Then Jesus Came

Jesus promised to send a prophet to the Gentiles in the last days. God sent the late William Branham, whose ministry spearheaded the healing revival following the second World War. I'm going to talk about some of the healings wrought in this ministry which revealed Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, and today, and forever.

It was the darkest hour Georgie Carter had ever seen. She belonged to a church that didn't believe in Divine healing. They ridiculed and made fun of Divine healing.

The Lord spoke to Brother Branham and said, "Go down to Milltown." He'd never heard of the place. He came before his Church and said, "The Lord's sent me to a place called Milltown. There's a little lamb that's caught up in the bushes. And it's crying for help."

He went down the next Saturday. He looked everywhere and started a meeting in an old Baptist church. Someone led him over to pray for the little girl. Her family left the house; they wanted nothing to do with it because their church said, "Anyone who attended Brother Branham's meetings would be put out!"

She'd lain nine years and eight months, flat on her back, unable to move. She'd cried; she'd prayed, and to this day, you can see where she'd rubbed all the paint off the back of her little bed, crying to God to do something. And yet her cold formal indifferent church didn't believe in Divine healing, and would reject anyone who would come to pray for her in that way.

Her parents were great pillars in the church. All hopes were gone. The doctors had given her up five years before. She weighed only about thirty-seven pounds, nothing but bones. Her legs looked like broomsticks. There she lay, nothing but skin and bone.

One day Brother Branham went in to pray for her. He said, "Little girl, would you be willing to rise and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to wash away your sins and serve Him?"

He had to put his ear to her mouth to hear her. She said, "I'll do anything."

He prayed for her, but it seemed as if it didn't do any good. Then another minister, who'd ridiculed the idea of water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, was holding tent meetings. He said, "Anyone sitting under the tent whose associated with Brother Branham, should get out now, I want nothing to do with them."

Two weeks later, Brother Branham returned to baptize, and when he walked to the water, there on the banks stood the people from that revival to make fun of him baptizing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. About the time he walked into the water, Jesus came along. And here came that entire congregation with their good clothes on, wading out in that muddy water, screaming, "God, be merciful to me." And he baptized every one of them in the Name of Jesus Christ right there in that hole of water.

Brother Branham was invited for supper afterwards, but he felt led to pray. He went to the woods, but he couldn't pray here or there. And when it was almost dark, he saw a light shining down through a little dogwood tree. And a Voice said, "Rise to your feet, and go by the way of Carter's."

Little Georgie was laying there crying, and saying, "Oh, Mama, I'm going to be left out. He's going to leave today, and I won't be able to see him any more."

That night was the closing service of the great revival. There she was, and it looked as if all hopes were gone. And about that time Jesus came along. Brother Branham walked in and he took her by the hand and said, "Sister, the Lord Jesus appeared to me a while ago, over on the side of the hill, and said to, 'Come here and lay my hands on you, that you might be healed.'"

That little bony frame that hadn't raised from the bed for nine years and eight months, stood on her feet, and rushed to the piano and began to play,

Jesus, keep me NEAR the cross, THERE'S a precious fountain, FREE to all, a HEALING stream, Flows from CALVARY'S mountain.

It was the darkest hour Georgie had ever seen, then Jesus came along.


For sixty-six years Congressman Upshaw was pushed from Congress to different places in his wheelchair. He'd been prayed for hundreds of times. He was Vice President of the Southern Baptist Union, a great man, a wonderful man, a man who would've been President of the US in 1926, IF he'd sold his birthright. But he hated whiskey. The Democrat Party wanted him, but he ran on a prohibition ticket. He was well-liked. He could have easily done it. But He said, "I wouldn't swap my birthright, to be president of the world."

He was crippled with a broken back since he was seventeen. Now, he was eighty-six. One night, before tens of thousands of people, he was pushed in his wheelchair to one of Brother Branham's meetings. Brother Branham had never heard of the man. He was sitting at the back of the meeting when Brother Branham walked to the platform. About that time, he saw a vision of a hay stack, and a little boy, playing. As the Holy Spirit began to reveal, It pointed him out, and Brother Branham told him he was a congressman, and that Jesus Christ had made him well.

