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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are glad that you have joined us for fellowship around God's unchanging Word, looking forward to Sunday June 5, which will be the Fiftieth Day of the Feast of Pentecost, 2022.

Android PhoneThe title of our main article, "Washington hopes to re-establish its Hyper-Power thanks to the War in Ukraine," was borrowed from an article by Thierry Meyssan the editor of It reaches into the background of the present situation in Ukraine and exposes the objective of the City of London and Washington for global hegemony and "the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience . . . upon whom the wrath of God falls" (Ephesians 2:2; 5:6). Australia's Prime Minister, a product of the alumni of Klaus Schwab's Global Young Leaders, fell last week. The WEF is today the premier influence peddling dirty tricksters and promoters of the worst ideas advanced in human history. As you study our article please concentrate as you read the supporting scriptures to understand where they belong in relation to the Seals, Trumpets and vials. Likewise, study the Current News Items that tie into "the present Truth"—what Jesus is doing NOW. Herein you will recognize "the squeeze" as it tightens worldwide through the activities of the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the multi-billionaire self-seeking individuals, corporations, NGOs and parties dedicated to raising a race of mind-controlled bond slaves disconnected from their soul.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Lawyers & Experts reveal Evidence for World Dictatorship under the Guise of Pandemics

May 27, 2022 — The world is under attack! Multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny. Learn how to defend yourself. Among the expert witnesses are World Health Organization advisors, a United Nations official, members of British Intelligence Services, former officers from the US and UK military, an expert from the Center for Disease Control, a former vice-president from Pfizer, a Nobel prize winner for medicine, and many other high-level witnesses.

The experts show how mind control, psychological manipulation and hypnosis techniques are used to control the opinions and behavior of the public worldwide. The information is backed up with official documents issued by the governments and the named organizations. Below is one example of an official document from the British Government, revealing an official strategy to psychologically manipulate the public.

The evidence is presented during six Grand Jury legal proceedings, that each last about six hours. The length of these proceedings, make it hard for the majority of the public to receive this information. That's why Stop World Control is creating easy-to-read summaries of each six hour session, so these extremely important revelations can reach a greater audience. The first summary is now available, and can be downloaded FREE.

The allegation is that the world's governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. Full story:

WHO 'Stealth Coup' to dictate Global Health Agenda of Gates, Big Pharma (aka 'the Squeeze')

May 22, 2022 — Acting on an initiative from the Biden Administration, by November 2022, conveniently at the onset of the next flu season in the northern hemisphere, the World Health Organization, barring a miracle, will impose an unprecedented top-down control over the national health regulations and measures of the entire planet.

In what amounts to a stealth coup d’état, the WHO will get draconian new powers to override national sovereignty in 194 UN member countries, and to dictate their health measures with force of international law. It is sometimes referred to as the WHO Pandemic Treaty but it is far more. Worse, most of the WHO budget comes from private vaccine-tied foundations like the Gates Foundation or from Big Pharma, a massive conflict of interest.

Doing something with stealth means doing it in a secretive or concealed manner, to prevent it being widely known and possibly opposed. This applies to the proposal given by the Biden Administration to the Geneva WHO in January 18, 2022 according to official WHO documents. The WHO hid the details of the US "amendments" for almost three months, until 12 April, just a month before the relevant body of the WHO meets to approve the radical measures. Moreover, rather than the previous 18 month waiting time to become treaty in international law, only 6 months are used this time . . . The US proposal is backed by every EU country and in total 47 countries ensuring almost certain passage . . . "the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) provide an overarching legal framework that defines countries' rights and obligations in handling public health events and emergencies that have the potential to cross borders. The IHR are an instrument of international law that is legally-binding on 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States." (emphasis added).

. . . "Pandemic Treaty" Will Hand WHO Keys to Global Government. Suggested clauses would incentivize reporting "pandemics," and see nations punished for "non-compliance" . . . A hint of what's in store under the new rules was given by WHO's largest donor (including his GAVI), the self-appointed "Globalist Everything Czar," Bill Gates. On his April 22 blog entry, Gates proposes something amusingly with the acronym GERM—Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization—team. It would have a "permanent organization of experts who are fully paid and prepared to mount a coordinated response to a dangerous outbreak at any time." He says his model is the Hollywood movie, Outbreak. "The team's disease monitoring experts would look for potential outbreaks. Once it spots one, GERM should have the ability to declare an outbreak . . ." It would be coordinated by, of course, Tedros' WHO: "The work would be coordinated by the WHO, the only group that can give it global credibility."

A dystopian notion of what could take place is the ongoing fake "Avian Flu" epidemic, H5N1 that is causing tens of millions of chickens to be terminated worldwide if even one chick tests positive for the disease. The test is the same fraudulent PCR test used to detect COVID-19.

