Overview - The Breach between the Church Ages and the Seals

The transition between the end of God's acceptance of part-Word through Christ's mediation, and that which is perfect — the fullness of the Word — which is Christ's parousia, or the Coming of the Son of Man.

Unabridged text of "The Breach between the Church Ages and the Seals"

Seals, 70:5 "the 5th chapter ... is not the Seven Seals. It is the Breach between the Church Ages and the Seven Seals. ... and there was a 4th chapter of Revelation ... it ... revealed something that would take place after the Church going up ... the Church goes up on the 3rd chapter of Revelation and does not return until the 19th chapter of Revelation. Therefore, the Church misses the tribulation..."

72:1, "This Seven-sealed Book is revealed at the time of the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10 ... this is at the end-time"

74:4-75:1"... all the mysteries at this time should be finished at the sounding of this messenger. Now, here's the angel on earth, and another Angel, mighty Messenger come down ... Christ ... returns back in the 10th chapter after... the mysteries is ... finished, and the Seals are to be broke and proclaiming that time is no more." We're close..."

76:1-2 "No denominations has a right for the interpretation of the Book. No man has a right to interpret It. It is the Lamb Who interprets It, and the Lamb is the One Who speaks It... Notice ... this Book is not revealed until the church ages and denominational ages has run out, and there's time no more."

82:6 "When Adam sinned by heeding his wife's reasoning, instead of holding to God's Word ... he lost his fellowship and right to Life."

87:3-6 "God's law required a innocent substitute, and who was innocent? Every man had been born sexual ... the only one that wasn't, had forfeit the rights to Eternal Life and to be king on the earth ... anybody that couldn't see it was a sex act there, he's totally blind, because every man that was born was born of a woman. And God required a Kinsman Redeemer, and He must be a human ... and every man on earth was born of a sex ... there's where ... sin started ... your seed of the serpent ... virgin birth produced our Kinsman Redeemer"

94:4-5"... John thought, "Oh my, where is the man? There stands the prophets they was born like I was. [by sex]... and there was nobody who could pay the price. ... John wept, because no one could do it."

92:1 "... the mystery of the whole Book is in them Seals from Genesis to Revelaton, a complete plan of redemption is revealed in these Seven Seals..."

97:5 "He'd been on His mediatorial work back here. But remember, these Seals are ready to be opened, and the Lamb come from the sanctuary of God, advanced forward ... the sanctuary's smoking; there's no more intercession; the Sacrifice has left - it's a judgment seat. There's no Blood on it ... for the Blood covered Lamb had walked away."

99:4-6 "For two thousand years He'd been back there, a Lamb. Now, He is stepping forth from Eternity to take the title deeded Book and to break the Seals and reveal the mysteries - at the end-time ... He becomes a Lion, He takes the Book; that's His rights ... when His work is done as an Intercessor..."

99:6 "He comes forth to take the Book, to reveal the mysteries of God that others has guessed at in all these denominational ages ... If this Book, mysteries, is the Word of God, the Seventh Angel has to be a prophet for the Word of God to come to. No priests, popes, or anything else can get it. The Word don't come to such. The Word of God comes only to a prophet. Malachi 4 promised such."

105:3 "He's no more Mediator; He's King now. And what does He do? If He's a king, He has to have subjects, and His subjects is them that He has redeemed; and they cannot come before Him until He takes the rights of redemption."

107:2 "When the Lamb slain walked forward from Eternity out of the Father's Throne and took His right, it was a judgment seat! Then He become not a Lamb, but a Lion, King! And He calls for His Queen to come stand by His side. "Know ye not the saints shall judge the earth?"

107:3 "Daniel said the judgment was set and the books were opened, and ten thousands times ten thousands of thousands ministered to Him — King and Queen."

108:3 "He disposes of His contestant, Satan. He throws him into a lake of fire with all those who was inspired by Satan to reject His Word of redemption." se02indx.htm

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