There he was, an invalid, sixty-six years in a wheelchair, eighty-six years old. This was the darkest hour he'd seen, all hopes for his healing were gone. Then Jesus came along; and that man who sat in a wheelchair for sixty-six years, raised, ran to the platform, and at eighty-six, touched his feet and jumped up-and-down. Later, he stood on the steps of the White House, at a reception for Billy Graham, and sang, "I'm leaning on the Everlasting Arms,"

This was his darkest hour, then Jesus came along.

One night after preaching for a long time Jesus sent His disciples away. They got a little ship and set off without Him. When it was at sea, a storm blew up. And the Devil said, "I've got them away from Him now. I'll see how much Message they'll take into all the world. I'll drown every one of them."

So the devil began to snort, and a storm blew up. The little ship began to bob up-and-down. The sails blew-out, the oars broke, and the ship filled with water. It was their darkest hour. No doubt they were crying, and thought, "Where's He gone? What's happened? Why didn't we wait and take Him with us? Why don't we have Him in the boat?"

Many times you might think the same thing. My friend, you may have gone-off without Him. But remember, He's still watching you. He knows where you are. There may be trouble in your home; there may be trouble in your soul; there may be trouble in your body. Whatever it is, don't you worry, He's got His eyes on you; He's watching you.

He climbed on top of a mountain. Looking out there, He saw every trick the Devil was playing. He not only climbed the mountain, but He climbed the cross of Calvary, not only Calvary, but He climbed the heights of glory. He sits in His Majesty, looking down upon earth. Not a ripple can come on the water without His permission. The sea can't move; a leaf can't fall; a bird can't fly.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord. He's above all principalities and powers. The earth made Him the lowest name that could be brought. God gave Him the highest Name that could be given. The earth made Him as low as it could, by putting Him in a sinner's grave. But God raised Him to the highest. He's so high, He has to look down to see heaven. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. He watches you. He knows every thought in your mind. He knows every action you take. He knows everything about you.

You say, "But I backslid!" That doesn't make a bit of difference. He knows exactly what caused you to backslide. He knows exactly where you're at. You say, "Brother Anthony, I went off without Him too. I had an opportunity one time, to speak. I had an opportunity once to be a Christian. I had the opportunity. The preacher made the call; I ought to have answered. I tried it once; I failed. I did this, that."

No matter what you've done, He has His eye on you. The disciples went off without Him, and the darkest hour was when that Devil got them away from His Presence, he sent a storm on them. Maybe that's what he's doing to you tonight. He might give you cancer; he might give you this; he might give you that. He might give you a broken home; he might wreck your car. He might give you worries; he might give you headaches. I don't know what he'll do, but there's one thing I do know, that God still has His eye on you.

This may be your darkest hour. I don't know; God does. But just in their darkest hour, when they were about to sink, Jesus came walking over the waters. The waves flattened-out before Him. Peter said, "Lord, if that's You, bid me come to You."

Jesus said, "Come on, walk out here. Ask, and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock, and it will be opened unto to you. For every one that knocks it shall be opened; every one that seeks shall find." Certainly - He's still watching.

The strange thing about it was, when those disciples were helpless and hopeless, Jesus came to them. It was the only thing that could help them, yet they were afraid of Him.

And today, when nations have failed, when people have failed, when communities have failed, the church and everything else has failed. It looks like we're completely gone. Almost any time, you might hear a scream, and they wouldn't be able to finish screaming before the whole world is annihilated. One explosion would do it, just one bomb. They don't have to leave Moscow. The Americans can stay home, and drop one on Moscow, too.

Submarines are hiding under the seas, with missiles aimed at those cities. One on this side, aiming this way, and one on that side, aiming that way. The first one that fires, will receive a counter attack. What's going to happen? What good's your home going to be then? What good's your money going to do then? What good's your boyfriend, or your girlfriend going to be? What good is anything going to do you? If you're not right with God, you're gone, for time and eternity.

This is the darkest hour this world has faced, since the beginning of time. There's never been a time in all of the world's history that's as dark as it is right now. cancer is on the rampage. Just think, more people die annually from smoking cigarettes, than were killed in years of war. Diseases are happening. Many of them man- made, and deliberately spread, like aids and ebola virus. Doctors don't know what to call diseases, so they say they're viruses.

