Servants of the slavemasters
                    of the slavemasters

- The New World Order -

The world is on the verge of the greatest human tragedy ever known, or even imagined possible, and it is not an act of God.




Entering the 21st century
Living as in penitentiary
Imprisoned by bars in mind
Knowing not our true kind
Now no time for despair
Bars melt as we grow aware


Early comment will be supported, progressively, as this presentation proceeds. Although it is very important to expose what is going on behind the scenes, exposure, as you will see, is not enough -- we need to know both the "mind and method" of enslavement if we are to achieve our freedom.

Our real tragedy is that, because the poison pills of deceit are sweet, very few want to face the danger of our situation; this is why the bars in mind work. Nevertheless, I am confident that, if we read with a desire for truth (even though truth at first seem remote or incredible) many lives may be saved.

For those who have the discipline, enterprise and courage to face the truth, the evidence is overwhelming.

What is hidden, and what few know, is that we have been living within the confines of contrived belief systems (ideologies) that make of us servants; this, to the extent that we will kill and risk our lives for the benefit of our masters -- worse, it deforms our human development.

Evidence of our situation will include recent quoted comment from a past Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Professor John McMurtry: "A Manifesto of Corporate Totalitarianism", plus other knowledgeable or, behind the scenes people, from distant past to present.


COLLINS Dictionary: Slavery: A civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty and fortune.

The world is in the grip of slavery by belief! Today this slavery is more oppressive and inescapable than at any previous time in known history.

Enslavement has a long history and, as you may recall, comment by Jesus of Nazareth shows He understood slavery by belief and that it existed at that time; probably the first time it was so recognized and mentioned in public.

Today, as 2000 years ago, we still do not want to believe that we are slaves. Pride and prejudice may blind us to reality but today there is surely a better understanding of social order. Certainly there is evidence accessible to those who look for it.

Perhaps, of even more importance, is that we may now see how vital it is that we know the truth of our restricted vision and how personally disastrous it would be to ignore this truth.

A critical feature of this slavery is that it programs people to believe that they are not slaves and that true slavery is the situation where a master owns people, as, for example, at one time in the USA.

Slavery by physical force is primitive. Slavery by belief is also very old but instills in the minds of people that they are free.

For example: we know that what we are paid to do also profits others. Paid labour does not mean slavery but it does provide the mind with a very secure foundation for a conviction of freedom; this makes it easier for despots to put enslaving beliefs into the undefended mind.

Slavery by belief has now become more purposefully used and is made vastly more efficient by modern science and technology.



Let us begin with a quote from Dr. Susan George. She has been a consultant to the United Nations University, to UNESCO, and to the UN's Economic Commission for Europe, plus the International Union of Food Workers and the government of Nicaragua, among others. Obviously she knows something about the UN. Yet, in answer to questions and reported on the ABC (Australia), we find these comments and more. Quote:

"Well I think the word 'development' is rather obscene. Development in biology means an organism unfolds harmoniously in its environment. It means that the flower becomes a fruit, or the embryo becomes a child. But the social sciences have taken over this concept and perverted it. When we say 'development' in the modern sense, we generally mean outside intervention and meddling. If you meddle too much with an organism, it will be damaged or will die, which is precisely, I think, what we've been doing with other people's lives.

I think development has failed largely because the assumptions that underlay the whole concept were absolutely false."

[I would like you to try to remember those words to, at least, the end of this treatise; many of the social assumptions we are taught to believe in, are false. On economic manipulation, she had the following to say:]

"All these institutions are centralised, hierarchical, completely undemocratic and working with a lot of money contributed by their members, mostly their richer members. What do they do with that money? Well, in many ways they are helping to subjugate all the economies of the world and making them satellites of "free enterprise", so to speak. ... So the World Bank is in charge of imposing this economic doctrine, the International Monetary Fund is in charge of imposing structural adjustment, in other words austerity programs in the Third World, and GATT is involved with indeed reducing not only barriers to trade but any standards -- environmental standards, health standards, high wages -- that could be considered impediments to trade. I feel very much that the undemocratic nature of these institutions will mean that a whole New World order is put into place and that it is an anti-democratic, authoritarian order run by the ?lites of the rich world on their behalf." End quote.

This lady is not afraid to tell the truth but I have to limit quotes to keep this as 'digestible' as possible while still explaining sufficiently to make points credible. If I fail you will never believe that Globalism is evil and that we are involved in the first "total world" war of history. Let's start at the shallow end.



News items promote the need for doing away with all tariffs and trade barriers. They claim that people, and leading business groups, do not understand the benefits of globalization -- globalization enables us to buy things cheaper -- it forces business to become more competitive on world markets -- why are we complaining?

A recent victim was the Australian dairy farming community (groups picked off, one by one) -- 'deregulation' to improve efficiency -- lower prices -- make us more competitive! The same globalization lies -- we have heard them before -- we have seen their results.

Is it not strange that these advocates of globalization always forget to mention the number of people that will be put out of productive work -- and how this is disguised by placing some of them in non-productive work? I.e. Timber workers become forest wardens; office workers may be employed working out taxes owed under new complicated tax systems; factory workers become servants to tourists enticed to visit because our money is cheap; and so on (these 'make work' jobs often get in the way of productive work).

Do they ever tell us that those still employed will be taxed to pay for additional family and unemployed relief? (We, the people, pay for our own enslavement and taxes are already extremely high). We then pay higher service prices because of falling efficiency and the money we have drifts overseas. Do they explain that we lose far more than we gain?

Do we ever see it mentioned that when we buy good quality imports the price matches or exceeds what we used to pay for good local products?

It is now not practical to own slaves but it is OK to go to some country where people are so poor that they will do anything for a subsistence pay? This form of slavery is more efficient and people will buy your rubbish if you sell it cheaper than the local product.

Are we ever told that foreign bargains (sold by globalists for high profits) are a product of economic slavery; a direct, but more efficient substitute for owned slaves?

Are we ever told that when we buy goods -- produced by people who are forced by necessity to work for a pittance, we ourselves, in fact, then become slave users?

Globalization is the directive, and beneficiary, of this modern form of physical slavery (poverty enforced labour).

Local producers then have their choice -- go broke or, if they can afford it, do what the globalists have done and take their manufacturing to a slave labour country. But how can we keep buying imports when so many live on pensions or do non-productive work and our country is not producing enough of real value to pay its way?

The answer is gradualism (the socialist principle for social subversion): value of our pay gradually declines; governments sell national assets and borrow money from the international moneylenders.

In this way, the true costs of using overseas slaves to supply our needs may remain hidden for many years but the nation is gradually getting poorer and the people more confused and frustrated. We cannot understand what is happening -- we become economically apathetic and devote ourselves to sport -- entertainment -- drugs -- or the new (ideology) religion: all just as our internationally planned education was designed to achieve.

In the end our nation becomes another slave nation where we work for a bowl of soup or are manipulated to self-destruct.

So dairy farmers who are fortunate enough to have the best land and situation are to be forced, like other industries before them, to work for a pittance, the less fortunate go bankrupt and international controlled businesses make ever larger profits!

But do not be fooled to believe that only the rural sector is under attack or that money is what this is all about, or that political confidence trickery is new or that all those who promote world government know what they are doing; the blind lead the blind. A quote from "The portable Emerson" Penguin. First published in 1841. Quote: "The farmer imagines power and place are fine things. But the President has paid dearly for his White House. It has commonly cost him all his peace, and the best of his manly attributes. To preserve for a short time so conspicuous an appearance before the world, he is content to eat dust before the real masters who stand erect behind the throne." End quote.

