Bible Believers' Newsletter 1206

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we appreciate your company and are pleased that you have joined us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android PhoneWe welcome scriptural questions and contentions on revelation that sharpen our personal sword of the Spirit, and today our main article is "Contending for the Faith." A recent report stated, "The Christian Church believes that what is missed in the religious education of the child can hardly be recovered. It must first artificially induce its teachings in the young, still spiritually helpless person in order to have him firmly in its grip as an adult." The objective of organized religion is to take possess the soul from cradle to grave by "artificially inducing its teachings in the young." The aim of Proverbs 22:6 is to unfold and impart revelation by the Spirit to bring God's children whatever their age, to a clear understanding of the mind of God that they might be established in "the present Truth" of the I AM, not the I WAS, or the I WILL BE.

The "three unclean spirits like frogs" between the Sixth and Seventh Vials bring to mind the neo Nazi Azov Battalion and organized religion which hearken to traditions of the past, as they cannot see what Jesus is doing now. You recognize this in our items of current news.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Kissinger nails it for Once

June 1, 2022 — Our basic strategy is to "weaken" and "isolate" Russia by severing Russia's economic ties with Europe and goading them into a long and costly quagmire in Ukraine. That's the plan . . . according to Kissinger—it's the wrong plan. Because US National Security Strategy identifies China as America's number one rival (which it certainly is) so, naturally, any policy that makes China stronger, runs counter to US strategic interests.

It makes China a lot stronger because it forces Russia to strengthen relations with China . . . It means that relations between the world's manufacturing powerhouse (China) and the world's second biggest producer of hydrocarbons (Russia) just got a helluva a lot better because of Washington's counterproductive war in Ukraine.

What is this winter going to look like when home heating bills go through the roof, industries across Europe succumb to the higher energy costs, unemployment soars to Great Depression levels, and rolling blackouts become a regular feature of life in the west? That's what the future holds for Europe and America if the policy isn't reversed and a negotiated settlement quickly reached.

Putin has already stated that Russia will not put itself in a position where it is economically dependent on Europe again. Those days are over. Instead, he is redirecting critical energy flows to China, India and beyond. Europe is no longer a priority customer, in fact, they have emerged as a threat to Russia's survival, which means, Russia will continue to reorient its production eastward.

If you think that those quantities of hydrocarbons can be replaced by producers in Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia or some other far-flung location, you are sadly mistaken. Europe is walking headlong into the biggest energy crisis in its history . . . Because Germany currently imports 34% of its oil from Russia. And Russian oil is a fully-proven, high quality Urals blend that is delivered in vast quantities via the Druzhba pipeline to German refineries that have been engineered to meet particular processing requirements. Different oil from different providers would throw a wrench in the whole refinery process. It would require significant "modification of new feedstock lines and infrastructure, an atmospheric distillation facility, a vacuum distillation system, a cat-crack unit, a visbreaking facility, an alkylation unit, a catalytic reformer, an isomerisation unit, and an ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE) facility. Plus brand new storage facilities + handling equipment for Rostock feed to substitute the 24x7x365 smooth Druzhba pipeline" ("Germany's Refinery Problem," The Saker).

Germany's economic growth—which is closely aligned with energy consumption—will dip dramatically, businesses will be shuttered, unemployment will spike, and the EU's most powerful and productive country will be brought to its knees. Full story:

Comment: We in the West hear that Russia is "isolated in the world" as a result of the crisis in Ukraine. If one is speaking about the Eurovassal states and the Anglosphere, that is true. But considering humanity as a whole and among the rising economies of the world, it is the US that stands isolated. And even in Europe, cracks are emerging. Hungary and Serbia have not joined the sanctions regime and of course most European countries will not and indeed cannot turn away from Russian energy imports crucial to their economies. It appears that the grand scheme of US global hegemony to be brought about by the US move to WWII Redux, both Cold and Hot, has hit a mighty snag.

The refusal of India to sanction Russia is a big problem for the USA because that defeats the purpose of QUAD which is to 'contain' China. The other East Asian sidekicks of the USA likewise could defect to the Russian-led East from the US-led West once the USD pyramid scheme implodes. Once the USD goes, 'no money no honey'.

US Cyber Chief admits to Attacks against Russia in Ukraine

June 1, 2022 — In the interview with Sky, the general said US cyber specialists have been deployed to 16 overseas countries at the invitation of their allied governments, to "hunt forward": seek out foreign hackers and identify the tools they use. "We went in December 2021 at the invitation of the Kiev government to come and hunt with them. We stayed there for a period of almost 90 days," Nakasone said. This team left Ukraine in February, along with all other US troops, ahead of the Russian incursion. Nakasone also confirmed—for the very first time, according to Sky—that the US was conducting offensive hacking operations in support of Ukraine.

