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I'm Brother Anthony, welcoming you to `Bible Believers', where we focus on the PRESENT Truth.

And we're going to do just that by commenting upon an e-mail to an American correspondent from Bible Believers' BBS, who now writes to Bible Believers' Web Site. Here's the essence of my recent conversation with Brother Butch from North Carolina, in the Bible belt of the USA.

The NWO is the Great Tribulation. When the NWO comes, you'll know the Gentile dispensation is over. There'll not be another Gentile "saved", because God's returned to Israel. Not to Jews, so-called, but to the blood line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, living in the Land of Israel, following the orthodox Law and Prophets, not the Talmud.

The NWO is almost here. It's like a man, who's almost married - everything's set-up. All he has to do is have a public ceremony to ask God's blessing. The NWO is just waiting for God's blessing to seal the last saint into the Body of Christ. Then the Marriage is over, and the NWO will move in.

Without a prophet, there can be no first resurrection, and no NWO. In Amos 3:7, God says, "Before judgment, I always send a prophet with warning, and a way of escape"! God promised us a prophet in this day. Whoever he was, that prophet has been.

Jesus promised the judgment, and the millennium, will come "before the generation that saw Israel restored to the Promised Land, can die-out through old age". The youngest of that generation will be 62 this year. Seventy years is a lifetime, and seven years remain of Daniel's Seventy Weeks, when God reveals Jesus Christ to the elect Israelites, after the end of the Gentile dispensation.

It doesn't take a Rhodes' scholar to calculate the mathematics and see that the Gentile dispensation will end very soon. Actually, if you are a Rhodes' scholar, you're very likely a part of the coming NWO, because they're a part of the conspiracy behind it.

So I say to you, "Without receiving the Message of that prophet, you're as good as LOST". You'll certainly go into the tribulation. The Bible promises you that. Didn't saint Peter say in Acts, "That the soul who does not receive that prophet, will be destroyed from among the congregation". Jesus said they'll be accursed. They won't be restored to the apostolic faith. And they won't receive the revelation of the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10, which is the fullness of the Word, which is Christ". It's the parousia Coming of the Lord Jesus in WORD Form, to incarnate His Bride, so they all come into the unity of the faith, for the manifestation of the Sons of God, and the translation.

So you see, whoever that prophet was - past tense - he has already been. He's already fulfilled his ministry. There's no time left for a prophet to visit the Gentiles now.

Our Brother Butch wrote that he no longer believes in a Trinity of Gods. Now he sees a DUET of Holy Spirit and SON. So pick a number, ANY number . . . If God is eternal, pray tell, how can there be an eternal sonship? The Holy Spirit is eternal. He became Father when Adam was formed of the dust of the earth. The Holy Spirit has no father, no mother, and neither beginning of days nor end of life. But Jesus, and you, and I have both father and mother, and a time we began, and up until this last Age, a time when we'd die. A son comes out of a father. What's first, the chicken or the egg?

Jesus Christ is the one Person of God, manifest as a virgin-born Man to play the part of Adam's KINSMAN Redeemer. As the Pillar of Fire in the burning bush was God, manifest in the Shekinah to get Moses' attention.

Like most people, Butch hasn't removed his denominational blinkers before reading God's Word, to prove whether his own minister, or I, are preaching the faith and understanding of God's unchanging Word, or some man-made nonsense.

Didn't the great saint Paul say, "God's Word is TRUE; man's Word is a lie"? "Receive the Word of your preacher with all readiness of heart, then search the Scriptures, whether it is so".

Now's the time to check-up. It's later than you think. When's the last time you examined your own beliefs, to see whether you are in the faith?


Welcome to Bible Believers around Australia, who've joined us on the satellite. Greetings, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We've been sharing the substance of an e-mail to Bible Believers', from Brother Butch of the USA. Butch wrote, that he's found God's Messenger for this Age, and he identified a certain minister.

I replied that this Brother can't have been the SEVENTH angel, for Israel wasn't in the Homeland. Jesus said, "When you see Israel in the homeland, you'll know, then that it's harvest time. Time to take My Bride home to the Wedding Supper. Time for the Millennium. And all of this will happen, before the generation that saw Israel restored to their Land can DIE-out through old age. Israel became a nation in 1948. The minister died in 1952, so he was in the last or Pentecostal Age of PART-Word. Laodicea.

The Bible tells us that the ministry of the angel to the seventh Church Age will reveal the Seven Seals (Acts 3:19-21; Revelation 10:7; I Corinthians 13:10; I Thessalonians 4:16). He'll veil the fullness of God, revealing Jesus Christ the same, by the Messianic Sign of Hebrews 4:12 - "discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart . . . As it was in the days of Lot" (Genesis 18; Luke 17:28- 30). Through this man, God's raised the dead, restored sight to the blind, banished cancer and cast out demons, more than Jesus, and all of the prophets and sages of the Bible. This was promised by Jesus in John 14:12.