What is happening is not new -- it is about is POWER -- today the aim is the achievement of total power to own the world as a globalist domain.

The producers of wealth lose, the people are impoverished, and governments give handouts of our money to keep us believing that government is trying to help.

They deceive, divide and rob the community (in pretence of efficiency and international welfare) to benefit globalist plans. *

*Note: The above refers to a year 2000 Australian situation but relates also to situations existing in all nations. The net tightens! While the above may seem mundane (what caring people should already know) this is a real "life and death" war and we would not need this 'wake-up' call if we were alert to the real world and not living in a mind sedated dream that is rapidly becoming a nightmare. We need to use all logic at our command to see the truth of the evidence. This war is undeclared because a very small number cannot expect to win a fair fight against a very large number; it is secret because, if the large number knows it is being attacked, the attack can be defeated. Economic disasters, diseases, political mistakes, are naturally possible; when introduced to cause public distress these can always be disguised as natural events.

This dirty war would, by the UN's own definition, have to be classed as having the intent of genocide (the deliberate destruction of national or ethnic groups) though always made to appear otherwise by supporting the smaller to weaken the larger.

In our deceived state, we may think that the internationals would want everyone working productively but mechanization and technology now mean that there are too many workers and too much industrial waste.

So why do they not reduce working hours and working years and encourage people to a more relaxed and more enlightened way of life?

A very human solution; but globalism is not human and the power and pride bound up in deceit and enslavement is not for humane ambition.

Should we ask ourselves: WHY HAVE AUSTRALIANS -- and people of all advanced nations -- SURRENDERED TO CRIME?



WELL (if we are human and not dumb animals) we can unite against this globalist form of Mafia.

Unfortunately, before this can happen, we have to face (what cannot be intelligently denied) that our government is NOT democratic and is not "OUR" government -- that "Party Government" is an elitist owned part of "world government" plans.

They tell us we must vote for them because "it is democracy"! But it is not democracy because, before we choose our preferred liars, the teams have already been chosen by manipulation agents -- almost all candidates on offer are people that the internationals can control.

Is it not obvious? The internationals support people who are greedy for power but incompetent -- they choose egocentric people who need globalist (world government) advisers. Were the parliament chosen by lottery we would get a more competent team?

The party system was introduced to England in the reign of Charles II (1630-85) after 300 years of non-party government by what became known as the "Model Parliament". Then began the struggle for power that is now reaching its climax as a world dictatorship. Parties were not an original part of any democratic system or constitution (Britain, USA and Australia included). It is not possible for "party system" government to be democratic.

A local quote may be helpful, let's hear it from an ex-Labor Party MP. Barry Cohen, in an article in "The Australian" (6/4/1992); quote:

"... as I sat down and heard the PM snarl a welcome "Get on with it." I realized something was amiss. Seated slightly to the rear of himself, the treasurer, the minister for finance et al, was a phalanx of grey-faced, grey-suited strangers. To this day, I have no idea who they were. I was, however, to learn quickly what they were. ...I was informed ... they had been seconded from government departments, the private sector and universities within minutes of the government taking office. ... the key people in the PM's office who had to be convinced first. It was a waste of time going to the prime minister and convincing him if the minute you left the minders gave it the thumbs down. It is and was outrageous but I doubt it will ever change whether the government is Labor or Liberal." End quote.

Agreed, it will never change, it can never change, so long as party system government rules! The party is governed by a behind scenes administration and even the National Constitution and law of the land are not respected. How could it be otherwise when the party system itself is unconstitutional both by its moral nature and all democratic values? It even contravenes the "Crimes Act"; quote: "28. Any person who, by violence or threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, shall be guilty of an offence." EQ.

Is it not clear that if 'your' political representative is a member of a party then your representative is pressured to support the party even if this is against a member's own best judgement and opposed to the political duty of representing the electorate? Therefore 'your' representative is not your representative but, in fact, represents the party that chose him. But, you may say, we do have a democratic choice of party! Yes we do, but parties -- establishment ruled -- are a meaningless choice!

If we cannot honestly face this, then all our effort and resistance implies political legitimacy and is counter-productive. It lets our enemy know that we really do not understand what is happening and that he has us securely in his web of deceit. It tells the silent majority that we have a legitimate democracy.

Who does the political party represent?

As Disraeli said over a hundred years ago; quote:

"The world is governed by very different persons from what those believe who are not behind the scenes." EQ.

When Disraeli said, "the world" this, at that time, meant "the world of European peoples". To understand our present political culture it is essential we understand this comment by Disraeli. There was, and still is, a hidden government behind the apparent government -- "parties" represent those who choose party leaders. New parties either fail or become infiltrated before they can gain useful power. Our party choice only decides which party will serve the establishment. In other words the pretended 'choice' is only a confidence trick us make us believe we have a choice.

There are pages of quotes from eminent people in my books; this, in part at least, is a condensation of previous work. It is no longer so much a matter of evidence as of whether people want to know the truth; if they don't want to face their fantasies then they refuse to be convinced by any amount of evidence; it's as simple as that. But, whatever we may want to believe -- political parties are not there to represent the people.

It should be self-evident that, ultimately, it is we, the people, who are responsible for our own enslavement -- we are not overwhelmed by numbers, our numbers make us supremely powerful -- it is not the law, the law requires our freedom!

It is so comforting to believe the law is enforced -- so comforting to know we have the numbers and right to enforce it -- so comforting to believe we are free. It is so comforting to believe we do not need to defend our heritage that we hide behind our delusions and hate the whistle blowers.

Oh yes, we are responsible for our slavery, the slavery of our children and of our grandchildren. So long as we expect strangers to take care of us, then they will make of us their slaves.

At first they ignore the law, once certain that they can get away with this they can change the law -- if they need to. They use us and abuse us and will, when we become too much of a pollutant in their world, have us destroy each other by means that they have us design, pay for and use.

Have you wondered why there are so many new diseases appearing? The evidence does not always support that these are chance events.

We cry -- they laugh! We beg -- they despise us! Do we not deserve our fate?

Why are we afraid? There are still, in the world, people so principled that they will (as did our ancestors) face death for community freedom -- we beg; when all we have to do is support our legal heritage.

If we can just overcome our implanted conceits, sufficient to understand and admit that we are slaves only because we fear to take responsibility for our own political representatives, we may then find that we are worthy of our freedom.

Violence! No! At this stage we do not have to, and should not, use violence! Violence plays into globalist hands! We can build progressively. For instance: we have people who are concerned and are of proven competence in management. Many of these people could and (if asked and backed by a significant representation) would, take on the management of a public enterprise to organize, manufacture and sell in public owned shops, nationally produced goods. This, in a small way, is already beginning.

Please note those important words -- if community "ASKED". We MUST NOT ask for volunteers or employ a professional management company, (a self-interest party). Is it not clear what that has done for us politically?

Organized political parties -- independents who beg for our support -- most are egomaniacs who want to run our lives and can't run their own -- people who are not traitors but who, in blind ignorance of consequences, sell their nation to feed their egomania. We see too many examples of politician greed and stupidity?

We should not accept those who love power and position. The safe way is to choose people from our community who are of proven competence and common concern -- ask these to manage group affairs; when good people see that they have a popular mandate most will take up the challenge.

