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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are so pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android Phone"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it" – George Orwell

When you read the précis of Graham Strachan's "22 Steps to Global Tyranny," and "Globalisation on the Sly" which outlines the case of Australia and YOUR country whichever it is, you will understand why YOUR leaders and the leaders of 192 other nations all sold out their people in choreographed lockstep. The mainstream media is constantly emphasizing the necessity for nations to uphold "the rules-based system of law." What they are saying is that every nation has surrendered sovereignty in a multiplicity of irrevocable UN agreements and treaties and is bound under "this rules-based system" of world government exists already. If you review John Perkin's "Apologies of an Economic Hitman," discussed in Newsletters 399, 854, and 852 you will understand why governments do not prosecute certain criminal elements. Globalism is a 'Third Way,' a combination of monopoly capitalism in economics, and monopoly socialism ('communism') in politics. Disgraced former UK PM Tony Blair was constantly promoting the Third Way. The militarist phase of globalization is progressing in the war-torn countries all round us, while "the socialist programs . . . emanating from the United Nations and its bureaucracies" are set up through UN groups such as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives).

"The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater" – Frank Zappa

This is explained in our main Article, "My People are destroyed for Lack of Knowledge." You must study the Prophet's Message and prove it in your own Bible. Study the full story in our news items which further unfold the real purpose of the COVID-19 false-flag Trojan black op. Your only hope is to be in Christ. You cannot depend on any man or nation to feed or assist you, because the program of the Jewish UN criminal organization is reduce the world's 7.8 billion by 6 billion, or more, and YOU WILL be one of those to be eliminated. Jesus is working to reduce global population by every saint "who is alive and remains to manifest that they are the Sons and Daughters of God." If you are in that number He will care for you and provide your necessities. Sanctify yourself.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. We encourage you to share our Newsletter with friends, family and colleagues, and look forward to any comments or questions you may have. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Isolation/Internment Camps in Canada

October 9, 2020 — If you thought this year was bad, buckle up, because it looks like Canada has some BIG PLANS in store for the spring of 2021. Not only has the Canadian government ordered 36 thousand units of chemical agents for March of next year, they have also put out a request for information regarding service providers for federal quarantine isolation camps. This news comes in the midst of a total lockdown in Quebec, which is rapidly becoming a police state. Ontario is not too far behind, as it re-enters a stage 2 lockdown. Remember, hope is not lost, all of this ends the moment we say NO More.
Full story:

The Malevolent Encirclement of Russia

October 14, 2020 — Over recent weeks a series of events in the states surrounding the Russian Federation has erupted . . . together they suggest something far more ominous is unfolding against Moscow. A recent RAND study prepared for the US Army suggests with remarkable accuracy who might be behind what will undoubtedly become a major threat to Russian security in coming months . . . the bizarre EU and UK behavior surrounding the alleged poisoning of Russian dissident Navalny and most recently, the mass protests in Kyrgyzstan, a former part of the Soviet Union in Central Asia, bear the fingerprints of the MI6 of Britain, the CIA and an array of regime-change private NGOs.

. . . the Pashinyan regime is essentially in the service of the USA . . . In 2018 Pashinyan came to power via mass protests called the "Velvet Revolution." He was openly and heavily supported by the Soros Open Society Foundation-Armenia which since 1997 has been active funding numerous "democracy" NGOs in the country . . . It is also worth noting that the [Jewish] head of the CIA, Gina Haspel, and the recently-named head of Britain's MI-6, Richard Moore, are both seasoned Turkey hands . . . Full story:

Comment: The (once) Protestant US "image unto the Beast" of Rome.

Human Rights Debate at UN: Horrifying Social Consequences of US Sanctions on North Korea

October 14, 2020 — During the press briefing outlining Russia's program of work for their October Presidency of the UN Security Council, I mentioned the offer by Dr. Kee B. Park, Director of the Korea Policy Project at Harvard Medical School, and renowned Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine, who stated he is willing to address the Security Council and inform them of the horrifying human consequences suffered by the ordinary citizens of the DPRK, as a consequence of the sanctions that the Security Council is relentlessly and savagely inflicting upon North Korea . . . where he has helped, as a neurosurgeon, in several humanitarian organizations and programs . . . Their indifference is both immoral and obscene. These Ambassadors whose lives are so privileged do not care if a human being in Pyongyang dies in agony because the Sanctions a [Jew-ruled] white European supported deprived the people of the DPRK of the medical equipment necessary to cure his illness, and save his life. These sanctions constitute Crimes against Humanity . . . imposing these genocidal sanctions with impunity. Full story:

Palestinian Struggle Betrayed

October 14, 2020 — The Abraham Accord signed recently between Israel on the one hand and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain on the other, is touted as a peace deal. They were not at war. There was peace between them and much behind the scenes cooperation, reportedly for the last decade. Reports have it that the Accord promises Israel millions of dollars in trade. For the UAE, meanwhile, purchase from the USA of the F-35, which currently only Israel has in the Middle East (West Asia). Given the rather doubtful reputation of this fighter jet having them could mean a waste of money. For the Palestinians, for whom both the UEA and Bahrain have third States obligations, they are an inconvenience relegated to the back burner. So inconsequential were they that the UAE was pleased enough that Tel Aviv was suspending the annexation of the West Bank for the time being, as if it was a concession favouring the Palestinians and will lead to the restoration of Palestine and peace. Even amidst the joyful announcement, social media in Israel was reporting the continued bombing of Gaza by Israel . . . Full story:

