Bible Believers' Newsletter 469

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you can join us in Christian fellowship.

Please pray for the speakers and Brethren attending the Easter Convention in Port Harcourt. May God anoint their ministry, make the well-trod path of the Lord straight before all who attend, heal any sick and restore the infirm, grant safe travel, and in departing may they say to one another, "Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the Scriptures"?

The common denominator in the news this week is open official lying, criminality and killing by the ancient racial, religious and aristocratic dynasties vying for world hegemony through war on earth and ill-will among men or "whatever it takes," as the ends justify the means and Novos Ordo Seclorum comes out of chaos like the world currency which is to be called the phoenix. A babe in Christ can see "Death and hell following Satan's pale horse to perdition" (Revelation 6:8; 19:20-21).

"Scripture does not play with words. Whatever is in the Record is there for anointed eyes to see. It is there for a purpose. In that Word it says, "And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living." But no Scripture ever says that Adam is the father of all living. If there is not this connotation to be placed upon Genesis 3:20, why would it be mentioned that Eve is the mother of all, and no word said about Adam? The fact is that though Eve was the mother of all living, Adam was not the father of all living" (William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 105:2).

"No one must lightly dismiss the question of race. It is the key to world history and it is precisely for this reason that written history so often lacks clarity—it is written by those who do not understand the race question and what belongs to it. Language and religion do not make a race, only blood does that" (Benjamin Disraeli, Endymion).

God told the Serpent, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your natural and spiritual race and the natural and Spiritual race of the woman: It shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel" (Genesis 3:15).

"Man scans with scrupulous care the character and pedigree of his horses, cattle, and dogs before he matches them; but when he comes to his own marriage he rarely, or never, takes any such care" (Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man). Men wise in their own conceits with no knowledge of the original sin and "the race question" are committing global genocide by legitimizing miscegenation "as it was in the days of Noah" (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-4).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

April 6 Sneak Attack by US Forces on Iran Planned

Washington DC, March 25, 2007 – Russian General Ivashov calls for emergency session of UN Security Council to ward off looming US aggression.

The long awaited US military attack on Iran is now on track for the first week of April, specifically for 4 AM on April 6, the Good Friday opening of Easter weekend, writes the well-known Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov in the Moscow weekly "Argumenty Nedeli." Uglanov cites Russian military experts close to the Russian General Staff for his account.

The attack is slated to last for twelve hours, according to Uglanov, lasting from 4.00 am until 4.00 pm local time. Friday is a holiday in Iran. In the course of the attack, code named Operation Bite, about 20 targets are marked for bombing; the list includes uranium enrichment facilities, research centers, and laboratories.

The first reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, where Russian engineers are working, is supposed to be spared from destruction. The US attack plan reportedly calls for the Iranian air defense system to be degraded, for numerous Iranian warships to be sunk in the Persian Gulf, and for the most important headquarters of the Iranian armed forces to be wiped out. . . The goal is allegedly to set back Iran's nuclear program by several years, writes Uglanov, whose article was re-issued by RIA-Novosti in various languages, but apparently not English, several days ago. . . Full story:

Comment: My understanding is that the "hot" phase of WWIII will follow after the earthquake splits the Mount of Olives one Nisan 14, which this year will be Monday April 2, 2007, or on "Good" Friday, which this year falls on April 6.

George II must attack while he is Commander-in-Chief. This is his last Easter as president, his military is in place now and the US Senate has endorsed legislation that sets March 31, 2008 as a target date to withdraw American combat troops from Iraq. Unless Los Angeles and a huge portion of California sink this Easter the phony war and the Gentile dispensation will be prolonged. Should the US attack Iran before the earthquakes, I expect Russia will plan to invade the United States after the earthquakes as prophesied.

The Image of the Beast is killing Unarmed Iraqi Civilians—just for Laughs

Apostasy has brought men have lower than brute beasts. This video shows foul-mouthed US soldiers murdering unarmed Iraqi civilians for sport. A proud day in US military history and a change from the routine torture of innocent bystanders apprehended to extract false confessions in order to justify illegal warfare in pursuit of world hegemony.

