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The Trial - 9KB

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Malachi Martin
LAST Sign promised
This world is in a SODOM condition

Birth Pains - 16KB

earthquakes are just earth's BIRTH PAINS
Los Angeles and 1,100 x 4-500 miles of California will sink beneath the ocean
of the churches, Jesus says: `They are MISERABLE'
God's first Bible was the stars

New Birth - 20KB

the INFALLIBLE EVIDENCE of the new birth
THREE persons of the Godhead
Is glossalalia or speaking with other tongues the EVIDENCE of the baptism with the Holy Ghost?

We, the Last Generation - 21KB

SOON cometh the earthquake, MARKING the END of the GENTILE Age
We must recognize OUR day in the Bible and receive ITS Message
God redeems His children the SAME way as He redeems this earth

Faith is a Clear Understanding - 21KB

denominational rules
Faith is nothing more than revelation, or a clear understanding of the Word
Only a TINY group is going to be taken in the days of His Coming
earthquake marking the END of the Gentile dispensation
We live in a time of TRANSITION wherein the Gentile churches are apostate
They're looking for a MAN to step out of the clouds of heaven. Jesus said DON'T look for a man

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