Muammar Gaddafi's Cousin to Sue Hillary Clinton for 'Destroying Libya'

October 13, 2020 — The political official of the Libyan National Struggle Front, Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, began on Monday, the first steps to sue former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on charges of spreading destruction and supporting terrorism in Libya. The cousin of the late Libyan president, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi . . . provided the legal team with other documents not released by the US State Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton on charges of spreading destruction and supporting terrorism in Libya. Full story:

Shadow Gate, Street Riots & Israeli Tech Transfer to Russia & China – the B.I.R.D is the Word

September 9, 2020 — In the lead up to the election, change the lead, change the story, it's not a new concept." The data analytic companies like Dynology and aggregate IQ and the old Cambridge Analytica are at full pace. These rolling series of events will keep rolling. This is a two to three year phase. Trump is the hero, that's all you need to know.

The B.I.R.D, is the word.
1. The Bi-national Industrial Research & Development foundation.
2. The greatest security penetration . . . ever.
3. This is a catastrophe for the United States.
4. The Soviet Union got Israel to set up the Bi-national Science Foundation (B.S.F) in 1973 under Nixon and Henry Kissinger.
5. The B.I.R.D was set up in 1978, around the same time they set up The Talpiot Program.
5. And then they have the B.A.R.D—Bi-national Agricultural Research & Development foundation.
6. Here it is the relevant legislation forcing the US to send technology to Israel . . . Full story:

Covid Lockdown is a Practice Run for the Big One—the Carbon Lockdown

October 13, 2020 — If climate alarmists win the elections, our freedoms and prosperity will evaporate like CO2 from a warm beer. The fact that their green energy program is madness will be irrelevant to the new WCO (World Carbon Organization). To meet UN Paris targets there will be no more petrol cars, diesel trucks, reliable electricity, beef burgers or Christmas ham, but bio-fuelled battleships, hydrogen-fuelled planes and sail-powered bulk carriers will be decreed (except in the BRICS world). Diesel submarines will be scrapped and NATO will mandate battery-powered battle tanks. Pit ponies will return to the mines, and farmers will plough with Clydesdales.

Soon they will design a mask that absorbs CO2 from your breath. Mega-cities will be "unsustainable." You will be confined to your local commune and shop in pedal-powered trikes with battery-assist. You must eat local food and use electric power only when they switch it on for your district (but never on still, frosty mornings). Our obedience to the Covid Lockdown has given them confidence to enforce their Carbon Lockdown. They will track us with microchips and control our travel, food, water and electricity usage via 6G. We are entering the GREEN ZONE. We are here right now.

World Health Organisation has 'reversed its Position on Lockdowns'

October 11, 2020 — Sky News host Paul Murray says the WHO has reversed its position on lockdowns, which follows their reversal on masks, and their reversal on how deadly COVID was going to be. "The World Health Organisation is often used by people as the ultimate body to justify some of the worst lockdowns and behaviours of this whole thing," he said. "I want to introduce you to a person from the World Health Organisation who says, guess what, lockdowns are a bad idea. This is a reversal of the position of the World Health Organisation. Which of course followed their reversal on mask, their reversal on how deadly this thing was going to be—their endless reversals."

Mr. Murray showed footage of a spokesman for the World Health Organisation who said, "We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of control of this virus." The only time we believe the lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we'd rather not do it," the spokesperson said.

"Look what's happening to poverty levels—it seems we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe. We really do appeal to all world leaders, stop using lockdown as your primary control method, and develop better systems for doing it."

Mr. Murray said, "But what did the forty members of the press, who of course have let him get away with the ducking, the weaving, the bull, for weeks and weeks and weeks, months and months and months—what did they celebrate? Of course, the major milestone of 100 press conferences in a row—like that is an achievement." Full story:

Comment: The world is going insane.

Gates, Kissinger and Our Dystopian Future: the Political Side of Covid

September 26, 2020 — The first type is Covid-19, "The Virus", which is a fairly mild infection that most people don't even realize they've contracted. They remain either asymptomatic or have slight flu-like symptoms that go away after a week or so. A tiny sliver of the population—that are mainly-older, vulnerable people with underlying health conditions—can develop complications, become seriously ill and die. But, according to most analysis, the chances of dying from Covid are roughly between 1 in every 200 to 1 in every 1,000 people. (CDC-IFR- 0.26%) In other words, Covid is not the Spanish Flu, not the Black Plague and the Genocidal Planetary Killer Virus it was cracked up to be . . .

