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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; thank you for being here, we appreciate your company and are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android PhoneThe subject of our main article is "Leadership." The Lord is leading us to maturity in the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation before He casts Satan down to earth to incarnate "that man of sin, the son of perdition" ruling the world government Jesus Messiah declined. This world is insane: our main article and our news items explain Satan's attempted coup concealed behind the coronavirus HOAX. National leaders past and present under the Jews' City of London appear complicit, having brought their nations and the world to economic ruin with depression, famine and death certain: be prepared.

Satan is riding his pale horse to perdition is leading all whose names are not written in the Book of [eternal] Life of the Lamb from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). Jesus will "keep us from the hour of temptation"; at that time only 144,000 unglorified names will be written in this Book.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Global Virus Lockdown was 'Madness'

May 4, 2020 — Stefan Homburg, professor of public finance at Leibniz University . . . was simple and based on a now-famous graphic produced by the Robert Koch Institut . . . the equivalent of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The principal line graph . . . represents the "reproduction number" . . . of an infectious disease . . . the number of cases, on average, an infected person will cause during their infectious period. RKI's graph shows that by March 23 when the government ordered its harshest set of lockdown measures, the reproduction figure was already below 1, meaning that the number of new infections was on the decline . . . in the following weeks it stayed below zero . . . as the lockdown continued, it accomplished no additional reduction in new cases . . . Prof. Homburg called the lockdown "totally superfluous" and "incredibly harmful," not only to the economy, but also to the psychological and physical well-being of uncountable individuals who were prevented from having lifesaving operations or contemplating suicide.

Homburg further pointed out that the RKI released to the public irresponsibly high numbers of potential deaths from Covid-19—"300,000 to 1.5 million." At the time of the lockdown decision, it must have known, or should have known, that the figures were vastly exaggerated . . . The latest Ro number published by the RKI on April 30 was 0.75, meaning the number of new infections over any given reference period (four days) goes down by 25% . . . Full story:

Comment: We are not witnessing a viral epidemic but an epidemic of fear induced by self-seeking politicians working toward the realization of the one world government Jesus Christ refused (Matthew 4:8-9). According to Italy's National Institute of Health, 96.3% did not die of coronavirus, but of other pathologies stated Sgarbi—which means that only 925 have died from the virus and 24,075 have died of other things claimed Sgarbi, ". . . the virus was little more than an influenza. Don't lie! Tell the truth!"

Do not lie. Tell the truth. The data is fake: 96.3 % died as a result of other diseases. Hypocrisy and Falsification: 25,000 people died of the coronavirus, that is not true, that is a lie. It is a way to terrorize Italians and impose a dictatorship, a dictatorship of consensus. It's ridiculous. Italy is not the only country where figures on mortality have been manipulated (

The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of a 'Universal Lockdown'

April 27, 2020 — First comes the farce, an almost universal government lie around the globe about a deadly virus, WHO named COVID-19. The decision for a global lockdown—literally for the collapse of the world economy—was already taken at the WEF conference in Davos, 21 – 24 January 2020. On January 30, WHO declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). At that time, there were only 150 known COVID-19 cases outside of China. No reason whatsoever to declare a pandemic. On March 11, Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO converted the PHEIC into a pandemic; this gave a green light for the start if implementing "The Plan".

The pandemic was needed as a pretext to halt and collapse the world economy and the underlying social fabric.

Eugenicist Bill Gates will not vaccinate his own childrenThere is no coincidence. There were a number of preparatory events, all pointing into the direction of a worldwide monumental historic disaster. It started at least 10 years ago—probably considerably earlier—with the infamous 2010 Rockefeller Report, which painted the first phase of a monstrous Plan, called the "Lock Step" scenario. Among the last preparatory moves for the "pandemic" was Event 201, held in NYC on 18 October 2019 . . . sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the club of the rich and powerful that meets every January in Davos Switzerland. Participating were a number of pharmaceuticals (vaccine interest groups), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s of the US and—of China.

One of the objectives of Event 201 was a computer simulation of a corona virus pandemic. The simulated virus was called SARS-2-nCoV, or later 2019-nCoV. The simulation results were disastrous, killing 65 million people in 18 months and plunging the stock market by more than 30%—causing untold unemployment and bankruptcies. Precisely the scenario the beginning of which we are now living. The Lock Step scenario foresees a number of ghastly and disturbing events or components of The Plan to be implemented by the so called Agenda ID2020, a Bill Gates creation, fully integrated into the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)—target date for completion—2030 (also called Agenda 2030, the hidden agenda unknown to most of the UN members), the same target date for completion of the Agenda ID2020.

Here, just the key elements as a precursor to what the world is living now, and what is to come . . .