What is a virus? Ask the doctor. It's something he knows nothing about. He just says it's a virus. There are bugs and demons man's never heard of before. We're trying to control it naturally. But when we try to do this, it breaks out some other way.

Give a man penicillin for this; it'll set up some other reaction. We're just out of the way. God has a way, and we might as well get into It. The churches have failed; the Presbyterians failed; the Methodists failed; the Baptist fail; the Pentecostals fail; the Pilgrim Holiness failed, the Church of God failed; every one of them failed. That's right!

You can't say, "I'm a Methodist, and act secure." You can't say, You're Baptist and act secure. Anglican or Presbyterian, whatever you may be, or Pentecostal, you can't say you're secure. It's not belonging to the church, because the church has miserably failed. Sickness is on the rampage, diseases of all kinds, new diseases are breaking out - too terrible to think about. Cars are killing people every day. People driving down the road are so stressed.

I was walking down the street yesterday, and a woman was going to slap me off the street. I was walking along, and I heard somebody behind me, and some silly-looking woman with a cigarette, said, "If you don't know what side of the street you want to walk on, get off the street."

I said, "Well, lady..."

She said, "Shut up."

There you are, neurotic. Mentally disturbed. Doctors claim most Australians are suffering some mental deficiency. Psychiatrists, who are supposed understand the mind, are going insane. Insanity's on the increase. Rape's on the increase. Narcotic drugs are out of control. Sin is on the increase. Debauchery is on the increase. There's no way to stop it. Communism is sweeping in like a flood. There's no way to stop that, because they're in the government and everywhere else. As I've said before, most of Australia's post-war Prime Ministers are members of, or fellow-travelers with the Fabian Communists.

But in this darkest hour here comes Jesus with outstretched hands, showing signs and wonders, and giving salvation and mercy to the people. The darkest hour this world's ever seen, when the Rock of Gibraltar will blow to pieces one day, but the rock of ages will stand forever, as a memorial to the resurrection past. Make sure you're a part of it.

God bless you, people. You may be poor; you may not know where the next meal's coming from; but you're as welcome at the fountain of Life as the richest man in the world. Come without money, without price; it's open to whomsoever will.


This is the darkest hour the family's ever seen. Look at families broken-up. Divorce is on the rampage. Where's the honesty, and the sincerity, and the femininity of Australian womanhood gone to?

Look at men, all they do is speed over the roads, trying to have a beer before going home. Look at teenage girls on the street, with cigarettes in their hands. No matter how much medical authorities warn, "It's cancer; it's cancer." They don't care. They'll puff- away anyhow. A preacher can preach his heart out, and they'll say, "Oh, you old fanatic."

The world is ready for judgment, and we're going to receive it. Mark my word. It won't be long until something takes place. soon comes the earthquake!

The Laodicean Church Age had the old-fashioned Pentecostal revival fires, and healing services covering the globe. That outpouring of the Spirit lasted from 1906-1963. God always sends a prophet with warning before judgment. When Brother Branham was baptizing 500 people in the Ohio River, before 5,000 on the banks, the shekinah appeared above him, and said, "Your message will sweep the world."

Some Brethren might deserve criticism. We've made many mistakes. But I'd rather be found on the battlefield, making mistakes, than to be a critic of those who are trying to win souls to God. What are you doing about it?"

Are you eternal inside? Soon, we'll see the darkest hour the world has ever seen. But Jesus has come along. And He's here now. His blessings are open. His side is pierced. His hands are reaching. And whosoever will, may come, and drink from the fountains of Life freely. You make your choice. Your eternal destination rests upon your attitude to Jesus Christ. This might be your last chance.

Where could you go now? What would happen if a heart attack would strike you now? This may be the last opportunity you have. Think it over now. If it is, won't you take this opportunity. You say, "Well, I'm young." Oh, brother, sister, He's no respecter of age. You can cross the line when you're young or when you're old; it doesn't matter.

