The Stature of A Perfect Man

CNN reports, "Israeli Law would ban Christian Missionaries".

Once you've read the TALMUD, everything is clear and falls into place. The Jews are out to destroy not only Christianity, but every kind of religion, culture and nation. Their hatred for non-Jews is perpetual. Only Germany, and now Switzerland believe they can escape this hate by paying, and paying, and paying.

The dwindling number of Christians in the Holy Land are facing yet another threat. Militant Zionists in the ruling Knesset are trying to force Christians to stop seeking converts in the country.

CNN reported on July 8th, the proposed law would allow authorities to jail anyone who shares Christian literature.

"It could even include the New Testament, because, after all, it's the document in which Jesus said, 'go out into the world and make disciples,'" said Pastor Ray Lockhart of Christ Church, Jerusalem.

"We are a Jewish state," explained Israeli Knesset member and bill co-sponsor, Niffim Zilli. "We want to remain a Jewish state."

Try saying "America is a traditionally Christian Nation", and see how far you'll get!! Much of the literature in a small Christian bookstore in Jerusalem would be outlawed by the legislation in its present form. Orthodox Jews already visit to harass customers, and there are fears that if the proposed anti-missionary law passes, militants might try to close the shop. "I see this as being quite contrary to human rights, particularly to the right of religious freedom and choice of religion," said Lockhart.

Zilli repied: "Stop your missionary activity in Israel. Stop it!"

Christian Evangelical missions give free food to poor Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, and indigents line up to accept it. "Some of Israel's best friends around the world come from Bible-believing Christian communities. If it seems Israel or the government is opposing those who've been Israel's best friends, perhaps support for Israel could run cold," said Clarence Wagner of Bridges for Peace. "This Act would once for all clearly show the true nature of Zionism: repressive, authoritarian, and afraid - shattering the illusions of such Christians".

Two more comments from the Internet:

"Germany's paid billions of dollars over the past for 50 Years for the biggest swindle ever", says the writer, regarding the alleged killing of six million Jews.

He goes on to say, "Hitlers racism is nothing compared to what the Jews practice every day in their own country, destroying humanity, religion, culture, nations and economies, even killing people, in a land in which these self-styled Khazar Jews have no historical right to be".

We often hear the Japanese condemned in our controlled mass media for teaching children untruthful history. Yet much of the history taught in our own schools is full of absurd lies - technically impossibile, even today. And along with the once Christian Western world, Australians have been brain-washed to believe propaganda we were taught as history.

Scripture says we're to PROVE _all_ things.

Now some good news from Sweden: What began as a short-term project to teach God's love to Communist orphans has become a long-running Scripture distribution campaign.

When the International Bible Society began ministering to Russian orphans in 1991, no one envisioned "My First Bible" would become one of IBS' most successful children's Scripture programs.

Since then, this simple red-covered book has been translated into almost 25 different languages, and more than 600,000 copies have been distributed across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

For more information, visit IBS on-line at

We're to live by every Word of God. The key to It's understanding is that It's the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Sadly, the churches of today don't believe that, and the Bible's lost Its authority in society.

Because of unbelief, or human reasoning, we no longer acknowledge (or permit) an Absolute.

"Someone", some authority that's anti-Christ, that hates the Bible and Christianity, has crept-in unawares; and we've submitted to their intimidation!!

All our personal unhappinesses, and our national malaise stem from shunning God's clear-cut commands. We've received human reasoning against God's Word.

Speaking of our day, Daniel prophesied, "many shall run to and fro (or travel); knowledge (that's worldly education) shall increase". Until the advent of cheap jet flights, foreign travel wasn't easy for the masses; it was common for people to live and die without venturing more than a few hundred miles from their place of birth. Naturally, their yardstick of judgment was the standard of family, and community. Before the days of TV and jet travel, that's all they knew. To think beyond the parameters of family, community and church was inconceivable for most.

With the new mobility, those without a revelation of God's Word to anchor their soul, found new sensations to excite their senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell; and reasoning, to compare with their limited world back home. Their standard is experience. Away with experience as your measuring line. There's only one rod, one plumb line, and that's God's WORD.

The worldly customs of the heathen, the unbeliever and materialism have became the ever-changing measure of what's "right" or "good". The Christian principles of family, and the social mores of Bible-based civilization are rejected for instant gratification of the senses. And worldly experience has reasoned against the Absolute of faith in God's Word.

Einstein, the famous scientist, was taught by his mother. He only had three months formal education. Until he was 21, the only books Abraham Lincoln read were the Holy Bible, and Pilgrim's Progress. Or was it, Foxe's Book of Martyrs?

Our standard, our alpha and omega, should be God's Word from start to finish, unchanged by human reasoning. You can't change what's perfect.