This is leading to a total control of every individual on the planet. It is sold to the public as The Internet of Things (TIT), meaning self-driving cars, robotized kitchen equipment, artificial intelligence (AI) for the production and delivery of everything. What the sales pitch doesn't say, is how humans would be marginalized and enslaved. To carry this masterplan forward, high frequency electromagnet waves are needed. Therefore, rolling out of 5G is a must, no matter what the health impact on humans, fauna and flora may be—and no matter how it may influence viral infections, like possibly the current COVID19 . . . suffice to say that unlike other UN agencies, WHO was created in 1948 by the Rockefeller Foundation—see The Lancet. It might be also noteworthy that about half of WHOs budget comes from private interest sources, mostly the pharma industry, but also others, like telecom giants. This is a precursor for understanding how things are being planned. It may help connecting the dots for what is coming. It may also help us understand what is happening right now, in the first phase of the Lock Step scenario. It portrays in vivid colours the criminal nature of the Dark Deep State . . . Full story:

Comment: "Right now Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do" . . . US Hospitals getting paid more to label cause of death as 'coronavirus'. "Around 70% are in Ventilators . . . a very, very high percentage in general, when one thinks of a medical disease" ().

"They're writing COVID on all the death certificates": NYC Funeral Directors doubt legitimacy of deaths attributed to pandemic. "The CDC counts both true COVID-19 cases and speculative guesses of COVID-19 the same; they call it death by COVID-19. They automatically overestimate the real death numbers by their own admission . . ."

A Wuhan lab studied SARS-related viruses. But there's no evidence it discovered or was working on the new virus. Coronavirus is in every animal, so if you have ever had a 'flu vaccine, you were injected with coronaviruses.

The Global Political Project imposed [under Cover] of Covid-19

May 5, 2020 — Regardless of whether the Covid-19 epidemic is natural or has been provoked, it offers an opportunity for a transnational group to suddenly impose its political project without discussion or even exposure. Within a few weeks we have seen so-called democratic states suspend fundamental freedoms: prohibiting people from leaving their homes, participating in meetings and demonstrations, under threat of fines or imprisonment. Compulsory schooling for under-16s has been provisionally abolished. Millions of workers have been deprived of employment and automatically placed out of work. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been forced to close down and will no longer be able to reopen.

Without preparation, governments encouraged companies to telework. All communications via the Internet were immediately recorded by the Echelon system. This means that the "Five Eyes" (Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United Kingdom/USA) have in their archives the means to unlock the secrets of almost all European manufacturers. For that, it is already too late.

None of the societal transformations have a medical justification. No epidemiology book in the world has discussed, let alone advocated, "mandatory generalized containment" to fight an epidemic.

The political leaders of the European Union Member States have been stunned by delirious mathematical projections of a mass murder in their own countries. They were then comforted by the ready-made solutions of a powerful pressure group whose members they had met at the Davos Economic Forum and the Munich Security Conferences.

"Compulsory generalized containment" had been conceived fifteen years earlier, within the Bush administration, not as a public health tool, but to militarize US society in the event of a bioterrorist attack. And it is indeed this project that is applied today in Europe.

The initial plan, conceived more than 20 years ago around the head of the pharmaceutical laboratory Gilead Science, Donald Rumsfeld, planned to adapt the United States to the global financialization of the economy. It was a question of reorganizing the planet by dividing the tasks of each person geographically. Areas not yet integrated into the global economy would be deprived of a state and become mere reservoirs of raw materials; developed areas (including the European Union, Russia and China) would be responsible for production; and the United States alone would provide the world's arms and police industry.

To do this, a group was created within a think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, the "Project for a New American Century." The latter announced a rather crude part of its programme, but only part of it; that intended to convince major donors to support George W. Bush's election campaign. On September 11 at 10 a.m., when two airliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, the "Continuity of Government" (CoG) programme was declared, although the situation was not at all as foreseen in the texts. President Bush was taken to a military base. Members of Congress and their teams were taken to a huge bunker 40 kilometers from Washington. And the top-secret Continuity Government, of which Rumsfeld was a member, assumed power until the end of the day.

Taking advantage of the emotional shock of that day, this group passed a voluminous anti-terrorism code drafted long in advance, the USA Patriot Act; created a vast domestic surveillance system, the Homeland Security Department; reoriented the mission of the armed forces according to the global division of labor (Cebrowski Doctrine); and began the "Endless War. It is in the world they shaped that we have been living in a nightmare for the past two decades.

If we are not careful, the current group, of which Dr. Richard Hatchett is the visible element, will take this agenda from the United States to the European Union. It will impose over time a mobile phone tracking application to monitor our contacts; it will ruin certain economies in order to transfer their production power to the arms industry; and finally it will convince us that China is responsible for the epidemic and must be contained (Containment). [These elements have already been rolled out in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and in Singapore – Ed].