We give you this Message in Christ's Name. We're close to the darkest time in human history. Missiles are in the air; they call them flying saucers. God said there'd be signs in the heaven; and in earth, great earthquakes in divers places, volcanic eruptions, great waves in the sea. He said, "The sea roaring," men's hearts failing. The world doesn't know what to do. The first atomic bomb, will tell it. Perplexity of times, distress between the nations. Jesus said, "When these things come to pass, lift up your heads, your redemption's drawing nigh."

And I see that old six-point star of David, the oldest flag in the world. Jesus said Israel's restoration was the sign of the closing of Gentile days. See the desert, blossoming like a rose? See those Jews, getting off ships, and saying, "Where's Messiah?" Coming back from Iran after twenty-five hundred years. The Bible said, "They'd return on eagle's wings." United Airlines brought them back, on the wings of an eagle, as it were.

Jesus said, "When the fig tree puts forth buds, you know summer is nigh". We see it budding. And all the other trees are budding; we know it's near. Ishmael and Isaac are at each other's throats just as He said. And our nation is identifying with the Arabs. They'll be cursed. Every prophecy is coming to pass. Why can't Australians see it? They've spurned the mercy of God. Now they must stand the judgment. God be merciful and save the lost.


In the age of globalism and electronic money transfer, the role of world bank and imf policies in the creation of poverty are finally beginning to be understood. A Sydney Morning Herald editorial (16/3/95) neatly summarizes the real operation of these global financial institutions. In reality, "the IMF and the World Bank are not democratic organizations. The interests they serve are primarily the interests of investment capital. And the outcomes they typically seek, especially in developing countries, are those conducive to the operation of foreign traders and investors.

Not surprisingly, while the World Bank and the IMF were getting a caning in the Copenhagen World Summit of Social Development, their very own fficials were applying the same old austerity screws to the Argentine Government".

No matter how beneficial the Global institutions claim to be, the reality is that they destroy the countries they claim to be helping. Christian Aid argues that the "structural adjustment programs required for Third World loans are harming the health and education programs, the World Bank itself says alleviates poverty" (SMH 7/3/95). Is this just an accident, or is the aim of the NWO to ensure the removal of all assets held individually, or as part of the nation's wealth? The reality of their power has already been demonstrated for many countries. After the 1993 economic collapse and the Clinton rescue package, Mexico had to promise its oil reserves as collateral. Would we give away the Barrier Reef for our debts? This process is called a "Debt for nature swap". Is Australia treading the same path with our $200 billion debt, and is this the real plan, that we were not informed of by the elite?

The Chicago Tribune (20/9/87) carried a report on the World Conservation Bank. "At the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park, some of the world's most powerful bankers announced a bold new strategy for dealing with environmental deregulation in the Third World. Their plan is to use the immense debts [they helped create] owed by many impoverished countries, to pressure them into taking steps to conserve their threatened environments. The approach is already being used on a small scale by private US conservationists in South America."

"Dubbed 'debt for nature swap' the plan calls for outside forces to pay off part of the target country's outstanding debts, in exchange for concessions to protect natural regions. Among those at the Colorado conference were David Rockefeller of the Chase Manhattan Bank, and Edmund de Rothschild of the European banking empire". These debt for nature swaps have already begun in Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru and Chile. Global corporations that caused the destruction of the Brazilian rain forests will now, through their international bankers, own the forests as a result of their plunder.

Don't believe that debt is good for Australia. The role of World Government organizations is to ensure that markets are deregulated to allow the transnational corporations (TNC's) free access. It was this capital mobility that brought Mexico to its knees (March 1993) as there was no way they could control the capital outflow. Deregulation works in Australia already. The assets of Australian banks were deregulated in 1984.

At the moment we have 11 World Heritage areas in Australia. Their total area is 424,830 sqkm, the size of two Victorias. There are a further 15 proposed World Heritage sites, including the Kimberly Region, South Australian Desert Lakes, Nullabor Plains, and the Australian Alps, that will be AVAILABLE to the international planners in any future debt for nature swap. Estimates exist that 30% of the total land mass of Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand is now under World Heritage.

Will these be sold-off in the future to cover "our" debt (planned for us by the elite), when it climbs to a point where we have no alternative but to accept their agenda? radio101.htm

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