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Android PhonePlease welcome new contributing author, Dr. Tom Sunic who has widely written, translated and lectured in English, German, French and Croatian on many authors, novelists and political thinkers who can be called the predecessors of the European New Right. Tom presents, 'Who will guard the guards?' Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Mail-in Voter Fraud, and Repercussions for Europe. He is critical of 'Judeo-Christian' monotheism [oxy-moronic non-Christian polytheism], to which he attributes the rise of communism and liberalism.

"What World Government?" by the late Graham Strachan B.Sc., LLB, lawyer, musician, political commentator and author complements Tom's article. We published his article following the UN Millennium Summit of September, 2000 where the best politicians chutzpah and money could buy signed us all into a totalitarian one-world future by unanimously adopting the Millennium Declaration. Last week we traced world government from the Garden of Eden through Cain's accursed natural line and the spiritual Serpent's seed of discrepancy, to Marx and Engels, Sir Cecil Rhodes, the League of nations, et al. The City of London, Judaeo-Catholicism and Judaeo-Communism work cooperate toward yet compete for hegemony of Satan's Eden as we saw when their plan to fix a golden caagsone on the Great Pyramid was postponed. Today we are being gathered not by the bankers' manmade "Millennium bug," the Y2K psyop, a scheme to inflate stock prices and force the interconnection banking and finance on-line, but held hostage to their plandemic hoax of manmade CORONA-19, pending production of a manmade antidote. Again their plans for global monetary reset have been postponed until the world inexorably locked in a global depression worse than the Great Depression as prophesied in Amos 8:11, and in 1933 by God's Prophet William Branham.

COVID-19 can be treated with Hydroxychloroquine, but having roused the hubris of 193 national leaders in lockstep to devastate their economies and bankrupt their nations, the over-reaching oligarchs promised them adulation and foresaw the tax-free bonanza if politicians would mandate vaccination.

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Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Post Covid: WEF' resetting Future of Work Agenda'

November 11, 2020 — They call "Resetting the Future" a White Paper, meaning it's . . . a draft of sorts, it reads indeed like an executioner's tale. Many people may not read it—have no awareness of its existence . . . It promises a horrifying future to some 80%-plus of the (surviving) population . . . by 2030—the UN agenda 2021—2030 should be implemented.

Planned business measures in response to COVID-19:

. . . it should not occur to you to disagree with the system, because—by now each one of you have been Covid-vaccinated and nano-chipped—so that with 5G and soon to come 6G, your mind can be read and influenced.

Please do not call this a conspiracy theory. It is a White Paper, an "authoritative report" by the WEF.

DARPA—Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is part of the Pentagon—and has years ago developed the technology. It is just a matter of time to implement it. And Implemented it will be, if We, The People, do not protest—Massive Civil Disobedience is of the order—and that rather sooner than later. Full story:

Did President Trump launch a 'Sting Operation' against the 'Corrupt Swamp' of the Democratic Party?

November 10, 2020 — Donald Trump said before the 2016 Elections, he wanted to be President to clean up the swamp in Washington? Well, he may be just doing that, belatedly. President Trump may have just launched a massive sting operation against the flagrant corruption of the "Democrats." He knew they were planning a massive election fraud, when they insisted on mail-in votes from US citizens living in the US, similar to the absentee votes, and asked that the mail-in votes would be counted at the end.

Pretext for the mail-in votes was "Covid"—social distancing, not getting near each other standing in line for voting. A perfect excuse transformed into a massive voter fraud.

All mail-in ballots 'received' in the morning hours of November 4, way beyond the voting deadline, all for Biden, none for Trump. Reference video about minute 1:45." Numerous videos . . . Full story:

Comment: Do these claims have substance? Not if you consume mainstream media. Our commercial networks rerun their American partners' stories, without question. The Seven Network is aligned with NBC, Nine with ABC, and CBS owns Channel Ten. These networks pursued the Russia hoax story for years. The Swamp appointed a Special Counsel to investigate Trump, and found nothing. Yet evidence of Biden's corruption (family deals with Ukraine and Russia) are plain to see, but the media won't touch it!

The irony is that it builds support for Trump. Not because people like him but because of their revulsion for the coordination of the establishment media to get their man in office, which allows the 1% to continue robbing the 99% blind. This election showed, more than anything, that people are waking up to the scam.

America 2020: First Comes a Rolling Civil War . . .