If we are not careful, the NATO we thought was brain dead will reorganize. It will expand into the Pacific with Australia joining as a trading partner . . . public schooling will be replaced by home schooling. Our children will become uncritical parrots, knowing everything but understanding nothing [like today's university students – Ed]. In the new world being prepared for EU Europeans, the big media will no longer be financed by the oil industry, but by Big Pharma. They will convince us that all the measures taken have been the right ones. Search engines will rate the credibility of the non-compliant media on the headlines of the signatories of their articles, not on the quality of their reasoning . . . Full story:

Comment: COVID-19—The Fight for a Cure: One Gigantic Western Pharma Rip-Off, Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits at Our Expense, 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic, Will COVID-19 be Known as 'the Chinese Virus' or 'the Trump Virus'?, The Fear Virus Pandemic. 'Fake News'? 'Look at the Numbers. It's not a Pandemic'

If We want to return to Normal, We have to fix the Policy

May 4, 2020 — Saving lives should not be our top priority, preserving our American way of life, our culture, our traditions our personal freedom, and, yes, our economy—which sustains us all, provides us with meaningful work, puts food on the table and a roof over our heads—these should be our top priority . . . the ultimate goal of our policy should be to get back to normal, to restore the life we had before the masks, the gloves, the daily briefings, the self isolation, the social distancing, the daily death toll, the shutting down of the economy, the deluge of unemployment claims, the destruction of small and mid-sized businesses, the trillions of dollars of additional red ink, and the abrupt termination of all normal interaction with our friends, our neighbors and our families. That's what the aim of our policy should be, to get back to normal . . .
Full story:

Comment: Our nations have signed onto UN International Laws which obligate our treacherous self-seeking political leaders to sacrifice humanity to build Satan's Eden.

Why US outsourced Bat Virus Research to Wuhan

April 22, 2020 — A CDC internal report described how scientists failed to follow proper procedures to ensure samples were inactivated before they left the lab, and also found "multiple other problems" with operating procedures in the anthrax lab. As such in October 2014, because of public health concerns, the US government banned all federal funding on efforts to weaponize three viruses—influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

In the face of a moratorium in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci—the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and currently the leading doctor in the US Coronavirus Task Force—outsourced in 2015 the GOF research to China's Wuhan lab and licensed the lab to continue receiving US government funding. The Wuhan lab is now at the center of scrutiny for possibly releasing the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and causing the global Covid-19 pandemic.

It is understandable that the Chinese lab likely struggled with safety issues given the fact US labs share similar problems, and indeed in January 2018 the US Embassy in Beijing sent cables warning about the safety of the Wuhan lab and asked for help. Additionally, the embassy warned that researchers "showed that various SARS-like coronaviruses can interact with ACE2, the human receptor identified for SARS-coronavirus," meaning bat coronaviruses can be transmitted to humans to cause SARS-like diseases. Full story:

Our Glorious, Orwellian Reopening

Bill Clinton

May 2, 2020 — Rumblings from inside the establishment indicate we may be ready for a gradual reopening of the economy, and our society. This reopening, from what we already have learned, promises to be every bit as tyrannical and unnecessary as the shutdown was. Kansas City is the first, but certainly not the last, city to mandate that businesses will be compelled to refuse entry to customers who don't have their "contact information." This is no mere "show me your papers" kind of tyranny. It is a brand new concept, with Deep State Hall of Famer Bill Clinton as its spokesperson. Clinton and other odious swamp creatures want to establish a "contact tracer" corps, to track and isolate those who have tested positive for this dubious virus strain, as well as those who've come in contact with them. One company is even devising a wristband that will turn a different color when you come close to someone who has allegedly tested positive for the alleged virus. Now that seems compatible with a free society, doesn't it? Even Orwell's imagination had its limits.

Several states have already come up with a predictably authoritarian (and unconstitutional) series of checklists and protocols for businesses to meet, before they can be reopened. As always, our illustrious leaders will trumpet their concern for our "safety" as the rationale behind the draconian rules. As Dr. Anthony Fauci, the primary mad scientist in this Pavlovian laboratory has stated—we may never be able to go back to shaking hands. It's just too risky. And will undoubtedly impact people of color disproportionately. Don't you care about the children?

We have overwhelming evidence now that this entire thing is a plandemic, the greatest psyop of all time. On top of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and Dr. Birx of the White House, all freely acknowledging they are padding the numbers to get them as high as possible, we have a group of Pennsylvania coroners taking 200 deaths off of the COVID total, because the victims died from other causes.