The second type of Covid-19, is Covid "The Political Contrivance" or, rather, CODENAME: Operation Virus Identification 20 19. This iteration of the Covid phenomenon relates to the manner in which a modestly-lethal respiratory pathogen has been inflated into a perennial public health crisis in order to implement economic and societal changes that would otherwise be impossible. This is the political side of Covid, which is much more difficult to define since it relates to the ambiguous agenda of powerful elites who are using the infection to conceal their real intentions. Many critics believe that Covid is a vehicle the Davos Crowd is using to launch their authoritarian New World Order. Others think it has more to do with Climate Change, that is, rather than build consensus among the world leaders for mandatory carbon reductions, global mandarins have simply imposed lockdowns that sharply reduce economic activity across-the-board. This, in fact, has lowered emissions significantly, but at great cost to most of humanity. Covid restrictions have triggered a sharp uptick in suicides, clinical depression, child abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug abuse. The list goes on and on. Also, it has left economies everywhere in a shambles, increasing unemployment and homelessness exponentially, while setting the stage for massive famines in undeveloped countries around the world. Even so, key players in the Covid crisis—like mastermind Bill Gates—continue to marvel at impact these onerous restrictions have had on emissions. Take a look at this excerpt from a recent post at the Microsoft founder's blog . . . Full story:

COVID versus a Natural Catastrophe

October 9, 2020 — Imagine!—Tomorrow, or one of these days, a gigantic earth or seaquake would shake the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific, or god-forbid, a meteorite would hit one of these Great Seas—triggering a monster tsunami that would devastate most of the US East Coast—New York, Washington, all the way up to Boston and all the way down to Miami; as well as the Western European Coastline, including the UK; London under water, the Bretagne (Brittany) flooded—and flood waters would reach all the way to Paris.

Editor, Bible Believers': London and Florida will sink.

Or, imagine a similar scenario at the US Pacific Coast: San Francisco, Los Angeles, devastated and Baja California outright disappeared under gigantic tidal waves. No global warming. Just Mother Nature. The cosmic forces.

William BranhamEditor, Bible Believers' Church: Christians, and we are very few, do not need to imagine this scenario, we have THUS SAITH THE LORD by William Branham (1909-1965), the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6b, Matthew 17:11 and Revelation 3:14; 10:7. The end of the Gentile dispensation will be marked by an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude sinking a 1,500 x 300 – 400 mile segment of earth's crust taking Los Angeles (not San Francisco) but Baja and much of California beneath the Pacific. Tsunamis will sink many islands and the Pacific Ring of Fire will erupt.

Or, in yet another scenario, imagine, one of Washington's presumptuous warmongers would through a preemptive act of arrogant stupidity trigger a nuclear war . . . the worst of all situations.

Editor, Bible Believers': Mainland United States will be invaded and briefly occupied. Some years later it will be blasted from the face of the earth.

What would happen?

Covid would be gone at once.

From one moment to the next. The, oh-so deadly "pandemic"—that never was—but we were made to believe—the so heavily touted contagion that just devastated during the months past the entire world economy, caused unfathomable suffering, misery, death by desperation, death by famine—death by suicide and mass human auto-destruction, death by associated causes by the millions, hundreds of millions, billions perhaps—that worst of all viral diseases humanity has ever known and suffered from—would suddenly come to a shrieking halt.

A genius virus—so genius, must be man-made—that hits the entire world, summer or winter—193 UN member countries—at once—coincidentally beginning with the tolling of the bells into the Decade of the 2020s, triggering a global lockdown of 193 nations exactly at the same time—mid-March 2020. That genius non-visible enemy induces all 193 UN member governments to impose the same measures to save humanity—face masks that deprive you from properly breathing your life-supporting oxygen, social distancing—that prevents sharing and socializing with friends, lockdown of everything, shops, workplaces, entertainment, even a walk in the park is forbidden—all at once.

Every one of the 193 UN members experiences simultaneously the same predicament—a humongous danger to humanity. An invisible enemy that hits at once all corners of the globe indiscriminately, the South, North, East and West. Nowhere to escape. Only the moon, but the moon is already controlled and monopolized by one of our planet's richest billionaires.

The corrupt politicians and so-called leaders of all the 193 UN member countries, sadly, they are all puppets of a Higher Power, all of them had let themselves be bought or coerced into the diabolical game plan of total digital control of body and mind, using this dubious invisible enemy—a virus—with a monstrous fear-propaganda, with falsified and manufactured statistics, leading 7 billion people into believing that they are at risk of death, and that only a total lockdown, in other words, annihilation of the global economy, can save them. Never mind your life-support activity and livelihood.

A catastrophic event, hypothetical, for sure, as described before, and Covid is gone. As if it never was.

All coopted and/or coerced—or generously remunerated politicians of the 193 UN member nations, would now scramble to get into their readily prepared bunkers and other safety holes. Suddenly, they couldn't care less about the deadly virus that threatens the rest of the world. They were never threatened themselves; they were always safe.

Occasionally to strengthen their Covid propaganda the one or the other announced with big-big brouhaha how suddenly Covid-sick he or she became. Ambulance—and airlifting them into emergency rooms, with hourly media reporting, is part of the game. The public is in sympathy and believing that if they are not obedient . . . this nasty virus may hit them too.

A few days later, the "cured-again" politician emerges from his or her emergency situation—a brilliant PR stint, and very successful. It helped the bought and betraying government officials increasing their handle on the necks of people, their repression, and heightening their tyranny a notch or two. Their egocentric selves would seek the highest points to save themselves from the tidal waves, or the deepest bunkers to protect themselves from the nuclear dust and radioactive fallout, from the all-burning and obliterating mushroom cloud.

Agenda ID2020: The Diabolical Agenda within the Agenda. "Genetically Modified Humanity" (GMH) so as to better control, command the world population, or what's left of it, once the Gates Agenda has been implemented.