Recently, Dr. Robert Redfield, Trump's head of CDC, gave an interview where he "predicted" that Bird Flu will jump to humans and be highly fatal in the coming "Great Pandemic," for which COVID-19 was a mere warm-up . . . "I think we have to recognize—I've always said that I think the COVID pandemic was a wakeup call. I don't believe it's the great pandemic. I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that's going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It's gonna have significant mortality in the 10-50% range. It's gonna be trouble." Under the new WHO dictatorial powers, the WHO could declare a health emergency on such a fraud regardless of contrary evidence. Full story:

Dr. David Martin, COVID Gain of Function


May 17, 2022 — Dr. David Martin has established that the "Gain of Function" in the Moderna (and possibly), AstraZeneca and J&J Covid faux vaxx was generated unlawfully in Canada and the USA, not in China, and is premeditated murder. Full story:

Comment: May 21, 2022 — Here's the money-quote that was delivered by Bill Gates, Sky News, November 6, 2021 6 months before the first case was recorded. "An unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox virus has officially spread to 10 countries outside of Africa, with 107 confirmed or suspected cases reported as of this writing, in the United Kingdom (9 cases), Portugal (34), Spain (32), France (1), Belgium (2), Sweden (1), Italy (3), Canada (22), the United States (2), and Australia (1)" large number among homosexual men ( Much remains unknown about what is causing the outbreak, which is the most geographically dispersed and rapidly spreading monkeypox outbreak since the virus was first discovered in 1958. I wonder if that "rapidly spreading" part has something to do with the way that researchers have been tweaking the gain-of-function of these unique pathogens in order to make them more contagious and more lethal? (See

Is it fair to ask whether monkey-pox might be another lab-generated virus concocted in over Pentagon-funded 300-bio labs spread around the world that are conducting secret gain-of-function research on pathogens that pose a clear threat to all of humanity to further the ambitions of billionaire elites who are committed to reducing the global population while imposing strict, police state surveillance on every sentient being on planet earth? See the admission of President George Bush II.

monkeypox(Fact Check: Did Bill Gates Predict The Monkeypox Outbreak? Newsweek). "Slightly out of context?" You mean, Gates did NOT draw attention to a particular infectious disease (smallpox) that magically reemerged from extinction just months later? What "context" is the author talking about? We'd like to know. [Perhaps Mr. Gates made a slip of the tongue and meant $$MONEY pox$$].

There was a tabletop exercise simulating a "global pandemic involving an unusual strain of #monkeypox" that took place in March 2021. It's astonishing how many of these 'preparatory drills' seem to take place just prior to some particularly horrific event. Can we dismiss them all as mere coincidences? ("Monkeypox was a table-top simulation only last year," Brownstone Institute). Biden orders millions of monkeypox vaccines after one alleged 'infection' (21st Century Wire).

And here's a minute and a half video that helps to explain the excerpt above. (Video). You may notice that the anchor reporting the (simulated) outbreak says, "Scientists have decided that this monkeypox virus was engineered."

Virologica Sinica is an international journal which aims at presenting the cutting-edge research on viruses all over the world. In February 2022 it published a recent gain of function research project performed by scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in August 2021: "Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection based transformation-associated recombination" (Received: 10 August 2021; Published: 28 February 2022).

Scientists confirm monkey pox surge on Global Scale is caused by experimental MNRA Covid injections. Prestigious medical journals have directly linked the experimental frankenshots to a massive increase in rare acute meningitis in children and adults! Special guests Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake are arriving in-studio to break bombshell news globalists don't want you to hear! Also, attorney Robert Barnes delivers exclusive insight on the stories many have overlooked. Just in time for the WHO Pandemic Treaty designed to enforce global government announced last year by eugenicist Jew Bill Gates. COVID was harmless, it is the fraudulent untested experimental viruses that are deadly, and so it seems the monkey pox vaccines cause monkey pox. Like the eugenicist Rockefeller's United Nations (UN); the World Health Organization (WHO) is another eugenicist Rockefeller Jewish international criminal organization (Alex Jones).

The Virologica Sinica archives hold a total of 31 studies on eugenicist Bill Gates' Luciferase.

The final segment of the Alex Jones Show was broadcast by Mike Adams' Natural News suggests that China is moving to a war agenda with plans to conquer and reintegrate Taiwan while the United States has 100,000+ troops in Europe and has transferred massive ordnance to Ukraine, which cannot be replaced in the short term. Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China's top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world. This audio translation with English subtitles and transcript was published by whistleblower Jennifer Zeng.

Mike Adams interviewed John Moore ( who offered extensive details on this plan. His source, in turn, is JR Nyquist, with whom I spoke yesterday in a private phone conversation. (I am interviewing Nyquist today during the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, where I'm a fill-in host. See that at

Note that no one can yet prove this is the active plan of China at this moment, but it appears that such plans are being actively pursued. This does NOT match the visions of the time God showed Brother Branham but you may choose to read Mike Adam's observations. Full story

Comment: The WHO needs monkeypox to strengthen their WHO Pandemic Treaty scam. Evidence suggests we're not witnessing an outbreak of monkeypox across first-world countries at all. Instead, we're witnessing the consequences of the damage that has been caused to immune systems by the Covid-19 injections in the very same first-world countries, and authorities are rushing to cover it up.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is a common cause of ulcerative skin disease in both immunocompromised and immunocompetent individuals. Most individuals infected with HSV have either no symptoms or mild symptoms that go unnoticed. When symptoms do appear, they initially present with tingling and/or redness, followed by blister-like lesions that rapidly merge into open, weeping sores. The sores are often quite painful and can be accompanied by a fever and swollen lymph glands. Just like monkeypox. . . herpes is listed as an adverse event of special interest (AESI) by Pfizer in relation to their Covid-19 injection . . . revealed in the confidential Pfizer documents that the FDA were forced to publish by Court order in 2022 ( See the stats).

