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Placing the Church in History - 24KB

the Seven Church Ages were represented in the Old Testament by the Pentecostal Feast of Leviticus 23
a sabbath is a `rest'
Our sabbath is 24-hours a day, seven-days a week
The Pentecostal Feast, which types the Gentile dispensation, has within it seven rests, or sabbaths
These seven rests or Church Ages are followed by another rest, called in Leviticus, the fiftieth day
The Spirit speaks to the messengers of the Seven Church Ages
the messenger to the last or Laodicean Age must of necessity be a prophet
This explains why nobody can be born-again under denominational Light today
Paul's manner of ministering set the pattern that all future messengers were to aspire to
Paul founded the Church at Ephesus about the middle of the first century
Polycarp was martyred
Irenaeus was NOT a Trinitarian
The messenger to Pergamos was MARTIN
Luther was not a prophet
The Bridegroom came at the end of the Laodicean Age
How can I live above sin?

Reformation and Restoration of the Church - 21KB

the Gentile dispensation ENDS with a massive earthquake
Jesus died only for Adam and his seed
We're anticipating an earthquake
the rest for a Christian is our new birth
most who call themselves Christians are not in fact members of the Body of Christ
virgins, BOTH wise AND foolish, arose and trimmed their lamps
The Message of the SEVENTH angel, or prophet-messenger to the LAST or Laodicean Church Age WAS the SHOUT of the Rapture
Speaking of His parousia in Matthew 24, Jesus said, `Do NOT look for a Man
God must RESTORE the END-time Church BACK to the faith of their Pentecostal fathers
The EVENING Messenger was the prophet to the Seventh, or Laodicean Church Age
The revelation of the Seventh Seal brought Christ BACK to earth in WORD Form

Clever Country or a Nation with No Birthright - 14KB

God is not double-minded and will never change His mind on His Word
There is only one faith, only one Interpretation, and God is His Own Interpreter
I suspect far too many people want only `feel good' religion
`All that will live godly in Christ Jesus
shall suffer persecution'.
what we do with this Message will seal us in, or lock us out of the kingdom
We must each be prepared to receive correction by the Word
Government constantly reassures Australians what clever fellows we are
Why have we deregulated our banking and exchange?
when authorities say `multiculturalism', they mean
Australia, whose foundation was on Christian principles, is today a defeated people

The Seed of Two Trees, the Fruit of Diverse Branches - 20KB

One of our infrequent correspondents is Jonathan Gray
skeletal remains bear testimony of former inhabitants up to twelve feet in stature
The Bible identifies the giants as Serpent's seed
Since the Fall in the garden of Eden, there've been two lineages
Signs Jesus promised for the days of His `parousia'
Jesus said there'd be
intermarriage again, between the descendants of Cain and Adam's race
Jesus also said the conditions of Sodom and Gomorrah would repeat in the end-time
The blood is not the Token today
There are
three `exodus' in the Bible
midnight cry today is the Shout of I Thessalonians 4:16
Apply the Token, the death angel is
already in the land
We learned that the original sin was not
eating an apple
Eve's first-born was an
illegitimate child by adultery
The ten virgins of Matthew 25 were virgins to the
God's already manifested the Sign of His parousia promised in Matthew 24
Are we the conceited country?
Who are these unelected men at the TOP of the level playing field?
Our Christian heritage was lost by
ministers, who compromised the Word with the world

Dispensations - 18KB

the angel or messenger to the Seventh or Laodicean Church Age
the Gentile dispensation was to contain within itself nine distinct dispensations
God sent an `angel' or messenger to each of the Seven Church Ages
The LAST Sign promised
before the end of the Gentile dispensation, according to Jesus
Sin is
unbelief in the revealed Word of God
William Branham, was a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs
The revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to earth in Word Form. Not a Man, but the fullness of the Word
Jesus promised God would send us a prophet with a ministry of
restoration to the pure Bible - before the NWO
I've never heard the
Millennium preached in any denominational church, as if it were a reality to be expected in our day
the feasts of the Old Testament were a shadow and type of things that must come to pass in the New
The first Feast was Passover and Unleavened Bread
The second Feast was the Feast of Pentecost
The third and final compulsory Feast is the Feast of Tabernacles
before the Millennium, an Angel comes down from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit
the mystery of God is f
inished as God promised It would be
The bottomless pit is something
without foundation

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