And then there are leaders (sic-sic leaders), who this very moment boldly, non-apologetically and without any scruples and empathy for their frightened-to-death co-citizens, declare, "Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is never."

And Boris Johnson, the self-styled czar of the United Kingdom, continues, "We have been through too much frustration and hardship just to settle for the status quo ante—to think that life can go on as it was before the plague; and it will not . . . We are resolving not to go back to 2019."

Mr. BoJo shamelessly quotes from the infamous and diabolical book, 'Covid-19: The Great Reset', by Klaus Schwab, founder and President of the WEF—World Economic Forum, as reported today, 8 October by RT. The Great Reset is a disaster foretold—see this and this.

The 8th of October 2020, may be just a short time away from the hypothetical Blast of Nature, that would make Covid go away for good and forever—and would obliterate the UK czar's and WEF's dreams.

All those mediocre and outright immoral politicians have known all the time and know today, that the luciferian game they are playing is against the very people of their countries they were elected by. Can you even call this worthless lot 'criminal'? Doubtful. Criminal requires some kind of value. These abject individuals have none. They know they are betraying the people, their co-citizens, their compatriots, with the masquerades, with the social distancing, with the segregation into solitary confinement. They know they are killing "their people" with fear and constant, everyday fear.

They know that all of what they are propagating and lying about to make you scared, is but a miserable farce, a scam. They know the fear they impose day after day, hour after hour, makes you vulnerable to diseases, all kind of diseases, because fear kills your immune system. These masters of evil do it anyway—and co-opt their aids, doctors, scientists, by threatening them, directly or indirectly with job loss, with loss of reputation—and yes, they have families and many oblige for the sake of their families.

Not all. Thanks-god for the brave who come forward in Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the United States—and from ever more countries, to speak the truth. Speaking Truth to Power can never be defeated.

All these high-ranking government officials, the sold-and bought ones, those without conscience, those that have sold you, who would also sell their mothers for the sake of being rewarded with positive recognition by the little dirty, devoid-of-any-ethics elite; an elite, who just want to control the world, its resources. And, not to forget—an elite who assume for themselves the right to dispose of how many people they deem worthy to live on this Blue Marvelous Planet. The masters of eugenics.

Before the hypothetical catastrophe hit, this little elite was able to buy the entire United Nations system, so as to have all 193 members, and countless UN agencies, with the World Health Organization (WHO) as their forerunner. They adopt the same cruel and unbelievable measures against a virus, that may not be more than a flu-virus, called Covid-19, a derivation of the SARS-Cov-2 virus—a virus that is no threat at all, and least a pandemic. But with the power of WHO and her billion-dollar-profit interest groups, a pandemic was declared on 11 March 2020. No justification and no questions asked. Covid is a man-made virus, part of a bio-war arsenal, that can at will be mutated to become fiercer. Indeed, it may most likely already exist in such mutated strings and invade different parts of the world in various forms of severity.

Now, with Covid gone—hypothetically, that is—these un-people, at the helm of the 193 UN members, as they are not deserving being called people, these 193 heads of states and their obeying lackeys, they are now fighting for themselves. The vaccines that they so cruelly were coercing you to accept—or else; or fearing you into wanting—these meekly beings, are now at the mercy of nature. And so, would be the arrogant little politician, who unwittingly triggered the hypothetical nuclear blast, that, in turn triggered other blasts of worldwide dimension, catastrophe no end.—But, but honestly—who is to blame? Of course, Russia and China.

These Covid-king politicians couldn't care less about you. These now angst-ridden politicians, once seemingly preoccupied for your health, who insistently told you to get Covid-inoculated to save your skin, they so easily abandon you to safe their own skin.

They are now so adamant to seek refuge — from nature. They let Covid go.

Nature may know no mercy.

Not with them, not with the rest of us, Global Northerners, who have been sleepwalking like zombies in pre-lockstep conditions, despite the numerous warnings: Decades, if not more, of preparation, the 2010 Rockefeller Report, numerous WHO commissioned preparatory reports, then Event 201, that struck on 18 October 2019 in NYC, in full sight, just a few weeks before the well-planned worldwide "outbreak of the fierce Covid disease".

We were and are being clouded by cognitive dissonance—to remain voicelessly in our comfort zones. Yes, I'm talking about us in the Global North, or we, westerners, who are so much superior to those poor people in the Global South, those that we in the Global North have exploited and ransacked for centuries, have stolen their resources and deprived them of education and of a decent livelihood.

We of the Global North, we who have obeyed the 193 crooked and dishonest heads of states and their obedient servants, their bought medical crews, we too, are now exposed without mercy to this—hypothetical—natural catastrophe—or nuclear blast—whatever fate may hypothetically have in store for us. We too deserve it.

For the grace of being recognized by our immoral leaders, puppets to a higher force, a deep state, a dark state or a non-state monster, for that recognition, for that egocentric flaw of being accepted by the powerful, we have closed our eyes and let the devil walk right over us—and into us.

Covid is gone—For good—Never came back.

Hypothetically, the world as we knew it is gone. By Nature, Mother Earth's cleansing. Reset, yes, but not WEF-style. So easy. Universal Reset caused by the real forces of Mother Universe—not by our lousy, man-made, bribe-prone fiat money.

