Immorality means: Crime against Human Nature

There's an ongoing, cold and intentional subversion of public morality and public standards. It seems the policy was brought in by administrative direction, with customs told to ignore offenses involving pornography. The end plan is to create a situation where government can openly fund pornography for children.

This is to the design: Create social anarchy, blame the family, and bow to public clamour for more government custody, and control of children.

Its significant that ordinary public servants appeared prepared to go along with importation of pornography. These same people, who want to watch sex and related violence on TV, are the loudest to complain when their children are raped, and mass killings occur. Those responsible never admit it.

Radical feminism and porn are deliberate products of the Public Relations propaganda being inflicted on our world, but I fear that those who follow 'isms' will suffer for their blind loyalties.

Why, when I think of radicals do I think of death row and the poem that's said to have been found on a cell wall in that sad resting place. That poem's called:

The Man in the Mirror

  When you get what you want in your struggle for SELF,
And the WORLD makes you king for a day;
Then go to the mirror and LOOK at yourself,
And see what THAT man has to say.
  For it ISN'T man's father, or mother or wife
Whose JUDGMENT upon him must pass:
The fellow whose verdict counts MOST in his life,
Is the man staring BACK from the glass.
  HE'S the fellow to please; never mind the rest,
For he's with you clear up to the END;
And you've PASSED your most dangerous, difficult test
If the man in the GLASS is your friend.
  You can FOOL the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get PATS on the back as you pass:
But your final REWARD will be heartache and tears
If you've CHEATED the man in the glass.

Its not only male criminals who'll come to the time when they have to face their own conscience, and question the use they've made of life. I think that among those for whom this will be a hard time will be many blind fanatics.

When the radical feminist comes to judge her life, how important will it be to her that she's made a million dollars; been chief executive of a company; had a thousand and one love affairs, or traveled many times around the world?

Pain and pleasure are such fleeting impressions. How little they matter. Yesterday's toothache or last nights party; what are they worth today? What pleasure or pain will they give next month, or next year, unless they're associated with some other value?

The real values are never considered by the young, unless they've had the discipline and guidance of good parents, and a caring, responsible social environment.

Its interesting that since the years of limitless porn, the economy's degenerated from fair to disaster, massacres have begun to occur in our cities, and rape's become so common, it's rarely considered worth reporting. In some reports, a third of university girls claim to have been raped. Its the result of New World Order corruption yet all turn a blind eye to the obvious cause.

It's strange, but people don't see that laws can't substitute for morals, and that business can't prosper in dishonesty? That lies and trickery lead inevitably to self delusion and disaster? That Personal immorality leads to family breakdown, hate and suffering? And that Business immorality is a cost to everyone?

Why is it so hard to admit the "immorality" is just a word meaning "Crime against human nature"?

All crimes of lust are crimes against the family; and therefore against children. They attack human freedom, political democracy and social justice. These crimes exhibit even greater selfishness and lack of concern for others, than do other forms of crime.

Oh, brother, it pays to know where to find your escape in these times. And we have an escape. We've got a Shelter. That shelter's under the wings of the Lord's everlasting protection; and knowing this, that we have an immortal soul that cannot die. It's not made with atoms, or with hydrogen, or oxygen, or with anything that's on this earth; it's made of Spirit. God Almighty created it in the image and likeness of Himself, and gave to you.

What a day we are living, what a time. Where men has achieved and achieved until he's achieved for himself a better world to sin in. Now, what shall he do with it?


Satan uses a man's head. In the garden of Eden, he chose to take a man's head, his thinking. And he's brought that into the church. The Devil takes a man's head, so he can use his eyes. And if a man isn't genuinely born again, when he wants to achieve something, he'll take the pride of life: what he can see with his eyes,

Let's say he's he wants to join church. He wants to be religious, and he'll look around till he can find the biggest church he can, because that man wants to do something big. He wants to make a big name for himself. That's how carnal, foolish-thinking men reason. "Oh, if I can have my organization, if I can add so-many thousands to my denomination, it'll be the largest of its kind in the land." What good does that do? But he thinks he's achieving something, because he's adding more.

In 1944, the Baptists had a slogan, "A million more in '44." What did they have when they achieved the million more? If they weren't genuine born again disciples of Christ. They were just Baptist by name, like joining a lodge.

Look at the other denominations, the Lutheran, the Presbyterian, the Pentecostals, and all the others; they're the same. All trying to achieve something. They want to do something great, and they're looking with their eyes. Man thinks with his eye. Often he doesn't understand that's the very thing he should not do. But the Devil takes the man's eye; he shows him something pretty. He opens his eyes to look at it. And Satan gets it into the church, through the intellectual thinking of man.