They are considering using smallpox vaccine to protect against monkeypox; many distinguished independent scientists have concluded that the Covid vaccine leaves the vaccinated immunocompromised. Giving smallpox vaccine to the immunocompromised could give them smallpox and thus re-infect the human population with a far more dangerous virus than Covid and monkeyvirus. Public health is endangered because public health authorities are marketing agents for pharmaceutical companies, and members of Congress are dependent on campaign contributions from Big Pharma for their reelections (

COVID Update: What is the Truth?

April 22, 2022 — Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi a microbiologist and highly qualified expert in infectious disease and Dr. Arne Burkhardt, a pathologist who is a widely published authority having been a professor of pathology at several prestigious institutions, recently performed autopsies on 15 people having died after vaccination . . . They determined that 14 of the fifteen people died as a result of the vaccines and not of other causes. Dr. Burkhardt, the pathologist, observed widespread evidence of an immune attack on the autopsied individuals' organs and tissues— especially their heart. This evidence included extensive invasion of small blood vessels with massive numbers of lymphocytes, which cause extensive cell destruction when unleashed. Other organs, such as the lungs and liver, were observed to have extensive damage as well. These findings indicate the vaccines were causing the body to attack itself with deadly consequences. One can easily see why Anthony Fauci, as well as public health officers and all who are heavily promoting these vaccines, publicly discouraged autopsies on the vaccinated who subsequently died . . . Full story:

Comment: We are all living through one of the most drastic changes in our culture, economic system, as well as political system in our nation's history as well as the rest of the world. We have been told that we will never return to "normal" and that a great reset has been designed to create a "new world order". This has all been outlined by Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, in his book on the "Great Reset".[66] This book gives a great deal of insight as to the thinking of the utopians who are proud to claim this pandemic "crisis" as their way to usher in a new world. This new world order has been on the drawing boards of the elite manipulators for over a century.

PM Scott Morrison OUT!

map of Australia

May 22, 2022 — Scott Morrison has not only lost power. By surrendering all traditional Liberal values, he has cost the Liberal Party its bedrock support base . . . He bulldozed his party into electoral oblivion. He became so poisonous to traditional Liberal voters that he dared not show his face in traditional Liberal heartland. He single-handedly turned blue-ribbon Liberal seats teal . . . a self-described pragmatist, he didn't believe in government living within its means, in free markets and he was not interested in integrity . . . Former Liberal voters who could not contemplate voting Labor . . . are the repository of traditional Liberal values of aspiration, financial prudence and integrity . . . Morrison's grand plan was to turn the party into a right-wing populist party. So it was only fitting that the seat . . . should turn . . . so ferociously against Josh Frydenberg, the treasurer who set Australia on course for a trillion-dollar debt.

Morrison's failures as a crisis manager with vaccines, RAT tests, fires and floods made him unattractive . . . presiding over a fast-rising cost of living and higher interest rates, Morrison delivered the final insult to people on low and middle incomes . . . Too much incompetence, too many failures, too much dishonesty and too much soft corruption . . . No solutions, no principles, just bluster that the people couldn't trust and cheques that the Treasury couldn't responsibly cash . . . leaving Australia's Defence Force . . . woefully under-prepared and under-equipped for the confrontation to come . . . Morrison leaves Australia with no long-range strike capability to hold an enemy at bay. None. Full story:

Comment: This "Captain Covid" presided over the pseudo pandemic, representing the right wing totalitarian global government nightmare of the Rothschild Sir Klaus Schwab, international Jewish criminal organizations, the WEF and UN. Destroying lives and health, small and medium-sized businesses, bankrupting the nation with the Job Seeker and Job Keeper scams to buy popularity with national treasure in service to City of London banksters. Unbeknownst to most Australians the Commonwealth of Australia has been replaced by the unlawful 'Government of Australia,' a corporation in bankruptcy to the IMF listed on the New York Securities and Exchange Commission.

Morrison also reached an in-principle agreement to build an mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility in Victoria, the first mRNA manufacturing facility in the Southern Hemisphere. The Australian Government will invest up to A$25 million from 2022–23 (, presumably in preparation for the next global plandemic which Moderna, Schwab, Tedros, Gates and their Jewish associates presciently assure us will be "Monkeypox"—already seeded. Kenya has fallen for the same scam.

Forced lock downs, masking, fraudulent RAT and PCR tests, antisocial distancing and arrests plus corruption of the TGA, doctors, medical associations, deadly respirators, all part of the alleged Captain Covid's obedience training to ensure that once "we own nothing, we will be happy" . . . or else.

Nordic NATO Expansion – or NATO Implosion?


May 19, 2022 — On May 16, 2022 Finland and Sweden decided to become members of NATO against their 1991 US/NATO promise to then Russian President Gorbachev, that "NATO will not move one inch eastward from Berlin." Then total NATO members were 14, two in the Americas—US and Canada—and 12 in Europe. By late 1990's, expansion started rapidly and today NATO counts 30 members, 28 in Europe and the same two in the Americas. Most of the new members are East of Berlin.