Covid is gone—from one instant to the next. That shows once more how ignorant, selfish, and unconscious we are; unconscious of our fellow human beings, those from the Global South, whom we deprived of their wealth and education, and whom, to this day, we colonize with debt and by using them as guinea pigs, for example, to test all kinds of dangerous and controversial medication, including vaccines. In their wisdom as victims they may understand sooner than we do what the 193 tyrannical governments are up to.

Hail to Covid. It may bring us the Light by suddenly disappearing—compliments of Nature's Wrath.

22 Steps to Global Tyranny

By Graham L. Strachan B.Sc., LLB © all rights reserved

Introduction by Tony Pitt: Editor—National Interest.


The unions who backed the ALP now realize the ALP is now working against workers. Businessmen who backed the Liberals groan under GST/BAS and income tax as TAX CUTS always TAKE more money from TAXPAYERS, generate more money for government and give less in pensions and medical care. Most farmers now realize that the National have no intention of standing up to the USA when Americans demand access to our markets NOW and promise to PHASE IN fair trade for Australian farmers in 18 years time.

A document called the Millennium Declaration was signed between the sixth and eighth of September 2000. It commits us to the One World Government, with the UN playing the central role. When they rule we will be slaves. Nearly all of our oil, coal, iron, silver, gold, lead, aluminium, gem and mineral sands are foreign owned. We are left with the hole in the ground. We buy our fuel at well over a dollar a litre when it costs only three cents to produce it. WE pay 60 cents a litre for gas and sell ours to Japan at three cents . . . because we are locked in to these one sided World Trade Agreements.

Strachan's final paragraph points out that the reality of world government will not be immediately apparent. Its implementation will accelerate now the commitment has been made. It will take several years to fully transfer sovereignty from nation-states to global central command.

And so as he says:

"There is a small window of time left in which to protect yourself, your family, your freedom, your assets, your future, and that of your children. By the time you finish reading this book you will know what has to be done."

Why not get a copy? You can't afford not to read it!

The book outlines the steps the World Financiers use to achieve World domination. You are seeing history unfold. It is going badly.

CONQUEST, but by stealth and treachery rather than armed force used openly. The armies are there and being used but the nation states are being picked off one by one. Afghanistan, Iraq now. Korea and Columbia are in the sights for armed conquest.

The real success stories are where the politicians are bought and the countries handed over for bribes. Australia handed over 170 tonnes of gold at $240 US an ounce in the few days the gold reached that level. My! My! What a coincidence?


The objective of the globalization programme is to do away with independent nations and turn them into interdependent member states of a single world Corporatist/Socialist order with a single integrated global economy. This requires governments to implement policies which progressively hand over ownership and control of their national economy, banks, big business and industry, public utilities, and farming sector, to global interests; and to surrender their political, legal, and cultural sovereignty to so-called 'institutions of global governance' and ultimately the United Nations world government.

If the program were to be written out as it has to be implemented by national governments, it would look something like this:


STEP 1: National governments will relinquish control of their money, float their currency, and remove all controls over the flow of money into and out of the country.
STEP 2: National government will continue the practice of borrowing from the international bankers to finance their affairs.
STEP 3: National governments will depend on international investment for all future development.
STEP 4: National governments will ensure international (not national) ownership of their banks and financial institutions by transnational corporations and global investors.
STEP 5: National governments will wind back spending on welfare and social programs, including education and health.


STEP 6: National governments will ensure international (not national) ownership of their industries, and business by transnational corporations (TNCs) and global investors.
STEP 7: National governments will remove all impediments to the activities of TNCs and global investors in exploiting their resources including human resources.
STEP 8: National governments will abolish all measures, including exemptions under Trade Practices legislation, which protect or assist small/medium sized nationally-owned business.
STEP 9: National governments will abolish all forms of protection (tariffs, import restrictions, subsidies) for local industries.


STEP 10: National governments will disempower unions, abolish wage fixation, and allow their labour forces to compete in an unregulated global labour market.


STEP 11: National governments will sell all publicly-owned government-run enterprises and public utilities to TNCs and global investors.


STEP 12: National governments will ensure international (not national) ownership of farms by transnational agribusiness corporations (TNCs) and global investors.
STEP 13: National governments will adopt policies of producing for export, and importing for local consumption.
STEP 14: National governments will abolish all forms of protection (tariffs, import restrictions, subsidies) for locally-owned farms.
STEP 15: National governments will enter into agreements with international bodies which hand over ownership and control of their countries' natural resources.


STEP 16: National governments will sign multilateral treaties at the United Nations which surrender their political and legal sovereignty.
STEP 17: National governments will adopt policies of 'regionalism' and 'multiculturalism', and other policies which will eventually eliminate national borders, culture, and identity, and create global citizens.
STEP 18: National governments will agree to implement globally determined environmental, social and cultural programs in their country.


STEP 19: National governments will wind back their national armed forces to levels sufficient only to subdue their own people and participate in 'global peacekeeping' activities as required by the UN.
STEP 20: National governments will disarm their own citizens so there can be no armed resistance to globalization.
STEP 21: National governments will maintain a working relationship with their local media who will divert attention from these developments until they are too far progressed to be reversed.
STEP 22: National governments will agree to ultimately surrender their own sovereignty and take direction from the World Government.

