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Christianity Outlawed - 21KB

Like Esau, we Gentiles, are fast approaching our place, of no more repentance
Last Sunday, I was speaking with an Anglican minister
our Federal Government, in two Bills before the Parliament has outlawed the preaching of the FULL Gospel
Jesus said that the conditions of the days of Noah would repeat in our day
Jesus said that the conditions of Sodom and Gomorrah, would repeat in this day
there must come upon the scene in this age, those who'll bring the wheat and the tares to maturity
The false church groups will unite, in a World Council of Churches
This mark in the head means that they'll have to take the doctrine of the world church system
I've been attending a legalist church that forbids our sisters to preach, cut their hair, or wear shorts and slacks. But I believe there's neither male nor female, for we're all one in Jesus

Pentecost Types the Gentile Dispensation - 16KB

We enter our Spiritual rest or new birth, by Spiritual revelation, or faith from God
The Bible said, `God is going to "RESTORE"'
Why don't Christians keep the Ten Commandments?

Passing the Life through the Body - 21KB

I've been fellowshiping with an ex-Muslim
We receive the Spirit or Life of God by the hearing of faith
his preacher is a woman
Paul's teaching is for every Christian Sister, wherever she lives, and for every Age
Paul explains how woman is not even original creation
Paul commanded the Sisters to keep silence in the churches (plural)
There had to be a Fall, so that God could manifest His Attributes as Savior
the token of the Old Testament was circumcision

Separation from Unbelief - 19KB

children of disobedience
God's promises are conditional to obedience
when was Jesus born
The word "Christmas" is a combination of TWO words
What people think of you, is what they think of the Church

We Have Seen His Star in the West - 20KB

The Magi
These wise men said, "We saw His STAR in the EAST
Wise men and women of THIS day have seen His STAR in the WEST
He could not have been born on the twenty-fifth of December
God knows how to do things. He even makes the works of the enemy praise Him
In all ages, God has spoken to His people, and revealed Himself by dreams
if a dream is interpreted it becomes a vision, and that's a prophecy
man can't just have hands laid on him, to receive a gift; he is born with that gift
"espousing" in the Bible, is the same as marriage
Joseph was a good man who didn't want his own name blackened

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