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The Gods of the Copybook Headings - 24KB

God's Promises which are always positive
We're watching the ending of history
Pharisees of the WB and IMF destroyed their economy
Let's take church life. That's where Life begins
According to the Bible God promised three Exoduses

World Genocide by a Self-styled Mutant 'Master Race' - 23KB

Australia's racial problems have been deliberately created
mixing of the races had contributed greatly to the disintegration
God destroyed the world with the Flood because of miscegenation
racial discrimination is the result of geographic integration, not segregation
The blacks were being held in reserve, to be manipulated and used
The present drug craze
The Environmental Movement
The Crime Wave

A Sad but Holy God - As it was in the Days of Lot - 29KB

Church leaders are just red and rotten pseudo-religious rats
effective way to undermine society is to change the value systems
In America, this assault on society was led by the Rockefellers
Students must be brainwashed into rejecting traditional 'rigid' values
We need to match Bible prophecy with historic fact or actuality
1) Elijah the prophet will come before the tribulation.
2) The prophet will turn the heart of the fathers to the children.
3) Elijah will restore the heart of the children to their fathers.
4) After the heart of God's children is restored to the apostolic faith, tribulation plagues will smite the earth and all on it with their curse.

Pastor Joe Indicts City of London Stooges - 20KB

"Who Says We Haven't a Prayer?"
our once great country is ruled by Pharisees
Do you suppose history is mere happenstance?
The time of the end commenced in 1963
I speak with many whose spiritual life's in a dilemma

Science, Y2K, the MAI and Slavery - 27KB

when you go to heaven, you don't fly off somewhere else
Where's the Church in this so-called "Christian" nation
The coming Y2K computer catastrophe is looming large!
government is planning nation-wide martial law, and a police state
Pope John Paul II warned against resurgence of capitalist neo-liberalism

Creating Conditions for World War III - 23KB

The ritual sacrifice of Iraqis continued unabated as Washington and London bombed Iraq
World War III is to be fomented between Political Zionists and the Moslem world
Fancy the leaders of the so-called "Christian" West applauding the murder of innocent people
Loss of life by the UN sanctions makes Saddam Hussein's human rights record insignificant
admissions by UNSCOM chief Richard Butler, UN inspectors shared intelligence with Israel
Iraq's NUCLEAR capability and the balance of world power concerns Britain and the US

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