Was there Really a Holocaust?
By Dr. E. R. Fields

The Holocaust has become the greatest instrument of sympathy which any nation has ever been able to use to gain support for wars, expansion and foreign-aid: This has made Israel the world's sixth strongest military power. The gravest threat to all this wealth and influence is the growing doubt over the question of whether or not a real holocaust of 6 million Jews actually took place.

Numbers of Victims Don't Add Up

The World Almanac for 1947 states that back in 1939 the world Jewish population was 15,688,259. The Almanac's figures were supplied by the American Jewish Committee. Next the Jewish-owned New York Times of February 22, 1948 stated the world Jewish population for that year amounted "to 15,600,000 to 18,700,000 in addition to the 600,000 to 700,000 living in Palestine." How could the Jewish population increase so rapidly over the war years if they had lost 6,000,000 people? (See Note 1).

Following the rise of Hitler there were no more than 4 million Jews at most living in areas occupied by the Third Reich at the height of its power. Yet on June 30, 1965, the West German government announced that some 3,375,000 Jewish holocaust "survivors" had applied for reparations money. The International Red Cross had already reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died, and their audit to December 31, 1984 records a total 282,077 registered deaths of all internees in all German Concentration Camps from all causes.

It is interesting to note that in the Jews' real "bible", The Talmud, it is claimed that 800,000 Jews were slaughtered by the Romans in Hadrian's era. Yet there is no historical evidence to support this claim either. The Jewish-owned New York Times, in 1945 carried an article by the well known Jewish writer C.L. Sulzberger. It openly stated that Soviet Russia had supplied the figure of 4 million Jews having been put to death "in the gas chambers of Auschwitz." Thus it was the Judaeo-Communists and the Jews who initially originated these figures which today are accepted as "gospel truth". It is claimed that from 1934 to 1945 some 50,000 people died in the huge Bergen-Belsen camp. This count is considered exaggerated, still Time Magazine reports that of this figure 20,000 died of typhus during the single month of March, 1945! If nearly half died of this plague in just one month at the end of the war there is no way Bergen-Belsen could have been an "extermination camp". (See Note 2).

Himmler - "Reduce Deaths at all Costs"

Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Concentration Camps issued orders on December 28, 1942, that "The death rate in the concentration camps must be reduced at all costs" (Reitlinger, "The Final Solution"). The camps had been hit with a deadly typhus epidemic that spread by fleas and body lice. Stomach pain, high fever, emaciation and death can quickly follow. All of the camps were factories and the loss of workers was hurting war production. Inspector of the camps, Richard Glucks responded to Himmler's order on January 20, 1943, "Every means will be used to lower the death rates" (Nuremberg Tribunal Document No. 1523).

On April 10, 1943, Oswald Pohl, head of the Economic Administration Office of the camps issued a letter stating that persons with tuberculosis were being sent to the camps resulting in the "shockingly high mortality figures" (Nuremberg Documents). Later, on September 30, 1943, Pohl was able to show that the camp death rate had been reduced from 8.5% in July, 1942 to 2.8% in June 1943.

The German SS arrested Buchenwald Commandant, Karl Koch in 1943 for mistreating and even executing some prisoners. After an investigation Koch was found guilty by SS Judge Konrad Morgen and shot. Does this sound like a policy of "extermination?"

After the War, with suspicion rapidly rising about the holocaust claim, a committee of Jewish leaders from New York and Paris met with communist leaders in Warsaw. There they established the "Committee for the Investigation of War Crimes and War Criminals". It was after this meeting that the announcement was made that all gas chambers were located in Poland.

The Problems of Mass Gassing

In 1945 it was announced that gas death chambers existed in all concentration camps in Poland, Germany, Austria and Alsace. Some 15 years later, in 1960, this was revised to the new claim that gas chambers existed only in camps located in Soviet held Poland. Simon Weisenthal of the Los Angeles Holocaust Center states in the paper, "Books and Bookmen", April 1975, page 5, "No gassing took place in any camp on German soil." The pressure had been growing since The Vatican, Red Cross, English Intelligence and German Intelligence chiefs Canaris and Oster (who collaborated with the British) either did not know or did not believe in rumors of gassings.

This brings up the following questions:

    1). Germans are meticulous record keepers but there is not one order for the construction of any gas chamber, no blueprint, no photo of any gas chamber or gassed victims.
    2). There have been thousands of investigations of alleged Nazi war criminals, hundreds of trials, yet not one person was ever accused of being involved with actual gassings! No reliable witness on either side has ever come forward who saw a single person gassed—AND THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN OVER 10,000 MASS GASSINGS!
    3). Photos of bodies at Dachau and Belsen camps are of prisoners who died of typhus and malnutrition. Many Germans also died from typhus.
    4). The Vatican and Red Cross interviewed thousands of freed camp inmates at the end of the War about alleged gas chambers. The response was always the same, "The detainees themselves have not spoken of them" (Red Cross document No. 9925, June 1946).

Forced Confessions of Gassings

Rudolf Hoess was the commandant of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943. When captured by the Soviets they extracted a confession to mass gassings using Zyclon-B gas. Such "confessions" are about as reliable as any forced by Stalin from victims tortured before taking the stand to confess during the Moscow show trials of 1936. The communists wrote the "Confession' and Hoess signed it. Later he was hanged. An assistant commandant refused to sign—he died in his cell. Hoess' statement read, "half an hour after having released the gas, they opened the door and started the ventilation machines. They began immediately to extract the bodies while eating and smoking."

Was Hoess trying to get a message across that there were no gassing? Zyklon-B is not "ventable". The manufacturers state Zyklon-B adheres to surface clothing and skin. They say that only after a 24 hour period, wearing a gas mask with the strongest filter, could any bodies be removed without killing such workers.

If we believe the Hoess confession that the workers ran into the gas chamber "eating and smoking"—without gas masks—only minutes after the gassing—ALL WOULD HAVE DIED!

Gas Stories not Possible

The Jew Mosche Pearlmann in his book, "The Capture and Trial of Adolph Eichmann" states on pages 375 and 385 that Zyclon-B crystals were introduced from the ceilings of the gas chambers and "became immediately gaseous." The American Cyanamid Co. of Linden N.J. states: "We know of no chemical process whereby HCN (Zyklon-B) may be made to become instantly gaseous upon exposure to air." (See Note 3).

Claims of William Shirer

Shirer claims the gas was released from overhead through fake shower outlets, (page 970) and quickly killed its victims. The truth is that Zyklon-B gas is lighter than air and would rise to the ceiling so that anyone throwing themselves to the floor would be saved. Shirer also quotes the Soviet written confession signed by Hoess as stating (page 968), "We knew when the people were dead because their screaming stopped." If anyone were actually killed with a cyanide type gas they would die instantly thus there would be no screaming at all. The truth is that Zyklon-B was used to delouse inmates' clothing of lice and fleas which carry typhus.