One day these cowardly barbarians will stand before the righteous Judge. The same foul spirit behind a different mask is persecuting your Church through the courts under alien laws of their device. Full story:

The Iraq War, Oil and World Government

March 26, 2007 – When President Bush originally announced the US invasion of Iraq, he called it Operation Iraqi Liberation—OIL. Think that was coincidental? One of the first messages he sent to the Iraqi people at the time was "Do not destroy oil wells". . .

The facts are that before the war, Iraq's oil production was 4 million barrels a day, and now it is down to 2.1 million barrels. Today oil is $57 a barrel compared to $18 a barrel before the Bush presidency . . .

Cecil Rhodes' plan "to take the government of the whole world" by linking regional associations. . . Perhaps the most recent example of the formation of a regional association (involving trade, security, etc.) is the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), which includes the US, Canada and Mexico. . . Full story:

Comment: So long as oil is traded in US dollars and its price is inflated through enforced scarcity, the alien-owned Federal Reserve can continue exporting inflation and printing fiat money that will support killing for the conspiracy of their master.

GAO faults US Military over Munitions in Iraq

March 23, 2007 – The US military's faulty war plans and insufficient troops in Iraq left thousands and possibly millions of tons of conventional munitions unsecured or in the hands of insurgent groups after the 2003 invasion—allowing widespread looting of weapons and explosives used to make roadside bombs that cause the bulk of US casualties, according to a government report released yesterday.

Some weapons sites remained vulnerable as recently as October 2006, according to the Government Accountability Office report, which said the unguarded sites "will likely continue to support terrorist attacks throughout the region." For example, it said hundreds of tons of explosives at the Al Qa Qaa facility in Iraq that had been documented by the International Atomic Energy Agency were lost to theft and looting after April 9, 2003. . . Pentagon programs have secured or disposed of more than 417,000 tons of munitions, the report said. But it said an unknown quantity—ranging from thousands to millions of tons of conventional munitions—remain unaccounted for. Full story:

Comment: It is NOT Iran but the United States that is supplying munitions for use against the occupying forces! And the "insurgents" and "terrorists" are native freedom fighters or MOSSAD/British/CIA killers creating an "insurgency." FDR said, "If something happens in politics you can bet it was planned that way.

Are GM Crops killing Bees?

March 22, 2007 – As far back as 2005, Walter Haefeker ended an article he contributed to the journal Der Kritischer Agrarbericht (Critical Agricultural Report) with an Albert Einstein quote: "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

Mysterious events in recent months have suddenly made Einstein's apocalyptic vision seem all the more topical. For unknown reasons, bee populations throughout Germany are disappearing—something that is so far only harming beekeepers. But the situation is different in the United States, where bees are dying in such dramatic numbers that the economic consequences could soon be dire. No one knows what is causing the bees to perish, but some experts believe that the large-scale use of genetically modified plants in the US could be a factor. . . Full story:

Jewish Seminary to allow Gay Applicants

New York, March 26, 2007 – Arnold Eisen, incoming chancellor for the Jewish Theological Seminary, said the decision was made after extensive discussion with faculty and students, a survey on views of the issue within the movement and a meeting of the school's trustees. . . The larger and more liberal Reform Jewish movement, as well as the smaller Reconstructionist wing, allow gays to become rabbis; the Orthodox branch bars gays and women from ordination.
Full story:

Comment: Luke 17:28-30; Revelation 11:8.

Pope Issues Command: Vote Catholic

March 21, 2007 – In his latest foray into European politics, Pope Benedict xvi told Italian politicians March 13 they must not vote for laws that go against the Catholic Church’s position. Catholic legislators must strenuously defend the church's "non-negotiable values. . . In coming weeks the Italian bishops' conference is expected to publish a document advising Catholics in parliament on how to act when a bill on rights for cohabiting couples comes up for approval".
Full story:

Former Pope moves closer to Sainthood

March 28, 2007 – The late pope John Paul II has moved a step closer to sainthood with the completion of the first stage towards his beatification. . . Full story:

Comment: Paul was not writing to the deceased but "to the saints that are at Ephesus." Every Christian is a saint, but few so-called Christians are Christians.

