at those cities
Doctors don't know what to call diseases, so they say they're viruses
Doctors claim most Australians are suffering some mental deficiency
Where's the honesty, the sincerity, and femininity of Australian womanhood
our nation is identifying with the Arabs. They'll be cursed
"the IMF and the World Bank are not democratic organizations
At the moment we have 11 World Heritage areas in Australia

How do I Get Into Christ? - 21KB

Our own life is just a pattern. It's just a shadow, and not the real thing
Jesus didn't have the keys to the Kingdom, because He gave them to Peter
Remember, sinner or saint, you're not out of existence when we bury you

Resurrection - 20KB

the church of the living God is built on Divine revelation, not denomination
They call it a theophany, when we leave here we go somewhere else
the resurrection was not going to be in Egypt. It was going to be in Palestine
Why is Australia, the most abundant nation on earth, in so much debt?
What is money?
How much money should be in circulation at any given time
WHO should control the volume of money in circulation?
Our economic woes result from BORROWING into existance money that must be repaid with interest that was never created.

Spiritual Marriage & Divorce - 18KB

We should pray for the Work in Pakistan
financed, directed and controlled by Illuminati agents - at the top
In His grace, God provided a way out. It's called "divorce"
Acts 2:38-39 remits past sins (or spiritual fornication, which is idolatry)
Our soul departed from or divorced our first husband when we were justified
It is reported that of 122,000 calls, 97% voted in favour of the death penalty
The fact is, imprisonment forms no part of Divine Law
Let's take God's way as our example. Penalties under God's Law are clear

The Baptism with the Holy Ghost - 20KB

the baptism of the Holy Ghost comes through a clear understanding
It's faith or revelation of God's Word that unlocks the kingdom
those who refuse God's Word for their day reject the Holy Spirit
Through Brother Branham, the end-time Bride also receive keys
laying-on-of-hands was a Jewish custom
the miracle was not speaking - which many might not understand, but hearing
Jesus said the infallible, absolute evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost

Jim Checkin' In - 20KB

Brother Nathan Miller sent this poem
It's time for us to demonstrate Jesus by picking up the weapons He's provided
hates Christianity, white civilization, despises colored people
Wendy Howard from Queensland writes
Seizure of Weapons: Banning and collecting of guns is proceeding
Wendy writes on Troops and Soldier Training:
Native Title Rights: It appears the aborigines are being used as a cover
Wendy on Multiculturalism: This ambiguous term is being used to change Australian society in readiness for globalisation.
The Pauline Hanson Phenomenon:

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