We also know that hospitals are being paid $13,000 for every new COVID patient. And $39,000 if they put them on a ventilator. This seems like an even more irrational allocation of taxpayer funds than usual. But then, our farmers are also throwing away food and slaughtering animals, supposedly because of all the closed restaurants. And yet grocery stores still have shortages of these same foods. It doesn't seem like it would take a team of rocket scientists to figure out a way to get all that food to those who need it.

Throwing away food while people starve is nothing new for our government. In a 1935 speech for his "Share our Wealth" movement, the great Huey Long declared, "Hogs and cattle were burned by the millions. The same was done to wheat and corn, and farmers were paid starvation money not to raise and not to plant . . . God forgive those rulers who burned hogs, threw milk in the river, and plowed under cotton while little children cried for meat and milk and something to put on their naked backs!" Nothing has changed, now that we're in Great Depression 2.0.

There have been inferences that once America finally reopens, everyone will be required to wear a mask. Keep in mind, none of the absurd rules we're all following can be legally enforced. They aren't laws. No legislative body proposed them, or passed them. And yet, police are arresting a mother in Utah who was caught in a public park, allowing her children to play there. A father was arrested for throwing a ball with his daughter in another park.

"Social distancing" is a concept, dreamed up by the same devious minds that created political correctness, another concept that directly violates the Bill of Rights. And yet our out of control police forces, whom some optimistic souls theorized would be on "our" side in the event of a crisis like this, have demonstrated they will not stop the thuggery and harassment for one second. They are the enforcers of this tyranny, and they seem just as gleeful giving tickets to those attending church services in their automobiles, as they have been for years, terrorizing baffled motorists.

Let us examine a few excerpts from our brilliant Declaration of Independence, which has been a subversive document to the elite for a very long time. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government . . . "

Now, unfortunately, Abraham Lincoln and the then already too powerful federal government destroyed the concept of the consent of the governed forever in this country, during the War Between the States. This was one of the guiding principles of our Revolution. And our own government shattered it in 1865. The southern states were indeed trying to "institute new government" of their own. But Lincoln and his Radical Republican cohorts wouldn't allow it . . . Full story:

Comment: The world is being "squeezed" into collectivism by the faceless men who control presidents, prime ministers and VIP's in Satan's service. This is the third "ism" Brother Branham prophesied in accordance with the "three woes" of Revelation 16:12-16, namely Communism. World War II made the world a safe place for International Communism to be built up until it equaled the strength of united Christendom, then contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Africa: the Case of Somalia

May 4, 2020 — "We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy . . . Chris Hedges

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic has hit really hard to African continent and Somalia in particularly. In this article I will discuss and reflect on the capabilities of different countries to respond to the crisis and contemplating the necessary actions in order to safeguard the public both health wise and economically . . . Full story:

Comment: Bill Gates allegedly offered Nigeria's House of Representatives $10 million for speedy passage of Compulsory Vaccine Bill: CUPP Opposition Party. If adopted, compulsory vaccination in Africa's most populated country (206 million) would set the stage for a vaccination program for the entire continent.

Tanzania's President Magufuli carried out an investigation after realizing that every sample sent to National Referral Laboratory came out positive for COVID-19. This unfolded at a time the number of cases in the East African nation was skyrocketing. About three days earlier, Tanzania had recorded 196 new cases pushing the national tally to 480. The new cases were identified by medics between Thursday, April 24, and Tuesday, April 28.

In a viral video seen by on Sunday, May 3, the head of state said he, together with his officials, took samples of a pawpaw, oil, a goat, sheep, among others to the laboratory to test for COVID-19. He also labeled the samples and after testing, the car oil came out negative, but the pawpaw and the goat tested positive (

2009 H1N1 Vaccine caused Brain Damage in Children. Dr. Anthony Fauci on 'Vaccine Safety' Issues

May 3, 2020In 2009, NIAID Director Anthony Fauci was firmly in support of a multibillion dollar H1N1 vaccine project. Today he is an avid supporter of a COVID-19 vaccine. What he fails to acknowledge is that the 2009 H1N1 Vaccine caused brain damage in children.

It was developed by Glaxo Smith Kline which today is at the forefront of the COVID-19 vaccine initiative. Dr. Fauci addresses the H1N1 Vaccine Safety Issue in this video (starting at 6' 50"). Scroll down for the reports on H1N1 vaccine scam. NIAID Director Fauci supported the H1N1 2009 vaccine which turned out to be a multibillion dollar scam . . . Full story:

Israel: A Lab for 'the New Vaccine Order'? Towards a Second Lockdown?

May 8. 2020 — In the fight against corona virus, when trying to discern in what direction the Western world is going, it is almost always useful to watch the steps taken by Israel, the Zionist State.