The Politics of Global Warming

Author Lowell Ponte went on to warn that our decisions regarding the trend of global cooling were of "ultimate importance" and would determine "the survival of ourselves, our children, our species." The year was 1976. Newsweek had published similar dire predictions in April of 1975, warning that the global cool down would cause a drastic decline in food production. One solution: Pour soot over the Arctic ice cap.

Today, of course, politicians and the media have declared the debate over. Global warming is now the threat to Planet Earth—and it is dire indeed. . . Last November, Britain’s Labor foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, "compared climate skeptics to advocates of Islamic terror. Neither, she said, should have access to the media" (Telegraph, Nov. 12, 2006).

Now, the UN has upped the ante. The current draft of the report recommends that 5 percent of gross domestic product worldwide be allocated to protect the climate—a $2.5 trillion investment. How effectively would this investment combat climate change? According to [Lord] Monckton, if everyone complied with the Kyoto protocol, in one century, the global temperature would drop 1/25 of one degree. He also noted that if Britain "stopped using energy altogether, global temperature by 2035 would be six-thousandths of a degree Centigrade less than if we carried on as usual" (Wall Street Journal, April 12, 2006). Full story:

Comment: Jesus said, "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot: I wish you were one or the other".

British Historian denies WWII Gassings

Rome, March 23, 2007 – British historian David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for questioning the Holocaust, visited the Auschwitz death camp and renewed his claim that there was no proof it had gas chambers during an Italian TV program aired Friday. . . Earlier this year, Irving told Sky in an interview that there was no doubt the Nazis killed millions of Jews, but said the killings did not take place at Auschwitz. . . Full story:

Comment: What a "beat up"! Auschwitz management agree with everything Irving has said. Curator Franciszek Piper wrote the book, "How Many People Perished in Auschwitz Concentration Camp?" and he acknowledges that the gas chambers and crematoria seen at Auschwitz are inventions built by the Soviets ten years after WWII ended.
Full story:

Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein writes, "As the Holocaust industry plays with numbers to boost its compensation claims, anti-Semites gleefully mock the "Jew liars" who even "huckster" their dead. In juggling these numbers the Holocaust industry, however unintentionally, whitewashes Nazism. Raul Hilberg, the leading authority on the Nazi holocaust, puts the figure for Jews murdered at 5.1 million. (74) Yet, if 135,000 former Jewish slave laborers are still alive today, some 600,000 must have survived the war. That's at least a half-million more than standard estimates. One would then have to deduct this half-million from the 5.1 million figure of those killed. Not only does the "6 Million" figure become more untenable but the numbers of the Holocaust industry are rapidly approaching those of Holocaust deniers. Consider that Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler put the total camp population in January 1945 at a little over 700,000 and that, according to Friedlander, about one-third of this number was killed off by May. Yet if Jews constituted only 20 percent of the surviving camp population and, as the Holocaust industry implies, 600,000 Jewish inmates survived the war, then fully 3 million inmates in total must have survived. By the Holocaust industry's reckoning, concentration camp conditions couldn't have been harsh at all; in fact, one must suppose a remarkably high fertility and remarkably low mortality rate (The Holocaust Industry, p. 127).

In May of 2002 Fritjof Meyer, editor-in-chief of the magazine Der Spiegel, published in the monthly Osteuropa, whose editorial commission is headed by Rita Süssmith, former president of the Bundestag, an article (p. 631-641) entitled "The number of victims of Auschwitz. New figures through the discovery of new archives." Rejecting the official figure of 4,000,000 victims (until 1990) and the official figure of 1,500,000 (since 1995), should be revised downward to a new official figure of 510,000 dead, of whom "probably" 356,000 were killed by gassing, "most likely predominantly" outside the camp Full story:—Still more than triple the actual figure of 136,000 deaths at Auschwitz according to the documents (Carlo Mattogno, "Franciszek Piper and The Number of Victims of Auschwitz," TR 1(4) (2003), pp. 393-399).

According to Chief-Rabbi Arye Friedman from Vienna, "The holocaust is a successful historical fiction." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, December 12, 2006, p.7—pic-caption). Some official Auschwitz figures

The Witness of the Stars

Genesis 1:14-15, "Let there be lights in the sky to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: and let them be for lights in the sky to give light to the earth: and it was so".

John 8:12, "I am the Light of the world: he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life".

