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America - A Nation in Denial - 12KB

Americans have re-elected a corrupt Administration; they will regret it
something about our moral perceptions and reactions has changed profoundly
The political culture of the United States was founded on puritan idealism
The West has a brief opportunity between the decline of Russia and the rise of China
Usually, the year after an incumbent is re-elected sees a sharp downturn in the stockmarket
Very simply it was the Media who elected him

Understanding Life - 5KB

Gaining understanding of life is an asset of real value, worthy of human effort and sacrifice
the UN are employing the religion called "Humanism" to convince the ungodly that they are not human at all
In fact, life was meant to be easy

The NWO - Communism, Alive and Well - 10KB

Christianity is no spectator sport, it's the real Thing and only available to participants
Many people have followed the exposure of cultural subversion with great concern for years, but without serious attempt at involved understanding
If we understood that truth is the important part of kindness we'd see the warning signs and understand the danger of dramatization
We now live in a world of human deprivation and ignorance because we could not be bothered to accept or study the basic logic of life
In September, 1995, the Gorbachev Foundation hosted a five-day "State of the World" Convention in San Francisco
new set of inclusive universal values must replace the Judeo-Christian world view
An unofficial "Islamic Parliament" has already been formed in Britain
Jesus foretold how they will unite to rule the NWO

Role of the Original Sin in the Purpose of God 1/2 - 18KB

Here's where we receive the true revelation of the Serpent's seed
Scripture reveals how the literal seed of the serpent was sown in the earth
Before Adam had carnal knowledge of Eve the serpent had that knowledge
women have carried twins who were of separate ova and separate insemination
the purpose of God was to share His Eternal Life with man

Role of the Original Sin in the Purpose of God 2/2 - 12KB

there are two races of people on this earth. One created by God
God destroyed the world by Flood, because of intermarriage
Two sons were born. Cain whose father was the serpent
Amongst various uncultured tribes the snake is associated with SEX
The Tree of Knowledge produced clever men of renown

Revelation Chapter Four 1/3 - 16KB

Christ's Church is the manifestation of His Word prophesied for their day
Throughout the Book of Revelation John represents the end-time Bride of Christ
All Seven Church Ages are over
God always sends a prophet with grace and a way of escape before judgment

Revelation Chapter Four 2/3 - 19KB

Israel's pilgrimage types our journey to the eternal Land of the Millennium
The Book of Revelation employs Old Testament symbols
Satan chose a man's head for his control tower

Scenario for Disaster - 19KB

population culling; material circumstances; The Australian government is trading-down our wages and standard of living, so the international bankers can introduce a one-world currency. That's the thinking behind the so-called "level playing field".Apart from natural consequences we have three possibilities

Christ in You - 20KB

Government budgets are being balanced by gambling income. Commentary on Philippians 2:1-8 and II Corinthians 3:6-4:3 and 4:1-3;Receiving the Spirit, salty Christians living the Life. God's Word living through the veil of our flesh).

The Source of Intellectual and Artistic Wealth - 19KB

One doesn't have to be a prophet to know that God is a separator
Interdenominationalism is evil. So is multiculturalism
an increasingly cosmopolitan and multicultural, read "hybrid" population
We've swallowed Thomas Jefferson's well-intentioned but absurd lie
Those not born of God are spiritually serpent's seed
democracy, party politics, material comfort and mob radicalism; is shallow
Our whole civilization has been white-anted
After the earthquake, Rome will rule the NWO
world manipulators' malignant efforts at social engineering largely triumphant

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