Israel is not only a threat to the people of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, it is also quite possibly a lab of sorts for human experimentation. In recent years, it has focused its experiments on the people of Gaza, testing weapons on the Gazan civilian population subject to siege who dared to rebel and subsequently selling those weapons to the world. But now, Israel may be turning its gaze to its own population, the citizens of Israel itself.

As coronavirus broke out, Israel became the first Western country to close itself off to all flights. It then proceeded to enact a total lockdown, preventing its citizens from going beyond 100 meters from their homes . . . The coronavirus lockdown was a turning point in Israeli history . . . Now the Israeli citizens themselves were subject to curfew. They could not leave their homes.

Why did the regime enact such an extreme total lockdown that was later followed by the rest of the world? One possible cause may be the three corruption charges placed against the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The lockdown resulted in the closure of the Israeli Parliament. When the speaker of the house was ordered by the Supreme Court to open up the parliament, he simply resigned. In this way, Netanyahu avoided being voted against in the parliament.

. . . using medicine to subjugate humanity has long been the norm . . . the state uses biological arguments to reduce our existence to bare life . . . while relying on fear and on creating a state of exception that does not end . . . Netanyahu said that for the sake of safety, chips may be placed . . . Does he want to see if the people are willing to accept freedom of movement in return for vaccination and a chip?

For now the lockdown has been gradually relaxed. Netanyahu is expected to stand trial on May 24. But the Health Ministry experts are already warning that a second wave may ensue, resulting in a new lockdown. If this is the case, will we see the same trend occurring around the world, with a second lockdown, more stringent than before, unfolding, and not to be released until citizens are vaccinated or given a chip?

On February 6, 2020, Haaretz reported that most members of the high commission responsible for approving and supervising human experimentation were expected to resign. This was done due to the decision of Israel's Health Ministry CEO, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, to promote a policy that would benefit pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the public interest, Haaretz reported. The Chairman, Professor Alice Shalvi, already resigned . . . With the committee cleared of conscientious people, will the Zionist regime move on to vaccinate Israeli children next week?

Israel was the first western country to ban all flights and enact an extreme lockdown. It was the first western country where the sitting leader recommended chipping children. It is worth paying attention to what may be the lab for the rest of the world. Full story:

Comment: In the fight against corona virus, when trying to discern in what direction the Western world is going, it is almost always useful to watch the steps taken by Israel, the [non-Semitic, anti-Semitic Zionist State.

Palestine President Abbas threatens to tear-up Agreements with Israel, US if West Bank is annexed


May 6, 2020 — During a meeting in Ramallah with the Fatah Central Committee, Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday evening said . . . "If the Israeli government begins annexation, whether in the Ibrahimi Mosque, in the settlements or in the Jordan Valley, we consider ourselves absolved of all the agreements we signed with them and with the American administration because it is the one who brought the Deal of the Century. They are the ones who motivated the Israelis to carry on the annexation, and they are the ones who pushed them into this matter. They cannot tell us that they have nothing to do with it and that it is an Israel decision."

The so-called Deal of the Century was rolled out by [Jewish] US President Donald Trump in 2019, broke international protocol and heavily weighted in favour of Israel. Trump's overt favouritism towards Israel has been criticized across the world, which has seen Washington going against the foundations of the two-state-solution—an internationally endorsed deal to the Palestine-Israel conflict . . .

Soon after Abbas' comments, US Ambassador David Friedman to Israel said Tel Aviv will start to annex Palestinian land in weeks. He added that the US would be "ready to recognize" the annexation of the Palestinian lands once Israel had "declared sovereignty" over them.

After unilaterally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December 2017 and its annexation of the Golan from Syria in March 2019, Trump in late January 2020 unveiled a peace plan for the Middle East that included many concessions to Israel . . . Full story:

Get Ready for the Next Game-Changer: the Digital Yuan

May 5, 2020 — Well connected banking sources in Hong Kong have told me Beijing is not interested for the Yuan to replace the US dollar . . . especially now that the petrodollar is in a coma . . . a digital, sovereign Yuan may be backed by gold . . . once Beijing announces a digital currency backed by gold, it will be like the US dollar being struck by lightning.—Under this new framework, nations won't need to export more to China than they import so they have enough Yuan to trade. And Beijing won't have to keep printing Yuan electronically—and artificially, as in the case of the US dollar—to meet trade demands. The digital Yuan will be effectively backed up by the massive amount of Made in China goods and services—and not by a transoceanic Empire of 800 Bases. And the value of the digital Yuan will be decided by the market—as it happens with Bitcoin.