The Bible foretold how certain followers, confused by the constant display of the Supernatural that vindicated his ministry, and not being born-again, would seek to worship him. You can read this in Revelation 22. And as John the Baptist introduced Christ's first Coming, this ministry would introduce the second or "parousia" Coming of Jesus (Matthew 24:22-28; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 1:7).

To suggest that God fulfilled these prophecies in the ministry of anyone other than the late William Branham is absurd. But I know he was not making that suggestion. He just doesn't know what he should be looking for in this hour.

The angel to each Age comes at the end of the Age. In Laodicea, the angel was to introduce Christ's second or "parousia" Coming. Not the Man from Galilee, but the fullness of the Word. Then the Dispensation changes from Laodicea, with Christ as "Son of GOD" and Mediator - outside the church, to the holy convocation after the Church Ages are fulfilled, where as "Son of MAN", He is Judge (John 5:25-27), calling His people out from Babylon and her harlot daughter churches, like Butch's denomination, into the fullness of the Word Paul calls the unity of the faith.

Butch belongs to a Pentecostal denomination. Revelation 3:17-20 says the Laodiceans, who are the Pentecostals, put Christ out of the church that bears His Name. They refused the Word and held to their substitute creed. As Israel held to their substitute lamb, and crucified the real Lamb - they crucify to themselves, the Son of God afresh. The Bible said they would.

Butch writes, "I read some of Brother Branham's beliefs on your web pages. Its my opinion, that he did not have the baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking with other tongues".

I replied that tongues have nothing to do with being born-again. Muslims and denominational church-goers speak with other tongues, and they're certainly not born-again.

Speaking with other tongues is a sign for they who believe not! It sealed the doom of Babylon in the days of Belshazzar; it sealed the fate of Israel, and ichabod is written over the portals of the Gentile church today.

Tongues are God's sign of impending disaster, even as they were when they appeared upon the wall at Belshazzar's feast. Don't you know that many will come in the last day and say, "Lord, Lord, we spoke in other tongues, and did many wonderful works in Your Name, even to the casting out of devils?" And He'll say, "Depart from Me, you who work iniquity. I never knew you." Jesus said they were workers of iniquity. Yet, you get a man to pray for the sick who gets oil and blood appearing in the congregation, prophecy coming forth, and all manner of the supernatural, and the people gather round him, and swear he's of God, although he's actually making a money racket of religion and living in sin. The only answer they have is the absolutely unbiblical answer of, "He gets results, so he must be of God." How terrible. Balaam "got results". The seventy "got results". So did Judas. How poor this Age is in the Spirit of God. Naked, blind, miserable, and they don't know it.

If Butch can't see, or if he chooses to remain ignorant, Its not for him. God put the true five-fold ministry into the Body to keep those who are born-again clean, and to bring them to maturity in the faith. Perhaps my ministry wasn't sent for Butch.

In John 16:13, and Revelation 2 and 3, Jesus said the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost, or new birth, isn't SPEAKING with other tongues, but HEARING what the Spirit is saying to the true and false churches in your Age. In every one of the quotes people twist to prove their works doctrine, of speaking in other tongues, they prove they're without the Spirit to discern the Word they're quoting. The Word says the elect HEARD or UNDERSTOOD in their OWN language, what was spoken in a STRANGE tongue.

The evidence in every Age is hearing what the Spirit's saying to the Churches (plural): to the true Church and to the false church, of your day. We must recognize OUR day and ITS Message, and become written epistles of THAT part of the Word.

The elect of God can't be deceived on the revealed Word of God. Jesus said so (Matthew 24:24; John 10:1-5). As there's only one faith, and it's the mind of Christ, common to every member in each Age; and as its clear that Butch and I are not in agreement in our understanding, at least one of us is a sinner, and not a saint.

Butch had another criticism. He writes, "I think Brother Branham believed that conversion, or belief in Jesus alone, gives one the Spirit of God. This is much like the Baptist of today. The Word clearly teaches different".

The Word of God most certainly teaches different. So did Brother Branham. You're accusing him falsely, not having read any of his teachings. We're told not to bring an accusation against an elder except it be written, and declared before two or three witnesses, who are themselves elders. You haven't read the written evidence on Bible Believers' web Site.

There's not a Moslem alive who doesn't believe in Jesus. But not one of them is converted. The only thing that will give one the baptism of the Holy Ghost, which is the new birth, or conversion, is a life lived by a clear understanding of the Word for your day. That and that alone is Christ in you.

That's why Butch's choice for the "man of God for this day" is not God's choice. The last Word Prophet to the Gentiles was pointed out in Joel 2:25, Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 17:11, Acts 3:19-23, and Revelation 1:1; 3:14; 10:7, etc. Those Scriptures were fulfilled in the ministry of a man who died in 1965. That man was the late William Branham. I'm happy to report these things, not to debate them. Because for anyone prepared to do their homework, it'll be obvious God thoroughly VINDICATED the ministry of the late William Branham.

There we'll leave Brother Butch to decide for himself and by God's Word, which one of us is born-again, and in the faith.