The Problem of the Crematoriums

At the Auschwitz I camp there were only 6 crematory ovens. At the hospital in Auschwitz II there are 46 single cremators. In the Lubin camp there were only 6. THAT'S ALL! In these three camps 3 to 4 million Jews were supposed to have been exterminated and their bodies cremated. Furthermore, these cremation ovens were very small with only 18' doors and required from 4 to 6 hours to burn each body using a large amount of coal. Cremation was used in the camps for those who passed away in order to prevent epidemics. No large supplies of coal were ever stored at the camps for cremations. A VERY INTERESTING NOTE appears only in the German edition of William L. Shirer's book, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." It seems the Didler-Werke Company, which built the crematory ovens, sued Shirer who previously wrote that millions of people were gassed and then burned in this company's ovens. In an out-of-court settlement of the suit Shirer agreed to add the following footnote on page 972 of the German edition: "The Didler-Werke have raised objection to the name of their firm appearing in the chapter concerning the extermination camps. Dr. S. Trastel, a professor of engineering in a statement of August 1961 established that the measurements are those which are standard for a crematory oven of not very modern design intended for small cemeteries and would be unsuitable for mass burning." WHY IS THIS DELETED FROM THE ENGLISH EDITION???

On the question of cremating 6,000,000 people—this would leave 15,000 tons of ashes! Such gigantic piles of ashes created over the short 2 1/2 year period the holocaust supposedly took place would have been very difficult to dispose of. No one has ever come forward to report seeing such huge piles of tons of ashes. It was not until 1960 that the Soviets opened the Auschwitz camp to tourists and independent investigators. No gas chamber could be found. The official answer was that it was "taken to another camp for gassings and then later went into oblivion!" (See Zimunism).

What Experts say about the Holocaust

Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, eminent historian, author of 40 books, many of which are standard college texts, noted in Rampart Journal, 1967. "It has been demonstrated that there had been no systematic extermination in those camps." Thies Christopherden, a German soldier and author wrote: "I was at Auschwitz! There was no gas chamber there." Paul Rassiner, historian and anti-Nazi activist, who served a prison sentence in Buchenwald and the Dora camps stated in 1962. "The claim that a holocaust took place is an historic lie—the most tragic and most macabre imposture of all time." Prof. Robert Faurisson, a specialist in Document Analysis at the University of Lyon. France, stated on April 25, 1979. "The holocaust lie, which is largely of Zionist origin, has made an enormous political and financial fraud possible, whose principal beneficiary is the state of Israel."

Why the Holocaust Campaign

Hardly a week goes by when there are not stories in the press, on TV-News or movies about the alleged holocaust. What is the long range design for this constant attempt to fill Germans and indeed all Christians with a feeling of guilt over a holocaust which never occurred?

Bernard Postal wrote in the Jewish Week, July 14, 1979, "Not until after the holocaust, did anti-Semitism become taboo. There was a time when anti-Semitic speeches were an open factor in national campaigns. The holocaust put a taboo on overt anti-Semitism among upper-level statesmen and publicists."

S.E.D. Brown of South Africa, a noted journalist writes, "The holocaust instills a guilt complex in those said to be guilty and spreads the demoralization, degeneration, and eventually the destruction of the natural racial elite among a people. This transfers effective political control to the lowest elements who will cowtow to the Jews."

Zionist spokesmen often boast of: "The shattering effect of the holocaust on the Christian conscience resulting in a feeling of collective indebtedness to the Jews."

Massive unending U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel in made possible because anyone who dares to oppose these outrageous giveaways is condemned as being "anti-Semitic" and "insensitive" to holocaust victims. The Jews hold an unnatural violent hatred for the German people. Jews seek to turn all other peoples of the world against the Germans and keep that nation divided for all time to come. That is why no peace treaty has been signed as yet with Germany and why they still live under Allied military occupation laws.

A Question of Fund-raising

The Wall Street Journal quotes a Jewish professional fund-raising consultant firm of Milton Goldin Co., as saying the main theme of Jewish fund-raising is the holocaust and has been for 38 years. When they don't use the holocaust the money collection sharply drops off. Thus the more the Press, TV and Hollywood promotes the holocaust the more money the United Jewish Appeal and other Zionist funds can extract from gullible people (Note 4).

Holocaust Silences Opposition

Jewish leaders have discovered that by repeating holocaust stories over and over again they can instill a guilt complex within all Gentiles. This effectively silences most critics of Zionist political goals.

What about Real Holocausts?

Why doesn't the Jew-controlled press, TV and film industry give massive media attention to real victims and to proven holocausts of Gentiles in recent history.

The Soviet-Bolshevik Holocaust of Christians:

Russian Kulak Farmers (1928-1930)—15 million exterminated. Ukranian Farmers (1930-1933)—7 Million exterminated. Russian Political Prisoners (1919-1949)—12 million exterminated. Total peoples murdered by Lenin and Stalin—34 million. But there were more: several hundred thousand Russians—a staggering number—took up arms against the Soviet Union in the years following the German invasion in June 1941. They were betrayed by the Allies at Yalta and murdered by the Judaeo-Communist Soviet. When Western archives were at last available to historians, two remarkable books quickly appeared: The Last Secret, 1974, by Nicholas Bethel, and Victims of Yalta, 1977, by Nikolai Tolstoy, both shocking in their detailed accounts of what had happened. Cambodian extermination 1975—2.5 million. Armenian extermination by the Turks, 1915—1.5 million.

Eisenhower's Death Camps

Scanned images of the text of the cover story published in the September 1989 issue of Saturday Night describes Eisenhower's barbarism. Here is the video

Behind the scenes the same group, always working under a different name and in a different occupation has managed every one of these real genocides as well as recent and ongoing holocausts in Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere. Photo illustrates Other Losses by James Bacque, & The Avengers by Michael Bar-Zohar, (1967). Hawthorn Books, inc, New York.

Bacque tells the truth about how Eisenhower murdered thousands of German prisoners of war AFTER the surrender. Many of those starving soldiers and piles of dead bodies you have seen in atrocity photos were NOT Jews, they were Germans.

Don't argue with me, read the book. General George Patton wrote in 1945 that Eisenhower was using "practically Gestapo methods" in torturing and killing German POWs.

In August 1944 Dwight D. Eisenhower (who in the early 1960s ordered the assassination of Patrice Lamumba) and Henry C. Morgenthau came up with the Morgenthau Plan to inflict collective punishment upon the German people following the end of the Second World War. This was, basically, a plan to starve millions of Germans, mostly citizens, to death. Although the plan was officially cancelled, it was in fact implemented. Between 1945 and 1953 it is estimated between 9 to 15 million ethnic Germans were killed, mainly civilians.

(Also read, An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945 by John Sack, and statistical and documentary evidence presented in, Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Verrall).

(Based on an Article from: "THE TRUTH AT LAST" Journal. P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061., USA).

The Evening Independent, April, 24, 1945

In this news item published in The Evening Independent of St. Petersburg in Florida (which has a large Jewish population), the Allies boast of MURDERING 1,000,000 German POWs in 21 days.

Eisenhower's Death campsThe untold story of Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps—A deliberate policy of extermination of the surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany (Rheinwiesenlager). Full documentary, plus additional background information, and a memorial for the victims. This German language film has been translated into English, re-edited, narrated, and published by Justice for Germans:

Part 1 The 'Rheinwiesenlager' German language documentary translated into English, with additional information and interviews (50 minutes).