These Scriptures demonstrate how the natural types the Spiritual. All who walk in the Light of the present Truth—what Jesus is doing now—will recognize the "signs" of things that are to be and honour God's appointed "seasons" for worship (I John 1:7). God wrote His first Bible in nature when He set His witness in the stars (Psalm 19:1-7). His second Bible was symbolized in the Great Pyramid inspired to Enoch and built by human hands before the Flood (Isaiah 19:19-20). It typifies the Law with which God would chastise Israel to prove man is not justified by works of the Law but by the faith of Jesus Christ, and to guide him from the unbelief of organized religion unto faith. The capstone was never placed on the Great Pyramid, which remained unfinished, signifying Israel would reject her Messiah and that the Old Testament saints could not be made perfect without we who are accounted crucified in Christ on Calvary. Likewise the Church Age saints cannot resurrect until the full number of Christ's end-time Bride is made up, and He will not return to Israel until we have all been gathered Home for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Hebrews 11:39-40).

God's third Bible is the fruit of faith inspired to His prophets, accurately recorded and miraculously preserved to this day. God's revelation of Himself is progressive. These three Bibles portray how He who once dwelt in the heavens alone with His thoughts condescended to meet us in the form of a sinless Man, born of a woman: the beginning of God creating Himself a part of His creation (Revelation 3:14). His purpose in grace through faith is to redeem an election of the first Adam's fallen race and bring us to glorification in a new race of God-men who cannot be deceived on His revealed Word.

The Great Pyramid portrays this new race as representing the Bride and Body of Christ, the true Temple of the Living God (Revelation 3:12; 21:22-23). Not a temple of masonry built with human hands but a Body of lively stones or witnesses joined and knit together by every contributing member so that each in its own special way contributes to bodily growth and the edifying of the whole in love.

Matthew 21:42-43, "Jesus said to the chief priests, Scribes and Pharisees, Have you not understood Psalm 116:22-23, The Stone which the builders rejected is become the Headstone of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes? Therefore, the kingdom of God shall be taken from natural Israel, and given to a nation of faith. And all who fall on this revelation will be broken: but those on whom it falls will be pulverized".

Thus God concluded Israel in unbelief when they rejected the Headstone; now He is concluding the Gentiles in unbelief for rejecting the Headstone (Romans 11:32).

From time immemorial the stars proclaimed Christ's death on Calvary's Cross whose symbol features in the lore and religion of every tribe and tongue. Formerly visible in the northern hemisphere, the Southern Cross was last seen in the horizon of Jerusalem about the time of Christ's crucifixion and has since sunk southward in the gradual shifting of the heavens signifying the advance of apostasy.

Such constellations are groups of stars within a definite region of the sky. By knowing the positions of the constellations, it is possible to locate stars, planets, comets, and meteors. For thousands of years, man has used his knowledge of the constellations to guide himself from place to place during journeys over the surface of the earth. Prior to the Great Flood when earth shifted from its axis, he could follow and understand the prophecies of God's witness in the stars.

Each constellation has a definite time of year when it reaches its highest point in the sky and the constellations like the Gospel Message appear to move westward as the earth rotates around the sun. For this reason, certain constellations are visible only during one of the seasons of the year and God withholds the revelation of specific portions of His Word until His designated season and time (Luke 24:13-35; Revelation 10:4, 7).

Matthew 2:1-7, "Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, there came magi from the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where is He that is born King of the Judeans? For we have seen His star in the east, and have come to worship Him."

Astrologers drew their inferences from a constellation of stars, although the import of this vision was gathered from the presence or position of one particular star in the constellation. The famous astronomer Kepler has shown that in the year 747 from the building of Rome, a remarkable threefold conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Pisces occurred, and in the following year the planet Mars appeared in this constellation. He regarded it as probable that an extraordinary Star was conjoined with these three planets, and that viewed from the East the constellation appeared as one Star.

Extraordinary indeed, for this star which first rose in the east seemed to be their guide yet no other astrologers observed the event. Could it have been the Pillar of Fire seen by John alone as a dove overshadowing Jesus at His baptism that then appeared to the magi in its zenith overhead upon Bethlehem? He only appears to those who are looking for Him. Saul's companions did not see the Pillar of Fire that smote him blind on the Damascus road (Acts 9). As the lukewarm church in Jerusalem was not looking for the Star to come out of Jacob, although they directed the magi and informed Herod Messiah should certainly be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), their disinterested high priests and Sanhedrin sent no representative to investigate.