In this way organized groups of farmers and small business could process their own products and sell direct to the public through public owned retail stores.

If we can gain confidence to take the step to commercial independence we will then have confidence to take the vital step to political independence and, thereby, open for ourselves the way to the truth of life.



Australian governments have, for years, used primary producers as a slave class to help keep city voters happy with cheap food. But farm poverty meant that over-use of land become a farm practice. International chemical companies then came to the aid of farmers with fertilizers that further harm the soil and insecticides that harm our health; they have no concern for either -- or the price of food.

This has resulted in an ecological disaster that will take years to fix and which cannot be fixed by the debt ridden farm sector alone.

The reason I mention this is to show that enslavement by lies and deceit has ramifications that enter the very soul of community; it is not just community robbery. Every economic, civil and moral aspect of community gradually becomes deformed and self-destructive.

Although people do not seem to realize it, biological life (animal, human, insect) is designed to an order of principles of construction; biological mechanisms represent biological engineering. As a result, life itself, culture, economy, morality must also be in accord with these principles or will be destructive to the potential of the organism.

Globalism attempts to create a world to a private design! For culture to advance we need an increasingly disciplined, more responsible, more moral community. Globalism wants to create a world that, in principle, is less human than that now existing and, in fact, denies the general community basic social understanding -- even the very existence of structural morality is denied. In the past national leaders needed people to defend them against their neighbours and so had a vested interest in community health and strength but, to a globalist world-government, nationalism is dangerous.

What is happening is not happening because of administrative ignorance. We, the people (those who do not serve a use in the plans of the globalists) now become the enemy: international armed services will fill the bodyguard need.

International government -- globalization -- does not need you -- or me -- or small business; they want to own all means of production; a goal that is now largely achieved and, in the end, they want production to serve only their own needs.

The majority of us are already doing non-productive work or living on government hand-outs. If WE DO NOT CARE ENOUGH to care for ourselves how long will it be before most remaining productive workers are replaced by technology? Why then would globalists carry us as useless and dangerous baggage?

What use is it to complain about globalist greed? Why would they take notice of us except to throw us crumbs while they steal the bread? The way to defeat them is to take responsibility for our own lives -- put them out of business. It may not be easy but the way to freedom is still an open road.

A great kaleidoscope of evidence points to the danger we face; shall we gamble the future of humanity that the evidence is wrong?



World government is now the admitted goal of global politics and has many adherents; it is expressed openly in an emotional way but can not be openly explained. World government is the origin of our, emotion driven, "politically correct" ideology.

Ideology is our thoughts and attitudes prison.

Very few of us have given the globalist power structure, and the manner of its progress over the years, much thought -- we (brainwashed) prefer to leave such things to the political mercenaries we pay to take care of us. Few of us have any understanding of what this (secretly developed plan) would mean to the human race should it become fully implemented.

How many suspect that this "New World Order" is a planned oligarchy? Were it not planned for the benefit of the few then the plan would have, at its beginning, been openly displayed for public consideration and support. How many see signs that a world enslaved to an ideological idea (where the establishment controls education and will itself have an education that is quite different to that given the 'common people') is a disaster in progress?

How many have noticed that, in discussions of human behaviour, the words 'training' and 'education' have now replaced "understanding " and "enlightenment"? You are no longer expected to understand "right or wrong" "good or bad"; the concept of "truth" is being educated out -- truth is not supposed to have meaning for us 'common people': good -- bad -- truth -- we are told, are just personal preferences. This is a conceit that we are programmed (educated) to believe. But, though pleasing to the young and ignorant, let us not be fooled; only by facing the truth can we set ourselves free.

If you cannot believe they would be so deceitful, so inhuman, to their own people you haven't learned your history. Here is what a present MP, Kim Beazley, had to say (The Australian 28/8/1997); quote:

"I believe these things are done incrementally. You prepare a public mind, a public attitude; you create an acceptance of the unacceptable -- at least the unacceptable at this point of time." End Q.

Note: you: meaning we -- not they: meaning others.

Or you cannot believe that they are trying to teach your children that there is no truth! Listen to Dame Leonie Kramer, Chancellor of Sydney University (Courier Mail 12/9/1997); quote:

"You have to deal with the fact that there are plenty of people in the world now who will tell you that you mustn't use the word truth, as there's no such thing. I think that way, madness lies." End Q.

How many see that enslavement of the "common mind" to false social concepts is to create a common mind confusion and social divisions that will defeat common cause? It is a policy of divide and conquer; it protects 'the masters'?

Were there no masters there would be no need for deceit and no need for emotion driven ideology. How seldom we see, or hear, the word "oligarchy" today. Oligarchy means government by a small group of people.

Who are the unknown people who direct the plans of the 'United Nations'? Have you any idea who does set policy guidelines for the UN?

Do you think it is the member governments? From where do they get their instructions? Has anyone ever heard arguments put forward in parliament for this huge, and hugely complicated, globalist plan -- are there any records of this discussion in Hansard? Do you really believe that representatives from a number of governments would ever agree about, or even think of, such a program? 'Party political' vision and concern doesn't reach beyond the next election. How and why would they secretly work out details of a plan covering generations if not supervised and given a piece of agenda to work to? *

*Note: "a piece of the agenda". By always giving supporters a small piece of the agenda it can be made to look like a step to benefit community.

If you cannot believe politicians would, or could, create these plans, then you are right; it is known to those who want to know, that the governments of the world, especially those calling themselves democracies, have long been ruled by an invisible government.

We only need to listen to something like the 'greenhouse emissions' debate (year 2000) to see that party politicians cannot plan co-operatively when not under instructions; (they are only instructed when matters directly effect globalist plans; to globalists, 'greenhouse' at present serves best a socially divisive and economically disruptive campaign).

What about all the 'Conventions' and other socially directive material produced by the United Nations? Example: "The Convention of the Rights of the Child": A casual reading gives an impression of support for traditional family values such as Article 14: "States Parties shall respect the rights and duties of parents … to provide direction to the child …". Article 18 gives parents' primary responsibility for the child's upbringing and development. However, these are undermined. Article 13 giving the child right to freedom to seek, and impart ideas of all kinds. Article 15 guarantees "freedom of association". Article 16 guarantees "privacy". We also find a right of health care.

So it seems the child is given rights to live a private life that is secret and separate from parental guidance. The predominately 'good' part of the Convention is unnecessary. In just about all civilized countries parent's rights are taken as natural. It is therefore the 'bad' parts that are the meaningful parts. These are the parts that give educators rights to social subversion and the law to protect them. The rest, mere camouflage, as many parents of teenage children find to their distress.

How many suspect that a world owned by an oligarchy will result in a severe reduction in world population? Can we not see that they do not want THEIR resources wasted; or the threat of massive rebellion; nor do they want the pollution now created in service to the common mass? (About 90% of people are now, not just of no value to the globalists, but a menace.)

WHAT makes us believe that the rich and powerful care about the common mass? Do cigarette makers, bankers or casino operators care what happens to their customers? Do governments ever hesitate to involve us in war?

It is very depressing (now that so much evidence is available) to find that activists cannot bring themselves to face that government does not govern by the law of the Constitution - that what is law is decided by those who have the power to enforce it.

That so many close their eyes to the reality that government does not work for communal advancement, defence and prosperity -- that education is no longer designed to encourage moral values, social enlightenment, human progress and satisfaction -- that law is no longer designed to deliver justice or protect the innocent -- that health services are no longer designed,primarily, to benefit the health, comfort and long life of the people.

