Why is Australia Degenerating?

'Bible Believers' Australia Day program.

First I want to ask, "Why is Australia degenerating?"

Behind a flimsy-thin veneer of sophistication, civilization and prosperity, Australia is degenerating. There has to be a reason!

An advanced, moral, law-abiding nation of people, as Australia was just 40-years ago, does not knowingly choose a road to self-destruction.

There has to be a cause! People are becoming worried!

According to The Sunday Mail (7/9/95), "A private childcare centre has allegedly had its accreditation downgraded by Federal Government Officials because the children said grace before lunch.

The official felt that saying grace was imposing "cultural values" on the children, and as a result the centre was not fit to achieve the highest accreditation rating. The centre, in Newcastle, has appealed against the downgrading, which saw it accredited for only one year instead of three. It also stopped the practice of saying grace from fear that it could lose its accreditation altogether."

Is this the type of character-building and instruction in moral values that you want to see? To me it's the planned destruction of our nation, our heritage and the Christian values which made Australia what it once was. (Living Light Issue #1, Vol. 96).

As Jesus foretold, all the virgins slumbered and slept through the Church Ages while the Bridegroom tarried. And while they slept His enemies who claim to be His brethren, but who hate Him and despise Christianity, bound the once Christian, Western world, as Israel's enemies bound the slumbering Samson.

Samson was bound when he surrendered his heart and the token of his faith to a woman. Christendom was bound when it surrendered its heart and their token of faith to intellectual reasoning and worldly pleasure. One Sunday we'll examine "The Convention on the Rights of the Child" of the 100% atheistic, Communist-controlled UN. Both Communism and the UN were established by people who hate Christ and Christianity and consider us human cattle, to be culled when we become too numerous. It's to these hate-filled people that successive Australian Governments have surrendered our nation's sovereignty and is sacrificing our children.

If you read the UN's "Convention on the Rights of the Child" to which Australia is signatory, you'll understand plainly it's an instrument to destroy Christianity and our posterity. You'll see how the struggle by Christian and private schools for the right to chastise students with a view to their correction and instruction in righteousness is doomed to failure by puppets who administer our State and Federal governments as colonies of the UN.

Is Communism dead? or just changing its spots?

When we look at what communism really is, not the nice theory, we see a growing cancer. It's deadly tentacles reach into all nations to achieve it's goal of total control of the entire world. It's as alive and as active today as ever it's been.

To obtain their objectives they lie, cheat, undermine sovereign nations, destroy morals, kill, steal, encourage the drug trade, infiltrate governments, universities, and churches, and wipe out those who oppose their objectives. They do this by war, murder, fear, lies, intimidation or any and every means available to them. They will not sleep until they've gained their objective. This may surprise you but it's true.

Here are some facts that may help you to understand what is really happening in our world and to our nation.

Communism is a spirit. The Seventh or last Church Age was Laodicea which means `people's rights', or communism. It would be naive of us to imagine communism is merely a political system. Communism is far more than politics. Communism is anarchy, rebellion against God and the common good. It is death as opposed to life. It comes under various guises and many names, but the aim and direction is always the same - total domination. Schools, the public service, churches, political parties, the attitude of the average citizen, is dominated by the spirit of communism which has sown the seed of rebellion, and treachery; of all rights with no responsibility; of political correctness to destroy our heritage and Christian values and belief in our God.

Lt. Col. Jack Mohr - US Army, talks about the Korean War, and why America was not permitted to win that and other wars. He states, "General MacArthur was deliberately prevented from winning the Korean War, and for the first time US Armed Forces came under the command of the UN. l was there from the beginning and I saw the treachery first hand. I sat in many Monday morning briefings of General Walker's 8th Army in Korea, when he stated in disgust, "How can we run a war, when our enemies get our battle plans, before we do?" At that time all of General Walker's battle plans, had to go through the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and from them to the Under Secretary of Military Affairs, in the UN, who was a Russian General. "Often these orders to American Troops were in the hands of the enemy before our leaders received them".

When General MacArthur executed his brilliant attack against the Communists at Inchon, he did it without obtaining the approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was the only successful operation of our military forces during this abortive war. It was what got MacArthur fired."

"This war cost 33,651 dead US soldiers, millions of dead Koreans, and $72 billion. We lost that war, not because of lack of bravery or inferior equipment, but because of treason in high places."

Writing about the present time, Lt. Col. Mohr had this to say: "Our media and national leaders say so, so it must be true; or have the American people once again been "sucked-in" by a gigantic fraud, perpetrated by the clever charlatans of the NWO?"

While for all intents and purposes, the former Soviet Union has disintegrated, it is busily transferring many of its top technological weapons to Red China which is still alive and well. They are doing this under the pretense that they need the money to meet economic stress.

But while the USSR has broken-up, the heads of each country formed by this break-up, are "hard nosed" communists, dedicated to the destruction of White Christian civilization. Listeners will better appreciate the significance of what I've said, if they investigate for themselves, the origin and purpose of Communism. Communism is not of or for the common man. With democracy, power is broad-based from the foundation of the pyramid. With Communism, power emanates from the top. Communism was established and is controlled by thugs who set up and control the capitalism that has destroyed our free enterprise system.

Since this alleged "break-up" of Communism, this group of states has been re-arming 30% faster than at any time. While we haven't floated a nuclear submarine in 5 years, and most of them have been disarmed by Presidential decree, these states are producing two per quarter. Where we haven't built a nuclear super-carrier in 5 years, they're turning out two per year. There must be a reason for this, for these are weapons of offense, not defense.

The beast of Communism, while putting on a new face, is still the same in Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and in the former USSR.

We no longer stand in the way of these countries, once-considered "evil". We're told by the media, and our leaders, including many in the church, like Dr. Billy Graham, that it no longer exists. Today, our erstwhile enemies, against whom we spent billions in defense, are now considered friends whom we must help! Even when it means we must borrow this aid from the International bankers."

Mohr states, "Since World War II, over two billion people, and 40 nations have come under Communist control, through UN agenda for a NWO. Over 140 million people have been murdered."

Back in the USA he said, "We've known since at least 1980, of huge amounts of Russian military equipment being stored in America, and just across the border in Mexico. Now it's seen openly on American highways, and foreign troops are invited to train on US military bases.

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