Part 2 Deanna Spingola reads a chapter from her book dealing with the subject of these camps and provides additional background information regarding the perpetrators and their policies (30 minutes).

Part 3 A Memorial March for the victims of these camps held in Remagen, Germany in 2011, also translated and narrated in English (10 minutes). The theme song in the opening segment is "Recurrence" by J. Belenger and included with his permission Full story: youtube.com


Note 1: In his eulogy to Antony Sutton, Alan Stang wrote, "His volumes will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose; why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis; why the kids can't read; why the churches have become propaganda founts; why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie and a hundred other whys".

After 60 Years and Many More Billions!

To: The Simon Wiesenthal Center Library & Archive
From: m.f@zoomtown.com
Sent: 05/11/04 09:11AM
Subject: List of names?

Dear Simon Wiesenthal Center,

I was looking for the online database of the 6 million names of people who died at the Nazi death camps. I figured that there has to be such a site in today's information age and with the careful documenting of such things. I was wondering if you could give me this link?


From: "Library Mailbox"
Date: 2004/05/11 Tue PM 08:06:02 GMT
To: m.f@zoomtown.com
Subject: Re: List of names?

Thank you for your email inquiry. As of this writing, there is no database of 6 million names. Yad Vashem is planning to release approximately one million names on a database sometime this year and has plans to include several million more in the future. Please go to: www.yadvashem.org.il for details.

Very truly yours,
The Simon Wiesenthal Center Library & Archives

David Cohen "Wiesenthal.com Now Trying To Profit From Hate" (Australian Jewry Against Jewish Fascism, 12-21-00).

As Jews, we apologize to you. Let me assure you that the Simon Wiesenthal organization does not represent any Jews we know of.

In recent years the worldwide Jewish community has been infested with extreme fascist organizations like the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the ADL, and others who pretend to represent World Jewry. In reality, they are front organizations working to limit our free speech and civil rights.

Their problematic websites are a source of shame to all of us Jews. These US-based groups are using the ideas of religious extremists to cause mayhem and anarchy by manipulating the Internet and the news media in general. These organizations are using the same strategy that the Nazis used, trying to intimidate us into not exercising our freedom of free speech. Anyone who disagrees with these extreme fascist Jewish organizations is labelled 'anti-Semite', 'racist', 'anti-American', a 'Jew hater' or if he/she is a Jew: a 'self-hating Jew'.

We Australians are very surprised that you allow these fascist Jewish organizations to operate in the USA. By glancing at their "hate-sites", you can see that they are labelling every proud patriotic American as a criminal! The citizens of all nations should be proud of their country and there is nothing wrong with being patriotic as long as we remember that all humans and nations are equal and all are a part of the living world, dependent on the survival of our life supporting ecosystems.

Jews in Australia remember Crystal Night very well, when the Nazis burnt all of our Jewish holy books in Germany. Now the Simon Wiesenthal Center is "burning websites" by selling them on CD. . . In addition, recently, the Simon Wiesenthal Center had the audacity to take this list off their website and instead SELL IT on CD!

The Simon Wiesenthal Center now has become a merchant of hatred. I can now see the entire world pointing a finger at us Jews for making money by selling hatred. The main goal of these fascist Jewish organizations is to attract hatred towards us Jews.

They are a great liability to all Jews. We do not know who is financing them and we want nothing to do with them.

Here in Australia, hardly a week goes by without these organizations placing a Rabbi on the news to tell us that we all support Israel's activities. Nothing is further from the truth! Israel has become a great liability for Jews worldwide as a result of the recent massacres by the Israeli army of Palestinian women and children. This has resulted in hundreds of attacks on Jewish institutions worldwide this year. Humanity is a global community and the actions of citizens in each country have a direct repercussion on the rest of the human community.

It is not a secret that we Jews practically control the world distribution and production of films. This has manifested itself by forcing the world to watch films about the Nazi concentration camps almost every week of the year for the last half a century.

It is vital that humanity learns the errors of the past and the Holocaust has to be remembered. However, because we are a global community, we have to remember that there have been many Holocausts for many different people. We cannot look at one event in isolation. We must look at them ALL. Humanity has a world view. All these are magnified a thousand times when we are aware that General Ariel Sharon who was named as responsible to the Massacres of Sabra & Shatila in Lebanon, by an Israeli Government Commission, is now proposed to be the next Prime Minister of Israel. (In Sabra & Shatila refugees camps in Lebanon, many thousands of women & children were assassinated, their bodies pushed to heaps by unmarked Israeli army bulldozers).

Today, the world's view of Israel's activities is one of a powerful state attacking a minority people and that makes us look like a modern manifestation of the Nazis. Competition with and fighting against our neighbours has always been a part of the human struggle for survival. Any population of humans can make the grave error of aggression towards their neighbour and only human community values can put an end to such behaviour.

Jewish hatred of Palestinians is as evil as the Nazi hatred of Jews or Palestinian hatred of Jews. It is all hatred and this evil threatens all people and resolves nothing. This is the reason why so many Jews here in Australia have suggested moving ALL Israelis to a remote part of Australia. We need the expertise of the Israelis, who are world leaders and experts in many fields and this needs to be recognized around the world. It is now up to Jews and Israelis world wide to demand that the nation of Israel treat the Palestinians as the brothers that they really are. Christian and Muslim Arabs world wide must also demand that Jews be treated as brothers, not enemies.

Jews, Christians and Moslems are all brothers because we are all People of the Bible. All families fight but only those that make up and resolve their differences will survive and prosper.


David Cohen
Australian Jewry Against Jewish Fascism

One Jew to Another
Open Letter To: Mr Simon Wiesenthal
Subject: Nazis Chasing Sixty Years After The War
From: R. D. Polacco de Menasce France 6-27-4

My Dear Sir,

I do think that no Jew will ever dare to tell you the truth.

I am probably the only Jew left who can tell it to you.

I have learnt that you are still chasing very old persons who had responsibilities in the Nazi regime. Sixty years after! People who are eighty-five years old! How shameful!

Do you know one ethnicity who did such a thing in the course of the History of Mankind? You are the very symbol of Talmudic hysterical neverending hatred.

This is the more egregious as the Nazi regime gave work, sane economy and balance to a whole country, whereas today, everything (when I mention everything, I mean absolutely all) is both Jewish and entirely rotten.

Jewish Capitalism has collapsed the world into all forms of pollutions. Jewish Marxism has slaughtered 200,000,000 people.

To crown it all, everybody knows that there were not 6,000,000 Jews (a country the size of Switzerland) in occupied Europe in 1941 (The American Jewish Year book, mentions 3,300,000 Jews and from that date (1941) on, we all fled to the Free Zone or to Spain towards England). And it is only one million Jews whom Hitler wanted to exchange for trucks at the period of the so-called Shoah. Besides we know that Zyklon B cannot gas 1000 or 2000 people at one time (see M.Roubeix, chief executive of the factory of Saint Avold producing cyanide acid) in gas chambers which have strictly never found norms.

