Clever Country or a Nation with No Birthright

And I'm Brother Anthony, welcoming you to 'Bible Believers', where we focus on the PRESENT Truth - what Jesus is doing in OUR day.

It's a real privilege to be with you. This-morning I'd like to stress the importance of God's one provision by which we receive His grace. I'm talking about faith.

Jude, who was the foster brother of our Lord Jesus Christ, writes in his big little Book, 'I urge you to earnestly defend the faith which God gave, once for all, to His people to keep without change through the years' (Jude 3; Philippians 1:27).

And there is, as Paul taught in Ephesians, 'One faith, one Lord, and one water baptism'. Time and again we've shown by the Bible that this one faith is the faith of Jesus Christ, the mind of God: the one and only true understanding of the Bible - common to every Christian.

It was delivered unto the apostolic saints once, and once only. Jesus prophesied it'd be lost and supplanted by man-made theology. He promised a reformation, but said that, like Israel, the Gentile dispensation would end in unbelief. With ministers 'ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth'. He promised that 'the faith' would be restored through a vindicated prophet in these last days.

God is not double-minded and will never change His mind on His Word. Although hundreds of millions, indeed billions follow man-made creeds, and call themselves Christian by denomination. Once the faith was restored, Christ was no longer a Mediator for their ignorance . . . read Revelation 4 and 5, and He calls His people out from all man-made systems into agreement with the Bible.

People who refuse the clear understanding of God's Word when He reveals It, and cling to their man-made substitutes, have refused the Holy Spirit, and the 'common salvation'.

It's that easy to be lost. As when your children are taught what's expected of them, and deliberately disobey the clear instructions. It's that easy for them to receive a little protoplasmic stimulation on the derriere. Or loss of privilege. God's Kingdom is not a democracy. He's not some happy-go-lucky old man. He's sovereign. He's building His kingdom on the rock of faith in His Word. There is only one faith, only one Interpretation, and God is His Own Interpreter. If we can not, or will not receive that faith, we can follow our own ways. But our ways are the ways of death, and we will not enter the Kingdom.

I want you to apprehend the one and only, unchanging understanding of God's Word, and earnestly contend for that. If our understanding is not consistent with God's Word from Genesis to Revelation, it's not the faith of Jesus Christ, and is not of God.

I am not teaching my ideas, or the interpretation of any man or organization. If you disagree with what I'm saying, ask yourself: is it because my teaching differs from what you believe, or is it because you've obeyed God's Word and taken my teaching back to the Bible, and found it did not match from Genesis to Revelation?

Now, if you can't match my teaching with the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, I want to know. At least ONE of us is mistaken. And the one who doesn't give correction by the Word, is guilty of the blood of the other. Whilst he who can not, or will not, receive correction by the Word is clearly not one of His sheep. For Jesus stated emphatically, that His sheep receive His revealed Word, and can not be deceived on the faith.

I suspect far too many people want only 'feel good' religion. They don't much care what anyone understands about the Word of God, so long as everybody smiles, 'feels good', and doesn't question their understanding of the Word. Like zombies they'll go through life - read their Bibles, sing in the choir and support their local church, but without faith. Like people in community service, or sporting clubs, they 'feel good'. Others pat them on the back and say, 'Hail fellow, well met'. But what about Jesus? Have they met Him?

They've learnt a creed and some history about Him. They 'feel good', but Jesus said, 'except a man be born again, he'll never understand the Word of God'. The kingdom is built upon faith in the revealed Word of God. Before we can be born again, we must first die to our five senses of reasoning, conscience, affection, imagination, and memory and come alive to God by faith.

Do this, and you'll find yourself alone with God. All those Dr. Feel-goods will shun your company, and instead of patting you on the back, they'll criticize you. Moses was so unpopular with the church, he fled for his life, and didn't go back for forty years. The 'feel-goods' in Jesus' church crucified Him. Paul so upset the ministers in his old church, that they stoned him, beat him three times and left him for dead.

Paul said, 'All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution'. Do you suffer persecution for esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than approval by the mass of nominal Christians? Do you have respect unto the great reward of eternal Life? Are you willing to seek Jesus Christ by faith in His Word, and go forth unto Him without the camp of tradition, bearing the reproach of the faith?

Sincerity is an admirable quality. Better to be sincerely wrong, than to be an hypocrite. But the kingdom of God is not built upon sincerity. It's built on faith, and faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God. The Kingdom is that Word, manifested in the flesh of His glorified Family - Jesus Christ and His Bride, the true New Testament Church.

Now you and I and everyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ should be contending or striving 'to enter in at the strait gate', the narrow way of obedience to the one and only understanding or faith there ever will be: 'for many, said Jesus, will seek to enter in (by the traditions of men) and shall not be able' (Luke 13:24).

