Conspiracy to Destroy Our Society

In March we anticipate Federal elections. As you consider how you should vote, I encourage you to think beyond the false front of the candidate, and his political party, to the power behind them both. Look beyond the trees for the wood. Disraeli wrote, 'the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes'. Roosevelt said, 'If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way'. And if you know history, and Roosevelt's true part in it, you'll know he was one man who understood conspiracy.

As Australia staggers groggily toward the year 2000 under a legacy of Liberal lunacy and Labor ineptitude, the devastating results of such behavior are sweeping over our nation from every point of the compass. Treachery in high places, crime, drugs, deceit, debt, moral degeneracy, and sexual perversion, are now a way of life (or death!) from coast-to-coast. Our once great and proud nation is creaking, crumbling, and falling apart at the seams; there is no soundness to be found anywhere in Australian society!

As horrifyingly repugnant as it may be to us as individuals and as a nation, we must finally face reality. For Australia, it can no longer be 'business as usual'. We've just about come to the end of our national endurance; the piper is hammering at the door. He has his hand out, demanding to be paid, now!

Let's not kid ourselves! The last twenty-odd years of our national history have been an unqualified disaster. Since our national seduction by the humanistic, anti-God forces of socialism, we've willfully turned our collective backs on the wisdom of the ages; we've scornfully rejected the graphic lessons written in the blood of civilizations past; we've spurned, violated, and trampled underfoot every law and principle devised by God, or man.

In our willful rebellion, we've turned the lucky country into a teeming disease-ridden jungle of humanity; truly we've sown to the wind, and are reaping the whirlwind! The phony society we created is crumbling under the inexorable forces of reality; the whole collapsing social structure is being held together in a most precarious manner by a monumental campaign of total corruption and moral depravity that exists throughout every level of government (executive, legislative and judicial) this is reflected in society at large. From the top of our heads to the toes of our feet there is no soundness to be found!

It is later than we think. Recognize YOUR day and ITS Message. God is calling His children out from all man-made systems into oneness with the fullness of the Word, for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation.

I'd like to read an excerpt from Des Griffin's book, 'Descent Into Slavery'. I commend this book to all loyal Australians and to everyone wanting to know who pulls the strings of the puppets we elect to governments around the world. This chapter, called, "A Voice From The Past" compares the decline of ancient Rome with the decline of our once Christian Western world.

What do the years immediately ahead hold for us?

Will we be able to maintain our present place as one of the world's free and independent nations? Or will we be relegated to the ranks of the formerly great, having lost the respect of even our friends and allies?

Will inflation, unemployment and the National Debt continue to escalate, resulting in the collapse of our economy?

These questions are vital to your future!

The idea that we as a nation could become a political nonentity is so unthinkable to most Australians that they automatically reject it. But to ignore the possibility of a national decline and ultimate collapse is to ignore the graphic lessons of history.

As the famous philosopher Santayana observed, "Those who ignore the lessons of history are destined to relive them."

History is replete with examples of great nations which rose to a position of power, prospered for a time, began to decay, and finally, were swept into oblivion.

The most outstanding of these superpowers of the past is the Roman Empire. Two thousand years ago Rome's wealth and military strength staggered the imagination of the ancient world. But when free bread and circuses became more important to the people than hard work and patriotism, Rome began to crumble. (Sound familiar?)

Through the historical works of Edward Gibbon, Philip Myers, Samuel Dill, Jerome Carcopino and others, we learn that the demise of mighty Rome was brought about by the same national diseases that are presently wracking Australia and other Western nations: rampant crime, inflation, a breakup of the home and the resultant increase in divorce, an explosion in government bureaucracy, welfarism, the decline of patriotism and the collapse of national resolve.

Let's take a closer look at ancient Rome

Like Australia, Rome was built on the solid foundation of a stable family structure. But by the beginning of the second century, most Roman fathers had succumbed to the trends of the time: "Having given up the habit of controlling their children, they let their children govern them, and took pleasure in bleeding themselves white to gratify the expensive whims of their offspring. The result was that they were succeeded by a generation of idlers and wastrels, who had grown accustomed to luxury and lost ALL sense of discipline" (Carcopino, Daily Life in Ancient Rome, 78-79).