I suppose you would rather have a Jewish USA government enshrined in Jewish finance, pinching petrol in Iraq, spreading Jewish one-worldism, Jewish pornography, 13 Jewish press, Jewish puppets in all governments, than the cleanness of the Nazi regime which made a miracle out of the Jewish rot of the Versailles treaty—the negotiators of which were the Warburg brothers, and that of the Weimar Republic.

You are 95 years of age: if you are not insane what will you tell the Lord when you soon appear if front of Him?

I do wonder.

Entirely disgusted,
R. D. Polacco de Menasce
(Docteur de l'universite de Paris. These de morpho-psycho-endocrinologie—Ret.)

Note: The fraudulent Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal was given an honorary knighthood. Under oath and in books he has contradicted himself and spread vile falsehoods about alleged German atrocities. However he at times told the truth, as in 1975 and again in 1993 when he publicly acknowledged "there were no extermination camps on German soil" (S. Wiesenthal, Sails of Hope), thereby conceding the claims made at the Nuremberg Tribunal and elsewhere that Buchenwald, Dachau and other camps in Germany proper were "extermination camps" are untrue (reuters.co.uk  ihr.org).

Note 2: The Diminishing Numbers of Alleged Dead in Auschwitz.
According to the holocaust legend, Jewish prisoners who arrived at Auschwitz between the spring of 1942 and the fall of 1944, and who were not able to work, were immediately put to death and that no records were kept of such deaths (even though all other deaths where recorded in detail). . .

9,000,000 Source: Cited by the French documentary, Night and Fog, which has been shown to millions of school students worldwide.

8,000,000 Source: The French War Crime Research Office, Doc. 31, 1945.

7,000,000 Source: Also cited by the French War Crime Research Office.

6,000,000 Source: Cited in the book Auschwitz Doctor by Miklos Nyiszli. It has since been proven that this book is a fraud and the "doctor" was never even at Auschwitz, even though the book is often cited by historians.

5,000,000 to 5,500,000 Source: Cited in 1945 at the trial of Auschwitz commander Rudolf H?ss, based on his confession which was written in English, a language he never spoke.

5,000,000 Source: Cited on April 20, 1978 by the French daily, Le Monde. Also cited on January 23, 1995 by the German daily Die Welt. By September 1, 1989, Le Monde reduced the figure to 1,433,000.

4,500,000 Source: In 1945 this figure was cited by another witness at the aforementioned H?ss trial.

4,000,000 Source: Cited by a Soviet document of May 6, 1945 and officially acknowledged by the Nuremberg War Crimes trial. This figure was also reported in The New York Times on April 18, 1945, although 50 years later on January 26, 1995, The New York Times and The Washington Post slashed the figure to 1,500,000 citing new findings by the Auschwitz Museum officials. In fact, the figure of 4,000,000 was later repudiated by the Auschwitz museum officials in 1990 but the figure of 1,500,000 victims was not formally announced by Polish President Lech Walesa until five years after the Auschwitz historians had first announced their discovery.

3,500,000 Source: Cited in the 1991 edition of the Dictionary of the French Language and by Claude Lanzmann in 1980 in his introduction to Filip Muller's book, Three Years in an Auschwitz Gas Chamber.

3,000,000 Source: Cited in a forced confession by Rudolf H?ss, the Auschwitz commander who said this was the number of those who had died at Auschwitz prior to Dec. 1, 1943. Later cited in the June 7, 1993 issue of Heritage, the most widely read Jewish newspaper in California, even though three years previously the authorities at the Auschwitz museum had scaled down the figure to a minimum of 1,100,000 and a maximum of 1,500,000.

2,500,000 Source: Cited by Rudolf Vrba (an author of various fraudulent accounts of events he claims to have witnessed at Auschwitz) when he testified on July 16, 1981 for the Israeli government's war crimes trial of former SS official Adolf Eichmann.

2,000,000 Source: Cited by Leon Poliakov (1951) writing in Harvest of Hate; Georges Wellers, writing in 1973 in The Yellow Star at the Time of Vichy; and Lucy Dawidowicz, writing in 1975 in The War Against the Jews.

2,000,000 to 4,000,000 Source: Cited by Yehuda Bauer in 1982 in his book, A History of the Holocaust. However, by 1989 Bauer revised his figure to 1,600,000.

1,600,000 Source: This is a 1989 revision by Yehuda Bauer of his earlier figure in 1982 of 2,000,000 to 4,000,000. Bauer cited this new figure on September 22, 1989 in The Jerusalem Post, at which time he wrote "The larger figures have been dismissed for years, except that it hasn't reached the public yet."

1,500,000 Source: In 1995 this was the number of Auschwitz deaths announced by Polish President Lech Walesa as determined by those at the Auschwitz museum. This number was inscribed on the monument at the Auschwitz camp at that time, thereby "replacing" the earlier 4,000,000 figure that had been formally repudiated (and withdrawn from the monument) five years earlier in 1990. At that time, on July 17, 1990 The Washington Times reprinted a brief article from The London Daily Telegraph citing the "new" figure of 1,500,000 that had been determined by the authorities at the Auschwitz museum. This new figure was reported two years later in a UPI report published in the New York Post on March 26, 1992. On January 26, 1995 both The Washington Post and The New York Times cited this 1,500,000 figure as the new "official" figure (citing the Auschwitz Museum authorities).

1,471,595 Source: This is a 1983 figure cited by Georges Wellers who (as noted previously) had determined, writing in 1973, that some 2,000,000 had died.

1,433,000 Source: This figure was cited on September 1, 1989 by the French daily, Le Monde, which earlier, on April 20, 1978, had cited the figure at 4,000,000.

1,250,000 Source: In the book, The Destruction of the European Jews, by Raul Hilberg (1985).

1,100,000 to 1,500,000 Source: Sources for this estimate are Yisrael Gutman and Michael Berenbaum in their 1984 book, Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp. This estimate was later also cited by Walter Reich, former director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, writing in The Washington Post on September 8, 1998. The upper figure of 1,500,000 is (the new) "official" figure as now inscribed at Auschwitz, with the earlier figure of 4,000,000 inscribed on a plaque displayed from 1948 to 1989 having been removed from the memorial at the site of the former concentration camp.

Despite a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million the number of Jewish victims who perished in the holocaust of World War II remains unchanged at 6,000,000.

1,000,000 Source: Jean-Claude Pressac, writing in his 1989 book Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers. This is interesting since he wrote his book to repudiate so-called "Holocaust deniers" who were called that precisely because they had questioned the numbers of those who had died at Auschwitz.

900,000 Source: Reported on August 3, 1990 11, by Aufbau, a Jewish newspaper in New York.

800,000 to 900,000 Source: Reported by Gerald Reitlinger in his book, The Final Solution.

775,000 to 800,000 Source: Jean-Claude Pressac's revised figure, put forth in his 1993 book, The Crematoria of Auschwitz: The Mass Murder's Machinery, scaling down his earlier claim of 1,000,000 dead.

630,000 to 710,000 Source: In 1994 Pressac scaled his figure down somewhat further; this is the figure cited in the German language translation of Pressac's 1993 book originally published in French. Again, this is substantially less than Pressac's 1989 figure of 1,000,000.