The digital Yuan, using blockchain technology, will automatically float—thus bypassing the US—controlled global financialized casino. The amount of sovereign digital currency is fixed. That in itself eliminates a plague: quantitative easing (QE), as in helicopter money. And that leaves the sovereign digital currency as the preferred medium for trade, with currency transfers unimpeded by geography and, the icing on the cake, without banks charging outrageous fees as intermediaries . . . Full story:

Six Easy Steps to Sprout Heaven

sprout pourer

Find out how to sprout. All you need is an old jam-jar and some seeds (like lentil, pea or chickpea) that you can buy from any market. It's super easy. Sprouts grow well all year round—and are the perfect thing for the northern midwinter when few other things can be sown. Sprouts can be grown at any time of year in even the smallest home, and on the smallest budget. They're packed with vitamins and nutrients, good for your health and fighting off colds. A huge variety of seeds can easily be grown to eat as sprouts including radish, pea, chick pea, mung beans, alfalfa, fenugreek, sunflower, lentil, and broccoli. Each has its own unique flavour. Add them to sandwiches, salads, soups and stir fries or eat them on their own. It's fun to experiment.

mixed sproutsA mix of rose radish, chickpea, pea, mung bean and lentil sprouts. Many dried pulses like mung beans, lentils or chick peas from the market will sprout perfectly. A jam-jar sprouter is easy to use. Find a decent sized glass jar, preferably with a lid. Drill small holes in the lid, punch them with hammer and nail, dispense with the lid altogether and simply drain the water off through your fingers. Put some seeds in the bottom of the jar and cover with water to soak for twelve hours. This helps speed germination. The seeds will swell to double their size, too. You can add just one type of seed or a mix of varieties, it's fun to experiment. The seeds will expand a lot as they grow. Half to one inch (1cm – 2cm) of dried seeds will usually fill a jar. It varies between seeds—radish expands more than sunflowers, for example—you'll quickly learn.

after three days, nearly ready to eatAfter twelve hours rinse the seeds in water. Ideally the water should be at room temperature—not too cold and not too hot. Then drain the water out of the holes in the lid, leaving the seeds damp but not swimming in water. Repeat the rinsing process at least once every 12 hours until the sprouts are ready—usually about 2 to 4 days. After three days, these sprouts are nearly ready to eat. As you can see they're already trying to escape from the jar—so I probably put a few too many seeds in this jar in the first place.

Eat the sprouts straight away, or transfer them to a plastic bag in the fridge where they keep well for several days (my family has happily eaten them at least a week later). If you enjoy sprouting try growing peashoots and other microgreens, they are easy to grow, delicious and nutritious. Sprouts provide enzymes, chlorophyll, nutrients, and freshness. Here's how to grow peashoots.

In the main, sprouts are a super healthy food, and make an excellent addition to most balanced diets. However, please be aware that, like some other foods (oysters, eggs for example), sprouts can occasionally carry Ecoli and Salmonella food poisoning (inside the seeds). The chances of buying contaminated seed is very low. However small, you should be aware there is a risk, particularly if you are in poor health. Full story:

Also see Growing Bean Sprouts. Never go hungry or tire of the same meal with sprouting instructions for 126 different seeds.


All in favour

The coronavirus HOAX is a massive psychological warfare fraud to mandate vaccinations, enforce quarantines, relocations, incarcerations, medical procedures, depopulation and deindustrialization, restrict travel, cause famine, end all of your rights and return you to serfdom as state property (see "World Depopulation and Slavery").

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws"—Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

"I fear foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it systematically to corrupt modern civilization. They will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that [the earth] should become their inheritance"—Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), Chancellor of Germany.

"If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn't matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World's biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it's g_d's will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves"—KGB spy, Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu (1990), at Finks Bar in Jerusalem.

"Governor Bush," said Texe Marrs in his Newsletter "flew to Jerusalem and met privately with (City of London Asset) Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. He also had a confidential interview with Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress and Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The promise to all was to NOT promote any Christian agenda. Bush told Foxman he would never again publicly state that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, as he did in 1992. In return for Bush dropping Jesus Christ, Bronfman recruited many wealthy Jews to contribute to Bush's campaign. Local coverage points out that Bush raised some $6 million for his Presidential campaign in a single month."

A pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, Edward Bernays, once said, "Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government." Bernays was right, as in the modern world both democratic and authoritative regimes need propagandists not only to divert the attention of the masses toward non-issues [like coronavirus or Y2K] but also to keep them hostage to the designated paradigm of what they should eat, what they should wear, and whom they should vote for (see Brainwash).