The lukewarm church of today is not looking for the sign of Christ's parousia (Matthew 24:3; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 1:7) that manifest over Arizona on February 28, 1963, and drifted westward with earthquakes following its passage, signifying "there shall be time no longer." All of the observatories saw the Shekinah and scientists around the world still puzzle as to what it was and how it could be, yet the church is as disinterested forty-four years later as religious headquarters in Jerusalem two thousand years after the Star came out of Jacob.

To the believing hearts of the magi the star seemed to stand fixed, as heaven's own Light, over the long desired, though obscure and humble residence. Remarkably even their astrological inferences were purged of error and transformed into genuine faith, for they did not find the new-born King of the Jews at Jerusalem, and on the throne of Judah they found a worldly-minded old tyrant, and an Edomite! The leaders of the temple and the holy city were indifferent and unbelieving. Then they were directed to the poor village of Bethlehem where they were shown to a poor cottage. Here they found a young child surrounded by extreme poverty under the care of a homeless couple, the head of which was a carpenter.

All these stumbling-blocks had to be removed by the testimony of the Scriptures which they had heard, by the witness of the Spirit in their hearts, by the sublime spectacle of Mary and the holy child, and by the communications of the believing shepherds. Thus were the heathen and carnal elements in their astrological impressions effaced, and only what was true, remained. The Star in the heavens had led them to the Sun of righteousness that will soon arise upon the Church Age saints with resurrection power in its beams. One Star, not a constellation but the symbol of Malachi 4:2: Christ, the Day Star of Balaam's vision who has arisen in our hearts (II Peter 1:19).

Numbers 24:17-19, "I see Him now, but not as a man of the present: I shall look for Him, but not as one near at hand: there shall come a Star out of Jacob (this eminent ruler refers primarily to David; but secondarily and pre-eminently, to Messiah—Genesis 49:10; Isaiah 9:2; 60:1-3), and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite Moab on every side, and destroy all the children of Sheth (rebellion—Psalm 2). And Edom shall be a possession (accomplished by David—II Samuel 8:14). . . Seir also shall be a possession for his enemies; and Israel shall do valiantly (referring to the double conquest of Moab and Edom—Psalms 60:8; 108:9). Out of Jacob shall come He that shall have dominion (David typing Christ), and shall destroy those who have fled from the field to fortified places" (Psalms 60:9; Revelation 6:15-16).

This is a particularly interesting prophecy as it reveals one of the chief objectives of Messiah before the close of Daniel's Seventieth Week will be to destroy Edom, Israel's Serpent's seed enemy, the impersonator who holds dominion over Judah and the whole world in this day (Isaiah 34:1-8; 63:1-6; Obadiah; II Thessalonians 1:6-10; Revelation 19:11-21).

Herod the Great was the son of Antipater whom Caesar had appointed procurator of Judea at the time he acknowledged Hyrcanus II, the Maccabean prince, as king. Herod was the first Edomite sovereign of Judea, who ruled from 40BC after extinguishing the priestly and royal Asmonean or Maccabean house by murdering its heirs. Thus did "the sceptre depart from Judah." Although they were circumcised Jews—alien residents of Judea enforced to assimilate with the Judahites by John Hyrcanus in about 125BC—the Herodian dynasty were physical Serpent's seed and Idumean in spirit. They could not acknowledge the coming Messiah as He was not the kinsman redeemer for Cain's lineage, and considered any claimant to the throne of David a threat to their own dynasty.

Genesis 49:8-10, "Judah, your brothers shall praise you: your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies; all of your father's sons shall bow down before you. Judah is a lion's cub that has finished eating its prey: he has settled down as an old lion, and as a lioness; who dares rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (Messiah, the promised Seed) comes; and to Him (Abraham's promised Seed) shall be the obedience of the peoples" (i.e. we Gentiles; Genesis 12:3; Psalm 72:17; Malachi 3:12; Galatians 3:8).