November 9, 2020 — Biden is on a double precipice of the worst-ever economic depression coupled with imminent explosions of social rage. The massive psyop is ongoing. Everyone familiar with the Transition Integrity Project knew how this would imperatively play out. I chose to frame it as a think tank gaming exercise in my Banana Follies column. This is a live exercise. Yet no one knows exactly how it will end.

US Intel is very much aware of technology that can abet election fraud. That includes NSA software that can interfere with any network, as detailed by Edward Snowden, and manipulate vote counting; the Hammer supercomputer and its Scorecard app that hacks computers at the transfer points of state election computer systems and outside third party election data vaults; and the Dominion software system, known to have serious security issues since 2000 but still used in 30 states, including every US swing state. The key actor is the Deep State, which decides what happens next. It has weighed the pros and cons of placing as candidate a senile, stage 2 dementia neocon warmonger and possible extortionist (along with his son) as "leader of the free world,” campaigning from a basement, incapable of filling a parking lot in his rallies and seconded by someone with so little support in the Democratic primaries that she was the first to drop out . . . Full story:

Comment: The US presidential election of 2020 confirms the general trend since the dissolution of the Soviet Union: the US population is going through a crisis of civilization and is inexorably heading inexorably towards a new civil war that should logically lead to the partition of the country. This instability should result in the end of the West as a hyper-power . . . The hypothesis of the dissolution of NATO and the United States of America [Revelation 17:12 – 18:20] . . . The United States no longer forms one nation, but already eleven separate ones . . . The Allies who do not see the catastrophe coming will pay a heavy price" (

Banana Republic USA. Dirty Politics and Rigged Elections: Evidence of Fraud in Swing States

November 9, 2020 — The 2020 race for the White House one day will be remembered as one of the most flagrant examples of US election rigging. Pre-dawn Wednesday morning, six-digit vote dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan—a 7-digit one in Pennsylvania—went 100% for Biden, erasing Trump's lead in these states.

In the above states plus Georgia, Nevada, and likely others, votes from former state residents—now deceased—and others no longer residing in various states were counted for Biden over Trump. So were un-postmarked mail-in ballots and others received after the voting deadline? Countless numbers of ballots in swing states that should have been tossed out were added to the Biden count.

In at least Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Dems controlled ballot counting, GOP monitors prevented from watching it close-up for most of the process. When significant leads for one candidate evaporate overnight, shenanigans are likely responsible. That's precisely what happened for Biden over Trump in key swing states DJT likely won—Dem state officials falsely claiming otherwise . . .

Banana republic USA is clear from Election 2020 alone . . . It's where ordinary people are exploited, not served . . . Election 2020 is one of many examples. Deep state interests alone decide things . . . notably the USA from inception to the present day. Full story:

Don't Fall for the Psyop! Biden's not Officially the President-Elect, at Least Not Yet . . .

November 9, 2020 — A massive psyop was launched across the world after the Mainstream Media's "projection" that Biden will become the President-Elect deceived average folks and foreign governments alike into thinking that the US' contentious 2020 presidential election has finally concluded, but the existing and forthcoming litigation from the Trump team might change the final tally in key battleground states and in turn influence how the Electoral College votes in the middle of next month since it's this institution—not the media or the popular vote which legally decides the presidency as per the Constitution.

Most of the world fell for the massive psyop that was launched over the weekend after the Mainstream Media "projected" that Biden will become the President-Elect. This dramatic declaration is factually false and deliberately ignores the legal process for deciding the presidency as stipulated by the Constitution, instead relying on the masterful manipulation of carefully cultivated perceptions to craft the impression of a fait accompli despite the coup plotters' desired outcome not yet being legally certified. It's of the utmost importance to explain the latest development in the decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America since the "perception management" method that's presently being perfected will almost certainly be employed in future regime change operations across the world for the purpose of delegitimizing targeted incumbent governments and demoralizing their supporters after disputed elections.

The Election College Reigns Supreme

First things first, it's actually the Electoral College—and not the media or even the popular vote like many folks (both Americans and especially foreigners) wrongly believe—which legally decides the presidency as per the Constitution. Each state's electors are expected—but not always legally obligated—to vote for the candidate who wins the popular vote in their state when this institution meets in mid-December. The existing and forthcoming litigation from the Trump team might change the final tally in key battleground states, however, which could in turn influence the outcome of this process. There's also the possibility of so-called "dueling slates of electors" being nominated by the governor and legislature of some contested states, especially given the legally unresolved outcomes there, the scenario of which was described in detail by Reuters in their informative article on the topic from last month. Full story:

Asia eager to jump on 'Fake Meat' Gravy Train

November 7, 2020 — Plant-based food makers prosper during lockdowns as pandemic stifles meat production and rising health concerns lure consumers to animal protein-free alternatives. Shortages of animal protein, worldwide lockdowns and growing health awareness have accelerated the demand for plant-based protein during the pandemic. Business has seen significant growth despite the global economic turmoil. After international firms came in to whet the appetite of the Asia market, China has become a new battleground.

