Index - A Prophet to the Gentiles
by Terry Sproule

Chapter 1 - Prophet to the Gentiles

The Sign of the Prophet
What say the Scriptures
          William Branham and Shekinah

Chapter 2 - The Life and Ministry of William Branham

A Man Sent From God
Acts of The Prophet
Early Life and Conversion
His Ministry Begins
Seven Prophetic Visions
Commissioned by An Angel
Three Pulls
The Third Pull
God Vindicates His Own
A Prophet Visits South Africa

Chapter 3 - I Will Restore Saith the Lord

In Vain Do They Worship Me
"Unto what were you baptized?"
"...The LORD our God is One Lord"
"I will put enmity between thy seed and her Seed"

Chapter 4 - If Any Man Hear My Voice

"Behold I Stand At The Door and Knock"
Appendix 1 - Angels
Appendix 2 - Witnesses

Chapter 5 - The Godhead
Elohim and Jehovah
The Letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life
The Uniqueness of The Son of God
Objections Considered
1. The Use of Plural Pronouns in the Old Testament
2. The Use of the Plural Title, Elohim
3. The Water Baptism of Jesus Christ
4. To Whom Did Jesus Pray?
5. John 1:1 - "The Word Was with God"
6. New Testament Usage of the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
7. John 17:5 - "The Glory I had with Thee before the World was"
8. How Many Did Stephen See?
9. John 10:30 - "I and My Father are One"
One God or Trinity