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The Grant and Adoption - 29KB

"Adoption" in Scripture is placing or recognition as worthy and responsible
ELECTION looks back to foreknowledge.
PREDESTINATION looks forward to destiny
Adoption consists of three phases
The Millennium Bug may be a Spiritual sign
NOW is the "dispensation of adoption"
The Book of Joshua types the Book of Ephesians
Joshua typed the Holy Spirit
there were three kinds of believers in the days of Moses

The Royal Grant and Adoption 1/2 - 29KB

A distinction must be made between a "treaty" and a "grant".
The "grant" is of grace. It's what Christ has already accomplished for us
In the Orient it was customary for the parties to an agreement to divide a beast
The divided animals type the body of our Lord Jesus broken for us on Calvary
there is a difference between faith in the atonement under the Law or "treaty"
The "grant" is a covenant in which the fidelity of the ancestor secures the claim
The "grant" is hereditary, "... for your descendants forever..."
Paul separates the covenant of "grant" and unconditional grace

The Royal Grant and Adoption 2/2 - 36KB

The grants to Abraham and to David are unconditional and hereditary
God's servant nation, rejected Jesus as the promised Messiah
there is no such thing as "Judao-Christian" heritage
The Church Ages were an interruption between the Incarnation of Messiah and His parousia
This symbol speaks of Christ's "parousia" or return in WORD Form
in this end-time, since Christ is no longer a Mediator
The Church Ages were foreshadowed by the separation of the high priest
The "adoption formula" of Jesus is a type for His end-time Bride
To this day the Jews observe an adoption ceremony or "Bar Mitzvah"
Paul alone employs the idea of "adoption", metaphorically

Don't cast Your Pearls before Swine - 20KB

Hezekiah gladly welcomed envoys of his archenemy, Assyria
God foretold Judah's return from exile and the rebuilding of Jerusalem
The glory of the Lord departed the Temple prior to its destruction
As the NWO closes its grip upon the world, Christians will be squeezed out

Seal up the Vision and Prophecy, and Anoint the Most Holy - 58KB

Ezekiel's temple is a symbol I believe refers to the 144,000 elect Israelites
Nobody but John saw the Shekinah above Jesus
Today the denominational church system imagine Christ is a Mediator
With all sinners in the grave until the general resurrection, Satan is bound
The Anointing departed from the Temple at Judah's apostasy
Ezekiel saw many revelations in common with John
Where sin reaches its climax, judgment goes forth
Israel thought that God was inexorably bound to His city and the Temple
In Revelation 19, we have a preview of Israel's parousia and our return

A City Whose Builder and Maker is God - 43KB

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