Some time ago, the great evangelist, Billy Graham, held up his Bible and said, "This is God's standard." And he's right. Then he said, "What happens? Paul went into a city and got one convert; he returned a year later, and had thirty by that one. I go into a city, and have twenty thousand converts. I return in a year, and can't find twenty. Something's wrong."

And he said, "I know what it is? It's you lazy preachers. You sit in your office, with your feet on the desk, and don't go visit the people."

I thought, "That's good intellectual reasoning, but that isn't it. Who were the pastors who went to the one that Paul converted?" It wasn't that.

It's those so-called meetings today, and they are great meetings, but they only work on the intellectual part of man. He gets under the spell of a revival, and says, "Yes, I accept Christ," and he does it intellectually, because he's in a great crowd. He does it because of the eloquent ministry, but it's only an intellectual conception. The man can never go on with Christ. His understanding has to come from his mind to his heart, to be born again, or he'll never be able to stand the test.

Intellectual conceptions are all right, but remember, when the eye looks upon it, the Devil uses your eye. The garden of Eden proved that the Devil chose the head of man to work in, but God chose his heart. The Devil shows him something he can see with his eyes, and he says, "Seeing is believing."

But when God comes to a man, He comes to his heart, and lets him believe in his heart through faith, things his eyes do not see. Scripture says that, "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

God's working here in the heart; Satan's working here in the head. So what good do these big seminaries do? Too many times, it pulls from here, up to here, when it ought to be taken from here, down to here in the man's heart.

Scripture says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

The critics say, "How foolish of God, to say that there are mental faculties in a man's heart. There's nothing there to think with."

But science found out that in the human heart, there is a thinking faculty. There's a little place, a little compartment in the human heart, where there's not even a cell. It isn't in animal life. But in the human heart there's a little place, and without coming to a conclusion as to what it was, they finally said: "It's the place where the soul dwells."

So God was right, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Not in his head, if God had meant head, He'd have said, "head." He said, "his heart." Where our desires are.

God said, "Take off your shoes, Moses; you're on holy ground."

What if Moses said, "Now, wait a minute, Lord, I know You meant my hat. I'll just take off my hat; that's more reverent." He never said hat; He said, "shoes." That's what He meant.

He never meant shake hands and join the church. He said, "You must be born again, and from above." Not put your name on a book, but be regenerated, and your soul changed, your entire being made new again.

Now, a when man has never had that experience, he's still a son of God in creation, but he's a fallen son of God. That's the reason he can take wood and make buildings; take iron and make machinery; or take jewels and make watches. He can take original creation and pervert it from its original form to make something great, but he cannot create. Only God can create. And Him alone.

Satan, in choosing the man's head, took his intellectual part. Now the church has begun to work with the intellectual parts of a man. "Oh, it's a great church. We have a great denomination. We're the oldest in the country. "But, until that man, or woman, boy, or girl's thoroughly converted, he'll take an intellectual conception and say, "The Bible doesn't mean this and it doesn't mean that. The days of miracles are past; there's no such thing, those days are past." Because he's looking at it intellectually.

But let the same man take what little knowledge he has in his head and yield it to God, and allow the Spirit of the living God into that heart of his. He'll call every Word of God "the Truth", and every promise, "Divine". Then he can achieve for God.

You see, God made that little compartment in a man's heart, for Himself. It's His control room. Where He sits to control you.

That's where He sends His messages from, the control room.

How can He work with you when the nature of the spirit of the Devil is in there? And every man on earth is born in sin, shapen in iniquity and comes to the world speaking lies. So in his carnal Adamic nature, how can a man achieve anything, except through his intellectuals?

But when he comes to be a new creature, and the old man has passed out, and the new Man, Christ, takes His throne in the human heart, life looks different. He starts on a new road from his own selfish motives, with his ideas to make himself important. He goes towards Calvary to recognize God. Then all of his motives and objectives, his achievements and all that he is, lies in the glory of Christ's cross, where Jesus paid the price for human life. And Christ is his Life.

That's why Jesus said, "Unless a man's born again, he can never understand the Kingdom of God." It's not in him to do it.

Then why did God make that little place? He made it so you could be filled. You've got to be filled with something. You can't be a human being without being filled. The time has come where you're forced to make a decision, and that's now; because it's forced all over the earth.

I've heard ministers get up and try to explain what the mark of the beast is with a chart. It doesn't take a chart. Scripture says, "All who don't receive the Seal of God have the mark of the beast." There are only two classes of people on earth. One's got the Mark of God, the other has the mark of the Devil. And all that didn't receive the Mark of God had the mark of the Devil. That's what Scripture said.