This book is perhaps the simplest explanation of what is going on behind the scenes in Australian Politics. It explains how Australia, under the guiding hands of the ALP/Dem/Lib/Nat/Greens, has gone from the highest standard of living in the world to number 23 and GOING DOWN.

Graham Strachan,
PO Box 131
Phone (07) 5546 9210
Email: bizbrief @
Get a copy! Go straight to the end on page 90 and read the final STEP 22:


By Graham L. Strachan B.Sc., LLB. © all rights reserved

Some recent history: Globalization is the most audacious bid for wealth and power ever attempted in world history. It is on such a scale that few even recognize it for what it is. We hear constantly from the minority of "winners" that the benefits are there—the "ordinary" folk are just too stupid to see them. But if globalization was as good as it is claimed to be, it would have sold itself by now—and it hasn't.

Since the Lima Agreement in 1975 hundreds of international treaties have been signed, taking us into globalization without a referendum or any real debate. Much of the discussion has been in secret . . . confirmed by a government document in May 1998 which in part stated: ". . . the MAI currently being negotiated in secret by the Australian Government at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development . . ." (emphasis added).

The secrecy surrounding the MAI or Multilateral Agreement on Investment was worldwide—it was supposed to be signed sealed and delivered to the OECD by May 1988 without the people of the world noticing. French activists posted a leaked draft copy on the Internet. Anti-MAI groups sprang up everywhere including Australia and the plot was foiled, at least for the time being.

The OECD is a sort of rich nations" club, set up mainly to make it easier for TNCs (Transnational Corporations). Our government intended to give TNCs and global investors a free hand in Australia. It would be illegal to refuse entry to any TNC. No restrictions could be imposed, such as minimum wage requirements or number of Australians to be employed, or safety standards etc. Everything favoured the TNCs.

When the secrecy was exposed, the government quickly pointed out that exceptions were to be allowed and they were seeking them for 28 industries. They did not mention that any exceptions agreed to could not be changed or added to, and in fact would be phased out after 20 years. So in effect there were no real exceptions.

Our government had always had the right to limit and control such investment. Suddenly they intended to sign that right away. One wonders why? In effect the MAI would allow the TNCs and global investors to treat the country as their own, do as they pleased and sue the Australian government if it tried to interfere in any way.

Some indications were given by a former High Court Judge, Sir Anthony Mason at the opening of a Melbourne Convention on March 2, 1998. He stated that the negotiations with the OECD were being conducted in secret. He said . . . at the end of the day it is possible that the terms will be set in concrete leaving Australia with very limited choices to make; the effective choices having been made by Treasury and Federal Cabinet during the course of the unpublished negotiations."

Sir Anthony referred to "demise of the nation state" and warned the MAI was part of a larger process that involved handing over sovereignty.

We are supposed to believe that globalization is another name for trade liberalization. World trade has been going on for 10,000 years and free trade was official British policy 200 years ago. The verb "global" means to "make global." What is being made global? Ownership of the world's economic assets and resources is the answer! The old world economy of nation states trading with each other for mutual benefit is being transformed into a single integrated global economy trading within itself for the benefit of the new owners—TNCs and global investors.

Hence globalization means the end of independent nations and independent nationally-based economies. Nations have to gradually transfer ownership and control of banks, financial institutions, public utilities, labour forces, farming sectors and natural resources from their own citizens to TNCs and global investors.

Under our government but without reference to the people, Australia elected to globalize voluntarily, hence the mad rush of the last two decades to reverse many of our policies and sell off almost the entire country to achieve the result. TNCs and foreign investors have now literally taken us over. They are protected by our government, to the detriment of the people.

In 1997 the government relinquished control over banking, insurance, asset management and stock broking industries. Control of Australia's four main banks was signed away under the fifth protocol of GATS. An agency was set up to guarantee TNCs and foreign investors reimbursement for losses if the government decided to seize assets, confiscate funds or tax their profits.

Step 22 of the 22 Steps to Global Tyranny mentioned above states:


A document known as the Millennium declaration was signed at the UN Headquarters in New York 6-8 September 2000. Under international law this document is legally binding on the nations that signed it, and it was indeed signed by our government's representative. And so our sovereignty has been handed over to the UN, an unelected body, without our permission or even our knowledge. Needless to say, the language was deliberately designed to conceal the real nature of what had been done.

The full text of the Declaration is at

It will take a little time for the full affects of the declaration to become obvious, i.e. to fully transfer sovereignty from nation-states to global central control. Seven years have elapsed already. [The COVID-19 plandemic exposes this dirty secret and explains why 193 leaders and their nations sacrificed their nations and their people to the g_d of the UN – Ed].

No government would have been elected on a platform which allowed it to achieve the globalization of Australia—particularly if globalization had been fully defined, and discussed, in the first instance; and if the people had been made aware of the fact we will eventually lose our sovereignty.

The threat of this coming loss of sovereignty is not exaggerated. On page 20, "Demise of the Australian Nation", Strachan states:

"Globalists try to deny that the handover of control of national affairs to institutions of global governance involves a surrender of national sovereignty. That too is nonsense. Even the Prime Minister let slip that it does. In an interview with Dennis Shanahan of the Australian newspaper, published on 13 June 1988, Prime Minister Howard admitted to "the difficulty of being in government in a globalised economy where there is a loss of sovereignty. . ." It might be added that Mr. Howard's own government is responsible to a large extent for creating that "difficulty".