Nakasone said that the NSA and CYBERCOM have been developing this "strategic disclosure" since 2018, when he took over as the leader . . . US intelligence officials admitted to NBC News in April that they have leaked intelligence to the media about the conflict in Ukraine that was either "not rock solid" or was outright made up on multiple occasions, in order to win an "info war" against Russia. The misinformation was part of an effort to "undermine Moscow's propaganda and prevent Russia from defining how the war is perceived in the world," they said. Full story:

Comment: Four star US general admits the US was already in Ukraine conducting cyber warfare in the run up to the conflict. That is, even before the Russians attacked! To cite the general's words, the US forces were there "hunting . . ." Yet we are supposed to believe that "Russia started it".

Ukraine Fires Own Human Rights Chief Perpetuating Russian Troop 'Systematic Rape' Stories

June 1, 2022 — However, a bunch of eager NGOs in Ukraine, hoping for fresh 'western' money for new 'rape consultation and recovery' projects, tried to find real rape cases. They were disappointed when they found that there was no evidence that any rape had taken place . . . That Ukraine's parliament took the drastic step of dismissing her in such a public manner also speaks volumes—strongly suggesting that Ukrainian officials themselves don't believe the bulk of the 'systematic rape' claims. Full story:

Western Civilization at a Crossroads: Mythical Hegemony or Win-Win Paradigm?

May 29, 2022 — As the world is moving slowly but surely to the edge of the abyss, there is a parallel crisis going within the nations that claim to exemplify the best of "western values" while undermining and violating them at every point. Of course, the West blames all the problems of the world on the East, particularly Russia and China but there are some "dissident" voices that need to be heard at least for the sake of those who are interested in searching for ideas that might avoid Armageddon.

Rudyard Kipling once wrote: "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat." Kipling was expressing his belief that cultures of the East and West were so intrinsically different that any hope for harmony or mutual interest was little more than a delusion.

How could such a worldview possibly mesh with the cultures of Orthodox Russia, Confucian China, or the Islamic world? To the degree that those cultures maintained their ancient traditions and values, it obviously could not, as only total submission to a hegemon could resolve the conflict.

However, instead of looking to those modern heirs of Kipling's vision based in Washington DC as the role models for 'western civilization,' it would be much more appropriate to look instead to the much more dignified example of the founding fathers of America. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Jay and John Quincy Adams were men who believed in peaceful conflict resolutions, promoted diplomacy over war, and sought solutions based in mutual self-interest for all parties.

Those were also the days when Russia helped the newborn nation to withstand the pressure of the colonial British Empire. This spirit of friendship was rekindled when Russia saved the union during the Civil War, and again as both nations fought to put down fascism in WW2.

The 1991 collapse of the USSR presented a unique chance for America to return the favor and exercise a geostrategic vision by sharing its best accomplishments in a win-win paradigm.

Russia and even the USSR under the late Gorbachev time frame were ready for the full integration with the West but instead, she was hollowed out under the dark age of looting overseen by the [Jewish] administration of Bill Clinton and IMF-imposed regime. They ensured that Russia's industries were crushed; new oligarchs were built up on the riches of privatized state assets, which lead to the 1998 default of its economy.

At the same time, instead of dissolving itself as the Warsaw military block did, NATO continued its "drang nach Osten" with a broader 'full spectrum dominance' agenda encircling Russia with a missile shield that countless experts have warned can be made offensive in short notice.

At the same time another most visible destruction took place in Ukraine which today has become the sparkplug for a potential thermonuclear WW3.

This country that enjoyed one of the highest per capita economies of Europe in 1990 could have prospered by choosing neutral military status, while taking the best that the West and East could offer. Instead the West decided to turn it into anti-Russia strategic beachhead.

As a result, the Ukrainian economy has been devastated. It has lost its once powerful rocket/aviation/space/automotive industries, and is now ranked among the poorest in Europe and most corrupt states on Earth.

Along with the destruction of industry came the collapse of the population that has fallen from 52 million in 1990 to 37 million today. Outraged by the continuing resistance of the Ukrainian people to join NATO, the West orchestrated the 2014 regime change coup that resulted in the current military collision with Russia.

At the beginning of this war, it looked like Kyiv was ready to reach a compromise with Moscow, but Washington said NO. Instead, the USA, and NATO countries pour billions of dollars and huge numbers of the most sophisticated weapons to Ukraine urging it to continue the fighting that now threatens all of humankind with a nuclear catastrophe.

These are the gifts of the ugly counterfeit of 'western values' which proclaimed its absolute victory in the Cold War as 'an end of history.' Then-senator Joe Biden in his 1992 'How I learned to love the New World Order' embodied this arrogant paradigm stating: "Having contained Soviet Communism until it dissolved, we need a new strategy of 'containment' based, like NATO, on collective action".

These champions of western values don't mind Ukraine's glorification of WW2 Nazi collaborators and modern day neo-Nazis. They pretend not to notice the elimination of Ukrainian political opposition parties, or the destruction of the free media. These pretenders of western values even look the other way when the water supplies are cut off to the people of Crimea.

In 2015, the US Congress banned the Pentagon from training and equipping the Azov Battalion. Congressional representatives called it a "disgusting Nazi formation." Now its members are presented as valiant heroes, the "defenders of Mariupol".