If you and I are not in agreement on Doctrine, then we should sit down with our Bibles and show the other where they're in error. Love is corrective, and if you feel I've preached a mistake, it's your duty to let me know. To correct me by the Word. God's love is corrective. If I am a Christian, and I'm in error, I cannot fail to receive correction. And the same law of love applies to you (John 16:13; I Corinthians 15:33).

Almost every week, I've invited you to write to me with your Bible questions, and suggestions you might have for the Bible Believers Program. This Program is to help you - not by providing the make-belief of psychology, or the strong delusion of man-made 'feel good' theology, but expounding the certainty of the PRESENT Truth.

If there's something you don't understand, or disagree with, write me a note. It's your program. Let me know you're there, and tell me your thoughts. You don't have to agree with me, but at least we can compare our beliefs with what the Bible says. Whoever does not agree with God; whether it be me or you, we're wrong. It doesn't matter who is wrong, so long as we can be corrected, repent of our errors, and be right. If you don't want to identify yourself, sign your letter, 'A. Christian'.

Friends, what we do with this Message will seal us in, or lock us out of the kingdom. Everything I say over the air or across the pulpit is substantiated by the Bible. Faith, if it is faith, will be supported consistently through the Bible from cover to cover.

Now if there's a point of disagreement, or if I have not explained some doctrine as clearly as perhaps I might, I'll devote a special program to help explain that doctrine. And if I've made a mistake, I'll apologize and preach the correction on-air. Being wrong is nothing to be ashamed of.

We must each be prepared to receive correction by the Word, after all, in this day when the Seven Seals are revealed, Jesus said all would be found to be in error, and both wise and foolish virgins would receive correction in their understanding, and come out from all denominational systems.

Let's be serious with God's Word, folks. We're discussing eternal Life, or death; not some ideas of a man. Remember, I'll answer to God for what I preach, and you'll answer to God for what you do with It. Paul admonished us to 'receive the Word with all readiness of mind, then search the Scripture - not our creed - whether these things are so'. He said, 'all speak the same thing, that there be no divisions among you; that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment'.

The Federal election soon upon us, begs the question: is Australia the 'Clever Country'? or the Nation with no Birthright?

Government constantly reassures Australians what clever fellows we are. Yet these arbiters of international IQ and accomplishment, offer no explanation why we 'clever' folk, allow dead men to elect our politicians; willingly expatriate our manufacturing industry, and our employment opportunities off-shore, where interests with vastly greater wealth establish more sophisticated plant, employ cheaper labor and benefit from our lower even preferential tariffs that ensure we cannot compete on 'the level playing field'. Or why they repealed commonsense laws intended to preserve an homogeneous population, without recourse to the electors, and invited 'whosoever will' to live in Australia, encouraging them to retain their own languages, customs and citizenship, changing our 'Oath of Allegiance', Anthem, and soon the Flag.

Why have we deregulated our banking and exchange? The value of our dollar can now be decided by some office in New York City. We've lost the administration of our dollar. Either our people don't understand where money comes from, or are controlled by those with power over our money. Instead of writing their own instruments of credit, as was done to finance our participation in World War I, Australian Governments borrow money created by commercial banks at interest. Control of interest rates, principal, and interest paid, has gone out of Australian hands. The list of such 'initiatives' goes on.

'Multiculturalism' is the boast of a leader claiming Christianity with alacrity. Yet when authorities say 'multiculturalism', they mean multi-racialism. God's law of reproduction states that every seed brings forth of his own kind. Multi-racialism has not worked in 6,000 years of man's existence upon earth. Traditionally it is imposed upon a defeated people. It's been imposed from overseas upon our country by those whose agenda is to subjugate all peoples to their lust for money and power.

Australia, whose foundation was on Christian principles, is today a defeated people, defeated spiritually, by the god of this world because we are without faith.

Democracy is based upon 'common purpose'. Our democracy, and our civilization, are committing genocide, polluting our society with elements that have no commonality, whose heart-purpose is anathema to the Bible tenets upon which Western Civilization once stood.

We've forsaken our birthright, and like Esau, we're selling our inheritance - both natural and spiritual for a mess of UN pottage. An illusion. How many Australians know the way back? or care?

Jesus said, 'As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be'. Those days of great construction, and heady, high-minded scientific achievements, which ridicule simple faith, have repeated. The morale and morals of our once great nation are but memory. Churches that know not God are uniting together against the Word and the pretty daughters of men are intermarrying with our boys. The 'clever country' is encouraging what God has accursed, producing offspring that, like Cain, have no association to the first or the second Adam. Without a birthright, we are not redeemable.

Wake up Australia!


We've just received some more correspondence from Brother Mikhail Ramendik who's been writing via the network to Bible Believers BBS from Moscow in Russia. Mikhail speaks Russian but reads and writes English. He loves the Lord and we've been fellowshipping on the Word of God. His last question to me was, 'You mean Elijah is here now? Who is it?'

As we have been learning, it was the late William Branham. radioa18.html

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