A baby born today will pay $100,000 tax in its lifetime, just to pay the interest on Australia's debt. It's financial-fiscal child-abuse. Australia's national debt is so huge, the next generation will have to help pay it off. Perhaps this explains why babies cry when they're born.

History shows that when the debts of a country are two-thirds the value of all its property, disintegration sets in. Strikes, riots and revolutions occur. Back in 1978, Jim Davidson of the National Taxpayer's Union said, the actuarial debt of the United States was $7.6 trillion - equal to the value of everything in the US. Then, 45% owned 100% of the net financial worth of all Americans. While 55% had a zero or negative net worth.

Everyone, except the money lender, is in debt. When the total US public and private debts were $40 billion, the total money supply was only about $1.6 billion. Interest was going principally to the East. When neighbors spend all their money, they have nothing to spend locally, and liquidity can only be regained by borrowing against, or selling assets and future production.

On the one hand the law says these debts must be paid, but on the other hand, all the people can't pay. Debts don't depreciate like property, and because they accumulate, they become an oppression, affecting all, by directly confiscating the wealth of millions.

The element of secrecy is particularly relevant in the world of money. Francis Bacon said: "If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master".

The close relationship between national banks and government debt has historically been kept secret because its basically an immoral arrangement of mutual greed and convenience: "A banking system is so closely associated with public borrowing and with what's almost the oldest and most jealously guarded function of the State - the issue of money, that governments can seldom afford to leave it entirely unlicensed and uncontrolled" (Sir John Clapham, THE BANK OF ENGLAND 2 (1945); 34 L. Q. REVIEW (1918)

The State soon found that its business was one of the undertakings which a bank would finance - for privileges which it would give.

A long-existing and self-perpetuating tax-immune internationalist and transnational group, that uses fronts with an interlocking corporate and/or fraternal group of individuals, whose membership is either secret or semi-secret, with undisclosed ownership of shares, has usurped the sovereignty of borrowing national governments (who serve their lenders). It includes largely unrevealed yet reported campaign contributors who also control the media, the press, and all major political parties, and it dictates prime ministerial appointments. It abhors the direct issuance of money by elected officials, and through the creation of a system of privately-owned and controlled central banks, holds all the world's gold, and all loan and mortgage paperwork. Its business is conducted in secret meetings which determine the future of all national economies, and the timing of expansion (through loans) or contraction (through no loans). It exercises an exclusive monopoly of the issuance of money created out of thin air and issued solely as debt. It does not create money to repay the interest, and lives off perpetual national debts that consume future income, and under international law cannot be repudiated, even by internal political revolution. At least for others, it tends to be pro-bureaucracy, pro-abortion/population control, pro-government education, anti- family, anti-nationalist, anti-inheritance, anti-private property, and anti-Jesus Christ. This group can demand special privileges, and even military force to collect national debts. It plans soon to accomplish global disarmament (of both civilians and nations), and to have a monopoly on force, (including nuclear weapons). It has the privilege of a guaranteed untaxable income, enforced by liens on all public and personal property, and collected by the coercive force of the taxing structure of the various governments.

Now, can you recognize one of the groups behind the NWO? But this group will have to bend the knee to Rome.

Rev. Clarence Kelly stated in, CONSPIRACY AGAINST MAN AND GOD 177-178 (1974): "A primary obstacle to tyranny is the recognition by enough men of the fact that they are individual rational beings. from this understanding of the nature of man, flows the concept of inalienable natural rights. And since that which is 'unalienable' is, by definition, 'incapable of being alienated, surrendered or transferred,' it necessarily follows that such a conception of rights constitutes an intrinsic denial of the collectivist principle that rights are extrinsic to man, and can be bestowed on him by the community or state. Conversely, if rights are bestowed by the community or state, the community or state can take them away or transfer them as it deems necessary or desirable. The view of rights as extrinsic also involves a certain view of the nature of government. Government, in this view, is not the protector of rights that man possesses by his nature as man, but is the giver of rights. In reality, government has neither the moral power to endow men with natural rights, nor the moral authority to diminish, decrease or destroy them.

Tyranny is the denial of the intrinsic quality of rights, translated into the realm of practical politics. This denial, imposed by force, manifests itself through some sort of collectivization. This is why tyrants always seek to destroy the anti-collectivist view of man among the enslaved populations over which they rule.

In order to do this, and to expand the domain of their powers, they frequently adopt 'philosophies' constructed to destroy by stealthy means, our knowledge and understanding of man's nature as an individual rational being.

The poisonous threads that run through the various collectivist philosophies, (and theologies for that matter) include the diminution of the individual, the glorification of the community (mass men), and the justification of the establishment of a collectivist structure of government. The trick, or plot, is to portray collectivization in rosy colors, so that it'll appear as a desirable and morally justifiable state of things. The ultimate principle of these philosophies is the (theoretical) deification of humanity, and the subjugation of men.

By any rational standard, collectivist philosophy is a justification for slavery. Collectivists don't call it that; but neither do con men broadcast the deficiencies and deceptions that lie at the heart of confidence games." radio092.htm

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