Australia's acknowledged by the UN as by far the richest nation on earth. No other country can approach Australia for wealth. We're also one of the oldest democracies, with what's acknowledged to be one of the best constitutions. Yet we've been brought to our knees by the UNconstitutional political party system. Our Parliamentary representatives break the Constitution. It's Communism, or "rights of the people", the Laodicean spirit which prevails in our day.

It's not taught in school, but Australia's Constitutional Monarchy places us under God - the Christian God, whose compound redemptive Name is Lord Jesus Christ. Following the opening words of the Preamble to our Constitution, "Whereas the people of...", comes the clause: "...humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God..."

This was no last-minute afterthought. Sir Henry Parkes the "Father of Federation", was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald of August 26, 1885 as saying: "As we're a British people, we are pre-eminently a Christian people - as our laws, our whole system of jurisprudence, our Constitution ... are based upon and interwoven with our Christian belief, and as we're immensely in the majority, we have a fair claim to be spoken of at all times with respect and deference..."

The Editorial in the same paper, The Sydney Morning Herald, of April 14, 1897, said: "No Christian could in conscience vote for a Constitution Bill that did not recognise God..."

Alfred Deakin, Australia's second Prime Minister, kept from 1884 to 1913 a "Boke of Praer and Prase", containing nearly 400 pray- ers, many on the formation and success of the Constitution.

In the Preamble Debate on the Constitution in March, 1898, South Australian delegate, Mr. Glynn is recorded to have said: "I beg to move: That the following words be inserted after the word 'Constitution' (line 2) - "humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God..."

Sir John Downer (great-grandfather of current Liberal Member Alexander Downer) in reply said: "I don't know whether it has occurred to Honorable Members that the Christian religion is a portion of the English Constitution ... It is part of the Law of England which I think we undoubtedly brought with us when we settled these colonies..."

According to our law, all our legislation and its administration is to be interpreted in accordance with the Ten Commandments and the Bible. This should exclude non-Christians from political input. Clearly, those who now have most influence in this country are people with no love for Jesus Christ, or the Holy Bible.

Sir John Downer was right. But sadly, while Australia was solidly building a constitutional future based on Christianity, in the mother country, things were in decline. A Bill passed through the British Parliament in 1917, disallowed Christianity as the law of the land. Nevertheless in Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand the Monarch, currently Head of state in each country, is installed in a Christian service. Parliament in each country starts the day with prayer. The courts and judiciary are still dedicated each year in a Christian service. Those giving evidence in court still take the oath on the Bible. Those members of Parliament taking their oath of office still conclude with the words: "So help me God".

Fifty-years since Federation, Australia's without a moral anchor.

"Our faith may falter, yet God remains true to His Word, for He can't deny His Own Body. Don't contend on interpretations of the Letter, which can only cause division. But study to show YOURSELF approved unto GOD. Make certain YOU have the revelation: a workman with no cause to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word to see YOUR day and ITS Message (II Timothy 2:13-16).

Study to make YOUR election and calling sure. Avoid conversation where faith is lacking, because it'll only lead the people unto more ungodliness". Don't be man-pleasers. If someone can't catch the vision, don't persist. If they can't receive His Word, they're not His sheep. You know the election's off, just walk away from them (Titus 3:9-11).

Be sincere, say what you mean, and mean what you say. Serve your boss as you'd serve God, giving of your best. Not just when he can see you, but in his absence. We're not to live our lives to please men, but to serve God such that our lives and actions are His Word interpreted. The Token on display (Colossians 3:22).

God's Word is Absolute. Be resolute, knowing you're standing on the solid ground of faith.

"The Law of Moses says, 'You shall not break your vows to God, and must fulfill them all.' But I say: 'Don't make any vows! To say, "By heavens!" is a sacred vow to God, for the heavens are God's throne. If you say, "By the earth!" its a sacred vow, for earth is His footstool. And don't swear "By Jerusalem!", for Jerusalem is the capital of the great King. Don't even swear "By my head!" for you can't turn one hair white or black. Simply say, "Yes, I will" or, "No, I won't." Your word's enough. To strengthen your promise with a vow shows something's wrong'" (Matthew 5:33-37).

In Hong Kong, I took a dispute to arbitration, and the arbitrator, knowing I was a Christian, happily passed me the Bible on which to swear an oath. He was surprised when I told him, Christians don't swear oaths, we just speak the truth. You'll either accept my word is the truth, or disbelieve me.

In all his dealings, Paul's motives were pure and sincere, quietly dependant upon God's grace rather than his abilities. His letters were straightforward, with nothing written between the lines! And although they didn't know him as well as he hoped they someday would, he wanted them to try to accept and be proud of him; just as he'd be of them on the day of the Lord. It was with this assurance that Paul wanted to visit the Corinthians on his way to Macedonia, and again on the return trip, to be a double blessing to them, and receive their encouragement on his way to Judea.

Paul didn't change his original plan through indecision or because he was like a man of the world who says "yes" when he really means "no"? As surely as God is true, Paul was not that sort of person. His "yes" meant "yes."