This and the horrifying results of the western wars in the Middle East with hundreds of thousand killed, millions wounded, and tens of millions war refuges prove that those who keep speaking about western values, are like Kipling, merely Utopians ideologically committed to an age of total world's domination under a modern remix of 'the white man's burden.' This ideology underlies the downfall of every major empire throughout history, as it is only capable of destroying the diversity, and creative vitality so necessary for humanity to thrive and progress. It is a culture of dark ages, war and ignorance and it is everything that those leading figures of the renaissance and American Revolution sought to extinguish forever from the face of the Earth.

When the very thing which both Reagan and Gorbachev ruled out now presses ominously upon our future, it is worth asking if the West has lost the moral fitness to survive, or is there the power to restore the true heritage of 1776 with a look towards cooperating with nations of Eurasia before we light the world on fire? Full story:

British Town of 700 to receive 1,500 African Illegals

June 3, 2022 — Jesus Christ said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall also the (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming of the Son of man be." So-called Christians who read understand the besetting sin of Noah's day was miscegenation (Genesis 6:1-3), now called 'multiculturalism,' which is accursed of God Who requires us to bring forth after our kind, or "kindred" (Genesis 1:22-25). Like Israel over 2,000 years, Gentiles are now blind to God's Word have not seen Christ present with us since 1963? Full story:

Will Gate$, Rockefeller, Musk and Klau$ $chwab prevail in the Class War?

May 28, 2022 — On May 23, Oxfam International released the latest study examining how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the distribution of wealth worldwide. The results were alarming, and for people with any sense of fairness, out and out infuriating:

In a March 2021 Global Research News Hour interview, Catherine Austin Fitts explained how the decision by the G7 banks to re-organize the financial systems under the plan 'Going Direct Reset' allowed COVID to be a cover for a major thrust of wealth toward the wealthy and allow new technologies to once again return to them control of the mass population.

In a statement on what labour would be facing she said the following:
"If I can insert things into your body, if I can mind-control you, if I can turn off your ability to transact, that's a slavery system . . . and you're looking at a leadership who thinks they can do almost everything with software and AI and robotics, and they don't need people." [3]
These threats are no longer science fiction. For any serious person with a quest for worker solidarity, it is imperative that we not only remember with fondness the past glories of our collective triumphs, but muster like there's no tomorrow against the scourge of the clear and present threat to our gains and possibly even our existence. Full story:

17,000 Doctors launch a Plan to break away from the WHO and create a Parallel Medical Universe

May 24, 2022 — This is the plan of a group of more than 17,000 doctors from different countries after verifying the corruption of the current health system and the incapacity of this international health entity. Dr. Ryan Cole, one of the doctors leading the initiative, looks at the worst mistakes made in the past two years and what to expect in the future . . .
Full story:

Contending for the Faith

Following Newsletter 1205 a Brother wrote: Revelation 20:4, "Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom the authority to judge was committed (Bride). Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the Word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years".

That means we have been wrong on this Scripture all along as it speaks of both the wise and foolish virgins spending the Millennium together. Is it disputable?

In reply we should set the scene: Revelation 19:14 – 20:1-4, "And I saw an angel descending out of the heaven, having the key of the abyss and a [metaphorical] great chain on His hand. And He laid hold on the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil (Slanderer), and (the Adversary) Satan, and bound him a thousand years, (not with linked chain but by a chain of circumstance wherein his subjects are in the grave for a thousand years and cannot serve him, and the living being glorified are immune from his influence), and cast him into the abyss, and set a seal upon him and sealed over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be finished: after these he must be loosed a little time.

The judgment upon Satan is accomplished by the appearance of the Archangel Christ which introduces the millennial transition between time and eternity. It proceeds from the Sun and summons all the birds under heaven to consume all the dead flesh which will issue from the great defeat of the antichristian world in order to convert it into new life.

A decisive act of judgment takes the place of the battle of Armageddon contemplated by "the Beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together against Christ and His armies upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean." The Beast and the False Prophet misleading the infatuated antichristian host are seized, perhaps by insanity, for they are cast alive into the Lake of Fire burning with brimstone. For them, hell begins in this life "tormented day and night forever and ever".

Revelation 19:21, "And the remnant was slain with the sword of Him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of His mouth: and all the birds were satiated with their flesh." This remnant includes the vast majority of the congregations of Judaeo-Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, all other religions and none that will gather together against Christ the Word as agreed at Vatican II.