135,000 to 140,000 Source: This is an estimate based on documents held by the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross. It is known that International Tracing Service has a complete set of registration documents. This is thought to include a complete set of roll-call data which includes twice daily tallies of those who died. Although the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross has such records, they have never officially published an accurate count of those who died, or even an accurate report as to exactly which documents they hold. However, totals from these records have been obtained by various interested parties.

The estimate of 135,000 is roughly corroborated by the "Auschwitz death books." The death books themselves are wartime German camp records, which were captured by the Soviets towards the end of the war, and hidden in Soviet achieves, until released to the Red Cross in 1989.

The death books consist of 46 volumes which document each death at Auschwitz (each death certificate consists of the deceased person's full name, profession and religion, date and place of birth, pre- Auschwitz residence, parents' names, time of death, and cause of death as determined by a camp physician). The records for the most important years, 1942 and 1943, are almost complete (there are also a few volumes for the year 1941, but none for the year 1944 or January 1945 (when Auschwitz was evacuated).

The Auschwitz death books contain the death certificates of some 69,000 individuals, of whom about 30,000 were listed as Jews.

Using all available wartime records from the various camps it has been estimated that between 400,000 and 500,000 people died in the German concentration camp system (from all causes).

Some entries from the Auschwitz death books

According to the holocaust legend, Jewish prisoners who arrived at Auschwitz between the spring of 1942 and the fall of 1944, and who were not able to work, were immediately put to death and that no records were kept of such deaths (even though all other deaths where recorded in detail).

German journalist and researcher Wolfgang Kempkens, obtained copies of some 800 of the death certificates from sources in Poland and Russia. Reproductions of thirty of these certificates appeared in the article "Pages from the Auschwitz Death Registry Volumes" by Mark Weber, Journal of Historical Review vol 12 p 265.

We provide the following selection from the 30, to show that the old and weak appear among the death certificates of the Auschwitz death books, proving that the claim that "all who were not able to work, were immediately put to death" is false.

Josef Hoffmann, a Jewish butcher, was 89 years old when he died of "old age" on June 22, 1942.

Abraham Stieber, a Jewish salesman from Slovakia, was 79 years old when he died on July 2, 1942, of "old age."

Chaim Richter, a Jewish salesman, was 81 years old when he died in Aschwitz on March 1, 1942, of "weakness of old age."

Josephine Kohn, a Jewish inmate born in Hungary who had been living in Leipzig, was 69 years old when she died on February 10, 1943. Auschwitz camp physician Dr. Kitt reported "weakness of old age" as the cause of death.

Emil Kaufmann, a Jewish attorney deported from Germany, was 78 years old when he died of "old age" on February 15, 1943. "Weakness of old age" is given as the cause of death.

Julius Sonnenberg, a salesman from Germany, was 65 years old when he died on February 27, 1943, of "angina pectoris." His religion is cited as "non-believing, formerly Jewish."

Abraham Blok, a Jewish butcher from the Netherlands, was 70 years old when he died of "old age" on March 6, 1943.

Jettchen Fuld, a Jewish inmate, was 67 years old when she died on October 10, 1942. Old age and physical weakness is given as the cause of death.

Salomon Serlui, a Jewish laborer from the Netherlands, was 67 years old when he died in Auschwitz on October 16, 1942. Camp physician Dr. Kremer reported a stomach ulcer as the cause of death.

Ren? Hirschfeld, a Jewish tailor born in Berlin in 1878, was 64 years old when he died on November 2, 1942. Camp physician Dr. Kitt reported "weakness of old age" as the cause of death.

Armin Horn, a Jewish salesman deported to the camp from Slovakia, died on August 19, 1942, at the age of 70. Camp physician Dr. Thilo recorded the cause of death as "accumulation of fluid in the intestine and weakness of old age."

This Auschwitz camp death certificate reports that prisoner Josef Buck, a Jewish teacher from Kattowitz, was 65 years old when he died on August 1, 1941. "Weakness of old age" is given as the cause of death.

Josek Nisenkorn, a Jewish laborer, was 71 years old when he died in Auschwitz on August 11, 1941. "Weakness of old age" is given as the cause of death by camp physician Dr. Siegfried Schwela, who himself later died of typhus.

Samuel Mandel, a Jewish tailor, was 74 years old when he died in Auschwitz on March 26, 1942. Physician Dr. Entress reported the cause of death as "influenza with heart failure."

Ernestine Hochfelder, a Jewish inmate who had been deported to the camp from Slovakia, was 70 years old when she died in Auschwitz on June 4, 1942. "Physical weakness and old age" is cited as the cause of death.

David Reichman, a Jewish farmer, was 70 years old when he died on July 22, 1942, of "old age."

This selection has been chosen to illustrate that the old and weak where not "immediately gassed" as is often claimed, and to point out that according to the death records, many died of old age.

More from the Auschwitz Death Books

According to the holocaust legend, Jewish prisoners who arrived at Auschwitz between the spring of 1942 and the fall of 1944, and who were not able to work, were immediately put to death and that no records were kept of such deaths (even though all other deaths where recorded in detail).

By entering Josef Hoffmann's name into the Auschwitz museum data base, one finds:

Hoffmann, Josef
(1852-08-12 ? 1942-06-22)
Birthplace: Vrutky, Place of Residence: Vrutky, Denomination: mosaisch which agrees with the facts stated above, namely:
Josef Hoffmann, a Jewish butcher, was 89 years old when he died of "old age" on June 22, 1942. Why was this 89 year old butcher not "immediately gassed by the Nazis on reaching Auschwitz?" Why did the Nazis choose him as a "camp worker" and thus record his name in the death books when he died?

What do you suppose this 89 year old butcher was doing for the Nazis? Making sausages perhaps? Or making lamp-shades from Jews?

Inquiring minds wish to know. Check it out with the Auschwitz museum database:

Death Books

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And what of these two 90 year old ladies:
K?nigstein, Anna Sara
(1852-12-30 ? 1943-12-27)
Birthplace: Poleschowitz, Place of Residence: Theresienstadt, Denomination: mosaisch

Ružička, Marie
(1852-12-10 ? 1943-05-12)
Birthplace: Klattau, Place of Residence: Gross Dobray, Denomination: katholisch

Why do you suppose these two old ladies were "chosen for work" by the Nazis? To make tea, perhaps?

Check it out with the Auschwitz museum database:

Death Books

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Or what of these 4 year olds?

Weiβ, Waldtraud
(1939-03-13 ? 1943-03-25)
Birthplace: Oldenburg, Place of Residence: Oldenburg, Denomination: katholisch

Stein, Gisela
(1939-03-02 ? 1943-04-11)
Birthplace: Stolzenau, Place of Residence: Bremen, Denomination: evangelisch

Pfeiffer, Frieda
(1939-06-05 ? 1943-06-16)
Birthplace: Kitzladen, Place of Residence: Markt Alhau, Denomination: katholisch

What "labor: do you suppose they preformed for the Nazis?

And what of this 122 year old lady !?!?!?

Kohn, Elisabeth
(1819-12-08 ? 1942-08-15)
Birthplace: Trencin, Place of Residence: Trencin, Denomination: mosaisch

Why do you suppose she was "chosen for work" by the Nazis? To make coffee, perhaps?

Like all ladies, she probably lied about her age.