Why have social activists learned nothing from the last twenty years -- or even the last two thousand? Why do people who well know the reality of law, party corruption and finance, still mob the streets to tell leaders what leaders know better than we? (When we try to explain 'bad' government to quislings we are playing footsies with a nest of vipers and helping mislead the great silent majority into the belief that we have a legal government.

What next: civil war? Will we then elect a new management that, before we have recovered from the shambles, will be strutting the same path as the old?

Will we forever be seduced to avoid our responsibilities and ignore the lessons of our past?

Slaves have, for centuries, been part of human culture but the world of the 20th Century thought the overthrow of slavery in the USA was the end of it. Sadly no, this only made clear the path for a more effective slavery of the public mind. Those greedy for power knew that the ultimate goal of world ownership could not be achieved so long as there was any real independence for the human mind in devotion to truth, or, physically, some truly independent 'life-choices' for the common herd. Truth is freedom!

To break down remaining independence was imperative! Scientific study of human behaviour and human weakness was essential; (the essence of that program is told in "BRAIN-WASH"). A significant statement now from Edward Bernays who, early in the last century, was leading the new science, "Public Relations" *. Quote:

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our government.

We are governed, our minds moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is the logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organised," EQ.

*Note: 'Public Relations' such a nice 'mother love' name for "people control/slavery". It is as George Orwell said: 'hate' will be called 'love' -- 'war' - 'peace'.

You may be interested to know that Bernays was not exposing the corruption of humanity, he was proud of what he was doing. Was he correct in saying that: "This is the logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organised"? He was, but only so long as we understand that 'our democratic society' is a sham or fake democratic society that is controlled by despots. A true democratic society could never be organized in this way because what is being done was secretly planned -- it had to be secret because it is neither democratic nor for the public good.

In 1976 Bertrand Russell "The Impact of Science on Society" was able to safely reveal that education was aiming to impress such ideals and concepts on the child mind that "after pupils have left school, they will be incapable ... of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished."

He could say that openly; there was no outcry because the programming of the public mind was already effective.

Why do human societies grow, disintegrate and collapse? May it not be safely assumed that they are more or less successful because of the degree of truth and error in their beliefs? In our situation the cracks will quickly widen, the money confidence trick will collapse and the great prostituted commercial system will disintegrate with vast, world-wide, suffering. But we do not have to let it end like that.

As mentioned, control of human behaviour by control of human belief is not new, it has been practiced, to some extent, for about as far back as written evidence can take us. As an example, consider this quote from "Indian Philosophy" by Radhakrishnan.

Quote: "One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self-knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods. This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; ... Hence they favoured the existence of an outer worship, effective but imperfect, for the profane..." EQ.

Well, as those who want to can see for themselves, it is already evident that the new religion (intended for us who have been deceived to become the new human 'profane') is to be a form of humanistic nature worship. Once fully established then the slave class will be enticed to the belief that the elite are a superior evolutionary form (which they are not) and that any needed slaves are fortunate to have these superior beings there to take care of them (which will be a lie).

Slavery to belief is the most effective form of slavery known but, to impose it, you have to be more egotistic than clever and more brutal than moral. These people are not mentally or morally superior to the general public.

You see, what the elitists know and the consequences of which they have always been careful to keep from the clear understanding of the public, is that we all tend to try to act in accordance with what we believe to be true. If you can convince people of lies then they will act to your agenda.

Obvious is it not?

It is common sense -- we need the truth to make useful decisions -- decisions based on lies are not likely to give the results we desire but may suit, very well, the plans of those who tell us the lies.

How very, very thin the bars limiting our perceptions!

But how very, very effective when we do not want to see through these barriers!

As is so often said: there is not much that is new under the sun.

The first step to creating a new set of social beliefs (a new ideology) is to create a confusion of beliefs. We are educated to dislike challenge to our comfortable beliefs! During the last century, to a confusion of scientific discoveries were added many challenges; talk of: subliminal messages -- drugs in the water supply -- foreign troops stationed on our soil -- victimless crimes -- there is no truth -- fluoride toothpaste for sedation -- God is dead -- creation of life by evolution and so on. What are you to believe when the facts are hidden?

So, when faced with confusion, we normally believe what we want to believe, and what we want to believe is certainly NOT that we are enslaved by the exciting beliefs and attitudes encouraged at school and ceaselessly promoted through the mass media. The TV has been a wonderful aid to the globalists.

Being lazy is nice -- taking drugs is fun -- disobeying parents and authorities is exciting -- being immoral is great. So we clamour for more of the poison: more education; more entertainment; more sport; less social discipline. The highest accolade we can bestow on the propaganda experts is that we beg for more. The hooks in the public mind are scientifically set and who wants to think about what they might gain from reality. (Have we not been taught that there is no truth -- no reality?) If there is no truth how can life be wasted? Without truth, cruelty or kindness, good or bad -- all is meaningless myth and make-believe. But -- if there is no truth -- how can that be true?

Time for another quote,

Machiavelli (1469-1527) Quote:

"One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which make impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests." E.Q.

TRUTH is FREEDOM -- deceit means enslavement.

Slavery -- The New World Order -- exciting isn't it?



According to Paul Hellyer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada; quote:

"... globalisation is just a code word for corporatisation and colonisation. * The transnationals want to re-engineer the world in such a way that they don't have to pay taxes to support social security and fix pot holes in the roads or maintain parks, and don't have to pay their employees decent wages.

"What they're doing is they're re-creating the conditions that existed in the time of Dickens, the Dickensian era. They're moving production to places, such as Honduras, where they pay women absolute starvation wages, working 13 hours a day, up to seven days a week -- no environmental standards, no health care. If they get pregnant, they get fired. If they get sick, they get fired. This erases 100 years of the legislation which gave workers rights, such as holidays with pay and pensions and protection against injury and so on -- and the benefits of unionisation.

"Well, the process has reached the point where Lewis Lapham, editor Harpers Magazine, says the U.S. has two governments: the permanent and the provisional. The permanent government consists of the Fortune 500 magazine's largest companies, also the largest law firms and public relations firms in Washington that work for those companies, and the top bureaucrats, both civil and military and they're the permanent government.

"Then there is what they call an election every once in a while and they elect the provisional government and they elect actors that come on stage and read the script written by the permanent government." EQ, Emphasis added. Speech by the Honourable Paul Hellyer at the "Save Canada Conference" held in Ottawa August 20 and 21, 1999)

"Does it sound familiar? Does it ring a bell? The answer is Quigley. Remember? Way back in 1966 he said that in the US every four years the people -- and by that word he meant the masses, the rabble, the hoi polloi, us -- could vent their spleen by "kicking the rascals out" without really having any effect on policy direction. Are people slowly waking up?" End quote.

The above arrived by email but I also heard the P. Hellyer talk on Australian ABC. Radio. Quigley (an insider) wrote a large book called "Tragedy and Hope"; published in 1966 by Macmillan; N.Y. Like Bernays, what he reveals is revealed in pride, not anger. I don't have to read it, there is more than enough evidence for what is happening, but it is said to be very revealing of world government at that time. "Are people slowly waking up" or has our will for freedom been already drained from us?

The evidence of mind manipulation is enormous, but is only meaningful to those who know that truth is essential for their beneficial decision-making; these are people who have the courage and self-discipline to suppress pride, arrogance, selfishness and/or prejudice to achieve a predominately unbiased viewpoint.