"We see a triple or even quadruple growth for our Omnipork series in retails in Q3 and Q4 on a year-to-year basis," said David Yeung, founder of Green Monday. Omnipork products, which include minced plant-based pork and frozen dim sum dumplings, are available in supermarkets and online shops in Hong Kong, e-commerce platforms like Tmall on mainland China and around the rest of Asia . . . The industry's biggest challenge would pricing, which tends to be higher than for other food . . . Full story:

The Ministry of Truth

November 3, 2020 — According to an blog post, you will now know if a page was pulled down or received an alert over what "fact-checkers" consider "misinformation."

This also includes "dead" web pages that were archived. The Internet Archive has started adding fact checks and context to Wayback Machine pages to explain just why the pages were removed. If a page was part of a disinformation campaign or pulled due to a policy violation, a distinct yellow banner will explain why.

The fact checks will come from a variety of mainstream outlets, including, Politifact, the Associated Press, and the Washington Post. Which absolutely in no way will be manipulated, right? . . . Full story:

Comment: We are being groomed for submissive obedience.

Without Firing a Single Shot, S400 made 'Invisible' Visible & 'Tore' NATO

October 23, 2020 — To maximize the accuracy of guidance at the terminal stage, they are equipped with a modern high-resolution active radar homing head . . . the missile is able to capture a target such as a typical western Typhoon fighter at a distance of about 55-60 km, and such small and low-effective reflectivity targets as AGM-158 JASSM-ER missiles-for 25-27 km . . . what an effective weapon is obtained in these S-400! Not only have they demonstrated all the vulnerability of the vaunted American F-35s—already, without shooting down a single one—but they also brought at least discord into NATO . . . voices are already being heard demanding to expel Turkey from the alliance . . . Full story:

11 US Aircraft Carriers were Nullified

October 18, 2020 — Now all the advantages of the US Navy have been reduced to zero. Extreme high speed is the main advantage of the "Tsirkon." To date, there are simply no missile defense systems that can effectively intercept these anti-ship missiles.

And if we take into account the declared flight range, which is according to various sources 600km, and most likely more than 1000km, the aircraft carrier simply will not notice the approaching threat. And if only one missile hits an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, it will be literally torn in half by the huge kinetic energy of the projectile. This nullifies the capabilities of the AEGIS system's protective dome over all US Navy aircraft strike groups. Instead of being a formidable deterrent to Russia, American carrier strike groups will have to stay away from its shores and hypersonic weapons carriers . . . Full story:

Comment: Brother Branham said, "God's put a sign on our wall and our great rock-and-roll party. And there's a sputnik flying through the skies. Oh, we thought we had it all, didn't we? We thought we knowed it all. But Russia . . . according to our own science is five years ahead of us. And when we're caught up in five years, they'll be ten years farther the other way" (58-0309M, The Handwriting on the Wall, E-45-46).

Notes on the Great Pyramid (Malcolm Bowen)

Great Pyramid

The shadow would have been used as a sundial for the measurement of time. A particular feature was the shadow on the faces of the pyramid. At noon precisely on the day of the spring equinox, the sun is just sufficiently high to shine down the north face of the pyramid, so that suddenly the shadow disappears. Thus the date and time could be accurately recorded. Tompkins mentions that "for some reason" it does not now occur on the precise date (p. 121). If the increase in the tilt of the earth's axis (See App. 5) in the period it was constructed were to be taken into account, this may explain the present discrepancy.

Even when the sun was too high to cast a shadow, the polished faces of the pyramid would reflect the sun to send a dazzling triangle of light on to the flat paved areas around. These were covered with slabs that were specially aligned for measuring purposes.

Not a single body has ever been found in one in the 40 major pyramids! Many contain a sarcophagus, some of them closed and sealed, yet still empty.

The Great Pyramid, however, had the way to the central sarcophagus blocked by huge stone "plugs" that may have been built into position rather than placed there afterwards. It was obvious that it had been left like this originally and that there was no way to or from the chamber.