Assisi MeetingRight this minute your nation is under immense psychological, economic, financial and potential military pressure to surrender sovereignty to collectivism, the practice or principle of several types of social organization in which the individual is seen as being subordinate to a social collectivity such as a state, nation, race, or social class. Collectivism is in contrast to individualism which emphasizes the natural rights and interests of the individual. The Judaeo-Roman church recently criticized the God-given importance of individualism and nationalism rather than collectivism. Before his untimely death in 1999, Jewish Jesuit Dr. Malachi Martin, who was with Vatican intelligence assessing things in Israel and an adviser to three popes told Uri Dowbenko, "I think that from the very start John Paul II for whatever reasons has sought after one thing and one thing only. The formation of what now appears to be in his mind, a universal assemblage of Catholics at the core; grouped with them the Protestant denominations, sects and churches; grouped around them believing Jews, believing Muslims, believing Hindus, believing Buddhists. And that would be a universal religious assembly that could have a powerful dynamic kick in civilization and in solving the problems of men and women today. That is the only thing you can really say this man has sought heart and soul and body with all his travelling . . ." (Uri Dowbenko, Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy, ISBN 0971004218, p. 213).

The ownership of land and the means of production by a people or state as a political principle or system is another form of collectivism. The Judaeo-Russian Revolution decided to alter the course of modernity towards collectivism as did Judaeo-Communism under Mao in China. Communism is a spirit; Jesus Christ called it Laodicea which means "rights of the people," egalitarianism, communism, or collectivism. The Western world is oppressed by the same spirit with welfarism and socialism. Judaeo-Communism always follows Judaeo-Catholicism because Catholicism cannot deliver the spiritual promises it preaches as it is just another religion outside Bible faith, while communism is an infection of top down materialism devoid of faith spread from the Jew's City of London.

UN logoWHO logoThe United Nations is a Jewish criminal organization like the League of Nations, Chatham House, the Council on Foreign Relations, Rhodes Scholarships, Cecil Rhodes' world government plans, Milner's Kindergarten, the Round Table, Oppenheimer and Rothschild financiers. The WHO, UNICEF and other UN-associated NGO's to which nations are bound by a web of interrelated agreements and treaties, Rothschild central banks, IMF, WB, WTO and related organizations, whereby the non-Semitic self-styled international Jews rule the world from behind the scenes in parliaments and Congresses. Australia's taxpayer-funded fifth column spruiks homosexuality, foul language, multiculturalism, false religions, fake history, and with the unmitigated gall of chutzpah hubristically mocks us Goyim whom they consider human cattle (the best of which should be killed). In-your-face they shout THINK BIGGGER! We are your gods! You are too stupid to research current and historical medical data, too dull to understand statistics or seek the veracity of Bible prophecies and promises so we are returning your world to serfdom, mesmerized by the mirage of our Covid golem.

The pen is mightier than the sword: as words are thoughts expressed they carry spirits that influence, direct and control men's minds. I believe God enabled men to discover modern communications technology such as the internet to broadcast, record, telecast, film, print and freely disseminate His end-time Message, because Jesus said, "He that shall endure to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" (Matthew 24:13-14). We are living at the end of the Gentile dispensation.

eugenicist Bill GatesSince 1971 (when President Nixon ended convertibility of the USD to gold, insisting his decision was temporary, which it was not and led to volatile financial markets, geopolitical tension and inflated asset prices) uagsart Rothschild Jew Sir Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF) in concert with the tax free foundations of megalomaniac and eugenicist oligarchs has been serving the UN objective espoused in Matthew 4:8-9 condensed in Agendas 2020, 2021 and 2030. Words and sterner means have persuaded monarchs, presidents and elected dictators in lockstep with the best politicians money can buy to demolish their national economy, currency and productive enterprise, the global economy and reserve currency under pretense of a SARS-CoV-2 pandemic for which it did not qualify until a sly revision of the definition. This elusive 'virus' has evaded sixty years of research but is likely to be discovered in vaccines produced by Bill Gates' pharmaceutical interests, which, in association with the WHO has rendered thousands of young women infertile and smitten scores of thousands with polio.

Brother Branham said, "The World Council of Churches and the Catholic church have their big to-do going on in the Vatican now, [Vatican II was preparation for Roman world government prophesied in Daniel chapters 2 and 9, by Paul in II Thessalonians 2:3-11 and Jesus Christ in Revelation 11 through 19] . . . they're trying to come to an agreement to fight communism" (62-1104M, Blasphemous Names, par. 225). "Every person in the world is going to be under obligation to take sides with one or the other" (47-1221, Experiences, par. E-20).

"A proclamation rising up now to stop all interdenominations and consolidate to one, great, big evangelical church of the Protestants, which will cooperate and join with Catholicism to combat Communism. It's the work of the Devil. Yes, sir. God never did associate saint and Satan's church together. God leads His Church, and He don't expect political leaders to lead them, not even church politics. Every man that's borned of the Spirit of God is free. Amen" (56-0617, Revelation Book of Symbols, par. 86; Galatians 5:1).

In the near future the world will enter a global depression and famine Brother Branham said will be worse that the Great Depression, exacerbated by an earthquake that will sink Los Angeles, marking the close of the Gentile dispensation, collapsing the US dollar and the global economy. The Mount of Olives will cleave in two, demolishing es Sakhra, the Dome of the Rock that abominates the Temple site. The modern Israel state will be invaded, utterly defeated and forever finished as a military power (61-0319, Jezebel Religion, par. 100; The First Seal, par 339-359; Amos 8:11; Zechariah 14:2-5; Matthew 24:15; Revelation 16:18-19; 18:21-24). This will see the non-Semitic self-styled Jews abandon Israel and return to their previous host nations in Europe and Eurasia, enabling the children of Jacob to return to the Land of their Covenant for redemption without "fear of the Jews".