The point is that those capable of awakening can still do a lot to save themselves should the majority deliver themselves to termination.

Do not, for one minute, think that I am revealing plans that have been kept secret; evidence has been widely available throughout the world. I cannot reveal all the evidence, there is just too much of it, but there is here, in this treatise, enough evidence to cause people to rise in rebellion if they want to know the truth, make sense of what is happening, and save themselves. The secret that globalists do not reveal is the precise science of manipulation revealed here.

You could almost say that the establishment has been at pains to have their plans revealed. Why! I cannot be sure -- perhaps they have an agreement with God to warn people of what they do -- perhaps there is, after all, a conscience in even the blackest heart -- perhaps they just like to flaunt their power -- or then again, perhaps they feel the need of an excuse so that if they were ever to be confronted they could say: "But we never kept what we were doing secret! It was written in books available to the public; it was broadcast over wireless and TV; we did not even stop people reporting -- it was told in newspaper articles and privately written literature. The fact is that people like to be children, they want someone to take care of them even if some have to die for the privilege. We offered a service and it was accepted! You can't blame us! Certainly we did not allow much publicity. You can't expect us to force people to face the fact of the consequences of giving power over their lives to strangers!

And so on; even I know that I am not so likely to suffer harm from a confident establishment; (they must now be very confident that the majority cannot see reason and that those who do fear to tell the truth). However, should it be that information given here is getting through the mind bars, be assured the establishment will take defensive action. All considered, it is likely my greater danger is that the general public may hate, with such passion, as to murder those who try to force them to face the truth. *

*Note: Example: the Crucifixion: Pilate found no case against Jesus but the crowd shouted crucify. To better understand why a large number of people would want to crucify those who try to help them, we might refer to a philosopher from ancient Greece. Was it Aristotle, Plato or Socrates (perhaps a reader will enlighten) who explained that if people were bound so that they saw only shadows on a wall they would, in time, come to believe that the shadows were the reality; if then, you were to tell them that the shadows were only shadows, they would laugh at you; should you persist to force them see the truth they would turn on you and try to kill you.

The reason for such behaviour is that people have been seduced to excessive pride and deceived about the need for truth; we are mentally bound to believe in shadows and see ourselves as the beliefs we live by. In this situation an attack on core beliefs is personal -- to accept correction means accepting that our lives, to this point, have been based on delusions.

We overcome this problem if we realize that the most basic nature of life, is truth. Truth is the ordering and discipline of chaos; without truth in the order of things there is no life. A move closer to truth, at any age, is a move toward reality.

Unfortunately, educated to self-righteousness, many are overcome by the emotion of imagined great loss -- they will not think clearly to see that truth brings reality (true meaning) and great comfort to their living.



Human culture is largely controlled by the human perception of the nature and meaning of life; this perception is the most basic force in social behaviour.

Human life has never had better opportunities but, is the world becoming filled with violence, misery, futility, frustration and selfish greed because people are making life decisions based on false beliefs?

Has the choice between the creation of life by chance and the creation of life by intelligence been very carelessly (or was it skillfully) misrepresented?

The choice between religions based on these two opposing concepts is too important to human survival to be left to persuasion by vested interests.

Intelligent research and unbiased judgement is needed!

The fate of life on earth is in the balance!


Who am I? I am a person who spent a lifetime in search to find the true nature of social order and uncover which of our two basic belief systems is the fake. Luckily, I, very early in life, realized that what people thought had very little relation to the true nature of things; I therefore chose to ignore all ideas and sects and search the evidence for myself. The evidence showed that life was created by intelligence.

Have I missed something? Over the years challenge to the establishment has produced no response -- silence is their defence. If I am wrong please show me the scientific evidence, the logical evidence and the rational conclusions. The following quotes support the findings of my research.



Science can give no answer as to how the universe began. Something from nothing -- or something everlasting, without beginning or end -- either is a statement of faith. Therefore, the evidence must be with the creation of life: Could life be created by chance or must it be a design of intelligence?

Science says that the ultimate proof of any concept should be mathematical. Is it interesting that mathematics is not an encouraged subject in today's education and, in fact, a large percentage of Australia's competent mathematicians have been 'bought' by more wealthy nations? I offer three sources of mathematical support:

Q1) Sir Fred Hoyle and associate C. Wickramasinghe, in their book: "Evolution from space", say: ...there are about two thousand enzymes, and the chance of obtaining them all in a random trial .. is an outrageously small probability that could not be faced even if the whole universe consisted of organic soup." They go on to say of evolution theory: "If one is not prejudiced either by social beliefs or by a scientific training into the conviction .. this simple calculation wipes the idea entirely out of court." End quotes. Emphasis added.

Q2) Dr H.B. Holroyd Ph.D., "Quest for Valid Economics" a mechanical engineer and physicist, and retired head of the Department of Physics, Augustana College, USA tells us that the Darwinian error was caused by human sloth and the failure to use necessary mathematics. Holroyd claims that the design of life by chance is nonsense. Quote:

"Darwinism is physical and mathematical nonsense, and it is logical nonsense as well, for a sound thinker does not assume anything which must be deduced from his theory. Darwinism is, indeed, far more a blunder than a theory, and physical scientists should have shown this clearly and effectively decades ago". also:

"Physical Scientists, who know higher mathematics and are capable of analytical thinking, should never have allowed the thoroughly mistaken mechanical theory of evolution to reach such a degree of apparent certainty in the thoughts of nearly everyone." EQ. E.A.

Q3) Giovanni Blandino S.J. in his book "Theories on the Nature of Life" says: "Summing up, we may say: In the hypothesis of equiprobability, the probability that a regular structure should form, either by generation or by gradual evolution, is equal to the probability that the same structure should form immediately from matter irregularly arranged. (Principle of invariableness of probabilities)." EQ.

The mathematical evidence conclusively denies the possibility of creation by chance but let us go the extra mile! What about intelligent logic and those old bones?

Norman Macbeth (author of Darwin Retried) is of the opinion that Chance Creation is no more than a mishmash of escapism and confusion. Original Darwinism was found faulty by top scientists and even dogmatic evolutionists replaced it with something called the 'Synthetic Theory'. In a 1983 interview he makes these comments; quote: "But a much deeper and more penetrating analysis of the problem was put together by Professor R.H. Brady .. in the quarterly called "Systematic Zoology" for December 1979 .. I think it destroys the idea of natural selection, and this is certainly the opinion of many people at the American Museum of Natural History." EQ.

So both sides of the (never scientific) theory of chance and natural selection are refuted. The fossil evidence also denies evolution! This was confirmed in October 1980 when some 160 of the world's top anatomists, palaeontologists, evolutionary geneticists, etc., met at what is commonly known as The Chicago Conference. They were forced to admit that the fossil evidence did not support Darwinian evolution and they could find no option other than to fall back on the previously ridiculed 'hopeful monster' theory. However this has never been admitted into education and the replacement theory has never been taught.

Is this because it is so obviously ridiculous and foul of all rational science or because any shake to the foundations of Darwinism might undermine globalist plans?

A prominent fact long accepted by science is that, over time, creatures tend to become specialized and then extinct. The evidence of genetic loss is beyond doubt -- the evidence of specialization is established -- but there is no, or only trivial, evidence of genetic creation by chance. If it does occur it is too rare to create new creatures when opposed by the vast natural forces of genetic destruction. *

*Note: Natural selection is not itself disputed, what is disputed is what it does. What it does is work to maintain the efficiency of genetic structures against natural forces of genetic corruption, what it does not and cannot do, is create new life-forms.