It was noticed that the Great Pyramid was visible for many miles, and that with the smaller pyramids around it acted as lines of sight for establishing the boundaries of land. Each year the flood would obliterate many boundaries with its deposit of mud, but these could be remade by aligning the edges of the distant pyramids with plumb bobs and noting their shadows and angles (Tompkins p. 117). The Great Pyramid was built before the other 100 pyramids along the Nile. The pyramid was built in the reign of Khufu (Cheops), which was at the beginning of Egyptian history and not at the end of a long period of experience in the building of pyramids. Later pyramids, in fact, were of a much poorer quality.

Josephus (J. Ant. Bk1 Ch7, par 1) says that Abraham "communicated arithmetic to (the Egyptians), and he delivered to them the science of astronomy; for before Abram came into Egypt, they were unacquainted with those parts of learning" (2C87). Fable.

The Great Pyramid is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World that still exists. When orthodox authorities are silent on any subject, it can be taken that the evidence is highly embarrassing to them. This is the case with the Great Pyramid. The Encyclopaedia Britannica, apart from giving a few dimensions and weights, provides no details of its internal passages, its discovery or other interesting information that one might have expected in this large reference work of such a well known and outstanding structure. Petrie's work on it is virtually ignored and Smyth has no entry.

Comment: The Great Pyramid built by Enoch before the Flood is God's second Bible and whose prophecies are identical with His first Bible, the Witness of the Stars, which records the same prophecies as His third Bible of paper and ink.

'Who will guard the guards?' Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Mail-in Voter Fraud, & Repercussions for EU

By Tom Sunic, PhD © 2020 all rights reserved

In analyzing the ballot fraud surrounding the latest US presidential election the name of the Roman poet and politician Juvenal comes to mind. His Satire VI, raises a fundamental political question surrounding political repression in the contemporary liberal System: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? "Who will guard the guards?" In contemporary bidenesque English this rhetorical question, coined by Juvenal, in the first century, can be transliterated into: "Who will observe the ballot observers?" "Who will count the ballot counters?"

HadrianA century after the death of the poet Juvenal the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who combined the virtues of philosopher and soldier, faced the same dilemma. How to treat the defeated foe? By preaching tolerance and magnanimity, or by wielding the sword? Despite his stoic awareness about the transience of all life on Earth, Aurelius knew that when fighting the barbarians, a free man cannot live by books alone—he also needs a solid sword, or in the case of the USA he needs the Second Amendment. Unlike many of his predecessors Marcus Aurelius did not contemplate self-isolation in debauchery; nor did he hang around the hookers in ritzy parlors on the Quirinal Hill in Rome. He preferred the company of his soldiers who protected the northern and eastern borders of the empire in the turbulent second—borders that stretched in the north along the limes of the Drava river which now separate modern Hungary from Croatia. The Pannonian basin during the Aurelian times was under the constant onslaught of military intruders coming from the North and the East. Today this area has become anew a major route for new illegal intruders, i.e., Afro-Asian migrants heading toward the heart of Europe: Germany.

Aurelius' grandfather, the emperor Hadrian, a couple of decades earlier, waged also devastating wars in the shaky southern part of the empire—against revolutionary Jews in the Roman province of Judea. His legions killed and displaced more than half a million of them, thus leaving an indelible anti-European grudge in the Jewish collective memory. Worse, out of his resentment for rebellious Jews, Marcus Aurelius, in 130, changed the name of the city of Jerusalem into the city name of Aelia Capitolina. The morale of history? Each victor changes the toponomies of conquered lands and along with it he imposes his own political narrative.

Can we draw the parallel between Aurelius and Trump? Both the USA and Europe are facing today similar turbulent scenarios where peoples of European ancestry will soon have to make a choice: how to preserve their racial and cultural identity in the face of the coming migrant storms. The present turmoil in the USA is just a natural follow-up to the great racial replacement that has been going on over the last 70 years, both in the United States and Europe.

The present Covid virus is only a small part of a "narrative history"—or "history of the event"—which the French call l'histoire évènementielle, i.e., a slice of history solely focusing on one single and separate event. Such an isolated historical event, e.g., the Covid shutdown, is relatively unimportant unless it becomes a factor speeding up a larger flow of history. The Covid scare is already going viral, forcing all EU/US politicians to reexamine a larger stretch of their historical memory, going back to 1945. Undoubtedly, four years of President Trump's slamming the mainstream media for spreading fake news has significantly undermined the intellectual and diplomatic narrative of the post-WWII Order. Many myths and mendacities imposed upon Europe and Whites in the aftermath of 1945, thanks to Trump's presidency, have now fallen apart. Trump's foes in Europe and the US do not like this.