Luke 21:25-28, "There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear in anticipation of those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws nigh".

Terror-stricken men in tenebrous bewilderment will call for leadership: perhaps a month to six weeks after the earthquake Russia will invade America. After our translation (II Thessalonians 2:6-9) Satan will be cast down to earth to incarnate Rome's Pope who will call on the confederation of world religions established by Vatican II and confirm her covenant of Daniel 9:27 with Jewry. Rome will refinance the US dollar with gold backing thereby preserving Jewish wealth in fiat money and paper instruments such as mortgages and contracts which might otherwise be worthless. Jewry will restore the commercial system, the UN will proclaim the pope inaugural World President, and Russia will withdraw her forces (54-1219, The Acts of the Holy Spirit, par. 97; 631229, Look away to Jesus, par. 45-46).

This will introduce the first half of Daniel's Seventieth Week which will commence some time after the resurrection and translation of Christ's Bride. The Lord will then anoint two Israelite prophets to serve repatriated Israelites (Zechariah 4:11-14; Revelation 11:3-12). Meantime Rome and the (once) Protestant beast she confederated to repulse Communism (Revelation 13:15-18) will seek to convert Jews and others to trinitarianism. At the dedication of the "UN shrine of the prophets [presumably including Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Herbert W. Armstrong, Benjamin Creme, Menachem Mendel Schneerson] to serve the federated union of all continents" proposed by Israel's non-Semitic first Prime Minister David ben Gurion in his misinterpretation of Isaiah 66:1-10 in Look Magazine, January 16, 1962).

Brother Branham said, "In Revelation 13:14, the beast spreads his influence through the image which was built for him. The image is a world-wide ecumenical council, wherein all the organized churches will unite with the Catholics (they are doing it even now). It is quite possible this union will come in order to stop the power of communism. But since communism like Nebuchadnezzar has been raised up to burn the flesh of the harlot, Rome will be overcome and destroyed (Revelation 17:1 – 18:24). Take note that everywhere the Romish church went, communism followed. It has to be that way. And let me warn you now, don't get thinking communism is your only enemy. No sir. It is the Catholic Church also, and even more so."

I said, "There is three isms has rose up. Nazism, fascism, and Communism." I said, "Them isms will revolve and come around into one, and it'll be Communism. Watch. Communism will burn Rome." See? (62-1230M, The Absolute, par. 188; Revelation 16:13-16; 17:16; 18:9-20).

God bless you Brethren, you are appreciated as jewels in Christ's crown.

In Revelation 20:4-5 as in Revelation 1:10-20 John represents Christ's end-time Bride caught up in the Day of the Lord and he saw Christ as Judge. "I saw thrones, and I saw those that sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them (Daniel 7:22; Matthew 19:28; John 14:19; I Corinthians 6:2; Revelation 1:5-6; 3:21; 4:4, 10; 5:10; 11:16, 18e-i; 20:6; 22:5): and I saw the persons that were slain with an axe [the old constitutional punishment inflicted on provincials down to the fall of the Republic] because of their witness that Jesus of Nazareth is the true Messiah, the Son of God, the Saviour, Lawgiver, and final Judge of the world, and especially of those who believe in him; and because of the Word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, and upon their hand (Revelation 13:1-8, 15-18); and they were restored to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years" (60-1204, The Patmos Vision, par. 165-184).

Brother Branham said "The beast has been all the time; the beast was the one that fed them back there in them lions' dens, fed them back there in that arena there in Rome. That was the antichrist; that was the beast right there, set up a form of religion. Just exactly like . . . [Babylon and the Jewish Temple worship] almost a pattern. The Roman church was taken right out of the Bible, and then . . . they organized the thing and made a institution and made a universal church out of it, and all wouldn't bow down to it had to be destroyed."

"And them in the part of the Body that was then . . . Now, the body has grown just like a tree till it's coming to the Head. See? And all, both martyr, and persecuted, and so forth . . . But Jesus has given us peace this side the river, just like He did (Reuben, Gad and Manasseh) the tribes that didn't cross over" (64-0823M, Questions and Answers 1, COD, par. 225 -227; 62-0527, Questions and Answers, par. 177; 54-0513, The Mark of the Beast, par. 39-44).

Revelation 20:4-6 is not the White Throne Judgment which will follow the general or second resurrection; it is a parenthesis describing three categories of participants justified to enter the first resurrection according to the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those seated upon thrones, those who are Christ's at His unseen second or (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming and translated without death, and those who will be resurrected (I Corinthians 15:23, 52-52; II Corinthians 5:4-4; I Thessalonians 4:15-17).

