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Is There Life on Mars - 20KB

Statutes were unnecessary because the Law of God was written within our heart
the red planet has not passed unnoticed by earth-bound Vatican theologians
if there were Martians requiring salvation, their savior could not be Jesus Christ
There's no way the saints of this age will see death in the flesh
Man's natural achievements type God's Spiritual achievements
They say the Holy Ghost was for another age

Revelation Chapter Four 3/3 - 22KB

Was the Flood of Noah's day a universal or purely a local flood?
He couldn't fully redeem the part-Word Bride or Church Age saints on Calvary
foolish virgin are without Oil of the Spirit because they never heard the revelation
God cannot take His Bride Home until the sanctuary is cleansed
One thing that's always scared the male dominated priesthood

Revelation Chapter Five - 17KB

Our inheritance is everything Adam lost or forfeited
Faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God
When we're overcoming we're uniting with the Word
Four Titles belong to the Name of Jesus
In Israel, one could not lose their estate forever

The Stature of A Perfect Man - 20KB

CNN reports, "Israeli Law would ban Christian Missionaries"
Hitlers racism is nothing compared to what the Jews practice every day
the International Bible Society began ministering to Russian orphans in 1991
Speaking of our day, Daniel prophesied, "many shall run to and fro (or travel)
Australia's acknowledged by the UN as by far the richest nation on earth
Fifty-years since Federation, Australia's without a moral anchor
The answer to our national and personal problems is not more laws but less law

The Natural Types The Spiritual - 18KB

Every Word of God manifests what It says
Before their union, someone added to or took from the Words of God's commission
Jude likens make-believe Christians to Cain
Cain's father was "the wicked one". Adam wasn't "that wicked one"
Its NOT said of Eve that she conceived again and bare Abel
When Seth is born, Eve doesn't credit Adam as Cain's father
Let's compare the first and last Adam
Did you know that woman isn't in the original creation?

Repopulating the Earth - 19KB

Despite the daily diet of media propaganda which promotes the UN
In most congregations, the so-called "Social Gospel" predominates
the genealogy isn't reckoned after the birthright
Many assert a special privilege through their genealog
These verses speak of those in the church who claimed privilege as God's elect
Judah married into Cain's race but God slew his sons
Noah had discovered a terrible secret
Noah's beautiful serpent seed wife was childless
To "dwell under the tents of Shem" also signifies the conversion of the Gentiles
A bastard is one born of incest or adultery
how firmly the Bible speaks against miscegenation

The Millennium Bug - 20KB

The coming collapse of financial markets is being engineered
January 1, 2000, the world's computers will either SHUT down or go haywire
The world's mainframe computer systems will then begin to crash
The stock market's pre-2000 meltdown isn't the really bad news
To update all of the world's mainframe computers, could cost A$810 billion
Could it be the International Money Cartel is permitting the Year-2000 Problem
A worldwide stock market panic would be a minor event
James' spoke against men who serve mammon in the LAST days

Conspiracy World - 20KB

"History" is either the outworking of conspiracy
the conspirators who gave us Communism also gave us Nazism?
the "Millennium Bug", or Year 2000 Computer Problem
a matter of concern to the globalist elite. I speak of overpopulation.
the "Global 2000 Report to the President"
"Global 2000" and "Global Future" are political statements of intent
Australia's down from the present 18.5 million to 7 million
Economic rationalism seemed to stop the clock
crime did pay then, and it pays today
The phony war on drugs has caused a social nightmare
When drugs were cheap and legal, there was no profit in enticing addiction.
NWO cannot exist outside the Police State

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