After WWII, and especially after the end of the Cold War, the politics of Europe turned into a carbon copy of US policies. Whatever was going on in high politics in Washington DC had to be either copied or mimicked the next day by the political class in Berlin, Paris and Vienna, and the day after, all over eastern Europe. President Trump was the first US president in the last 75 years who seriously shook the foundations of the transatlantic liberal consensus. This is the reason why the Deep State in the EU and in the US resent him very, very much. If America goes bust and starts breaking up tomorrow, the breakup of the EU will immediately follow suit.

Changes in America have always had an impact on European politics. This is especially true of the German political class, which, over the last 75 years, has been grotesquely doubling down on US-inspired liberal globalist agenda for fear of being for fear of being accused of harboring revisionist and paleo-fascist sentiments. The insulting label of "fascism," "racism" or "colonialism" keeps haunting paranoid politicians in Germany and in the rest of Europe, making them embrace the safe strategy of self-denial and forcing them to be more papal than the pope, i.e., more Americanized than Americans themselves. At the moment of this writing, it means that the entire political class in Germany and the EU must endorse president-elect Biden and his running mate Harris, irrespective of their likely own hidden pro-Trump sentiments.

Just as America is being balkanized at its extreme now between the supporters of Trump and supporters of the Deep State, so is Europe being polarized at its extreme between proponents of state sovereignty and proponents of globalism. The wartime years of 1941–1945 haven't resolved anything. We are back again in the weimaresque and balkanesque epoch, both in the USA and the EU. The winner-takes-all will soon change the political language and define thereafter his version of historical truth. If the American left gains the hegemony they so ardently desire—hegemony that is entirely within their reach, if not now, then certainly in the near future as demographics become even more decisive—it will be the end not just of the people and culture of traditional America, but of the entire West.

Comment: With the fall of the USSR, the imposition of Globalism by the USA was last stroke of EU independence. Now Globalization has two aspects, the political one and the economical one. In the political the USA did manage to impose its will due to pressure and sanctions. In the economical side they thought they had one under control, but nobody ever imagined the fantastic rise of China and an independent thinking Russia. Globalization is over, but it will take a few years for a new world order to emerge.

My question is how the USA Empire, in its last strokes, will react. Will they be prepared to work with these two emerging powers or will they, in their intent to hold to power, throw the whole world in a nuclear catastrophe (John B. Lockett).

Our public broadcasting systems are taxpayer-funded fifth columns. According to the Select Committee of the US Congress in its attempt to investigate tax exempt foundations in 1953—shut down prematurely in 1954, Rockefeller has the global franchise on education, MSM, etc., and "they," who franchised Rothschilds . . . interesting when read in conjunction with Revelation Chapter 17:12-13. It all stems from Genesis 3.

There will be no revival, no restoration of constitutional governments, fascism, Nazism, or communism Your one hope is to be baptized into the Body of Jesus Christ, your life becoming written epistle of "the present Truth," what Jesus has done in this our day by "restoring the apostolic faith" (Malachi 4:5, 6b; Matthew 17:11), and "finishing the mystery of God" (I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:7). The Gentile dispensation is all but over.

What World Government?

By Graham Strachan B.Sc., LLB. © 2000 all rights reserved

Where was the declaration of world government that was widely predicted to take place at the UN Millennium Summit? It was there all right, though many people may not have recognised it. It was made in globospeak—a speech code which will be resorted to increasingly from now on by the globalist 'elites' as they try to tighten their grip on the world. [What we know as "the squeeze"].

At the Summit, the world 'leaders' signed a Millennium Declaration, a 32-point document which describes the United Nations as "the indispensable common house of the entire human family" [The Age, September 9, 2000].

Indispensible common house? Entire human family? If that isn't another way of saying 'world parliament,' what is? The document also calls for that indispensible common house to be 'strengthened and made more effective'.

While the Declaration reasserts "the sovereign equality of states," don't be fooled by what appears to be a recognition of national sovereignty. The "sovereign equality of states" means what it says: all states have equal sovereignty—with each other. But in the new global order, as in that other Animal Farm, some animals are more equal. In this case the Big Pig—the UN—is 'more sovereign' than all the rest. The rest can enjoy equally whatever sovereignty is left after Big Pig gorges itself at the sovereignty trough. In other words, virtually none.