Herod's accession was a sign that Messiah's first Coming was at hand. This prophecy pertains to the "last days," or the Messianic age of completion (Isaiah 2:2; 66:20; Daniel 2:28, 35), and as Herod is known to have died in the year 750 from the building of Rome, we know that Jesus' birth was in 4BC, shortly before Easter (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, xvii. 9, 3).

With the dominion of Herod the sceptre and military control departed from Jacob to Edom, thus fulfilling Isaac's prophecy to Esau. Genesis 27:40, "You will serve your brother Jacob; and it shall come to pass when you have the dominion, that you will break his yoke from off your neck." Judah had been without an independent king since Nebuchadnezzar's victory began the times of Gentiles dominion that will continue unto the consummation (Daniel 9:27). Esau began to break Jacob's yoke when Edom was incorporated into Judah. Now the Serpent's seed took dominion over Israel, but "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him." Jesus Messiah was God's Standard—not a military general, but a baby—for the battle would be of faith by the sword of the Spirit. God's ensign was rejected.

The enmity of Edom against Jacob, which Esau relinquished in his own person but bequeathed to his posterity, appears in Herod's designs against the infant Jesus. Esau swore he would kill Jacob (Genesis 27:39-41) and his offspring have been killing the Israelites to this day in accord with his oath, with the Word of God (Genesis 3:15), and the last Will of Canaan: "Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth" (Talmud, Peshachim 113b). Jesus Messiah confirms this in Matthew 23:33-36, and Revelation 2:9; 3:9; 18:24 as do the prophets of the Old and New Testaments.

Scripture types the Sun as Christ, the Moon as the Church reflecting the glorious Light of her Husband in His absence, and the stars as His ministers or angels of Light.

Throughout the Book of Revelation John represents Christ's end-time Bride because he alone receives the Message of the seventh angel to whom Christ signified the revelation God showed Him after He ascended on High. In Revelation 1:12-20, John sees a vision of the stature of the perfect Man described by Paul in Ephesians 4. It is Christ's Bride drawn out from all seven Church Ages, formed in the image and after the likeness of the Son of Man "and He had in His right hand seven stars. . . the seven stars are the angels of the seven Churches. . ."

An angel is a messenger, usually a consecrated mortal man chosen and anointed of God. Broadly speaking there are two types of messenger. The first is a foreteller or prophet with whom the Lord reveals Himself in visions and dreams (Numbers 12:6; Deuteronomy 13:1-5; 18:15-22). The second is a forthteller who faithfully proclaims again the prophetic revelation as Christ's Bride is commissioned in these last days (Revelation 10:8-11). Our ministry must be tested by the mouth of two or three vindicated foretellers from Genesis to Revelation to ensure we are delivering the Spirit with the letter.

The Light of every true forthteller will align with a constellation of two or more stars whose feet have trod this mortal sod. Some of the stars that foretold Christ's first or 'erchomai' Coming and His first crucifixion are Moses in Exodus 12:1-6 and Leviticus 23:5 and the prophet Daniel 9:24-26: they foretold the year, month, day and hour in which Israel would crucify Messiah. This constellation is confirmed by Matthew 27:45-50; Mark 15:25-37; Luke 23:44-46 and John 20:25-35, and is supported by a galaxy of stars such as the Lord God Himself in Genesis 3:15 and 21 which type Abel with Jesus and the blood of natural lambs with the Blood of Christ; Isaiah 53, which describes the sufferings of Christ, and John 2:19, in which Jesus describes His death and resurrection after David in Psalm 16:10 to which Peter alludes in Acts 2:30-32.

Among the stars that prophesied Christ's second or 'parousia' Coming are Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:3, 27, 37, 39; Paul in I Corinthians 15:23; I Thessalonians 2:19; 3:13; 4;15; James 5:7-8; II Peter 3:4, 12; and John in I John 2:28. The constellation of stars of the first and second magnitude that foretold this Coming include Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:3, 27, 37, 39; Paul in I Corinthians 15:23; I Thessalonians 2:19; 3:13; 4;15; James 5:7-8; II Peter 3:4, 12; and John in I John 2:28. Stars that foretell the second crucifixion include Moses in Numbers 20:8-13; Paul in Romans 11:32; II Thessalonians 2:3-12; II Timothy 3-4; Hebrews 6:4-8; Jesus and John in Revelation 3:17-20. These align to form a distinct constellation.