Finland shares a 1,340 km border with Russia. As a NATO country, it would become another real threat for Moscow. During WWII when the USSR lost 27 million soldiers and civilians Finland allied with Nazi Germany and fought the Soviet Union. Finland does not have a clean record vis-à-vis Russia.

Sweden on the other hand shares no border with Russia and has not been at war with Russia in the last 300 years. Like Finland she has not been at all threatened by Russia. So teaming up with Finland against Russia—Sweden would make an enemy overnight when there was no threat from the presumed enemy. Given the circumstances of two "neutral" countries suddenly changing to "aggressive" there must be reasons other than Russia's attack on Ukraine . . . While war should be avoided under all circumstances, and replaced by negotiations, one cannot ignore Russia's preoccupations enhanced by the fact her many proposals for negotiations before war were rejected by Ukraine's President Zelenskyy.

Likewise, after the beginning of the armed conflict, proposals for Peace Talks, notably by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, though first accepted were then rejected, made Mr. Lavrov assume that Mr. Zelenskyy is not a sovereign individual, but follows instructions. See his interview with Al Arabia Media.

Comment: John Kirby Pentagon press secretary: Biden administration sent weapons to Ukraine 'well before' the invasion. "The United States, Canada, Britain and other allies really helped train the Ukrainians in small unit leadership, command and control, operational maneuver, getting them ready for this kind of war over the last eight years." As with Napoleon, World Wars I and II, the 'hidden hand' behind the scene sent third parties to fight and die, then take the prize. "God put enmity between the Serpent and the woman [or Church], and between your seed and her seed" (Genesis 3:15).

Daniel 2 prophesied how the divided kingdom of East and West Rome "shall not cleave one to another . . . but in the days of these kings [of the East and of the West] the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed" (Daniel 2:43-44). Jesus said that these European kingdoms of East and West Rome, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), will divide. The UK has already split from the EU, and in the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week NATO will "hate the Whore, and make her desolate and naked, and eat her flesh, and burn Vatican City with nuclear fire" (Revelation 17:11 – 18:20). And the non-Semitic self-styled Jews who abandon Israel will re-communize Russia and blast the Empire of Lies from the face of North America as Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple.

US Air Force to join Israelis in Mock Attack on Iran

May 24, 2022 — As if an intense proxy war with nuclear powerhouse Russia isn't bringing enough heat, the Biden White House has now given the greenlight for unprecedented US participation in an Israeli drill simulating a massive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. "Dozens of Israeli air force fighter jets are expected to take part in the exercise and fly hundreds of miles from Israel to the west above the Mediterranean in a way that simulates a flight route to Iran," reports Axios. General Michael Kurilla, commander of US Central Command, landed in Israel on Tuesday to observe the exercises.

Though there's no indication of an imminent real-world strike, US participation in the drill is an implicit endorsement of an Israeli-initiated war of aggression—and a signal that the United States might not only agree to it, but participate . . . ditching honest diplomacy in favor of nerve-racking brinksmanship seems to be the Biden administration's trademark . . . it pushes us deeper into the threshold of World War III. Full story:

The Table – FREE

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It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. The new version has Boolean search transcripts and audio of 1,205 sermons. You may compare the features in a chart on the apps page. Every Bible Believers should Click and download.

The Unnecessary Impending Famine to reduce Global Population

May 19, 2022 — "Globalist Takeover:" New Food System Will Stop at Nothing to Control You
Biden: "Food Shortages Real" – Bird Flu PCR - PFAS closes farms
"Food Shortages Real" – Bird Flu PCR – PFAS Closes Farms
In about 1933 Brother Branham prophesied that it would come to pass that in the last days that there would be diseases . . . amongst cattle, and eggs, even to eggs . . . that I'd ask the Christians to move from valleys, and that they're not to eat . . . (64-0830E, COD, Q427:177).
Take the BIG LIE of CO² climate change; agriculture needs more, much more atmospheric CO². Earth is heading for a Maunder Minimum, or cooling. God's Milankovitch cycle controls climate, not CO². The Sun's orbit is presently closer to earth; this can only be adjusted with a very long stick.
Abortion, Roe vs. Wade in the USA and legalization of homosexuality also serve the same cause of depopulation.

IRAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid Food Riots

May 17, 2022 — Iran is set to be the first country to roll out a food rationing scheme based on new biometric IDs. Where vaccine passports failed, food passports will now be eagerly accepted by hungry people who can't afford rapidly inflating food prices. This is the realization of a longstanding agenda by the Rockefeller/UN/WEF crowd to, as Kissinger put it, "control food, and control people." Full story:

Build back Better

May 22, 2022 — Episode one of The Great Reset Docuseries, provides the background of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its Jewish chairman, Rothschild Sir Kaus Schwab, and other global elites who assisted in the birth of the organization. It names certain organizations that complement each other, working alongside the WEF to plan and enact a new form of global governance through The Great Reset. Full story: 26 mins.