And where did the 32-point Declaration come from? It certainly wasn't a composite of the views expressed by the world 'leaders' in their allocated five-minute declarations of subservience to the Big Pig. The Declaration was prepared in advance, ready for signing. So who drew it up? Not UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, who is just a figurehead. Was it some committee of UN bureaucrats? Under whose direction? On the advice of UN-approved ('accredited') Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)? Who is really pulling the strings behind this 'indispensable common house of the entire human family'?

According to The Age, the Millennium Declaration is divided into seven operative sections, two of which give specific dates for action. By signing it, 'national' governments undertake to, by the year 2015, halve the 20 per cent of the world's population currently without access to safe drinking water, and the 22 per cent living on less than $US1 ($A1.30) a day; ensure that all children complete primary education; reduce maternal mortality by three-quarters and infant mortality by two-thirds; halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other major diseases; to provide special assistance to AIDS orphans; and by 2020, achieve "a significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers".

This is not just a wish list; it is a list of things 'to do.' Orders from Global Central. By signing the Declaration, Prime Minister Howard has committed his government—and the taxpayers of Australia—to the achievement of these goals. What have any of them to do with Australia, and where is his 'mandate' to commit the Australian nation to their achievement? If this is not proof that the Australian government is willingly acting as a subsidiary government of the UN world government, what is it? If this is not evidence that Australia—a country which lectures countries like Fiji on the virtues of 'democracy'—is no longer itself a democracy in the proper meaning of the term, what is it then?

It is no defence to argue—as globalists invariably try to—that since all these are laudable goals it doesn't matter how they are achieved—how much democracy, how many Constitutions, or how much of the rule of law is/are ignored in their pursuit. It does matter. In properly conducted human affairs, 'means' are just as important as 'ends.' Treachery, deceit and contempt for real democracy and legality are no bases for any sort of government—national or global.

On the environment, the Declaration resolves that by 2002 the Australian government has "to make every effort to ensure the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol," which sets limits on greenhouse gas emissions (to stop the 'global warming' for which there is still no creditable scientific evidence). It also resolves to intensify collective efforts to preserve forests, and to "stop the unsustainable exploitation of water resources". All of which are part of Agenda 21, the world government agenda for the twenty-first century, to which the Australian government committed this country at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, and about which no politician has had the decency to inform the Australian people.

The Declaration commits national governments to support radical structural and policy reforms in 'peacekeeping'. What are they? They involve the creation of a permanent UN standing army, starting with a 6,000-strong 'rapid reaction force.' Rapid reaction to what? Well, among other things, 'rogue states'—states which get sick of doing the global dance and actually try to exert some of their 'sovereign equality'. And despite the claims of some journalists, the 'peacekeeping' role envisaged for the UN at its formation was not that of a body with its own army that would get it embroiled in the very conflicts it was supposedly trying to resolve; it was that of impartial referee in disputes between nations. The 'world army' idea is one of the many add-ons, as the UN 'evolved' into a world government, as if by magic.

By signing the Declaration, the Howard government has agreed to "take concerted action against international terrorism" and small arms trafficking (goodbye to the rest of Australia's guns), intensify the fight against transnational crime and to redouble efforts to counter the global drug problem; "keep all options open" for eliminating nuclear weapons, and "spare no effort to promote democracy and the strengthen the rule of law" ('democracy' meaning 'globalism', and 'rule of law' meaning 'people control by government'—the army shooting civilians), combat all forms of violence and discrimination against women, "take measures to ensure respect" for the human rights of migrants (never mind the locals), and to "eliminate increasing acts of racism and xenophobia in many societies" (meaning crush attempts to preserve national culture against the destructive effects of the forced global immigration programme called 'multiculturalism').

One section pledges to protect the vulnerable, notably children, refugees and people displaced by conflict and natural disasters (come in, boat people). Another resolves to meet the special needs of Africa, by supporting 'emerging democracies' (those cooperating with 'American interests abroad') and helping regional organisations to 'prevent conflict' (meaning 'crush resurgent nationalism'). It promises "a reliable flow of resources for peacekeeping on the continent." Paid for by whom? No prizes for guessing that.

The final section says the UN must be made "a more effective instrument for pursuing all of these priorities." Specifically, it resolves to "intensify our efforts to achieve a comprehensive reform of the Security Council in all its aspects," and to strengthen the International Court of Justice, which arbitrates in disputes between states.

So there it is: world government in practice—and nobody even mentioned the words. nl1132.htm

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