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A Loophole in God's Law - 23KB

God was both Father AND Mother of Jesus
Life for life
If God is THREE people, then there are three gods, or language has lost its meaning
three witnesses
Scriptural water baptism
The purpose of the TRUE ministry of THIS day is to PREACH the Bride of Christ into a celestial voyage called the Rapture
NOT three NAMES. ONE Compound redemptive Name SINGULAR

The Real Mount Sinai - 8KB

Jonathan Gray
film shows the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah
the real Mount Sinai that is in Arabia as Scripture says, NOT in the Sinai Penninsula
Jesus said that the FALSE church is an IMPERSONATION of the True
Law of Contrast

Authority by Revelation - 9KB

walking in the Light
the Law of Contrast
She'll KILL everything that disagrees with her

Why does God let Bad Things happen to Believers - 23KB

Why does God let BAD things happen to believers?
God has a PURPOSE
overcoming by faith in His Word, and prayer
the TRUE Church is sinless and without blame
THIS present life is a TRAINING ground FITTING us to RULE with Him
God has a threefold PURPOSEMessage to the Smyrna Church Age
God said His love was `ELECTIVE' love
Character is a VICTORY not a gift
The people of God are not MATERIALLY minded but Christ-minded

Finding Our Place in the Body - 26KB

ONE with Jesus AND the Father
Here's where the CHURCH crowd have lost Him
The Body of Christ is BORN just as you were born
What gave Grandma the new birth WON'T work for YOU in THIS day
There's NO revival promised for THIS day
God promised to DESTROY all life on earth in OUR day
How do we get UNDER the Blood?
Christ in the True Church is a CONTINUATION of the Book of ACTS to THIS day
`Advance Australia Where'? by John Smith
The greatest CAUSE of inferiority is FAILURE
You can RESET your course in life, and LIVE
OUR identity is not based on our performance, but on what HE has made us
We have time to review only ONE letter from the BBS. It's a real loo loo

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