Washington hopes to re-establish its Hyper-Power thanks to the War in Ukraine

In Newsletter 1201, Thierry Meyssan (editor of wrote "in Ukraine the Second World War continues." This agrees with Revelation 11:14, "The Second Woe [World War II] is past" once the Seventh Trump sounds the close of the Gentile dispensation, initiating "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7); "and, behold, the Third Woe [or "hot stage" of World War III] cometh quickly." But the Lord will restrain the four horse riders until the latter part of the second half of the Seventieth Week when Israel is redeemed (Revelation 7:1-3).

The parenthesis of Revelation 10:1 – 11:13 is set under the Sixth Trumpet and the Fourth and Seventh Seals of the Gentile dispensation as Christ the "mighty Angel" instructs John, who represents US—Christ's end-time Bride, we "must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings" until "the Seventh Trumpet angel sounds with great voices in the heaven, saying, The kingdom of the world is become our Lord's, and His Christ's; and He shall reign forever and into the ages of the ages." Revelation 11:14-15 reads from Revelation 9:21, closing the Gentile dispensation, announcing "the great and dreadful Day of the Lord" (Malachi 4:5) and commencing Daniel's Seventieth Week.

Ark of the CovenantRevelation 11:16-19 follow, "And the twenty-four elders, who sit before God upon their thrones (Matthew 19:28), fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, Saying, We give You thanks, O Lord God Almighty, Who art, and Who wast; because You have taken Your great power, and hast reigned. And the nations were wroth, and Your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, to be judged, and give reward to Your servants the prophets, the saints, and those who fear Your name, the small and the great; to destroy those who destroy the earth (Revelation 20:12-15). And the Temple of God was seen to be open, and there was seen in His temple the Ark of His Covenant: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and great hail." This will be the earthquake of unprecedented magnitude since man was on earth, opening the Sixth Seal and marking the end of the Gentile dispensation, sinking Los Angeles and a huge segment of earth's crust (Revelation 6:12; 11:18; 16:18-19). The temple (Gk.) 'naos' comprising the Holy place and the Holy of Holies (in classical Greek, the sanctuary where the image of gold was placed was distinguished from the whole enclosure). The Ark was lost when the Temple was burned in the destruction of Jerusalem in 587BC and Judah was taken captive (Psalm 74:3-7; Isaiah 63:18; 64:10-12; Daniel 8:13; Revelation 11:2). "The times of the Gentiles" began in 606BC under "the head of gold" of Nebuchadnezzar's dream (Daniel 2). Revelation 11:19 symbolizes the imminent end of "the times of the Gentiles" (Luke 21:24; Romans 11:25) and the return of God's favour and Presence—the unseen second or (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming of Christ to Israel, typed by the Ark.

In Revelation 11:1-13 Christ explains to John (representing His end-time Bride) what will occur in Israel during the ministry of His two witnesses Moses and Elijah in the first half of Daniel's Seventieth week under the Seventh Trumpet and Sixth Seal after the close of the Gentile dispensation, the first resurrection and the translation of "we who are alive and remain." Revelation 11:14 is not in this parenthesis but reads on from Revelation 9:21 under the Sixth Trumpet, Fourth and Seventh Seals in this our day. At a cost of 27 million Russian lives Russia defeated Germany in 1945. The US and UK have since resumed that war but against their former ally, funding, training and arming Nazi militias in Ukraine and elsewhere for seventy years with the aim of conquering the world's largest country for her agricultural land, natural resources and geographic access to the developing North Asian market. Such has been the goal of the 'Hidden Hand' since the time of Catherine the Great.

The Third Woe of earth's birth pains for renewal will arise from Russia's just intervention in Ukraine. Rand Corporation, one of the main think tanks that the US DoD relies upon to draw its assessments, had anticipated the result of America's enduring policy of antagonizing Russia, forcing Moscow to retaliate. Prophecy states that Russia will be forced to invade continental USA, and that the nation and Pentagon will surrender. I expect this will follow the prophesied Good Friday earthquake, the Day of Pentecost and our translation. Papal propaganda will make the ridiculous claim that Russia intends to impose communist global government. She will confirm the covenant of Daniel 9:27, refinance the US dollar with gold backing and Russia will withdraw her victorious forces. At this time the 'Papal peacemaker' will be Satan incarnate (Revelation 13:1-14; 17:11). The United Nations will acclaim him inaugural World President ruling from Jerusalem and Israel will be permitted to built its third temple.

Revelation 7 is in parenthesis under the Sixth Seal which shows how the Lord has preserved the lineage of Jacob through the "times of the Gentiles" from the Babylonian Empire through the Medo-Persian and Greek Empires to the Roman Empire from its earthly to its divine imperium. This explains how under the Sixth Seal and Seventh Trumpet the Lord will Seal 144,000 elect children of Israel in the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week.

In 1954 Brother Branham said, "By God's help, and with the book of history, I can prove to you that we're living at the Seventh Trumpet for the Seventh Plague and the Seventh Seal to be opened, and the Seventh Vial to be poured out" (54-0512, The Seven Church Ages, par. 29).