So you're forced to make a decision. And let me grind it into you, not to be rude or mean, but to tell you the truth and to warn you. Man's got to do something about it. You must make a decision.

Soon, the day of salvation will be over, and the NWO, which is the great tribulation, will come upon the world. In those days, the mark of the beast will be forced upon all, both small and great, rich and poor, as it was during the Inquisition.


If I can show you by God's Word what the Seal of the living God is, you'll know. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:30, the Holy Spirit is the Seal of God. So no matter how intellectual, how pious and religious you are, how many of the denominations you belong to, without the Holy Spirit you're marked off on the other side.

Satan is also a spirit. He's not some big brute with a forked tail and cloven hooves. He's a spirit, and he's religious. The Bible says, he's so cunning, he'd deceive the very elected if it were possible.

Wasn't Cain just as religious as Abel? Didn't he offer an offering just like Abel? Didn't Cain build a church unto the Lord the same as Abel did? Didn't Cain get down and worship like Abel? Didn't Cain sacrifice like Abel? But by his intellectual conception, Cain brought the flowers and fruits of the field to make his beautiful, intellectual altar.

But Abel, by faith, chose a lamb, for it was blood and life that God required. And he dragged it to a rock and hammered its little throat until it bled to death. God said, "That's righteousness, Abel." How did It come to him? By revelation; not by intelligence. Through his heart he knew it.

Jesus said, "Upon this rock I'll build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against It". They shall not prevail against spiritual revelation, spiritual conception. "Man looks upon the outside," says the Scripture, "God looks on the heart."

You're filled with something. You might be filled with doubt. Your poor heart may be running over with doubt. I hope not. Your heart may be full of frets and worry. It might be full of trouble. Maybe its full of religion, perfumed, intellectual theology belonging to great churches that have been in existence for years, sitting back just as confident as you can be. Brother, let me say this to you: you might bring members to that church until you get old and die, you'll do nothing but build another tower of Babel.

You can be full of foolishness; you can be full of nonsense; you can be full of anything; but you can't stay empty. The Bible says you can't.

The Bible said, "When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, it walks in dry places, seeking rest. Then he comes back with seven other devils worse than he was, and the last estate of that man is seven times worse than it was at the beginning."

That's what happens to these meetings, when people go forth in revivals and a man's led to just an intellectual conception. He goes off, joins some church, and lets it go at that. "That's all right. There's nothing to all this other nonsense. We shouldn't have it." The pastor says, "Oh, that was way back in another age." And the first thing you know, that devil returns with seven other demons, and the man becomes a religious devil. Then he's really filled; then he's got pride and jealousy. And he's even angry with the very God that wrote the Bible. He looks down there, where God says, "'These things that I do, shall you also', and he says, that was for the days of the disciples."

"Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel," said Jesus, in His last commission to the church. How far? "All the world." Who to? "Every creature." "These signs shall follow them that believe." These signs shall follow "some of them"? The Scripture says, "ALL of them that believe. "In My Name they shall cast out devils. They shall speak with new tongues. If they shall take up serpents or drink deadly things, it shall not harm them. They shall lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." That's what Jesus said.

"These signs shall follow believers". Not negative thinkers. Not intellectual church members, but born-again believers who've come from the intellectual to the heart, where God takes His throne, in His control room, to control your emotions, to control your faith, to control your character.

God wants to fill you. Why does He want to fill you? What does He want to fill you with? He wants to fill you with Himself, the Holy Spirit. Be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Jesus said in Luke 24:49, "You shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you. Then you'll be witnesses of Me in Jerusalem, Judaea, and Samaria, unto the utmost parts of the earth." When? When you've got your doctor's degree? When you've received a Bachelor of Arts? No. "When you've received the Holy Ghost."


Here are two gruesome items from the Internet. Abortions in China are always done as the baby is being born. As soon as the head comes out of the mother, the skull is crushed with forceps, or formaldehyde is injected into the soft spot in the skull. What's even more sickening about this is that in China, aborted babies are eaten as health food and considered a delicacy (Last Trumpet Newsletter, June, 1995).

The American palate may not be quite as perverted as that of China, but Bill Clinton's organizational team has devised a way to make money from abortionists. After his election in 1993, it was announced that dead babies could be sold for top prices to medical research centres in the United States, and overseas (NY Times, Nov 6, 1992). And on May 24, 1995, the American Medical Association publicly declared their desire to use living defective babies as organ donors (Last Trumpet Newsletter, July, 1995). radio099.htm

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