Daniel 7:8-12 describes the same vision as Brother Branham explains: "Now, at the end of the time, how many knows that the Bible says that "the saints shall judge the earth"? Paul said so . . . "And I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: [the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Heruli who followed the heretic Arius, not the polytheist trinitarian heretic, Athanasius. The extinction of the Ostrogoths in AD539 gained secular power to the papacy]. (Now, we know we're in Rome there, now. See?) And, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man. (Now, remember, this horn did not receive a crown [Revelation 6:2], it was a cunning thing. The other horns [world empires] turned to beasts. This was a cunning, it was a man, pope instead of pagan, you see.) And a mouth speaking great things."

Now watch, 9th verse: "I beheld until the thrones were cast down, (That's all the Gentile kingdoms over. This prophet's speaking; now remember, every one of those things he said has happened right down to this last thing, we know that by our history that we're taking) and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garments was white as snow, (You know who that was the other night in that vision?) Jesus and the hair of His head was like the pure wool: and His throne was like the fiery flame and its wheels as burning fire. And a fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him: [Revelation 20:14] thousands times thousands ministered unto Him, (There's the Church coming back with Him, see.) and tens of thousands times tens of thousands stood before him: (That's . . . the rest of the world) and judgment was set, and the books were opened."

"And I beheld them because of the voice of the great words which the horn spoke: and I beheld even until the beast was slain, and his body destroyed, and given unto the burning fire."

"As concerning the rest of the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away from them: and yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time"
[until the general resurrection for the White Throne Judgment, a thousand years hence].

Now, the judgment was set and the Books were opened. That's when the Bride comes back and sets the judgment . . . the elected Church that's been taken up will return [but] the . . . "rest of the dead lived not again for a thousand years" . . . [then] Jesus returns with the Bride. . .

Now remember, as I've said, everything's in a three. His Coming is in a three: the first time, He came to redeem His Bride; the second time, He comes to catch away His Bride. Like a love affair, comes around and steals her out at nighttime, takes her away from the world, "meet Him in the air." The secret Coming of the Lord, see. The second time He come, is to receive His Bride. First time, to redeem Her; second time, to receive Her; and the third time, with Her, King and Queen!

And here He comes back for the judgment upon the nations. Paul said, "Dare any of you all go to court that has a matter against one another? Can't take care of these little things, know ye not that the saints shall judge the earth?" Here's the judgment that had been given over to Christ and His side; they're the attorneys in the box, and there He sits at the Throne. Here's the Bride, the attorney.

"And here comes these up. The Books were opened, and another Book which is the Book of Life" (Revelation 20:12).

Now, the first Book was the Book of the sinner that was cast away. All right. He's condemned to begin with. There's the goats. He don't even have a chance, see, he's a sinner to begin with. All right, now, he's cast away.

And to the sheep, they stood the judgment. They had to be judged, and the saints had to judge them (I Corinthians 3:13-16; 6:2-3). God is not unjust. If a heathen's yonder in the land, and we are building eight and ten-million-dollar gold shrines here in America instead of taking the Message to them over there, God is going to hold us responsible, but spare them. Sure! God is not unjust.

You here, if you never seen this before, you may not be held responsible, but you're responsible now! You see? You're all responsible . . . And we're responsible for taking the Message, you're responsible whether you hear it or not.

Now, the heathens will rise, them people who's out there worshipping a shrine. They don't know no better. They don't know nothing about it. God is not unjust; He would not condemn them unless they'd have had a chance. And they will be allotted a place.

And so in the Church, that each age down through this church age, from Ephesus on down to down here, the Message, the true Message of Christ like it was at the beginning (the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the power, the resurrection, speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues, gifts of healing, baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus, all those things that He taught), each one that's in that Bride will stand as an attorney (Revelation 1:6; 3:21; 5:10; 20:4, 6; 22:5).

Here comes somebody's case up: "You had a meeting at So-and-so, did you tell him?"

Now the attorney: "Yes, I told him." There it is on the Book, you can't deny it, even our thoughts are on that. See? You can't deny it. "Yes, I told him that he must be baptized."

"In Jeffersonville, there in the tabernacle, there?"

"Yes, Sir, I . . ."

"Yeah, here it is on the Book, you told them that they must do it. They even searched the Scripture and found out it was right, but didn't do it."

"Depart from Me, you worker of iniquity, I didn't even know you" [Matthew 7:23]. See?

There's where He separates the goats from the sheep, you see, casts some on the right side and some on the left side. There brings your three classes back again.

But, this class will never be with that class, that's the Bride. And, you notice, the Bride is with Him in the Temple. The others labor and bring their glory [tithe] into the Kingdom, but the Bride is with the Bridegroom continually. The others will never be allotted; like these down here, they'll serve, they'll not be cast away, because He separated them as sheep from goats [to appreciate God's grace read Matthew 25:31-46]. But the goat had no understanding of it, he didn't care about it. He was a goat, and satisfied as a goat, and so he just died as a goat and that was the end of him. That was all, see (60-1211M, The Ten Virgins and the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand Jews, par. 194-211).