Irrespective of the party in power, Globalization has been achieved—behind a screen of secrecy, lies and half truths; and with the help of a complicit media and a couple of phony economic theories.

It benefits the elite and those in the upper income bracket. As our globalist masters get their way (e.g. the IR laws) the standard of living of the rest of Australia will reduce. Another example is the shortage of skilled labour due to reversal of earlier policies which has led to importation of skilled workers—some cheap, some on standard rates.

WE HAVE BEEN CONNED! We think we are living in a "democracy. NOT SO! Federal and State Parliaments are made up of members chosen by the parties, not the people. Party members must obey the party line or lose their endorsement. There are a few independents, but over the years we have seen them cave in under pressure and betray their electors. Our "democratic" government has secretly led us into Globalism with probably only a few cabinet members "in the know".

Thus Liberal and Labor have both betrayed us. Howard is a puppet under control of the New World Order (Globalism). Rudd would have to fall in line and not alter the basics if he became P.M.

We cannot alter the system by changing the major party. Apart from minor window dressing there is no fundamental difference. Both parties are on the same track. Both parties have promoted the cause of the Globalists during their terms in office. The two party system is not "government by the people for the people" . . . (This book is out of print, but Strachan's latest book "22 Steps to Global Tyranny" is available for $14.95. Address: PO Box 131, Jimboomba, QLD, 4280. This book really is essential reading).

My People are destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

Matthew 6:1-4, "Be careful not to perform your good works to be seen by men; then you will have no reward from your Father Who is in heaven. When you give alms, sound no trumpet before you, like the hypocrites in the synagogues and as 'philanthropists' do in their tax exempt foundations and in the streets, that they may be praised by men. Truly I assure you, they have received their reward. But when you do a kindness to someone, do not tell your left hand what your right hand is doing, so that your kindness is done secretly: and your Father Who sees in secret will reward you".

The indispensable right hand smiles exuding integrity through the leaders of 193 nations as each, confident in his or her authority simultaneously and unnaturally expressed mutual love and concern for their people, whose favour they sought as cover as they destroyed national and global economies, in behalf of billionaire thugs and eugenicists working to receive "all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them" (Matthew 4:8-9). Of one mind and one accord under the spell of a Jewish criminal organization, the UNO, the corrupt US CDC and WHO, the right hand extinguished taxpayers while the left hand promising taxpayer funded free medical, psychological and child care, tax relief, and unemployment support in empathy with the people confronted with the unseen laboratory-created COVID-19.

They have burnt their bridges behind them to ensure there can be no retreat and "return to normal." Consider the China Bridge, the Lebanon and Syria, Iran and Iraq bridges, Russia, the EU, North Korea, Turkey and so many other bridges. And worldwide billions of trusting plebs assured their leaders had the 'solution' at their fingertip burned their bridges of employment, shut down 'non-essential' enterprise (so called); schools, churches, entertainments, and voluntarily entered house arrest with no hope of "returning to normal".

With the right hand our leaders deploy soldiers, sailors and airmen to the defense of our nation, but in lockstep with the City of London and our "great and powerful US friend," we invaded peaceful and innocent nations possessing valuable natural resources; we slaughtered their citizens, prostituted their women, and ultimately invited alien sometimes criminal, often inassimilable refugees of diverse religions, tongues and cultures to divide and conquer our homelands, unbeknownst unfolding an ancient plan (Genesis 3:15). The left hand serves foreign-owned and controlled banks whose banksters will create and extend credit out of thin air to fund housing, provide 'free' education, transport, medical, infrastructure and other taxpayer funded benefits. According to the plan 193 nations are perpetually running the banksters' treadmill with 'free energy' to power their economic cycle.

The right hand devised compulsory superannuation for secure retirement you and your employer must fund for the banksters' benefit. That money must be invested but there are only so many corporations, so the price of stocks and bonds are hiked rather than establishing new productive enterprises thereby growing national wealth. Thus the left hand is gambling, artificially inflating the stock market into a Ponzi scheme.

Without conscionable planning the left hand ensures that the value of money earned by wage and tax slaves running the treadmill for foreign-owned or controlled banks must decline.

The right hand has given us COVID-19, Polio, Cancer, and the false PR of alien-controlled mainstream fake news, TV, degrading and indecent radio broadcasts, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to divide and conquer. "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of" (Edward Louis Bernays (1891-1995), Propaganda, 1928, ch. 1).

The left hand destroys your economy, accuses and insults your source of income, China—coal, iron ore, beef, barley, wine—breaking you financially and sending you begging to the bank. It creates and spreads a philosophical and psychological plague upon the non-Christian mind: fear of the unknown and panic are far more deadly than COVID-19 hoax or the climate change hoax by means of which you will pay for the air that you believe.

Everyone has been blinded by the false economy of the Welfare State (so-called). The left hand has blinded everyone by free handouts enroute to destitution. Materially we are rich and in need of nothing, but spiritually we are blind, bankrupt and impoverished, yet the debt must be paid.

The Quislings who serve the bankster-controlled Hegelian two party political systems do not realize that their master, the 'hidden hand' behind the scene, will stand them before a firing squad or fit their neck to the hangman's noose as they did the German Administration "who knew too much" about Allied atrocities in WWII. Dead men tell no tales.