Together with Timothy and Silvanus, Paul had been telling them of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who wasn't one to say "yes" when He meant "no." He always did exactly what He said. Jesus carries out and fulfills all of God's promises, no matter how many there are; and Paul told everyone how faithful He is, giving glory to His Name" (II Corinthians 1:12-20).

We must come to maturity, so we know - that we know that we know.

In Hebrews (5:12-6:8) Paul said, "You've been Christians long enough to be teaching others, but spiritually you're babies. Still unable to understand the deeper things, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of God's Word. And so long as you haven't grown from the milk of basic doctrine, you're unskilful in the Word of righteousness. You'll only grow in grace and maturity as you apply the Sword of the Spirit in testifying to others, and overcoming, by living that faith, to discern good and evil.

Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let's progress to maturity; not proving and reproving things we already understand, such as repentance from dead works, faith toward God, water baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and damnation. And this will we do, if God permit.

For it's impossible for those once enlightened by faith, and born- again, to fall away, then renew their repentance. That's denying the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice, crucifying unto themselves the Son of God afresh, and putting Him to an open shame. So stop preaching the first-works over and over again, and go on to the deeper things of God's Word.

As God sends the sun and the rain to bless the wheat, He sent His Word and His Spirit for Christ's Bride. They also fall on the weeds and thorns. But every seed brings forth of its own kind, manifesting its true nature at harvest time when it's separated by the husbandman and gathered into his barn, or burnt." So those not sealed by the rain of His Spirit, and united with His Word are not His elect. All the repentences in the world will not make them so.

Christians in this day should be at the stage where we know, and no one can cause us to doubt. We should be able to explain what we know - little as It may be, proving our understanding by God's Word, correcting those who are mistaken.

In doing so, we're using God's strong Sword in judgment to discern right and wrong, gaining confidence in the authority of His Word, and our faith in His Word, as It cuts through all unbelief. When we exercise our faith in this way, we're growing in grace; adding spiritual strength to faith; and to strength, Godly knowledge; to knowledge, temperance, as we gain discretion. To temperence, faith adds patience, and patience begets brotherly kindness. Together, these virtues make love, which is God.

God brings the individual to maturity as He builds the Body of all Ages, adding line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little Word, and there a little more, as it grows into the stature of the fullness of the perfect Man (II Peter 1:1-8; Isaiah 28: 8-13).

Peter says we're to obey the Word in all things, as Sarah obeyed her husband in every thing. Put righteousness first, knowing God's watching the righteous, and listening to our prayers. But His face is against them that do evil. Don't be afraid should you suffer for righteousness sake, for you're to be envied. Don't be afraid of threats, or upset by opposition. But in your heart acknowledge Christ as Lord. And be ever ready to give a humble and respectful, logical explanation to any who ask you to explain the hope in your soul.

Ensure your conscience is absolutely free from condemnation, so when you're falsely accused as evil doers, your accusers will be ashamed. It's better, if it be the will of God, to suffer unjustly for good, than to suffer justly for doing evil (I Peter 3:8-17).

We must receive preaching with all readiness of mind, then search the Scriptures, whether it's God's Word, or eloquent psychology. Because only God's Word is true, and anything contrary a lie. So prove all things, hold fast that which is good (Acts 17:11; Romans 3:4; I Thessalonians 5:21).

You're not going to the Wedding Supper on my faith. You've got to confirm my thoughts from Genesis to Revelation and let the mind of God come into you. Receiving the faith of Jesus Christ. Without which its impossible to please Him.

The answer to our national and personal problems is not more laws but less law and more obedience. It was that way for 2,000 years. We had comparatively few laws in Protestant countries. Statutes were unnecessary, because the Law of God was written within our hearts.

Today even the judiciary is without law. As it was in the days of the judges, every judge and magistrate appears to exercise his own private interpretation. Looking at the nature of modern-day crime, its clear society is reflecting rule by the Talmud, not the Bible.

Exodus (22) presents a criminal code requiring full restitution by the guilty of the best quality in two to five measures. Men are accountable for carelessness, malice and inadvertent harm. Fines were not paid into consolidated revenue. "Victim's compensation" wasn't paid by taxpayers. The guilty made restitution or were sold into slavery. Personal responsibility builds character and moral principles. Life experience teaches lessons we never forget.

As individuals and as a nation, we need healing from terminal sin. Acts (10:38) records how Jesus healed all that were "oppressed of the Devil". Sickness is called an "oppression of the Devil". Only God can heal. We overcome the enemy by faith in the Word of God and prayer, because greater is he that's in you than he that's in the world (I John 4:4; Acts 10:44; Psalm 103:3).

Our parliaments need to obey our Constitutions, the judiciary must apply the law, and we must each apply God's Word to our lives. The medicine of God's Word's no good if It sits in the Book, we must apply It to our lives until we're one with It. radio080.txt

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