The theory of chance creation is a religion not a scientific theory.

We should also be aware that theist religions do not logically follow the nature and ideals of their foundations any more than atheist religion (humanism) follows the science it claims as its base. Theist or atheist -- all religions reflect, too closely, the desires of their followers, too loosely, the source of their faith.

Religions cannot be relied on for authority; the number of religions claiming Christianity demonstrate how human desires bias away from the source claimed as their inspiration.

I do not intend to deal in depth with the Christian Bible but must say that it requires a clinical purity of interpretation. We must become open to truth and not just seek support for human desires. To see the truth we need honesty! We must be aware of the worldly desire to defend pride and prejudice -- a worldly desire to evade responsibility -- of the worldly desire to want to maintain a mother figure that will give unconditional love.

Those who search for truth have to try to filter out the worldly element that has polluted the words of Jesus and helped the growth of the ideological (humanist) religion promoted by globalism.

"I have not come to bring peace, but a sword" -- this is plain intelligence when applied to the situation of bringing truth to a slave world.

John 14:15-17. "I am the way; I am truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me."; "truth" is absolutely basic to life -- to the creation of life and to successful human endeavour. That the way to life is through truth is the simple, essential and all embracing message of life.

It seems to me that when we look without compromise for the words of an advanced being among the words attributed to Jesus, we find them. They are statements not properly understood by the confused population (either then or now) and not wanted by those looking for a 'big brother' or 'mummy'. The truth will, indeed, set us free but we must be willing to be truthful and responsible, each for our own life. "Put not the Lord your God to the test," warns that if we will not defend ourselves -- if we leave it to others (even God) to look after us, then we will never be free or know truth.

We must accept our responsibilities! We are born with responsibilities, not rights - rights have to be earned. Do not bury your talents whether of mind or pocket! There is truth in the saying, God helps those who help themselves; also those who honestly try.

Professor Hoyle, while on a lecture tour of Australia (1982) said: Quote:

"Rejection of Darwinian evolutionary beliefs is crucial to the survival of life on earth... Once you believe in the evolutionary theory that the weakest go to the wall and that nothing can be done about the selection process, then its an open invitation to the kind of political behaviour we've had over the last century." EQ.

Mindless chance creation also goes a long way to explaining the growing despair of the young. Creation by chance -- life without future or meaning -- has been of great help to spawn a culture of drugs, recklessness, suicide, violence and rebelliousness among the intelligent young. But the globalist crime against children does not stop there: an example, among many, is the fact that laws have been introduced, at the demand of the United Nations, to encourage lawlessness!

Discipline of children is discouraged! The most effective form of discipline, loving physical punishment, is outlawed even though it is the product of thousands of years of experience and there is no research evidence to support the claimed human benefit of the new, purely emotional, 'politically correct' ideology.

NOTE: Many quotes in this segment are from my book "The Human Choice". Note also that this segment of this treatise is predominately based on my own research and investigation, other segments have large support from the research and investigations of many others over many years.

It seems likely that we all, at the beginning, believed we were investigating corruption and deceit within our national government, however, when the evidence is assembled it is clear that what we have been looking at is far more treacherous, much bigger, more personal and even older than the government of Australia.



Our teachers so convivial make all our subjects trivial
Should we learn something useful it really is a treat
they hold our hands and soothe us until we learn 'delete'.

We learn to sit like doggies on dirt and on our rears
and what we all end up with is muck between our ears.

*Note: In Sydney today it is not unusual to see schoolchildren sitting "like doggies" on the pavement. Many people will remember a time when such behaviour would have brought reprimand; we would have been told, "You are not animals." Behaving like animals is now encouraged and, although children have been given 'rights' and encouraged to use them, these rights, along with their teaching, is to encourage children to despise the learning experience of centuries, to be contemptuous of self discipline and to believe it adult to return to the simple childish freedom of primitive animal behaviour.

Did you know that the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations issued a guide book (1985) which contained the following directive on page 47? Quote:

(f) Drug education

    (i) Drug education should become part of the present and proposed Personal Development Programs within the schools.

    (ii) Drug education is ideally presented within the school situation under the following conditions:

    * Where the teachers have received the fullest possible in-service training in the Personal Development Field.

    * Where the students receive their drug education program by a teacher known to them.

    * Teachers should never give undue emphasis to, nor in any way underline the dangers of drugs. End quote.

How many parents and citizens do you know who want amoral drug education in their children's schools, or want drugs taking surreptitiously encouraged?

Did you say none? Well how did this instruction get into this P&C guidebook? The above quote was from my book "Assault on Childhood" (now sold out) so I can tell you that finding out how this became part of a P&C guide book met with some resistance and attempted misinformation. It seems that it was introduced by the "executive"; no record of this drugs policy ever being discussed or voted on could be found in any year book but it was claimed to have been a 'democratic' decision. Of course it was -- a democratic decision between the executive! But equally we all should know, and by now accept, that, in the New World Order, 'democracy' does not include the 'common' people.

We also see that this policy is hidden under health policy and taught under "Personal Development": i.e. the art of enticing children to make their own decisions based on their own experience (read "in-experience" and meaning "ignore parents".) *

*Note: Yes it is natural for children to "grow up" and move away from home so it is not difficult to persuade most parents that a rebellious 14 year old is 'advanced' and not acting as a result of teaching planned for cultural genocide. As we have seen, reality is something we do not want to face.

Public education is controlled by government; is it possible that OUR government could deliberately encourage degeneracy? Could OUR government encourage immoral attitudes -- pornographic depravity -- anti-social behaviour?

An example of how deliberately hard core porn and depravity was 'smuggled' into the Australian mind is found in "The report of the Joint Select Committee on Video Material" Vol.1. Canberra 1988, p15 - 17. Quote:

"It is considered that almost all States would be hostile to a policy that could lead to the circulation of so-called hard core pornography and material dealing with hard drugs and extreme violence, anarchy and sedition."

'The document raised for consideration the question of whether the policy announced by the Attorney-General should be brought fully and immediately into effect or by stages. It stated:'

"You would need to have regard to repercussions in the electorate; the Australian public is notoriously conservative, whatever its political affiliations.

The Government's policy might best be achieved by a strategy of hastening slowly -- gradually broadening the standards of imported material so that public opinion can be developed to embrace the principles embodied in the policy." EQ.

Remember that quote of Kim Beasley "you create an acceptance of the unacceptable"? Recall also, how they tell us that mass media does not create public opinion but only follows it? How comfortable they are with deceit -- how barefaced they lie! The above program started at least as far back as 1973 when the Attorney-General announced as a policy on censorship that "federal laws to conform with the general principles that adults should be entitled to read, hear and view what they wished in private and in public and that persons -- and those in their care -- be not exposed to unsolicited material offensive to them."

Do we doubt that as the material becomes legally available it also becomes generally available and soon can be claimed as 'not offensive'? From this it can be argued that it is wanted by the people -- that sexual immorality is 'victimless' crime -- that only the stupid oppose progress!

Can we honestly doubt that undermining public morals is the intent?