You see, the left hand and the right hand are both controlled by the same head always working under a different name and in another occupation behind the scenes. And both hands belong to the children of Cain whom our Lord God set at enmity with the children of the first and the last Adam. Worldly wise it is common the identify the left hand with Judaeo-communism or socialism, and the right hand with Judaeo-capitalism, and if one observes the (once) Christian nations such as the United States of America one notes how our lukewarm "could not care less" fellows are pretty much national socialists as opposed to Communism which is international socialism.

Brother Branham said, "How many of you people has heard years ago down here when they was going to have me arrested down here for preaching on that "mark of the beast"? When I said that Mussolini, when he first come in power twenty-some-odd years ago [1922], I said, "If Mussolini ever goes towards Ethiopia, [he invaded Ethiopia on October 3, 1935], mark this down, there'll never be peace till Jesus Christ comes." And I said, "There'll be three great isms, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism" [three spirits]. And I said, "They'll wind up in one ism, and that one ism will dominate the world and will burn the Vatican City" [Revelation 17:16 – 18:20, 24; 17; Ezekiel 27:28-36]. You remember me saying that years and years and years ago. And just exactly that way.

I said, "Just before that time comes, that automobiles . . ." Which was built that old straight back, twenty years ago or twenty-five years ago. You can remember twenty years anyhow. I said, "They'll look like an egg. They'll be shaped. That's a vision. Be something on the shape of something like that." And that's the way they'll be just before the rapture.

But God's just now loosening up the church everywhere, getting in order now so He can get into the rapture, got to give it rapturing faith before it can go in the rapture.

The people are in the spirit of the last days, just like they was in the days of Noah, eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, unconcerned, don't care, walk around, and anything else. And these American people is the worst on the face of the earth: "heady, high-minded, incontinent, fierce, and despisers, a know-it-all" [II Timothy 3:1-7]. If there's any place in the world... With, my Bible over my heart, and God knowing that looking down on me and know I may have to stand before Him before morning . . . If I had to say so, the place needs missionaries worse than any place in the world is the USA, the United States of America. The greatest bunch of heathens that I know of anywhere is in America. "Heathen" means "unbeliever" (53-0326, Israel and the Church, par. 41- 44).

"We will be in war with Germany . . . Watch Russia. But that is not the main one to watch . . . also has been an evil thing done in this country; they have permitted women to vote. This is a woman's nation, and she will pollute this nation as Eve did Eden. Now, you see why I'm hammering the way I do. I got, THUS SAITH THE LORD.

In her voting she will elect the wrong person. The Americans will take a great beating at a place that Germany will build, which will be a great wall built of concrete (The Maginot Line, eleven years before it was ever built [by France in 1930. I believe he means the Siegfried Line built by Germany in 1930]. But finally they will be victors.

Then when these women help elect the wrong person, then I seen a great woman rise up in the United States, well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart. She will either guide or lead this nation to ruination. (I've got in parenthesis "perhaps Catholic church"). Also, science will progress, especially in the mechanical world. Automobiles will continue to get like egg shape. Finally they will build one that won't need a steering wheel. (They've got it now.) It will be controlled by some other power."

Then I seen the United States as one smoldering, burnt-over place. It will be near the end. (Then I've got in parenthesis: "I predict that this will take place" . . . Now, look what happened now. President Franklin D. Roosevelt took America to England's tea party. That's right. Germany never picked on us; we picked on them, throwed the whole world into a war, to cause a world war . . . Women, given the right to vote, elected President-elect Kennedy—with the woman's vote, the wrong man, which will finally be to full control of the Catholic church in the United States; then the bomb comes that explodes her.

There's seven things predicted, and five of them has already happened . . . these other two things are bound to happen. It's just got to happen" (60-1113, Condemnation by Representation, par. 35-43).

When Los Angeles sinks it will take the US dollar and the world economy with it and within fifty days the sleeping saints will rise while "we who are alive and remain," become a hunted and persecuted little group for preaching on the "mark of the beast." We will manifest that we are the Sons of God, and what we say He will do to infuse us with faith for translation grace.

After our translation Satan will be cast down to earth incarnate in the pope. Russia will invade and briefly garrison the US mainland; the old enemies of God, Judaeo-Roman Catholicism and Judaeo-Communism compete for leadership over one world order. Rome will pull the rabbit of Daniel 9:27 and confirm the covenant with the promise to refinance the US dollar with gold backing and her pope will be acclaimed inaugural president of world government. Russia will withdraw their troops and the world will once again be divided.

In Hosea 4:6 God taught, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because YOU have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, so that you shall be no priest to Me: since you have forgotten the Law of your God, I will also forget your children".

Jesus told the Scribes and Pharisees, "In vain do you worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matthew 15:9). Stopping their ears they blinded themselves and crucified their Messiah without the Camp. Two thousand later they are just as blind; their time is approaching, but first the Gentile dispensation must end in unbelief (Romans 11:32). And we know that the Pentecostals rejected Christ the Word following the revelation of the Seven Seals yet "He stands without knocking on the church door securely locked and barred against the Word: crying if any man hear My Voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me" (Revelation 3:20). nl1128.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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