Under the Seventh Seal which Christ opened in March 1963, the Prophet said, "Notice Revelation 16:13 to 14, between the Sixth and Seventh Vial, "Three unclean spirits like frogs . . . went out of the mouth of someone" . . . A trinity of spirits! Now denominational brother, set still just a minute . . . and listen. You're born of God, you will. A trinity of frogs! A frog is an animal that always looks backward. He never looks where he's going; he looks where he's come from. See? Don't you see? Where was trinitarianism born at? Remember, "three unclean spirits," individual spirits. Are you getting it? [Congregation says, "Amen." – Ed.]

Notice, they look back to the Nicaea Council where the trinity doctrine was born, not in the Bible. There's no such a thing. They look back to the Council at Nicaea, Rome, where the trinity was born. Notice where they come from. Notice. And the trinity of frogs came out of an old trinity [Babylon]; give birth to a new trinity, their mother [the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church]. What'd it come out of? A trinity "the dragon" (Revelation 12:3-4), see, "the beast" (Revelation 13:1-2) and "the false prophet" (Revelation 13:4-10). A new trinity. For when were these frogs come out? When did it? Notice, they was there all the time, but it wasn't manifested until between the Sixth and Seventh Vial (Revelation 16:13-14), just before the Seals opened (on about March 8, 1963) to reveal it [after the end of Christ's mediation, and Redemption, and all seven Church Ages]. This was the era of Vatican II which was opened on October 11, 1962 by John XXIII, and closed by Paul VI on December 8, 1965. The Council was called in order to connect with 20th-century people in an increasingly secularized world; to modernize the Church's practices and present its teachings in a way that would appear relevant and understandable to them. (The First Vatican Council was opened by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1869 and adjourned on October 20, 1870 after the revolutionary capture of Rome. The Council condemned rationalism, secularism, liberalism, naturalism, modernism, materialism and pantheism. It also defined papal infallibility, speaking ex cathedra (in the exercise of his office in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority. The only ex cathedra application of papal infallibility since that solemn declaration has been for the Assumption of Mary in 1950).

"For in the Message of the seventh angel, the mysteries of God would be known" (Revelation 10:7), all these trinitarian things, and false baptisms, and everything was to be made manifest. God help us to see what's Truth! And not think it's somebody trying to say something to . . . I feel that spirit resenting That, you see. I'm not speaking of myself, brother. I'm speaking of the Angel of the Lord that's in the camp. That's exactly right.

Papal TiaraNotice, a trinity! "The dragon," how many knows what the dragon was? It was Rome. "And the dragon stood before the woman to devour her child as soon as it was born" [Herod the Great was made "King of Judea" by the Roman Senate (Matthew 2:1-18)]. That right? What does "beast" mean in the Bible? Power [the Roman Catholic church—riding his white horse under the First Seal Satan was given a triple crown, signifying jurisdiction over heaven, hell and purgatory as he gained spiritual authority over the masses]. All right. "False prophet, a false prophet," a false, anointed one. See?

Started where? This is "false prophet," singular. "False prophet," the first pope; and from there come out "the whore, and the mother of harlots," the whole thing. [Brother Branham said that Boniface III (AD607) was the first pope. Boniface obtained a decree from Emperor Phocas which restated that "the See of Blessed Peter the Apostle should be the head of all the Churches." This ensured that title "Universal Bishop" would forever belong exclusively to the bishop of Rome, effectively ending any further attempt by Patriarch Cyriacus of Constantinople to establish himself as "Universal Bishop" (60-1207, The Pergamean Church Age, par. 280)].

A false trinity was rising . . . wouldn't be made manifest in the early days; it went right on through with it. But when the Seven Seals . . . opened those mysteries and revealed them [from March 1963]; that's when "the frogs, three unclean spirits like frogs, come out to manifest themselves," a trinity doctrine against the Truth. See? Huh! See where it come from? See where it's going back to? Ecumenical Council [of the apostate (once) Protestant churches]. They're all brothers, anyhow; same spirits, same thing.

And watch. So deceiving, performing miracles! And these are devils that go forth to all the gods of the earth, working miracles, to deceive them in the last day, and will succeed in doing it. What did God say about that evil spirit? Said, "I'll go down and get in the mouth of those prophets and cause them to prophesy a lie, to cause Ahab to come out there to be destroyed" (I Kings 20:20-23).

God said, "Go. You will succeed. You will get them to believe it. They're not on that Word, to begin with." See? "Go, for you will persuade him. You'll be the one will do it, when you get in them false prophets, 'cause he's relying right on them. And he don't know nothing about the Word, neither will he try to learn about it. He can't do it, because he's a thistle, to begin with." See? See? "You'll succeed." The denominational ministers of this day were typed by Jezebel's prophets . . . impersonating the Word for a day gone by "and knoweth it not" (II Timothy 3:1 – 4:4; Revelation 3:15-20).

Look here at these false frogs, looking back, "Why, you know what they said back there at Nicaea?" I don't care what they said about, there at Nicaea. I'm saying what they said up here at the Throne of God; what would be, not what was; what will be, for He is "I AM." See? "False." Look at that. Huh! Notice where they come from. Now listen closely. We see plainly, after the Seven Seals has been opened, that's to reveal that mystery. What is that trinity? See? Where was it ever called trinity? See? Where in the Bible did it even speak the word trinity? Where could there be three Gods, that we worship three Gods and not be heathens? How can they be separate, when He said, "I and My Father are One"? "Except you believe that I am He, you'll perish in your sin, see, your unbelief." Sin is unbelief. "You'll perish in your unbelief."

