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A Light over Bethlehem - 23KB

The Holy Ghost is the Father of Jesus Christ
The Holy Ghost is for believers only; not for unbelievers
they followed a heavenly, God-given Sign, not some man's theology
nobody else saw It, It passed over every observatory there was
Nobody saw the Light that struck Paul down on the Damascus Road
You can discern the NWO; but know nothing of the Sign of the end-time
denominational headquarters in Jerusalem said, "Where is who?"
When you see the PRESENT Truth vindicated in your flesh, you're born of the Holy Spirit
Civilization has traveled with the sun, from the East moving West. sin traveled with civilization

Conspiracy to Destroy Our Society - 19KB

The last twenty-odd years of our national history have been an unqualified disaster
Des Griffin's book, `Descent Into Slavery'
What do the years immediately ahead hold for us?
free bread and circuses became more important to the people than hard work and patriotism
Carcopino tells us that a strong "women's rights" movement developed in Roman society
They undermined instead of strengthened the children's morals
The Roman virtues - honesty, candor, frugality, and patriotism - withered and died
Welfarism was a "leading fact of Roman life
As problems continued to grow, the government came up with another answer - more government! This vast bureaucracy could lead only to one thing - higher taxes
Jesus said that the Gentile dispensation ends in apostasy
God always sends a prophet with the Word and a way of escape before judgment

Oneness in the Faith - 15KB

Jesus prayed that we should be one with Him
there is, was, and can ever be only one faith
Our spiritual walk is either by faith or it's in vain
whatever you do, don't be satisfied with the religion of your parents
if God told Moses He's a trinity, then that's what He is
Communion means `fellowship'
The bread we prepare for the Lord's Supper is made by holy hands
wine for the Lord's Supper is fermented from grapes crushed by holy hands
foot washing

Mathematical Probability that Jesus is the Christ - 20KB

the probability of Jesus fulfilling Old Testament prophecy by chance
how does someone ``arrange'' to be born in a specific family?
How does one ``arrange'' their own death - and specifically by crucifixion
How does one ``arrange'' to be betrayed in advance?
David Greenglass was a World War II traitor
the chance of one man being born in Bethlehem was one in 300,000
Ivan Panin, author of `God's Amazing Seal', and the `Numerical Bible'
Our Gentile civilization is in a Sodom condition
God, veiled behind the flesh of a created Man
God veiled Himself behind the virgin-born flesh of Jesus Christ
In this day He veiled Himself behind the flesh of a sinner saved by grace
This is the last Sign promised to the Gentiles
several cults preach that Christians must observe a sabbath day

Dope Inc., - 18KB

the illegal drug cartel was becoming the world's biggest business
banking and trade statistics which prove the narcotics business is doubling every five years
accused China of producing most of the world's opium and heroin
Communist China's `twenty-year plan'
$200 billion, (the minimum, retail dope dealers take each year off American streets and school corridors)
"DOPE, INC." is very informative and supported by over 100 pages of Bibliography, references and appendices
what is the message in all of this for Christians?
Real and eternal rest, is being in Christ, not keeping a sabbath day
evidence of the existence of giants in many parts of Australia
Eagle Rock in Sabino Canyon, near Tucson, Arizona

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