Does the 1988 quote not make clear the intent? Gradualism -- remember -- gradualism! We are being socially engineered to our moral impotence and our mental incompetence. Our culture is now at a stage where there is a continual, socially traumatic and expensive pretence of taking action to repair the damage that the breakdown of social discipline and morality is causing. They create the problems and then pretend, at our further cost, to be trying to fix them. *

*Note: The gun laws that were said to have become necessary to control crime. But of course such laws do not (and did not) reduce crime, or murder or suicide; such laws only change the means of it because it is not the guns, the cars, the bombs or the knives; not the water of oceans or the sexuality of people: these are not the cause of immoral, or stupid or violent and undisciplined social behaviour. The outstanding cause of anti-social behaviour is, in our time, the deliberate corruption of the social foundations of human understanding -- this is a corruption with clear intent and purpose.

It is deliberate! We must understand that party governments do not solve our problems - they cause them! The purpose of unraveling our moral and economic social structure is to destroy community unity and our community ability to resist the globalist take-over of the earth.

Is the P & C infiltrated by traitors to humanity? Do you wonder just how many socially influential organizations, associations and groups are now actually run or controlled by their members? We have public meetings -- few attend. We call for volunteers for executive positions -- do you or I want the job of looking after our own interests? No, we vote for someone who offers; but do these kind people (often so well schooled in all the answers) really want to work in our service? Or will they push their own agenda? People who willingly sacrifice themselves for others are few.

To this all-embracing social madness, add constant mass media propaganda to violence and contempt for the discipline of moral values on the entertainment side and constant propaganda for humanist ideology, through political correctness, on the political side. Is there any doubt that the corruption and destruction of the human majority is pure and clean in the plans for the New World Order.

Authorities follow up with such contempt for human need as to claim it a great mystery why young people (and now older) are behaving so irresponsibly!

They should know -- they helped contrive it!

No, it is not because these authorities (mostly parents themselves) don't care, it is because they do not care enough to face the horror of what they do. Pride of position, prejudice against opposition, the arrogance of self-righteousness -- these enforcers of ideological fiction keep them blind -- they prefer death to (what they see as) dishonour (though their first preference is to kill the messenger).

Their only saving grace is that "they know not what they do". Although their behaviour is what we must expect when life is confined to belief in the satisfaction of our animal instincts and the human potential is hidden, they should not forget the Biblical 'millstone around the neck' of those who lead children astray.

Of those pushing ideology from influential positions, few will have the courage to face that they themselves are (at least in part) the cause of most suicides, crimes, accidents and the general social problems of the undisciplined young. Girls are misled and boys turned away from education; a large and increasing part of each generation is wasted. A devastating responsibility to face.

How many parents will, when their child gets into trouble, blame everyone and everything rather than humanist child-raising philosophy? Discipline to good behaviour has real survival advantage and is the best gift a parent can give a child. Discipline, properly given, brings a loving reward. Contrary to popular opinion, life was meant to be easy. It was the planning of arrogant people that made it hard.

The creation of life follows a logical rather than random pattern. Life shows a pattern of intelligent planned development; it may be mysterious but it is not magical. Religion may suggest a God of magic but all true creation is a creation of order -- a discipline of energy -- a design for purpose. God did not decide, arbitrarily, how He wanted us to live! He advised us of how we should live to get the best results from the order in which we exist. We were given an instruction book to go with our life-form.

Creation by intelligence is not logically challenged by politics or science or taught by educators -- only ignored or ridiculed.

To be ignored sends out a very powerful message to the general public -- what is ignored by the mass media cannot possibly be of any importance and ridicule is gleefully accepted; it lets us feel superior.

This is why they can tell us some truth but we ignore it. When they want us to take notice they MAKE SURE WE BELIEVE IT IS IMPORTANT -- they remind us over and over -- every mass media. Who in Australia could ignore the Sydney Olympics? How few thought the games were not of great social importance? Did the games advance humanity -- civilization -- understanding -- communal welfare? Did the games help us ESCAPE our enslavement?

They tell us we are educated to think for ourselves -- THEY LIE!

Yes THEY LIE -- they TEACH LIES and they ENCOURAGE confusion.

Surely we can see, and see why, globalists want us sick, drug addicted, confused, financially poor, divided and helpless -- surely we can see, over many years, the truth reflected from their actions and that only one ending can result from this design.

I repeat:

Human life has never had better opportunities but, is the world becoming filled with violence, misery, futility, frustration and selfish greed because people are making life decisions on a basis of false beliefs? I can see it! I have done the research, if I am wrong -- show me.

Let us stay positive. Let us look at a positive way to help clarify our political outlook.



This preamble does not, at this time, need to be set in law, we only need to know that it could be so set if we obey our national constitution and choose our own parliamentary representatives.

Although the referendum for changing Australia, officially, to a republic, was soundly defeated, the greed for power has not ended. One way to ensure that this greed is not rewarded is to show that we can have the kind of democratic republic we want without destroying the advantages won by generations of struggle and suffering or the benefits of the legal "Monarchical Republic" now available.

A serious, legally binding preamble, is a good place for understanding to start. The point is that, if we see that we can have what we want legally, and without the dangers of making despotism legal, then the agents of globalist slavery may not, so easily, persuade us otherwise.

A nation is entitled to a precise and protective preamble! A statement of where we come from and the ideals, principles and values we aim to achieve -- and which lawmakers must take into account.

Of various political offerings a Labor version starts off in the right direction but thereafter offers no security.

I accept the Labor opening sentence.

Proposed improved Constitution preamble:

The Labor proposal starts; quote:

"Having come together in 1901 as a Federation under the British Crown relying on the blessing of Almighty God; we, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, being now a sovereign democracy of people drawn from a world-wide ancestry, proclaim our independence and unity." End quote.

(On this introduction let us now build a responsible preamble.)

Loving our unique and ancient land;
respecting its original inhabitants;
proud of our diversity
but united in defence of our heritage of
freedom, justice and mercy;
we proclaim our independence of foreign law and
reaffirm our right to govern ourselves to create a nation dedicated
to human advance free of bondage to ideologies, political conventions
or partisan arrogance.
Accepting our responsibilities for communal welfare,
our laws shall be bound to advance ideals of truth, freedom, justice and mercy,
and, binding ourselves by these ideals,
we commit ourselves to renewing our historic rights and privileges as did originally support our National Constitution.


Note: A National Constitution is the foundation of all our laws and the preamble should be a simple statement of principle that is binding in the creation and enforcement of all laws. I am not suggesting any activity to force the government to adopt this: or to start a new (unconstitutional) political party. Nor do I imply that given the present system of government this preamble would be respected if adopted. It will only be respected when the people accept their responsibility to govern themselves (freed of partisan or globalist 'parties'.) and choose their own electorate representatives as is, at present, our legal Constitutional obligation.

The point is that if people understand that they can have something better, then perhaps they will never be tricked to vote for something worse. Given time, we may come to understand that we can take up our rightful role as the true power of government and no longer be slaves and beggars.

Political parties will never approve of the above because it binds them clearly to a high and improving moral standard that the law must support as being the national intents and ideals when interpreting our Constitution; this would destroy them.

Naturally the "politically correct" mass media will also be reluctant to give public exposure to anything that may be dangerous to the globalist establishment; the evidence may be vigorously, even violently, denied, should it happen that the truth cannot be contained with mass media silence.



There is, in today's world, a web of deceit that has been growing worldwide and now covers the whole earth. This web began with the world financial system and a confidence trick that allowed a relatively small group of people to tax the world. With virtually unlimited funds this has now become a cancer infesting all of the world's biggest corporations as well as "government" and "the world financial system". .

