The Natural types the Spiritual

Every Word of God manifests what It says. Creation is God's spoken Word manifest, as cats and rats and elephants and so-forth. A Word can only reproduce itself, unless something is hybrid with it. For instance, horses can only reproduce more horses. If they're mixed with donkeys, they bear a mule. The most famous hybrid, an animal not in God's creation. It can't breed back to a horse or a donkey.

God knows what He means, and He means what He says. He told Moses, "Take off your shoes, for you're standing on holy ground". Moses might've said, "I'll just remove my hat, 'cos my shoes are a bit tight". God said "shoes", and he mean't "shoes".

God's first command in Genesis was, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it". It was Holy Word. "It was "Spirit and Life". It won't return unfulffilled, but will achieve what He spoke.

Job said, "Man that's born of woman is of few days." According to God's Holy Word, woman was to reproduce life. But someone changed God's command from Life, to death,before the conception of Eve's first child. From that day to this, her chioldren are all unclean and unrighteous, and all die (Job 14:1; Job 15:14).

The Bible says, we're "Shapen in iniquity, conceived in sin, and came into the world speaking lies" (Psalms 51:5-6). We're born in sin, not faith in God's holy Word, but of unbelief in His command.

Before their union, someone added to or took from the Words of God's commission to His first children. It was to bring Life, but Eve brought death.

Everything must bring forth after its own kind. There is no change in specie. No evolution. If God has a son, it'll be a reproduction of his Father's Attributes: another "little God". If God's son has a son, he'll be a reproduction of his father. The same attributes reproduced.

As the sum of God's Attributes is love, how come Eve's first-born was a murderer and a liar? When confronted with his crime, Cain withstood God to His face. His utter defiance of God shows him to be absolutely unhuman-like in characteristics, seeming to surpass any account concerning a confrontation of Satan by God (Genesis 4:8-9).

God's Attributes, and the attributes of His sons are FAITH. Cain turned out in character like his father, an unbeliever, a bringer of death, and a murderer.

When it was time to worship, Abel offered a lamb. By faith he knew that blood caused the fall. He was born of his father's blood in his mother's blood. God requires life for life, and the life is in the blood. So innocent blood must be shed as the evidence of atonement.

Cain was without faith. He offered the sweat of his brow, and his own carnal works against earth's curse in the form of watermellon, cabbages, and pumpkin. God rejected Cain and his offering. It wasn't vegetable life which caused the fall. It was blood.

Cain was carnal. Like his children in a certain church today, who think eating apples caused the Fall. Eating apples?? If eating an apple can make a someone see they're naked, it's time to pass the apples again. Our women are almost naked on the street, and they know it not.

Jude likens make-believe Christians to Cain. They're foreordained to condemnation, speak blasphemously of things they don't know but what they understand carnally as brute beasts. Hereby they corrupt themselves. The word Greek for brute is "alogos", the opposite to Logos, meaning "concept" or "thought in speech". Their own carnal understanding corrupts or defiles them, such that they're unclean in God's sight and prohibited from His presence. Like an Israelite who became unclean and was excluded from the congregation for a time, their false doctrine makes them unclean, and will send them to hell.

So if you want a good laugh at the faith I'm sharing, and imagine eating an apple brought death and sickness, UN thuggery and united religions, you won't lack for company. All who've gone in the way of Cain, and like Balaam, substituted human reasoning for faith, or like Koreh, withstood God's vindicated servants, will be there. Hell will be full of clergymen and their followers, separated from the Presence of God by carnal reasoning against the faith.

Don't you be an intellectual, like Cain. Trying to "work-out" God and His Word. Seek to have the mind that was in Christ in you. That's faith. Without faith it's impossible to please God. Cain had no faith, because Cain was not a son of God. He wasn't a son of Adam either.

According to I John 3:12, "Cain, was begotten of that wicked one, and slew his brother. Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous." Yes sir, God placed enmity between the seed of the serpent and the seed of Adam.

Cain's father was "the wicked one". Adam wasn't "that wicked one". According to Luke 3:38, Adam was "the son of God". The only son of God, until Jesus was born of a virgin, 4,000 years later.

Now as God's law of reproduction states that everything must bring forth of its own kind, and Adam was "the son of God", any sons of Adam had to be "sons of God", with the Attributes of God. Adam's first son, Abel, was killed by Cain, and replaced by Seth.

Cain is nowhere in the genealogy of God. He's not in the genealogy of Adam either. Moses doesn't list him, neither do Chronicles, Matthew, or Luke. If Cain were Adam's son, Enoch would've been the eighth from Adam. Jude calls Enoch the seventh. Were Cain Adam's son, the law of the birthright would've given him a place in the lineage. But Adam's line goes through Seth. Cain's not in Adam's lineage because he's not a son of Adam.