Daniel 7:22-28 and Matthew 19:28-30 make honourable mention of the martyred 144,000 elect Israelites (Revelation 14:1-4, 12; 15:2-4) who will enter the first resurrection and be glorified prior to the Millennium (Daniel 12:1; Zechariah 13:8). Daniel 7:9-14, Acts 10:34, Revelation 13:15-18; 19:20 and 20:4 likewise honour Israelite or Gentile martyrs who did not receive the mark of the beast, for "God is no respecter of persons." The Church goes Home as the Fifth Seal closes and the Sixth Seal opens, bringing "the time of Jacob's trouble" upon Israel in Daniel's Seventieth Week (Jeremiah 30:7). Israel's blindness will continue until the last member of Christ's Bride is born-again and the revelation of the Message of their murdered, resurrected and glorified two witnesses begins to unfold in the latter half of the Seventieth Week (Deuteronomy 29:4; Isaiah 29:10-14; Romans 11:7-11, 25-27).

Revelation 6:9-11, "And when Christ opened the Fifth Seal, I saw under the [brazen] altar [of burnt offering] the souls of them that have been slain on account of the Word of God, and on account of the testimony which they had: and they cried with a great voice, saying, How long, O Lord, the holy and true, do You not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth (Revelation 19:2)? And a white robe was given to each; and it was said unto them, that they should rest for a little time, until [the full number of] their fellow servants and also their brethren, who are about to be killed as also they were, have been completed. And I saw when He opened the Sixth Seal, and, there was a great earthquake" and a 1,500 x 300 – 400 mile segment of earth's crust sank beneath the Pacific, taking Los Angeles to the abyss (Matthew 24:29; Revelation 11:19; 16:18).

The souls under the altar, crying, "How long, Lord, how long?" are Israelites martyred during the Gentile dispensation in accord with their national oath (Matthew 27:25; John 11:49-52). Under the Law and Talmudic deception they denied Messiah because God blinded them spiritually so that like Joseph His type who married the Gentile Asenath, Christ might call a Gentile Bride for His Name. "That the residue of men [elect Israelites whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life] might seek after the Lord, and all the [elect] Gentiles upon whom My Name is called, says the Lord, Who predestined these things" (Isaiah 29:9-12; 49:6; Romans 11:25; Acts 15:17; 63-0322, The Fifth Seal, par. 299-301).

Today the Gentiles are becoming blind to God's revealed Word but unlike the Fifth Seal Israelites, they are willfully blinded (Romans 11:32; II Timothy 3:1 – 4:4; Revelation 3:15-20). The Fifth Seal Israelites will receive their promised white robes at Revelation 7:9. If they were saints they would already be robed in white as members of Christ's Bride. Jesus promised that they should receive white robes after the Gentile dispensation when the 144,000 catch the revelation. The foolish virgins will remain in the grave until the second resurrection when they must appeal (Revelation 20:5).

Our Brother further wrote: I was very concerned about this throughout last night, this morning I woke with the same burden and this inspiration came to me.

"How many souls would be alive during the seven year tribulation period and what percentage of the 7.9 billion world population would be foolish virgins at that time given that a greater percentage of self-styled Christians would have taken the mark of the Beast on their foreheads or in their hands leaving a remnant?"

"This nullifies that a great multitude which no man can number is the end time foolish virgins who came out of the "great tribulation." It is not practicable IMPOSSIBLE going realities of the end time. Again how did the foolish virgins wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb when the era in view is a time when "he that is filthy remained filthy still"?

Brother Branham may have employed the Scripture because of the "great tribulation" just to prove that the END TIME sleeping virgins would go through the great tribulation for purification as also pictured in Revelation 12:17; 13:7.

Our response: Revelation 7:9, "The . . . great multitude [of foolish virgin], which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, [that] stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands" will be the sum of two thousand years of foolish virgins.

Revelation 12:17 refers to the 144,000 elect Israelites and the Laodicean and end-time foolish virgins being purged under the Sixth Seal in the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week (54-0103M, Questions and Answers, COD, par. 224; 54-0515, Questions and Answers, COD, par. 274; 63-0323, The Sixth Seal. par. 273-5).

Revelation 13:7 is also set in Daniel's Seventieth Week when Satan incarnate in the Pope is ruling "all the kingdoms of the world," which he offered to Jesus Christ if He would worship him (Matthew 4:8-9). "And it was given to the beast (or Judaeo-Roman Catholic church) to make war with the saints (Daniel 7:21), and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And every one whose name has not been written in the Lamb's Book of Life shall worship him" . . . by submission, not fidelity.

"This chapter shows the power of the Roman Catholic Church and what she will do through organization. Remember this is the false vine . . . In verse 17, it emphatically shows that she will gain absolute control of the commerce of the earth, for no man can buy or sell apart from her. This is borne out in Revelation 18:9-17 which shows her involvement with kings, princes, merchants, all of whom have to do with Rome and commerce."