Another sample quote, this from Mr. Lloyd George (prominent British Liberal statesman and Prime Minister), referring to the peace negotiations following World War 1.(1914-18)

"They (international bankers) swept statesmen, politicians, jurists, and journalists all on one side, and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees." End quote.

Governments bow to the great prostitution of global commerce and finance! * Why? Do they not know that if they exposed these crimes to the public they could arrest the criminals and their supporters, and confiscate their illegally gained assets? Do they hesitate because they see themselves as co-conspirators and expect to share in the loot, or because they are too incompetent to design the legislation and too cowardly to act intelligently without instruction?

Well, if they need instruction they could ask the people they pretend to represent -- I am sure that if they told the people the truth and asked them what to do, they would quickly, and in no uncertain terms, be told.

Any global business that the establishment does not now own or directly control will fear to go outside set guidelines.

We may feel that to try to fight this power is useless (that is what they want us to think). Nevertheless, it is in the nature of things that, even if it proves that the people cannot bring themselves to do their moral duty, then, in the end, corruption will create its own downfall.

However, leaving the cancer to kill the host civilization and therefore itself, will have horrendous consequences for the peoples of the world. No matter how much pain it may cause to destroy the cancer I believe that this is by far the best -- only then can a new civilization grow with understanding that will ensure that this cancer does not recur.

*Note: If you think that the great prostitution of global finance and commerce is a secure and moral system may I suggest, as a matter of interest, you read "REVELATIONS" 17:15 to 18:24. I doubt you will need any interpretation to help you now you have the clue as to what the Great Whore (that great city of Babylon) represents. Were education not under the direction of global interests, educators may well have understood this years ago. I use "The New English Bible" New Testament. I do not say it does not suffer the faults of other translations but, being written in Modern English, should be easier to understand.

Our best chance of escaping the panic, rioting, anarchy and the mass death and destruction to follow a world-wide economic collapse and its effect on a misled, dependent, confused, and trusting population, is to move first in spreading understanding that will call the system to account.



Earlier in this treatise I said, "the way to freedom is still an open road". The following chilly comment by Professor John McMurtry shows, I think, just how little of this road may remain.

This item only came to my attention as I was preparing to sign off on this treatise; it could not be ignored. It makes a very fitting end-piece but first let me remind you, that the McMurtry article is copyright. Permission to reproduce is granted if accompanied by: Copyright (c) 2000 COMER Publications. Their web site is at: *

*Note: Of course, honest people will always mention the source of copied information.

The quotes are from "A Manifesto of Corporate Totalitarianism" by John McMurtry, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, ON., CA. [Canada]. He is here commenting on British PM Tony Blair speaking about Corporate Globalization. First paragraph words those of Tony Blair; quote:

"These forces of change driving the future do not stop at national boundaries. Don't respect tradition. They wait for no one and no nation. They are universal." [End of Blair quote].

"Blair's statement reveals by its sweep of assertion the invasive forces of which he is a spokesman. His words are very clear. Their structure deletes the subject of every sentence as nameless, inhuman, without definition, accountable to nothing. They affirm with no moral qualifier an occupation of societies everywhere by "Forces" which will stop at no borders of national or cultural identity. All that was once secure in historical time and place is declared powerless against the transnational tide.


" One might think that Blair's statement is a rhetorical conceit. But is it, in truth, the missing key to every act of his office? What act in his record is inconsistent with any part of it? When has Blair, or Chretien or Clinton, ever not acted in conformity to this belief in inevitable corporate globalization -- "waiting for no one and no nation," trampling all who do not jump into line with its omnipotent advance."

"They are not, in fact, national leaders, but obedient expressions of these forces of corporate globalization. Once we understand that, we see into the directive logic of current historical events.


"We can identify the defining features of this new order's authority by diagnosis of Blair's own words.

"(1) The forces of corporate global restructuring are without meaning or value in their direction. For they are external "forces" not what we care about intrinsically, and they "drive the future" as the forces of ... gravity move the tides. They are to be submitted to, not because they confer meaning or give us a moral direction, but because they are all-powerful and we cannot resist them.

"(2) The forces of corporate global restructuring are lawless. They "don't stop at national boundaries," as all lawful agents are obliged to do. The first principle of domestic and international law, to respect the boundaries of others, is overridden by these forces as the destiny of the world's future.

"(3) The forces of corporate global restructuring are unaccountable. There is no electorate or standard of behaviour or anything else that they answer to or have to answer to for their domination because "they wait for no-one and no nation" and "drive the future."

"(4) The forces of corporate global restructuring are nihilist. For they "respect no tradition" --ethical, legal, or cultural-- and there is no exception. ... [Civilization is threatened].

"As we unpack the inner meaning of Blair's representative statement, we need to ask what political leader has not acted in conformity to the demands of these transnational corporate forces? What "democratic" political or legal leadership yet seeks to make accountable, or hedge in by enforced law, or raise any other power above, or in any way morally question the transnational corporate agenda which these forces express?

"The sad fact is that our leaders demand that we accept what they themselves describe as lawless and unaccountable ..." End quote. Emphasis added. Copyright (c) 2000 COMER Publications.

Well, we in Australia, who follow in some depth the political scene, surely know that the above is true. The United Nations has for years been downgrading borders; confusing what is ethical, legal and cultural; mixing and confusing race to no rational or demonstrated humane purpose; destroying tradition and human discipline; instilling unnatural and unhealthy standards of behaviour; allowing confidence trickery as financial practice; promoting belief that some crimes have no victims and misrepresenting what democracy means.

All this in the interests of shattering human values, creating confusion and dividing opposition.

Thus, in turn, clearing the way for the "lawless and unaccountable" corporate take-over we now call globalization.

'Politically correct' enslavement has been promoted under the cloak of 'humanism' however, humanism is not human; it is a deceiver's substitute.

Who, in Australia, among the leaders of state, church, law, education, entertainment or mass media has ever raised a persuasive voice in response to community complaint of political corruption? Or made any serious effort to resist globalist invasion?

How few have raised a finger; or lent an ear? Or tried to expose the lack of substance in ideology -- fought against law that protects corporate crime -- explained the democracy sham, or money scam, or warned of the corruption of community logic?

On the other hand how prophetic was Professor Hayek (The Road to Serfdom 1944) when he said; quote:

".. many who think themselves infinitely superior to the aberrations of Nazism and sincerely hate all its manifestations, work at the same time for ideals whose realization would lead straight to the abhorred tyranny." EQ.

We are so close to the unthinkable; a despotic, arrogant, all-powerful world government that obeys no law and governs by its own decree.

But is it all bad news? Are there signs the globalists are worried? Why do they come into the open to have us told that globalism is irresistible and inevitable; that it cannot and should not be fought? No social movement, especially one that is without morals and despises the humane, is either irresistible or inevitable; every caring human has no moral choice other than to fight this corruption.

The basic principles we are being forced to live by are totally false -- a dictatorial World Government is a social madness! We must see that this IS a life/death WAR! Will we surrender humanity to be sacrificed on an inhuman altar? Read this evidence again -- will we gamble a childish dream against life itself?
One last quote; source unknown, "Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad" -- let us not surrender too soon -- let us look (to our madness) before we leap.

Let those of us who live in Australia also make this, our anniversary year of Federation, a year for the understanding and revival of the political ideals of our Constitution.

Thank you for your attention.

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