In Reproach for the Word, Sirs is this the Sign of the End-time?, and The Revelation of the Seven Seals, Brother Branham recounts a dream followed by a vision early in the morning of Saturday, December 22, 1962. The vision was set in Tucson, Arizona, where he was watching a number of little birds about half an inch in size perched in a large bush in a constellation shaped like a pyramid. These signified the anointing of his 'first pull,' in which he would hold the hand of a penitent and reveal their disease. The birds were watching eastward toward his Church in Jeffersonville. Suddenly they flew eastward and immediately a constellation of larger, lighter coloured dove-like birds came by, and flew eastward. These represented the greater anointing of the 'second pull' of his ministry, "discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart [and] revealing the Son of man, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today, and forever as it was in the days of Lot."

As they flew out of sight he was picking a burr from his trouser leg and looking westward into eternity once again when a blast shook the whole earth and he saw a pyramid-shaped constellation of seven snow white seraphim flying faster than the speed of sound. The power of Almighty God caught him up into his place in the constellation to receive the commission for his 'third pull' and second climax of his ministry: introducing the 'parousia' Coming of the capstone of the pyramid, Jesus Christ the Head of the Body (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 578:1; Revelation 6:1).

This Capstone of the seven thunders is the "little room" of Brother Branham's tent vision of which the Lord said, "I'll meet you in there." All who enter the Capstone become one with the fullness of the Word to manifest the Sons of God by the 'third pull' and change in the atoms to meet the Lord in the air. This pyramid-shaped constellation signified the capstone of Christ's end-time Bride who is baptized into the Body by the spoken Word of the Seventh Seal which is the revelation of the Seven Thunders that unfold the mystery of the previous Six Seals. And because it is unwritten Word it is known by faith confirmed from Genesis to Revelation only in those who are His end-time Bride.

Because Christ's mediation for ignorance is fulfilled redemption is over, thus the Angel of the Lord will meet us only in the fullness of the Word: the revelation of the Seven Thunders which are the revelations contained in the Seven Seals. This means that after the Seventh Trump He will only meet Christ's end-time Bride because only she has the 'third pull,' and only she constitutes the Capstone, because she alone is restored to the apostolic faith. Therefore the Laodicean saints will enter glory via the grave and only the Capstone Bride will manifest that they are the Sons of God and be translated to glory without death.

As Brother Branham came out of this vision he was reading Romans 9:33, "Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believes on Him shall not be ashamed." In this chapter Paul expressed sorrow for his kinsmen in the flesh who sought to serve God by works. Brother Branham said, "We're at the end, friend. Soon it shall be time run out. Millions will lose their lives. Millions that now believe that they are saved will be counted fodder for the atomic age" (ibid, p. 566:5). Why? Because like Israel, they have works without faith.

Life MagazingThis vision came to pass when Brother Branham was hunting javalina pigs with some Brethren on Sunset Mountain, forty miles north east of Tucson in the second week of March, 1963. He returned to Jeffersonville and preached the revelation of the Seven Seals as Christ revealed it to him. The revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to earth in WORD form (I Corinthians 13:10; I Thessalonians 4:14-16; Jude 14-14; Revelation 10:1-7). The sign of Christ's parousia Coming manifested on February 28, 1963 and has appeared in scores of scientific papers, encyclopedia year books, and in the May 17, 1963 issue of Life Magazine (Matthew 24:3; Acts 1:7-9; Revelation 1:7).

The constellation of the seven seraphim, which were incense burners that brought the worshiper into the Presence of the Lord, type the Church Age Messengers or high priests for the age and the seven portions of the Spirit that anointed them. The seraphim communicate the sacrifice or revelation they have received from the Lord to the saints. The repentant sinner thus cleansed by this washing of water by the Word (or faith) is identified with his prayers or revelation which the seraph offers back to God by Fire on the golden Altar before the Throne. These angelic beings were represented by the Fire of seven lamps that stood above the lampstands in the Sanctuary to give light in front of (not behind) them (Exodus 37:23; Revelation 1:4; 4:5), typing the seven portions of the Holy Spirit that anointed seven messengers to the Church Age and quickened seven Messages that baptized the saints into the Church represented by the seven branched golden lampstand seen in the vision of Revelation 1:12-20.