Friends, the original sin resulted in adultery between Eve and the serpent. A man-like creature, before God changed every bone in his body.

Nowhere does Scripture suggest that Cain is in Adam's likeness. It can't, for God's law of reproduction states that everything brings forth of its own kind. Proving Cain is not Adam's son.

After God had confronted Adam and Eve, put man and woman under two separate covenants, placed the serpent on his belly, and cursed the ground, Adam declared his wife "Eve; because she's the mother of all living". But Adam is not the father of all living.

When God cursed the serpent for his evil, He placed enmity (that's hatred), between the offspring of the two seeds in Eve's womb that would be the fathers of the human race that even now was polluted. Cain would continue the lineage of the wicked one; Abel's brother, Seth, would continue Adam's race.

Intermarriage between these two races in the days of Noah, grieved God so much, He destroyed all life on earth. If this miscegenation should repeat in our day, the unchanging God'd be unjust unless he again destroys all life on earth. The serpent seed was in the ark. As foretold by Jesus, the conditions of Noah's day have repeated. Soon God will soon destroy this earth. This time, by Fire.

Those who encourage multi-culturalism, (which is actually "multi-racialism") are not Christian individuals, or Christian churches. No Christian can be deceived on the revealed Word of God. And God has accursed multiculturalism.

Genesis chapter four is a history, tracing the enmity God's placed between those two seeds, and foreshadows the Promise. The writer first disposes of Cain and his ungodly line. They have NO part in the Promise or Kingdom of God, not being on the Book of Life. Then he returns to Seth through whom the line of Promise is continued.

The story of Cain and Abel points out that, from the very first, men have been divided into two great classes, viewed in connection with God's Promise and Presence in the world.

Whilst it's to the self-reliant and God-defying energy of Cain's descendants that we owe much of the external civilization of the world, the descendants of Seth pass away and leave only this record: that they 'walked with God'.

Genesis 4 is the historical account of the sinful misapplication of God's command to "multiply and fill the earth", which produced DEATH by Eve's reasoning with Satan through the agency of the serpent, instead of waiting for God's Word to be revealed through her husband.

This is the first mention of a sexual relationship between Adam and his wife. Cain had already been conceived by the serpent prior to Adam knowing his wife. Eve saw in Cain the fulfillment of the natural promise of Genesis 3:15, and looked on her first child as God Himself, the "Deliverer" Who'd restore them to Eden. Its unusual for the mother to justify Cain's name by declaring 'I've begotten a "MAN" with the Lord', when Cain was but a babe. To Eve, however, Cain was the 'Man child' Who'd smite the Serpent. Eve didn't claim to bear Cain by Adam. She supposed he was gotten, acquired, or created with the Lord.

Its NOT said of Eve that she conceived again and bare Abel, (which is the usual Scriptural way of intimating a second birth), but simply that she bore him after Cain. That a difference was from the very first put between the two, is plain from the remarkable language she applies to the firstborn, "I have gotten a man from the Lord"; and indeed from the very names given the two boys. Cain signifies "acquired one" - Eve was deceived by Satan who incarnate the Serpent, and thought Cain was the Son of God. She named Abel "the son of her own husband". She KNEW he was.

Abel means "a son", which well suits the first-born child of man. Hence we have the line of the serpent through Cain (falsely supposed to be the Son of God), and the line of Adam, beginning in Abel. The etymology of Cain and Abel are quite separate.

From their birth, at the same time, there was a difference put on these two sons of Eve. It was understood from Genesis 3:15, that the race was to be divided into two great sections, of which one only was to be reckoned as truly and spiritually the seed of the woman, while the other bore the character and fell under the doom, of the seed of the serpent.

Eve regarded her firstborn son as the very individual who was to be the Savior, and understood at the same time that this Savior was to be a divine person. Hence her words, "I've gotten a man" or "the Man", "the Lord", the very Jehovah - He who is God as well as man. Or, "I've gotten a man from the Lord". Even at Cain's birth, Eve was STILL deceived, because "that which is flesh is flesh".

At all events, its plain that in her mind, Cain was chosen rather than his comparatively lightly esteemed half-brother, whose very name in Hebrew means "vanity", or "nothingness".

When Seth is born, Eve doesn't credit Adam as Cain's father, but in Genesis 4:25, she says God has appointed me another seed. She recognizes her son by Adam but does not now recognize Cain, for he came by the serpent.

Let's consider the spiritual application of serpent's seed.

These step-brothers Cain and Abel, represent the two great classes into which the family of man is divided. Their differences are manifest NOT in the object, NOR in the time, BUT in the spirit, of their worship. "In the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. And Abel brought of the best of his flock" (Genesis 4:3-4).

Now the natural types the spiritual. There's the natural, physical serpent's seed, descended from Cain, and there's spiritual serpent seed. Both came from hybreeding God's Word. Spiritual serpent's seed are all, including Adam's children, those who are deceived on the revealed Word of God. Any teaching off the Word is the hiss of the serpent, and death.