That's right. No trinity! No, sir. That's a false thing. The Seven Seals, opening those mysteries that "should be finished," shows up. Seal opened; disposes, shows up, makes plain the hidden Truths that the Seals had hid all these years, through all those churches and denominations.

"The great whore," of Revelation seventeen. Who was she? But she is "THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS." See?

"Now, you called them 'vultures' Brother Branham." That's right. But, remember, a vulture is a bird. He is anointed to fly, also. "The two spirits be so close it'd deceive the elected if it were possible" (Matthew 24:24). A vulture is as big as an eagle. He could fly like that eagle; and is anointed to fly, or to preach, or to prophesy, notice, as same as the eagle. But he can't follow the eagle in height. No, no. If he tries to follow the eagle, "his follies will be made manifest" (II Timothy 3:9). Yes, sir. He can't follow the eagle.

Oh, he can say, "I believe in Jesus Christ being the Son of God. I believe God the Father, Almighty, Creator of heavens and earth; Jesus Christ His Son, and so forth." Oh, sure, they can do that. But what about Him being "the same yesterday, today, and forever" (Hebrews 13:8)? See? (65-0725M, The Anointed Ones at the End-time, par. 236-249).

Two ministers wonderfully blessed with the revelation of the Message wrote separately concerning Newsletter 1201 wherein I stated '"And one of the elders asked, saying to me, who are these clothed in white robes? and whence have they come?" An Israelite himself, John could identify the 144,000 Israelites bearing Tribal markings but not the white linen robes of the Gentile multitude of all Ages drawn from every nation of Adam's race throughout two thousand years of great tribulation under Jewish, Imperial and Judaeo-Roman Catholic persecution (Matthew 24:21, 29). However, since Christ's Bride of all Ages is caught up spiritually after Revelation 3:22 and is not sighted again until the theophany of Revelation 19:11-14, we know that these souls are the sleeping virgins who go through the tribulation for purification.' After much prayer and study I address their letters herewith thanking the Brothers for leading me into a deeper study to support what I had written in Newsletter 1201 and correcting what had been my understanding.

After the Laodicea Church Age ended in apostasy in 1963 (Revelation 3:22) every member of Christ's end-time Bride is accounted caught up in the 'rapture' typed and represented by John although many of us were not even conceived in 1963.

Revelation 4:1-2, "After the close of the Laodicea Church Age I saw and, behold, a door set open in heaven: and that first Voice (Revelation 1:10) which I heard as a trumpet speaking with me, said, Come up hither, and I will show you things which must be after the Church Ages." So grace abounds under the holy convocation of the Seventh Seal despite the fact that Christ's mediation and Redemption are Over. Because, you see, His end-time Bride is foreknown as receiving the fullness of the Word by revelation of the Seven Seals and paid sin's price when she was crucified in Christ on Calvary. The 144,000 elect Israelites are foreknown as receiving the fullness of the Word by their revelation of the Seven Trumpet Mysteries. "Immediately I was in the Spirit: and, behold, a throne was stood in heaven, and One was seated upon the throne".

Revelation 7:9-17 can certainly be confusing because Brother Branham sometimes referred to this group as Bride, and other times as foolish virgins. Previously I myself had seen both Bride and foolish virgins in these verses. I noted two pages of scriptures from both Testaments and many references to Brother Branham's Message, from which I have selected three quotes from "The Revelation of the Seven Seals," and some from "Conduct, Order and Doctrine of the Church".

63-0324E, The Seventh Seal, par. 141-142, "First we start now, Israel, and then we see the purged church, not the Bride, the purged church by tribulation (See, see?) coming up here, great number of real sincere hearts that come up out of the great tribulation. Not the Church, it's gone on—the Bride. There's the church".

par. 227, "And look here. Here comes up the hundred and forty-four thousand after the purging of Israel, and here comes up also . . . The sleeping virgin comes up purged and has white robes on. See? How perfect, how beautiful that is".

par. 387-388, "Now, we find out also in this that the Sixth Seal now being opened, it was for a threefold purpose. Now, here was the purposes: The first thing was that the sleeping virgins had to go through the tribulation period for purification. She had to be purged of her sins of unbelief and rejecting the Message. This she was done in the tribulation period. We see they wind up over here in Revelations 7, between the 6th and 7th chapter here, that she had been purged, and she'd been given her robes."

"Now, she's not the Bride, but it's the church, the pure people that that didn't have the opportunity, maybe, to receive the Message, or in some way that they were blinded by these false prophets, and they didn't get a chance, and yet they're really sincere in heart, and God knows their heart, and here they're purged during this time".

64-0830E, COD, par. Q394: "Will the prophet of Malachi 4 be the one to call out the Gentile remnant of Revelation 7:9, even though they go through the tribulation period?"

"No, no. After the Revelations 7, is where he seen the 144,000 sealed, and after that he saw coming up, coming back was that great number which no man could number which was the Bride. Malachi 4 [5 and 6b] will be finished and the Bride taken up . . . The church to go through the tribulation period, but Elijah and Elisha will not have anything to do with the sleeping virgin (they're Gentiles.); they'll be sent only to the Jews".