Check it out with the Auschwitz museum database:

Death Books

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Below is a break-down of the death certificates from Auschwitz by age.

?Age Group??Number??Percentage?

There were 10,681 deaths among those over the age of 50, and 3,225 among those below the age of 15. These 10,681 + 3,225 = 13,906 deaths imply a camp population of some 100,000 to 150,000 prisoners, either, over the age of 50 or below the age of 15. Few of these 100,000 to 150,000 prisoners could be considered "fit for work" and according to the holocaust myth, should have been immediately gassed. The existence of death certificates for those (among this huge group) that died, by itself, proves that the Auschwitz holocaust story is indeed a myth. Taken together with all the other evidence, it is clear that the holocaust myth is another deliberate deception force fed to the public for the last 60 years.

The following is a list of those persons over the age of 80 whose names occur in the "Auschwitz death books".

122 Kohn, Elisabeth (1819-12-08 1942-08-15) Birthplace: Trencin, Residence: Trencin, Religion: Jew

90 K?nigstein, Anna Sara (1852-12-30 1943-12-27) Birthplace: Poleschowitz, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

90 Ruzicka, Marie (1852-12-10 1943-05-12) Birthplace: Klattau, Residence: Gross Dobray, Religion: Catholic

89 Hoffmann, Josef (1852-08-12 1942-06-22) Birthplace: Vrutky, Residence: Vrutky, Religion: Jew
88 Strauss, Arnold (1853-12-29 1942-06-22) Birthplace: Bobrow, Residence: Banska Bystrica, Religion: Jew

88 Herzberg, Johann (1854-12-25 1943-04-07) Birthplace: W?llnitz, Residence: Gotenhafen, Religion: Catholic

87 Zagolkin, Nikifor (1856-00-00 1943-12-05) Birthplace: Styriki, Residence: Styriki, Religion: Greek Orthodox

87 Horvath, Anna (1856-03-07 1943-05-10) Birthplace: Schreibersdorf, Residence: Althodis, Religion: Catholic

86 Kannengie?er, Leopold (1855-08-10 1942-07-14) Birthplace: Neu Sandez, Residence: Presov, Religion: Jew
86 Strukow, Praskowja (1857-00-00 1943-11-09) Birthplace: Wierieczi, Residence: Kalzy, Religion: Greek Orthodox

86 Strojny, Jozefa (1857-02-23 1943-11-08) Birthplace: Sulejow, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic
86 Kreutz, Elisabeth (1857-04-03 1943-07-31) Birthplace: R?mershausen, Residence: Dortmund, Religion: Protestant

85 Zegolkin, Domna (1858-00-00 1943-12-23) Birthplace: Malchaty, Residence: Lopatki, Religion: Greek Orthodox

85 Laski, Apolonia (1858-00-00 1943-12-21) Birthplace: Dubowik, Residence: Sawin Dub, Religion: Greek Orthodox

85 Karpowicz, Wasilij (1858-00-00 1943-11-09) Birthplace: Borisow, Residence: Borisow, Religion: Greek Orthodox

85 Berousek, Cecilie (1857-10-04 1943-03-31) Birthplace: Frauenberg (Budweis), Residence: Bistrowan, Religion: Catholic

85 Wei?, Eva (1858-01-04 1943-05-04) Birthplace: Gehaus, Residence: Unterr?ckersbach, Religion: Catholic

85 Petermann, Maria (1858-02-01 1943-05-26) Birthplace: Sennheim, Residence: Berlin NO 55, Religion: Catholic

84 Grysimienko, Achriem (1859-00-00 1943-12-09) Birthplace: Lipinki, Residence: ---, Religion: Unknown

84 Wesolowski, Malgorzata (1859-00-00 1943-11-18) Birthplace: Witonia, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic

84 Jonasz, Moric (1858-06-17 1942-06-23) Birthplace: Lest, Residence: Banska Bystrica, Religion: Jew

83 Spindler, Blondina Josefa (1859-07-22 1943-06-22) Birthplace: Gnotzheim, Residence: Filzingen, Religion: Catholic

83 Baranow, Anastasija (1860-00-00 1943-11-01) Birthplace: Dworiszcza, Residence: Jakowlewo, Religion: Greek Orthodox

83 Schkomarovsky, Ester Sara (1860-03-00 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Kyjov, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

83 Bardaczow, Nikita (1860-05-00 1943-10-08) Birthplace: Plaszkowo, Residence: Plaszkowo, Religion: Greek Orthodox

83 Weiss, Moritz (1859-03-07 1942-07-14) Birthplace: Ilwes, Residence: Presov, Religion: Jew

83 Prager, Reinhold (1860-02-02 1943-04-12) Birthplace: Sankt Sanglow, Residence: M?nchen-Bernsdorf, Religion: Protestant

83 Schneck, Kreszentia (1860-02-10 1943-04-16) Birthplace: Rohrdorf, Residence: Ravensburg-Ummenwinkel, Religion: Catholic

83 Frank, Max (1859-05-10 1942-06-25) Birthplace: Velk?-Surovce, Residence: Piestany, Religion: Jew

83 Heiman, Ernestine (1859-04-08 1942-04-22) Birthplace: Banovce nad Bebravou, Residence: Trencin, Religion: Jew

83 Rostalski, Jadwiga (1860-10-25 1943-11-01) Birthplace: Falkenhof, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic

82 Friedrich, Theodor (1860-10-04 1943-06-03) Birthplace: Gro?-K?dde, Residence: Berlin N 54, Religion: Catholic

82 Horvath, Ignaz (1860-09-27 1943-05-06) Birthplace: Zahling, Residence: Zahling, Religion: Catholic

82 Buriansky, Marie (1860-11-11 1943-03-16) Birthplace: Brockesdorf, Residence: Stadt-Liebau, Religion: Catholic

82 Knopf, Agnes Sara (1861-11-28 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Unknown

82 Rosenberg, Elisabeth (1861-04-21 1943-05-10) Birthplace: Klein-Wanzleben, Residence: Berlin-Marzahn, Religion: Catholic

81 Welkewitz, Chana Sara (1862-01-20 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Unknown

81 Sommer, Luzie Sara (1862-04-03 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Raudnitz an der Elbe, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

81 Vohryzek, Leopold (1862-03-30 1943-12-22) Birthplace: Hermannst?dtl bei Chrudim, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

81 Richter, Chaim (1860-08-18 1942-03-01) Birthplace: Krenau, Residence: Krenau, Religion: Jew

81 Herrmann, Katharina (1862-03-28 1943-10-08) Birthplace: Eisenau, Residence: Sielanki, Religion: Catholic

81 Holomek, Johann (1861-09-26 1943-03-31) Birthplace: Napajedl, Residence: Napajedl, Zigeunerlager, Religion: Catholic

81 Bello, Martin (1862-03-25 1943-07-21) Birthplace: Niederfinow bei Berlin, Residence: Halle an der Saale, Religion: Catholic

81 Pollak, Josef (1861-01-20 1942-04-26) Birthplace: Rajec, Residence: Rajec, Religion: Jew

81 Neumann, Betti (1862-09-28 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Wohnort nicht bekannt, Religion: Unknown

