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God's Wrapped Gift - 19KB

"Bethlehem", means "House of God's Bread."
Jesus part Gentile, earthly speaking.
Telling children lies.
He was as much human in His manhood as you or I.
God unfolded Himself to become a Christmas Package.
Jesus said there'd be seven Stars

God's Unwanted Christmas Gift - 19KB

Stinking shepherds, the people would hardly have them around.
God signified this first Christmas to a group of humble "stargazers"
Daniel saw Rome become a church power that ruled the NWO.
they slumbered and slept in denominational cities of refuge
Not trying resurrect a denomination, but to bring back a Jesus Christ!
The churches haven't got the answer today anymore than they did at His birth.
He was wrapped up, called the Son of Man and crucified.
As Christians, we should be conscious of time, because it will not go on forevermore
Christ's parousia began 34 years ago.
Israel was restored to the Land in 1948.

Why is Australia Degenerating? - 9KB

  His enemies who claim to be His brethren, but who hate Him and despise Christianity, bound the once Christian, Western world, as Israel's enemies bound the slumbering Samson.
Communism is a spirit
all of General Walker's battle plans, had to go through the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and from them to the Under Secretary of Military Affairs, in the UN, who was a Russian General
Since this alleged "break-up" of Communism, this group of states has been re-arming 30% faster than at any time
Since World War II, over two billion people, and 40 nations have come under Communist control, through UN agenda for a NWO

The Convention on the Rights of the Child - 1/2 - 21KB

The process of ratification will once again signal a commitment by Australian federal and state politicians to implement and impose foreign laws upon Australians
The destruction of childhood is happening right in front of our eyes
Have you ever wondered about the underlying belief system of the United Nations?
Remember, it's upon these arguments that the traditions of the UN are founded - arguments that reject the existence of God
Say, for example, a man wanted to have sex with a two year old girl, it would be his humanist right to do so
until the time they leave school, they'll have been confronted with situation ethics, death education, suicide education, drug education, assertiveness training, pornography, sex instruction
At home parents put their children in front of the television to experience a humanist world of sex, violence, corruption, drugs, perversion, prostitution, materialism, self-indulgence, fantasy
Adults too, now live for entertainment, pleasure - expression of their feelings and emotions even though most of the time it is vicariously in front of the television

The Convention on the Rights of the Child - 2/2 - 20KB

UN activity is directed to serve a religious design

Professor Green advocates that children should be allowed to choose their own home and school
Farson writes, 'Children did not always exist; they were invented. The idea of childhood is a European invention of the sixteenth century
Farson's ten point plan for the abolition of childhood
A vast Australian bureaucracy is, in accordance with international law and provisions within the Convention, set about systematically replacing the traditional concept of childhood with the humanist concept of 'equality'.
Below the level of general public awareness is a massive movement to 'liberate' our children sexually; a veritable fifth column of academics, writers, psychologists, counselors, therapists and paedophiles, all preoccupied with our children's sexuality
as a direct consequence of the implementation of Article 34, child pornography and prostitution will be legitimized; parents will freely fornicate with their children and like it

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