Speaking on the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13, which Jesus said will grow together until the harvest, Brother Branham said that after the Church Ages the denominations would be so Laodicean God could not rely upon their fallen star or even the star messenger to their age to separate the wheat (Revelation 18:1-4). "An Angel is coming to bring the separation, the segregation between the right and the wrong. And no one can do that but the Angel of the Lord. He's the One that's going to tell which is right and which is wrong. God said He will send His angels at the last times. Not angels down through here, but angels at the last time, and would gather together. . ." (The Seed of Discrepancy, p.5:19).

He was mindful of his vision of the constellation of stars which, gathered together, revealed Jesus only like the visions on mount Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8). Revelation 1:12-16; 1-3 and 10:1-7 and Ephesians 1:10 all explain, "that in the dispensation of the fullness of times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him." As the Prophet taught the Seven Seals he was anointed successively by portions of the Spirit, until the fullness of the Spirit revealed the fullness of the Word and another mighty Angel came down from heaven, and the earth was lightened with His glory (Revelation 18:1). Thus the revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to earth in Word form (Revelation 10:1-6).

The constellation of seven earthly stars merged into the Star out of Jacob again. Brother Branham might have said, "God in heaven appoints each man's work. I said plainly I am not Messiah, but I have been sent before Him. He who has the Bride is the Bridegroom: the friend of the Bridegroom, who stands and hears Him, rejoices greatly at His Voice: therefore this joy of mine is now full. He must increase, but I must decrease. He who comes from heaven is greater than anyone else, I am of the earth, and my understanding is limited to the things of earth" (John 3:27-31).

The first crucifixion and resurrection type the second crucifixion, resurrection and translation. Brother Branham said the Seventh Trumpet will sound and the earthquake will erupt between 6.00 and 9.00 o'clock one morning, that is, between the third and sixth hour of the day. Isaiah 13:10 agrees, "For the stars of heaven and its constellations shall not give their light: the sun shall be dark at its rising, and the moon will not shine any light."

In Israel, the periods of the day were reckoned according to the hours of prayer—the third, sixth, and ninth hours. The third hour was nine o'clock in the morning when Jesus was scourged as a part of His crucifixion. He hung on the cross until the sixth hour of prayer which was held peculiarly sacred by the Hebrews, especially upon the sabbaths and the festivals. Then, "there was darkness over the whole Earth (from noon, when the Sun stood at its highest and the day was brightest, and which was the middle-point in Jesus' crucifixion-torments), until the ninth hour (3.00pm). And the Sun was darkened"  (Luke 23:44-45; Matthew 27:45).

This cannot have been an ordinary eclipse of the Sun because the Passover is celebrated at the time of a full Moon. It had to be a supernatural event caused perhaps by a conjunction with a planet that passed between Earth and the Sun, for the Sun cannot be obscured by a full Moon. Moreover, Luke mentions the darkening of the Sun after the darkening of the Earth. This event is recorded in the Roman archives and by several heathen historians of the first century who unite it with an earthquake".

There will be an absolutely cataclysmic upset of nature at the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet and manifestation of the Sixth Seal with the greatest earthquake since men were on earth (Revelation 16:18; Joel 2:10, 31; Amos 5:20; Zephaniah 1:15; Matthew 24:29-31; Acts 2:20).

Revelation 6:12-17, "And I beheld when He had opened the Sixth Seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair (as in mourning or humiliation—Isaiah 50:3; Revelation 11:3), and the moon became as blood (Joel 2:31); and the stars of heaven fell to the earth (symbolizing the casting down of Lucifer and his fallen angels), even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And heaven disappeared as though rolled up like a scroll and taken away (Isaiah 34:4); and every mountain and island were shaken and moved out of their places. And the (unbelieving) kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the physically strong men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; and said to the mountains and rocks, 'Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him Who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: for the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand justified and not condemned'?"

There will be a Witness of the Stars: volcanic dust and other particulates will thicken the atmosphere, darkening the sky and turning the moon into blood "before that great and dreadful day of the Lord". nl469.htm

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