"In Revelation 13:14, we learn that the beast spreads his influence through the image which was built for him. The image that is made is a world-wide ecumenical council, wherein all the organized churches will get together with the Roman Catholics (they are doing it even now.) It is quite possible this union will come in order to stop the power of communism. But since communism like Nebuchadnezzar has been raised up to burn the flesh of the harlot, Rome will be overcome and destroyed. Take note that everywhere the Romish church went, communism followed. It has to be that way. And let me warn you now, don't get thinking communism is your only enemy. No sir. It is the Catholic church also, and even more so" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 334:2 – 336:3; 377; 64-0727M, Recognizing your Day and its Message, par. 192; 65-8801M, God of this Evil Age, par. 77-110; 121-126; 159).

Our beloved Brother asked, "Again how did the foolish virgins wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb when the era in view is a time when 'he that is filthy remained filthy still'?"

Revelation 10:1-4The answer to this question is that "the era in review" commenced on about March 8, 1963 when our Lord Jesus "came down from heaven, clothed with a Cloud: and the rainbow was upon His head . . . and in His left hand was a little Book un-sealed and open . . ." Revelation 22:6-16, "Jesus said to John who represents Christ's end-time Bride: these Words are faithful and true: and the Lord God of the spirits of the prophets sent His angel [William Branham (Revelation 1:1; 3:14; 10:7; 19:9, etc.,)] to show unto His servants what things must come to pass. And behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keeps the Words of the prophecy of this Book. And it was I John who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel who showed me these things. And he said to me, Take heed: for I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren the prophets, and of those who keep the Words of this Book: worship God. And He said unto me, Seal not the Words of the prophecy of this Book: for the time is near. Let him who does injustice, do injustice still: and let the polluted pollute himself still: and let the righteous work righteousness still: and let the holy, sanctify himself still."

"Behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to render to each as his work is. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Blessed are they that wash their robes that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in by the gates into the City. Without are the dogs, and the sorcerers
[(Gk.) 'pharmakeus' Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Albert Bourla, Stéphane Bancel, Sir Klaus Schwab and his WEF treasonous self-seeking would be Young Global Leaders. Character is a VICTORY, not a gift. A man without character cannot reign because power apart from character is Satanic. But power with character is fit to rule], and the whoremongers, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and everyone that loves and make a lie. I Jesus sent My angel to testify unto you these things concerning the [apostate] churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and the morning star".

Our precious Brother also stated: My understanding and how I teach it is that Revelation 7:9 portrays the Bride of all ages at the time of the sealing of Israel's 144,000 elect in glorified form in heaven hence the rejoicing of the theophanies of the Saints beyond the curtain of time and round about the Throne as they perceive the revelation. On the other hand John the end time Bride yet in flesh but caught up by the spirit of revelation is instructed into the understanding by the revelation of the Seven Seals.

Ed. This cannot be so because the 144,000 are sealed in Revelation 7:4-8 under the Sixth Seal toward the end of Daniel's Seventieth Week almost seven years after the close of the Gentile dispensation. It is "After these things" that the Lord deals with the foolish virgins in Revelation 7:9-17. Christ's Bride of all Ages is not seen again until the theophany of Revelation 19, by which time all 144,000 elect Israelites will have been martyred and Christ will be destroying antichrist and his armies by the Spoken Word (Revelation 19:11-21). I expect our first glimpse of the glorified 144,000 will be when we all tread down the nuclear ashes of the wicked for a thousand years of peace (Malachi 4:1-3).

I believe John the Divine who represent's Christ's end-time Bride, like us, did not receive the revelation of the Seven Seals when he heard and saw Brother Branham deliver the "letter," but by the slow and gradual inspiration of the Spirit of Truth the revelation unfolded to Him as it is unfolding to us right now, with corrections by the Spirit.

As expressed in Newsletter 1205, confirmed by Scripture and post-Seals quotes concerning Revelation 7:9-17, the foolish virgin will not receive "white robes" until their appeal at the White Throne Judgment following the Millennium. God is not unjust, the Fifth Seal Israelites were blinded that we might see; each will receive his white robe when the Lord has finished dealing with His elect, Israel is born in one day "and killed as they were".

Our Brother also went on to say, Revelation 20:4 shows them seated with authority to judge and this time in company with the 144,000 and the Saints of the Old Testament who had the testimony of the Word of God for their age; they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

Ed. Christ and His Bride of all Ages will be judging along with members of the Bride foreknown as suffering martyrdom for "the present Truth" throughout the Gentile dispensation. It is important that we recognize Revelation 20:4-6 (Daniel 7:21-22) is a parenthesis as we have explained, and not the White Throne Judgment which will follow after the general or second resurrection. It distinguishes three categories of participants justified to enter the first resurrection according to the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that just as Jesus could not award the "white robes" to those under the Fifth Seal until their fellow servants were martyred, neither could the elect saints of Revelation 13:7-10 whose names on the Lamb's Book of Life receive their reward until they endured unto death.  nl1206.htm

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