Denominations are man-made, Christianity is heaven-sent. Jesus said, "In vain do you worship Me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men" (Matthew 15:9). Sincere, honest worship of God in the integrity of one's heart can be in vain as it was for Cain whose sincere worship without revelation was rejected (Genesis 4:3-16; Hebrews 11:4-6) like the Jews' worship (Deuteronomy 29:4; Jeremiah 5:21; Matthew 13:13; 23:33-39), the worship of Judaeo-Catholicism, their apostate (once) Protestant daughters (Romans 3:9; 11:28-32; Galatians 3:22) and Branhamites (so-called) who fail to recognize the logos of the Message for their day (II Peter 1:12; I John 1:7). Like Judas Iscariot (Psalm 65:25; 109:8; Acts 1:16-18) one might be baptized with the Holy Ghost every hour of the day and exercise the gifts of the Spirit, yet lost and destined to the Lake of Fire unless they receive the Leadership of the Holy Ghost and follow the vindicated Word of the hour.

Without the Leadership of the One Person of God you will be trapped, unable to escape the insanity of this world. Brother Branham said the world is going insane, "people are losing their mind. We look at man trying to act like beasts and look like beasts; and the women trying to look like animals, with the paints on their face. Knowing that these things are predicted to happen . . . they'll go so insane till locusts will rise up with hair like women to haunt the women; and teeth like lions . . . the mental condition of the people will be completely gone. We see it in the making right now, Lord. Help us! Restore us to the sane mind of Christ Jesus our Lord" (65-1207, Leadership, par. 330; Revelation 9:8).

"How we thank Thee, that in this great hour, that when all hopes of mortal life has finished . . . Atomic bombs are laying in hangars, hydrogen bombs, sickness and diseases, germ warfare . . . O God, and everything the way it is, knowing that the Bible said that man would actually rot in their flesh . . . But that Angel was given commission, "Don't you touch any of those! Don't you come near those who have the wine and the oil. Don't touch those who has the Seal of God upon their forehead" (60-0709, God's Provided Way of Approach to Fellowship, par, E-101; Zechariah 14:12).

Will Message people notice the slide into authoritarianism before it is too late? Do they realize that we are in the "squeeze" even now? That the "rapture" is not the first resurrection and translation but the revelation of Christ's second or (Gk.) parousia Coming and Presence with us these past fifty-seven years (Matthew 25:6; I Thessalonians 4:16a)? How many of us perceive that national leaders are working in unison, speaking the same words from the same script concerning the UN's false flag black flag Agenda 2020 psyop, and that regulations to protect citizens from COVID-19 are contrary to sound medical practice and advice?

The coronavirus HOAX scripted and conducted by faceless men seeking global hegemony through characterless minions—presidents, premiers, governors and prime ministers—to reset international currencies, accomplish one world government, one world taxation, and one world currency. COVID-19 is cover for the destruction of national economies, the world economy, individual bankruptcy and disempowerment. But Rome holds the trump card of Daniel 9:27 and Jewry will fall at her steps when she refinances the US dollar with Gold backing.

What was 'normal' became past history in just six weeks with the realization of the Bush II administration's "Compulsory generalized containment" and police state "freedoms." Unlike the "three demonic spirits like frogs" of Revelation 16:12-16 that look back over the trail of the Serpent from the Garden of Eden to Imperial Rome, to Papal Rome and to Armageddon, we forget those things that are past and with a clear head and singularity of purpose seek the mind of the Lord to overcome and take mastery over this prophetic present that has been thrust upon us, "knowing that all things work together for good to those that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28).

Illuminus traitor, President F.D. Roosevelt allegedly said, "If anything happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way." The prescient US Congress introduced H.R. 748, "The Cares Act "on January 24, 2019, one year BEFORE Wuhan and public knowledge of any coronavirus plandemic and potential $6.2 trillion [corporate bailout. Dividing the initial $2.2 trillion by the US population of 330,500,000 could have given each person $6,000. Instead each adult under a certain income will receive $1,200 while the remaining 96% will go to boondoggles and mates—Ed.]. The coronavirus outbreak was declared a Public Emergency of International Concern on January 30, 2020. Called "The Coronavirus Aid, Security and Economic Relief Act" on March 20, 2020. This Bill was introduced and signed into law one year and two months BEFORE coronavirus and COVID-19 were mentioned.

According to President Trump, the US House of Representatives and the Senate, coronavirus was in the United States before the problems in Wuhan. Coronavirus is fatal mainly to aged persons with terminal legacy ailments; the young will more likely die by suicide. Yet all nations suddenly generated unemployment, closing public and private enterprise on a massive scale. Such a coordinated response on auto cue betrays a conspiracy and brands national leaders "the best money could buy or mortal threat persuade" as the IMF's John Perkins reveals in "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".

Quantitative Easing stimulus packages have nothing to do with coronavirus, assisting the unemployed or 'saving' dormant enterprise and everything to do with transferring wealth off-shore, subsidizing too big to fail usurers and bankrupting all nations with debt in order to build one new world order from the chaos. Government statistics are unreliable and tests are fudged to exaggerate the dangers of the virus whose death rate at 0.1% is less than annual 'flu and not a pandemic. The fraudulent hidden purpose in destroying the economies of developed nations and squandering national treasure is to force us all into the one world government Jesus Christ refused (Matthew 4:8-9).