81 Szewczyk, Zdzislaw (1862-10-27 1943-12-18) Birthplace: Tarnobrzeg, Residence: Moschin, Religion: Catholic

81 Gruszczynski, Maria (1862-06-16 1943-07-21) Birthplace: Klonowa, Residence: Litzmannstadt-Chojny, Religion: Catholic

81 Subrt, Nepomucena (1862-06-21 1943-07-25) Birthplace: Swatoborschitz, Residence: Tscheloschnitz, Religion: Catholic

81 Br?ll, Johanna Sara (1862-11-29 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Unknown

81 Eiser, Johanna (1861-05-09 1942-06-02) Birthplace: Nositz, Residence: Rajetz, Religion: Jew

80 Sojka, Berta Sara (1863-01-01 1943-12-27) Birthplace: Jungbunzlau, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

80 Stopnicki, Michal (1860-08-31 1941-08-25) Birthplace: Stare Stawy, Residence: Jaslo, Religion: Catholic

80 Dirnfeld, Israel (1861-07-00 1942-06-24) Birthplace: Nitra, Residence: Nitra, Religion: Jew

80 Pietrowicz, Anton (1863-00-00 1943-12-18) Birthplace: Suchopiatowa, Residence: Suchopiatowa, Religion: Greek Orthodox

80 Waitz, Karl (1862-06-15 1943-05-06) Birthplace: Pleil, Residence: Graz, Religion: Catholic

80 Spakow, Tatjana (1863-00-00 1943-11-15) Birthplace: Stiriki, Residence: Lopatki, Religion: Greek Orthodox

80 Szubrow, Tatjana (1863-00-00 1943-10-27) Birthplace: Bobruszki, Residence: Bielikow, Religion: Greek Orthodox

80 Orieszenko, Andriej (1863-00-00 1943-10-07) Birthplace: Chabaty, Residence: Chabaty, Religion: Greek Orthodox

80 Stefaniak, Wiktoria (1862-10-14 1943-06-19) Birthplace: Garz, Residence: Komsdorf, Religion: Catholic

80 Jelinski, Jozefa (1863-03-12 1943-11-15) Birthplace: Tschenstochau, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic

80 Pohl, Wilhelm (1862-09-13 1943-05-07) Birthplace: Beneschau, Residence: Teplitz-Sch?nau, Religion: Catholic

80 Rotholz, Louis Israel (1862-07-12 1943-02-13) Birthplace: Pyritz, Residence: Berlin, Religion: Jew

80 Stein, Rudolf (1863-01-01 1943-07-03) Birthplace: Breslau, Residence: Bremen, Religion: Catholic

80 Graczek, Marja (1863-07-16 1943-12-26) Birthplace: Salzberg, Residence: Jaworzno, Religion: Catholic

80 Karoly, Juliana (1863-01-12 1943-06-20) Birthplace: M?nchmeierhof, Residence: Spitzzicken, Religion: Catholic

80 Daniel, Josef (1863-02-16 1943-07-09) Birthplace: Bilowitz, Residence: Bilowitz, Religion: Catholic

80 Herzberger, Oswald Julius Hermann (1863-02-07 1943-06-23) Birthplace: Striegau, Residence: Neum?nster, Religion: Protestant

80 Serynek, Beatrix (1863-00-00 1943-05-04) Birthplace: Milschitz, Residence: Pilsen, Religion: Catholic

80 Wagner, Emilie Sara (1863-11-25 1943-12-28) Birthplace: Slatina bei K?niggr?tz, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

As the holocaust of six million Jews in World War I was eventually revised to zero, the Jewish magazine FORWARD, November 25, 2005 is continuing to revise downward the number of Jews claimed to have been exterminated in Auschwitz from the one-time figure of nine million, to not millions, not hundreds of thousands, but "thousands" of "deaths," not exterminations. (As we know, most deaths were from disease caused by allied destruction of supply lines near war's end). And Auschwitz is now a "concentration camp," no longer a "death camp":

"In addition to Irving's arrest, Rudolph, 41, was sent from Chicago this month to his native Germany, where he was wanted on a 1995 conviction of inciting racial hatred for disputing the deaths of thousands of Jews held captive at a concentration camp. Rudolph was sentenced to 14 months in prison for publishing a report disputing the deaths of thousands of Jews in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, according to a statement by the Department of Homeland Security. Rudolph, a former chemist, claimed in his report that since he had failed to find traces of Zyklon B on the bricks of gas chambers, mass gassings of Jews could not have occurred at Auschwitz".

The NewsTelegraph: "Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi death Camp." Great Britain's foremost Jewish journalist, author and holocaust researcher, Gitta Sereny, smacked The NewsTelegraph in the face: "Auschwitz was a terrible place—but it was not an extermination camp." The Times, London, August 29, 2001. (Also see Auschwitz—Myths & Facts).

Note 3: Professor Robert Faurisson, writes: Jean-Marie Le Pen recently stated: "If you take a thousand-page book on the Second World War, the concentration camps occupy two pages and the gas chambers ten or fifteen lines, and that's called a detail."

"He might have brought up some even harder-hitting and more precise arguments, and referred to Eisenhower, Churchill, de Gaulle, Elie Wiesel, Ren? R?mond, Daniel Goldhagen, and even the text of the Nuremberg Tribunal judgment."

"Three of the best known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe (New York: Doubleday [Country Life Press], 1948), Winston Churchill's The Second World War (London: Cassell, 6 vols., 1948-1954), and the M?moires de guerre of General de Gaulle (Paris: Plon, 3 vols., 1954-1959). In these three works not the least mention of Nazi gas chambers is to be found."

"Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill's Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle's three-volume M?moires de guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi "gas chambers, "a" genocide" of the Jews, or of "six million" Jewish victims of the war."

The comprehensive and entirely neutral Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, (Geneva, 1948), incorporated and expanded the findings of two previous works: Documents sur l'activit? du CICR en faveur des civils d?tenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946), and Inter Arma Caritas: the Work of the ICRC during the Second World War (Geneva, 1947). It found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis occupied Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate the Jews, and in all 1,600 pages of this three volume Report it does not even mention such a thing as a gas chamber.

The same goes for the autobiographical account, Night (New York: Hill and Wang, 1960), in which Elie Wiesel relates his experience of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Moreover, in the first volume of his memoirs, All Rivers Run to the Sea (New York: Random House/Knopf, 1995, p. 74), he writes, "Let the gas chambers remain closed to prying eyes, and to imagination."

In the third volume of his Introduction ? l'histoire de notre temps ("Introduction to the History of Our Times"), Ren? R?mond, who was then president of the commission on the history of the deportation within the Comit? d'histoire de la Deuxi?me Guerre mondiale (Committee on the History of the Second World War), made no mention whatsoever of these gas chambers (Le XXe si?cle de 1914 ? nos jours ["The 20th Century from 1914 to the Present"], Le Seuil, 1974). Fourteen years later, when he had become president of the Institut d'histoire du temps pr?sent (Institute of Contemporary History), once again he made no mention of them in a 1,013-page work entitled Notre Si?cle de 1918 ? 1988 ("Our Century from 1916 to 1988," Paris: Fayard, 1988).