There are many quotes on either side of the question, mostly from pre-Seals Messages, and there are explicit quotations from our late Brother Lee Vayle's grammarisation of the "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and Revelation Four and Five" which the Prophet ministered from December 1960 to June, 1961, but they conflict with the THUS SAITH THE LORD of Brother Branham's third pull. The opening of the Seals in 1963 Brought Christ back to earth in W_O_R_D form through the inspired lips of Brother Branham, finished the Mystery of God and corrected the errors, misunderstandings and manmade traditions from the days of "that which was in part" (I Corinthians 13:10).

Daniel 7:10, "A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him: thousand thousands (Christ's Wife—His Bride of all Ages) ministered unto Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him (to be judged at the Great White Throne): the judgment was set, and the Books were opened".

In the following references Brother Branham separates the Church from the foolish virgin who must face the White Throne Judgment. Billions of denominational people who could not be redeemed in the Laodicean Church Age because their churches were impersonating the Word for a day gone by and are thus ignorant of the fact that Christ's mediation ended almost sixty years ago; but if their names remain in the Book of Life they may appeal and be judged (63-0324M, Questions and Answers on the Seals, par. 200-203; 64-0830M, Questions and Answers 3, par. 278-293).

63-0317E, The Breach between the Seven Church Ages and the Seven Seals, par. 266-272; 63-0318, The First Seal, par. 104-120; Revelation 5:11, "In my vision I saw, and I heard as the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand (judgment), and thousands of thousands" Christ's Bride seated with Him in the Throne in judgment. "The saints shall judge the world . . . we shall judge angels" (I Corinthians 6:2-3).

Moreover, the Temple of God dwells in Christ's Bride. I Corinthians 3:16, "Do you not know that YOU are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?"

John 14:18-20, "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world sees Me no more; but YOU see Me: because I live, YOU shall live also. At that day in which you are born-again you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in YOU."

John 17:11, 21-23, "Holy Father, keep through Your own Name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one, as We are . . . That they all may be one; as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us: that the world may believe that You have sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them; that they may be one, even as We are one: I in them, and You in Me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and has loved them, as You have loved Me." Consequently,

Revelation 21:22, "And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it".

Christ's Bride will not go through the Great Tribulation because she has already found favour in His sight and is perfect. Those who "are before [not in] the throne of God, and serve Him [that is us] day and night in His temple [are bond servants bound to serve without wages]: and He who sits on the throne shall spread His Tabernacle or tent over them. They shall not hunger anymore, neither shall they thirst any more; neither shall the sun light fall on them, nor any burning heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall shepherdize them, and shall lead them unto fountains of waters of Life: and God shall wipe away every tear from their eyes".

Washington hopes to re-establish its Hyper-Power thanks to War in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian victory would be a blow against Russia and a Russian victory would mark the death of NATO. Neither of the two protagonists can back down. So all moves are allowed. First, the Banderites saw their former allies from the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) and the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), such as 3,000 militiamen from the Turkish Grey Wolves, flocking to Ukraine. . . . CIA-supported continuators of fascist militias from around the world have joined the Banderites, NATO is keeping its distance from the Ukrainian army . . . to avoid a direct conflict between the United States and Russia, two nuclear powers . . .

To become the hyper-power it once was, the United States had to replay the score from the beginning of the Second World War. In 1939, it had still not recovered from the economic crisis of 1929. New York was far behind its rival, Buenos Aires. The brilliant idea had been to let the Europeans tear each other apart by selling them mass-produced weapons in exchange for their family jewels. Washington did not commit itself until 1942, and then only with its fingertips. The war resulted in 55 million casualties, of which only 200,000 were American. The trick was to have leased weapons. After Victory came the time of reckoning; the British were forced to give up their Empire, while the Soviet debts were spread over 60 years. They were only cleared by Vladimir Putin.

Congress should therefore quickly pass the "Ukraine Democracy Defense Lease Act of 2022," which has already passed the Senate (S. 3522). Economically, too, the Second World War continues. This is an application of the "Wolfowitz Doctrine" of 1990: to prevent by all means a rival of the United States developing, with priority to weaken the European Union . . . Given the corruption of President Volodymyr Zelensky, it is foreseeable that, unable to use these weapons, he will sell them on the black market. They will resurface on other battlefields, this time in the hands of non-state actors. In two months, this joker has already managed to embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, his People are suffering.

The US strategy to become the center of the world again will only work if the war spreads to the West . . . [with] the economic involvement of the members of the European Union [which was created by the CIA] . . . By following their American overlord, Europeans must therefore expect both a sharp drop in their standard of living and the loss of their family jewels. No one seems to care.

Russian military operations are strictly limited to the destruction of the huge Ukrainian defense infrastructure . . . Russian army will then offer to move the population convinced by the Banderites to the remaining part of Ukraine . . . to lose half of its territory and be reduced to its bare bones . . . German documents, also revealed by Moscow, show that the Nazi regime and the Banderites, together, conceived a plan to annihilate the populations of the Donbass. This plan, if it was not executed during the Second World War, has known a beginning of execution by the Kiev Banderites after 2014 (  nl1205.htm

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