At the SAME time Rome witnessed "an epidemic of divorces," writes the same author. He quotes Seneca as having stated, "They marry in order to divorce" (pp. 97, 100).

Was it so different from our modern society?

Carcopino tells us that a strong "women's rights" movement developed in Roman society: "Some wives evaded the duties of maternity for fear of losing their good looks, some took pride in being behind their husbands in no sphere of activity, and vied with them in tests of strength which their sex would seem to forbid; some were not content to live their lives by their husband's side, but carried on another life without him ... It is obvious that unhappy marriages must have been innumerable" (pp. 90, 93, 95).

The results? A continuing breakdown in the family structure, and disintegration of the parent-child relationship.

What about Roman schools?

"They undermined instead of strengthened the children's morals, they mishandled the children's bodies instead of developing them, and if they succeeded in furnishing their minds with a certain amount of information, they were not calculated to perform any loftier or nobler task.

"The pupils left school with the heavy luggage of a few practical and commonplace notions, laboriously acquired, and of so little value, that in the fourth century, Vegetius could not take for granted that new recruits for the army would be literate enough to keep the books for the corps" (pp. 106-107).

The dismal education of these young Romans left them with no set of moral values, and no sense of patriotism.

"The Roman virtues - honesty, candor, frugality, and patriotism - withered and died. What was left was a people whom neither the vices of the rulers, nor the increasingly bold attacks of foreign enemies could shake out of their apathy."

Instead of facing these mounting problems, the Roman people flocked to the theaters. This attempted escape through fantasy and entertainment served only to further weaken the eroding moral fiber of the Romans.

"In all the great cities of the provinces, the theater held the same place of bad preeminence in the social life of the inhabitants.

"The Roman stage was gross and immoral. It was one of the main agencies to which must be attributed the undermining of the originally sound moral life of Roman society.

"So absorbed did the people become in the indecent representations on the stage, that they lost all thought and care for the affairs of real life" (Myers, Rome: Its Rise And Fail. pp. 515, 516).

Is this same deplorable condition repeating itself in Australia today?

The Romans reveled in the thrills and excitement of sport spectaculars. They were caught up in a "feverish rush for excitement, for something new to feed the sated senses."

They "thrilled with barbaric joy", and "could not restrain their delight" at the sight of the bloodiest conflicts. "The thousands of Romans who, day after day, from morning till night, could take pleasure in this slaughter, and not spare a tear for those whose sacrifice multiplied their gambling stakes, were learning nothing but contempt for human life and dignity" (Carcopino, Daily Life In Ancient Rome, pp. 238, 240, 243).

This total decay of Rome's moral fiber signaled the final collapse of the empire. (How like Australia in the '90's).

Another important factor that contributed to Rome's downfall was the huge influx of aliens: "This orientalization of Rome's population had a more important bearing than is usually accorded to it, upon the larger question of why the spirit and acts of Imperial Rome are totally different from those of the Republic" (T. Frank, American Historical Review, July, 1916).

The new Romans were totally different from the people who were fleeing the country to settle elsewhere. They "did not spring from the soil of rome, their recollections and affections were elsewhere. While the statesmen and leading men wore themselves out in trying to preserve what remained of the ancient spirit and old customs, down below, amongst those classes of the population which were constantly being recruited from slavery, there was a continual working to destroy it" (Historians History Of The World, Vol. 6, p. 365).

As problems multiplied within the borders of the Roman Empire, the authorities resorted to free handouts in an effort to placate the mobs.

Welfarism was a "leading fact of Roman life. The evils that resulted from this misdirected state charity can hardly be overstated. Idleness and all its accompanying vices were fostered to such a degree that we shall probably not be wrong in enumerating the practice as one of the chief causes of the demoralization of society" (Myers, Rome: Its Rise And Fall. p. 523).

As problems continued to grow, the government came up with another answer - more government! This vast bureaucracy could lead only to one thing - higher taxes.

"There were land taxes, property taxes, occupation taxes, poll taxes." As a result, "the heart was taken out of the enterprising men."