Since March 1996, the Jewish-American historian Daniel Jonah Goldhagen has been treated as the darling of the media the world over, thanks to his book Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (New York: Knopf, 1996, xiv-634 pp.). While he does mention Nazi gas chambers, it is for little more than to note that "their efficiency has been greatly overstated" (p. 10), and that they have always been, and wrongly, "the overwhelming focus of popular and even scholarly attention" (p. 165). Goldhagen goes as far as to declare that "gassing was really epiphenomenal to the Germans' slaughter of the Jews" (p. 533, n. 81) and that "the imbalance of attention devoted to the gas chambers needs to be corrected" (p. 535). (NAZI Gassings Never Happened! by Friedrich Paul Berg; Circular Letter of the Military Police Service dated October 1, 1948 read in evidence to Canadian court April 11-12, 1988, stated "the Allied Commissions of Inquiry have so far established that no people were killed by poison gas in the following concentration camps: Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Flossenb?rg, Gross-Rosen, Mauthausen and its satellite camps, Natzweiler, Neuengamme, Niederhagen (Wewelsburg), Ravensbr?ck, Sachsenhausen, Stutthof, Theresienstadt).

France's Fabius-Gayssot law of 1990 specifically forbids the "challenging" or "contesting" of the portions of the judgment of the International Military Tribunal of Nuremberg (September 30 and October 1, 1946) relating to "crimes against humanity," including the use of execution gas chambers. But it is noteworthy that, of the 84,000 words of the judgment's text (in the French version), only 520, extremely vague, are devoted to gas chambers. This is 1/160th of the entire text, or 0.62 percent. In other words, 99.38 percent of the judgment does not deal with these gas chambers.

In this important transcript of a video, Jewish revisionist scholar David Cole interviews Franciszek Piper, Auschwitz museum curator who admits, perhaps primarily because the latter is also Jewish, that the gas chambers and crematoria seen by visitors to Auschwitz were inventions built by the Soviets ten years after WWII ended.

Aerial reconnaissance of Auschwitz and Birkenau by Britain and America corroborated intelligence reports and concluded the inmates were not being murdered or physically abused in the visible camps.

The Nuremberg Judgment:

Why were Eisenhower, Churchill, de Gaulle, Elie Wiesel, Ren? R?mond, Daniel Goldhagen, and the Nuremberg Tribunal so reserved on the subject of the Nazi gas chambers? Of course, revisionists have explanations for this reticence that, however, the Fabius-Gayssot law forbids us to make public in France.

My own explanations, which cannot be published in France without committing a crime, would include the following:

The Nazi extermination gas chambers never existed.

Eisenhower, Churchill, and de Gaulle knew or suspected that their own governments' propaganda about gas chambers was not true. (Thus, on August 30, 1943, US Secretary of State Cordell Hull wrote to Standley, US Ambassador in Moscow: ". . . there is insufficient evidence to justify the statement regarding execution in gas chambers" [Foreign Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers 1943. US Government Printing Office, 1963, vol. 1, p. 416]).

Elie Wiesel probably now regrets that he did not mention gas chambers in his autobiographical work, Night.

Ren? R?mond revealed to me in November 1978 that he was "ready to follow [me] on the gas chamber matter."

Goldhagen probably realizes that the gas chamber story is fishy, and, anyway, prefers to insist on killing methods that permit him to accuse millions of Germans of complicity in crimes, rather than emphasize a specific killing method that implies only a handful of German criminals.

The Nuremberg Tribunal judges had nothing substantive to say about the gas chambers because they understood that no investigation had been conducted as to the specifics of the "murder weapon," and because neither the "witnesses" nor former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf H?ss had been asked hard specific questions about the gas chambers (Professor Robert Faurisson).

Note 4:"Full Responsibility for the First World War, lies squarely on the shoulders of the International Jewish Bankers. They are responsible for Millions of dead and dying" (U.S. Congressional Record 67th Congress, 4. Sitting, Senate Document #346).

The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism (Chicago Jewish Sentinel, October 8, 1942).

"The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world" (The American Hebrew Magazine, September 10, 1920).

Jewry seized power in the USA through a most professional performance of holocaust suffering in the Media and in Hollywood films. Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein puts it this way: "Our present interpretation of the Holocaust has been deliberately devised by American Jewish groups for purposes of ethnic supremacy, political advantage and financial gain" (BBC-News—January 26, 2000).

In his book, "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering" (2000), Dr. Finkelstein states that many powerful Zionist groups have used the Holocaust to amass vast sums of money. He states that the Holocaust has been used for fund raising for the survivors of the Hitler's detention camps. And, he continues, the survivors never received any of the funds. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been raised for Jewish causes because of the Holocaust. Over 700 billion has come from the United States. The Holocaust ideology is distinguished in its capitalization. He documents economic exploitation by this "Holocaust Industry," which he calls an "outright extortion racket".

"In December 1991, Alan Baer [Alan and Marcia Baer Foundation] put up the money for a full-page advertisement placed by the ADL in several major newspapers. The ad, headlined "Not All Nazis Are Living in South America," was a fundraising pitch for the ADL.

Bad judgment on the part of the ADL? Or merely one more instance of the ADL's showing its true colors. You be the judge (The Ugly Truth About the ADL, E.I.R., p. 103-119).

Carlos Porter's lengthy Made in Russia - the Holocaust [is] a compilation of the dozens of allegedly incredible or implausible Holocaust claims advanced by the Allies—particularly the Soviets—at the International Military Tribunal... [the book] contains photocopies and photographs of hundreds of pages of the trial transcripts and documents accepted as exhibits, allowing the reader to see for himself just how irrational some of the claims were."

"Collection of Holocaust sources from 'eye witnesses' and otherwise 'proven' accounts that are now considered absurd and false. . . Steaming, mass electrocution, atomic bombs, 'spanking machines', human lampshades/soap/etc, shrunken heads, cannibalism, poisoned soft drinks are just some of these absurdities tried before the final version of the story. . ."

Adolf Hitler said that people will doubt the truth of a small lie, but never a big one. He went on to say that the first and foremost practitioners of this technique have always been the Jews. Of course, this part of the quotation is forgotten - deliberately amputated (but always with plenty of anaesthesia).

Proof of the truth of this contention, including the last four words, is that the so-called Holocaust itself is not only the biggest "Big Lie" in history, but probably the stupidest as well.

One might just as well say that people will doubt the truth of an intelligent lie, but never a stupid one—and the stupider the better.

For example: if you tell your wife that you're working late at the office instead of drinking with your friends (or worse), she'll know it's a lie.

But if you tell her that Adolf Eichmann witnessed "blood spurting in little geysers from a mass grave" [Christopher Browning, FATEFUL MONTHS, Essays on the Emergence of the Final Solution, Holmes & Meyer, NY, 1985, p. 24], she'll probably believe it.

What's more, if you tell her it's all a load of old Nellie and that geysers are caused by volcanic heat turning water to steam in rock - what could cause a "geyser of blood" in a mass grave?—she'll probably get indignant. "Cruel monster! Heartless beast!"

The Holocaust is a universe of lies! Hundreds of photographs and official documentation support this fact. wasthere.htm