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On Mount Transfiguration - 19KB

But John the Baptist was the Elijah of Malachi 3, NOT Malachi 4
According to Jesus Christ, WE are the LAST generation before ARMAGEDDON destroys ALL life on earth in atomic conflagration.
God has sent US a prophet with a Message of RESTORATION to the one faith of Jesus Christ
Christ is calling a WORD-Bride OUT from ALL man-made religious systems to fulfill His prayer
Cain was NOT the son of Adam
NATURAL hybreeding types SPIRITUAL hybreeding
A life lived by the Word is the WORD expressed

Signs of the End of the Ages - 21KB

The prophetic list of SIGNS foretold in relation to the end of the world
Amos states emphatically that God does nothing without a prophetic forerunner
The New Testament abounds with prophets after Christ
Scriptures are equally clear that a PROPHETIC ministry would be focal at the END of the world
BEFORE Christ's return, there must be a restitution
A man in the employ of an ORGANIZATION must promote ORGANIZATIONAL thinking
Nations assume the authority of a god over their citizens
There will be a BOYCOTT against the faith
THIS is the `Shout'

The Commandments of Men - 25KB

Jesus Christ infuriated many of His Jewish listeners by informing them the religion they so devoutly followed was NOT acceptable to God
water baptism
The second Doctrine Brother Branham emphasized concerned the True Oneness of the godhead
The THREE-PERSONNED deity is every bit as much a form of idolatry as the pagan trinity of gods frequently worshipped by the children of Israel
They didn't believe in three Gods in the beginning of the church
There ISN'T any evolution. But man and animal did mingle

They Asked Jesus Three Questions - 20KB

the Gentile dispensation ends in APOSTASY
Fancy Christ being put OUTSIDE the churches that bear His Name
For five hundred years, beginning in the days of Martin Luther, God tried to reform the denominational system. Now He is calling His Bride out from it
Jesus identified OUR day with the days of Lot and Noah
This Message sent by God through his prophet can CHANGE your life, and make the Word of God come ALIVE to you.
When will the Temple be destroyed?
What shall be the Sign of Thy 'parousia'?
When the glorified Man sets foot on this earth, He returns WITH the glorified saints of ALL ages
And what shall be the Sign of the end of the Pentecostal feast, or the Gentile dispensation?

We are the Last Generation - 26KB

We ARE the end-time generation
No major event in the plan of God has been without a WITNESS
We need to fix the Church Ages historically
This period will end with a massive EARTHQUAKE, the manifestation of the Sons of God, the first resurrection, and the translation of the LIVING Gentile Bride
God has LEFT OFF dealing with the Jews
God ONLY reveals His secrets through His servants the prophets
ALL Seven Church Ages have passed into history
Paul founded the Church at Ephesus about the middle of the first century
Like all of God's Dispensations, the Church Ages do NOT overlap
The second or the Smyrna Age, lasted from 170 - 312
the LOCAL Church is sovereign under its OWN pastor
Irenaeus was also clear on his understanding of the Godhead
the third or Pergamos Age
Thyatira knew the depth of Satan
It can't be said that the fifth Age, Sardis, was a restoration
it's not difficult to place the sixth or Philadelphian Age
the Laodicean Age quickly came in, bringing both the tares and the wheat to harvest
The revelation of the Seventh Seal brought Christ BACK to earth in WORD Form

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