Eventually the tax burden became so unbearable that the tenants left the farms and the merchants forsook their businesses. At this point "the government intervened and bound the tenants to the soil [the beginning of serfdom], and the businessmen and the workmen to their occupations and trades. Private enterprise was crushed and the state was forced to take over many kinds of business to keep the machine running.

"This led to still further strangling taxation with repeated devaluations of the currency that fatally weakened the middle class, and decimated its natural leaders. The attempt to cure the resulting disorder with the complete regimentation of the totalitarian state merely gave a temporary check to the progressive decay. Disintegration followed the stifling of initiative .... " (Haskell, The New Deal In Old Rome, pp. 216-218, 220-21, 231-32).

The incredible parallels that exist between ancient Roman society and our modern society cannot be denied.

Can we afford to allow these dangerous trends to continue?

Can we afford to ignore the dramatic warning contained in the pages of history?"

Des Griffin's book, 'Descent Into Slavery', in not speculation but well-researched and documented fact. These natural conditions type the Spiritual. We see Western civilization sinking into socialism, which is the last phase before we descend into slavery, under the dictatorship of the UN's NWO, which Daniel and Jesus prophesied will be ruled by Rome. Our civilization that once enjoyed liberty in Christ has descended into slavery - to the unbelief of creeds, and the world.

Jesus said that the Gentile dispensation ends in apostasy. He said that the church in this day would be naked, and wretched, poor, miserable, blind and know it not. In other words, like backslidden Sampson, ... bound by Satan.

But God always sends a prophet with the Word and a way of escape before judgment. In this day He sent William Branham to restore the apostolic faith, finish the mystery of God and call His people out of Babylon, to be filled with the Spirit.

The book we reviewed today exposes the diabolical plans of a small group who set up and financed wars, communism, fluctuations in the stock markets, in currencies, economic cycles, rebellions, etc. we must identify and recognize the enemy. If we ignore our adversary or pretend he doesn't exist, we're already defeated. Now the evil plans of these men will come to pass, but God will take His people home, because His people are free. And remember, all these things are working together for good to them that love God, those who are called according to His purpose.

Don't worry, God knows exactly what He's doing. These evils must come to pass. Like Esau, the world must come to a place of no more repentance. Then God will destroy them.

Anyone on the 'Net, can call Bible Believers', 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. Freeware Bibles, Concordances, Books, Bible games and much, much more is available for download. Users may participate in Conferences with other believers across Australia and throughout the world, for the cost of a local call.

Correspondent, Alan Gourley quotes socialist philosopher, Bertrand Russell. 'It may be hoped that in time anybody [i.e. educators] will be able to persuade anybody [i.e. children] of anything, if he can catch the patient young, and is provided by the State with money and equipment. This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship'. ("The Impact of Science on Society").

We might be inclined to say that modern education has failed, but, in view of this quote and the huge observational evidence that shows it working, we have to see that modern education is a great success. That is: it is a success in achieving what was intended of it. Let's expand on that.

Looking at the education of 100 years ago we see it was practical, and as honest as would be expected of a system designed to educate the children of an elitist class. Discipline was strict.

Then, as science and engineering became important, it became increasingly necessary to educate the slave class (meaning all not recognized by the elite as their own or as supporters). Education had to be expanded to serve advancing technology. But widespread education posed problems for the governing class. A work-force educated to aid the advance of technology, and able to use the product of mass production, would pose an obvious threat to the system.

It therefore became necessary to design public education in such a way that the educated also become the manipulated; as asserted by Russell. Recent news gives clues to some of the ways this has been achieved.

Today's young people are not all literally dumb. Some are well disciplined, high achievers who do very well in their chosen fields. On the other hand we've, from time to time, reviewed areas where large segments of population are sidelined by promotion of drugs, sport, etc, - ideologies that create peer-group pressure to conform to an adolescent 'pop culture'. 'New' educational programs were introduced in the seventies designed to advance only students of a particular mind-set. For instance "look-see" reading. This system goes back to, and was a limiting factor for, hieroglyphic writing. Some minds find it comfortable but most find it difficult or hopeless. The result is that many, although they appear to have the same opportunities, in fact suffer discrimination.

How do they choose who to educate? They don't HAVE to. What they want is to limit the number with educated abilities. radio032.html

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