Jesus said, 'My Word is Spirit, It is Life", but if we add to or take from It, it's the hiss of the serpent and death today just as surely as it was when Satan incarnate the serpent to deceive Eve.

Like Cain and Abel, the carnal and Spiritual worship the same God. They share the same teaching (Matthew 5:45; Acts 2:17). Only the elect are in the faith. The expression "in process of time", or "at the end of days", denoted a stated season, (corresponding with Passover). Their form of service was similar; they both presented offerings typing the two kinds of offerings ordained under the Levitical dispensation: those which were expiatory, and those which mainly expressed duty, gratitude, and devotion.

"By faith Abel offered God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain. This proved his righteousness, when God received his gift, but God had NO respect toward Cain and his offering" (Genesis 4:4-5).

Clearly, acceptance of the person must precede acceptance of the service; and the acceptance of the person is by faith. Both men offered an excellent sacrifice. The sacrifice of Abel had no more efficacy in itself, than the offering of Cain, to recommend him to God's favor. He wasn't accepted on account of his offering. He was justified by a faith which was expressed in his sacrifice - an eye for an eye, and a life for a life - speaking of the coming Kinsman Redeemer. Abel's offering proved he had the revelation of the original sin, and was the true seed of Adam, for whom the True Seed of the woman would lay down His life.

'Without shedding of blood is no remission' (Hebrews 9:22). For the life is in the blood. And shed blood is the evidence the life has been sacrificed. The innocent life of the lamb typed Christ, "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world", whose innocent life was given in substitution for the guilty lives of Adam and his seed.

To "redeem", means to buy back that which was lost. Something of which you were the original owner. The wages of sin is death. God said, the day man substitutes his own ideas for faith in My Word, is the day he'll die. God would take his life - not apple life.

Now it's important we recognize God's law of redemption demands an identical yet worthy substitute. A kinsman. The lambs sacrificed by Israel were not kin to man but in their nature they typed Jesus who would fulfill this role. Jesus was kin to Adam: Paul calls Him "the Last Adam". He was not the last Cain, and has no relationship with Cain, who's without a redeemer.

Let's compare the first and last Adam:

Both came from Etermity into time. Both were the Word manifest. Neither was sex born and being born of God, neither Adam nor Jesus could be deceived on the revealed Word of God. Each died for his own wife; Eve was flesh of Adam's flesh, and bone of his bone; while Christ's Bride is one with His Word and Spirit. Adam didn't die for the Serpent's seed; Christ did not die for the unbeliever. Each died by his own choice, voluntarily laying down his own life.

Jesus was a an identical substitute for Adam. Both Adam and Jesus surrendered their lives in faith, knowing God would raise them up again. Adam had the revelation He was a son of God and therefore a part of God and could no more be lost than God can be lost. And he knew that Eve was a part of Himself, so that if he joined her over the time line and the Life line, he'd redeem her, because when God redeemed him, she'd also be redeemed. Praise God!

Being familiar with the Psalms, and knowing Who He was, Jesus knew God would not leave His soul in hell; nor let His body corrupt. Jesus knew decay begins in three days, so by revelation He said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I'll raise it up".

Abel and his Spiritual brothers have faith. Cain had the mark of the beast: reasoning against the revealed Word of God. So do his carnal fellow travelers who think Eve became pregnant by eating an apple, and that "One" God can somehow be "three" people. They're without the faith of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that woman isn't in the original creation? God quit creating some hundred years before He put Adam to sleep and made a byproduct to serve him. Man was made in the image of God and his Head is Christ. Woman was made in the image of man. Her head is her husband. You sisters serve God as you obey your own husband. Satan knew he couldn't deceive Adam. He didn't try. It'd be unbecoming to God, for Adam was the manifested Word of God. But woman's made so she can deceive and be deceived.

Once again, the natural types the spiritual. Adam's wife, Eve, fell in adultery, before he could take her to himself. By natural hybreeding: miscegenation; the genocide pushed by our government in obedience to their anti-Christ UN masters, she brought forth a bastard child, which produced a bastard race of people, not on the Book of Life. Adam called his wife, "the mother of all living".

The espoused wife of the Last Adam, fell in adultery to "reason", against the revealed Word, at the First Nicea Council. There it hybrid God's unchanging Word, organized a universal church, and brought forth a bunch of denominational children born to death by creed instead of Eternal Life by God's Word. This new Eve calls herself the "Queen of Heaven, and mother of all spiritual living". Jesus calls her a whore, and her daughter churches harlots. He said she'll rule the coming NWO (Revelation 17:1; 18:3; Daniel).

Who was deceived? Adam or Eve? Christ or the church? Who sinned and required salvation? Christ, the Word? or the church? radio081.htm

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