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What do You See when You Look? - 21KB

Before judgment, God always sends His Word, and a way of escape
We're making preparation for
escape in this day
I've found
two classes of people
We should never
question the Word of God
The last Sign Jesus promised we Gentiles before the end of our Age was that God would veil Himself behind the flesh of another man, a sinner saved by grace, discerning the thoughts of people's hearts, healing the sick and crippled, restoring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and raising the dead
The Holy Ghost is promised for THIS day in the power of His resurrection
The unbelievers in Noah's day saw a fanatic, blundering away on what he called a boat
Today, the churches are about as dedicated as they were when Jesus came to earth. Everything is smothered by tradition and religion, and it's all wrong!
How can men who look upon the church the way it's going today, and the people the way they're going, predict future blessings?

Do You Believe in Angels? - 20KB

`Angels' are not chubby little babies with wings
angelic beings as
ministering spirits sent from the presence of God
Do you believe Peter had the
Holy Ghost?
The whole Book of Revelation, was revealed by an
angel on the Isle of Patmos
God sent seven angels with seven
different Messages through the seven Church Ages
God always sends
angelic beings to warn the world
In the papers and on the radio there are frequent
UFO sightings - flying saucers
Jesus said before He comes, there'll be
signs in the heaven above
Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the
Coming of the Son of man."
Today, men are stricken blind because they're rejecting God's mercy
This is the time of the
investigation judgment as we read in the Vials
When you're born, God starts a
That explains
visions and prophecies
There's not an
error in Scripture
The last Sign Jesus promised us was God
veiled behind the flesh of the angel or prophet-messenger to the Seventh or Laodicean Church Age revealing the Son of Man

Tell the Truth - 16KB

Unbeknownst to us, others are watching, and listening
John Warr was an 18th-century apprentice shoemaker
Peter said that in the last days there would signs in the heavens above
You know that Light has appeared today
Television proves that. Cowboys are chasing Indians right through this room
In the first resurrection, the saints will change in the atoms as fast as a thought
Don't lie to one another, tell the truth
God's Word be true, and every man's word a lie'

Why We Are Not A Denomination - 26KB

The day belongs to those who can grasp the truth of a desperate situation
Alcohol, drugs, even over-eating, gambling, excessive exercise and television are pathetic, possibly subconscious, attempts to avoid facing reality
Australia's foundations and people have been eroded by stealth and deceit
The NWO is of the enemy, and it's
almost here
If you want to keep your finger on the pulse, you must steer
clear of the media
I want to explain why we
don't identify with any denomination
Christ never at any time organized any denominational church
God has allotted a portion of revelation to each age
God deals with
individuals, not denominations
against denominations, because they're not in the Word
I'm not
unchristianizing anyone in denominations
Now, you don't
read God's Word like a newspaper
The Bible
foretells everything
Scarlet, in the Bible, represents "royal". And beast represents a "power"
The Holy Spirit is seeking a Bride for God's Son in the
evening time
Now, if this woman is a
church, she's persecuting the saints
When were their names put on the Lamb's Book of Life?
Now notice the
woman, this church, was MYSTERY Babylon
Can you see what a perfect type of this coming
beast those seven emperors were?

Faith - 20KB

Faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God
Modern man professes not to believe in demons, but they
exist just the same
God is not building a fence, He's building a
And let's not be satisfied that what made our grandparents or our parents Christians will give
us the new birth in this day. It will not!
God is the only healer
Twenty years ago, no self-respecting American doctor would've dared to propose a double-blind, controlled study of something as intangible as prayer
Headlines change before the ink is dry. Thankfully our memories are not yet so conditioned.
We must start to acknowledge that it is our anti-God society which begets a murderous culture where violence is sold as entertainment, annihilation as a computer game, in-utero killing as a social service and the destruction of preborn children as therapy

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