Parents, tell your children "Normal is no more." Alice in Wonderland declared, "Truth is whatever you want it to be." But truth is what God's Word says it is, and truth is Absolute, and us Space Cadets are journeying to a specific destination that is "the same, yesterday, today and forever".

Brethren, we live in this world but we are not of this world: we are Space Cadets with reservations enabling us to pass from the physical limitations and hindrances of our three dimensions to the sixth dimension "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last Trump." Although you will be earthbound for a further two years "the Lord will keep you from the hour of temptation which will come upon the entire world to try them that inhabit the earth" because Satan will not be cast down to earth until after your translation (Revelation 3:10; 12:7-13).

In I Corinthians 13:12-13 Paul prophesied, "Now [throughout the Church Ages of PART-Word when the Bible was sealed Christ interceded for the saints' ignorance of the fullness of the Word so that they could be born-again] for they understood the Word as an obscure reflection in a polished brass mirror, who's imperfect inscription read as a riddle rather than a full intelligible view; but [after that which is perfect, the fullness of the Word, came with Christ's (Gk.) parousia, the mystery of God was finished, and we see the logos as it were face to face: and know Christ the fullness of the Word even as also I am known by Christ" (Revelation 10:1-7).

"Prophecies, tongues and knowledge shall cease": the fullness will absorb that which was in part. Partial knowledge was our mode of apprehension when the Book was sealed—here a little understanding, and there a little. That was "done away" when the mystery of God was finished because "by God's help, we now have the perfect interpretation of the Word with Divine vindication" (64-0823E, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, par. 56-57). So the gifts passed away when the fullness succeeded PART-Word, but the graces of "faith, hope and love" will remain throughout eternity, exalted and purified.

"And now faith, hope and charity abide, these three; but the greatest of these is charity" . . . Brotherly love.

In the present distress we must face the facts, "Marvel not, my Brethren, if the world hate you" (I John 3:13). Christians are a "little flock" despised and rejected by the world, restrained from public worship, forcibly unemployed, under house arrest and restricted in travel. The UN's objective is to reduce world population to between 500,000 and 1,500,000 serfs to dress Satan's Roundup Ready Eden and serve his minions, but Armageddon and the consummation will bind Lucifer and destroy his plans. We are not without leadership: we have the five-fold ministry and pragmatic men and women with diverse gifts and abilities to whom authority may be delegated.

Pastors in particular, familiar with the abilities and limitations of their flock can distinguish wants from needs, establish priorities and divide the labour under elders or brethren with ability to accomplish specific tasks. The general principle of alleviating need by facilitating self-sufficiency has a long history; the most meritorious of all, is to anticipate charity by preventing poverty, namely, to assist reduced Brothers and Sisters either by a considerable gift or loan of money, by teaching them a trade, or putting them in the way of business so that they may earn an honest independent livelihood and not be forced to the dreadful alternative of holding up their hand for charity.

If you give a man a fish, he will be hungry again tomorrow. But if you teach him how to catch fish, you will feed him for a lifetime: a permanent solution. We each need to live disciplined lives, personally productive busily accomplishing predetermined objectives. Physically we are creatures of time, so we must make definite plans in advance in order to accomplish those objectives.

India-wide political power has now become concentrated with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the ever present Prime Minister's Office, while more than half of all African countries have now imposed lockdown measures more stringent than those in many developed nations. These measures are having a negative economic impact, particularly on urban populations. In both countries, people operating in the informal economy, who make a living based on daily transactions, are the hardest hit. And Africa, unlike many developed countries, is largely urbanizing without commensurate industrialization. Formal job growth lags far behind and the urban informal economy accounts for almost 72% of non-agricultural employment across the continent. To avoid a hunger crisis, governments must think of sustainable solutions to keep food supply chains working as the COVID-19 crisis may last for many more months.

In the prospect of hard times ahead we should bypass the fragility of long distance supply lines by supporting local community, state and national enterprise as the means whereby we can transform frozen economies into something that works for local people. The cruel social experiment presently imposed upon all nations under cover of the false necessity of the coronavirus will enable the hidden hand to assess measures they might best apply to dominate different racial, religious and socio-economic groups.

Solutions must be local in order to develop self-sufficiency with permanence, even on a subsistence level. There can be no long-term dependence upon support from overseas for those overseas are enduring the same straits, only at far greater cost.

School closures have denied more than 1.6 billion children in 199 countries access to traditional education; 370 million no longer receive school meals that they counted on. Someone surviving on $3 or less per day with no savings or social safety net—a description that applies to about a quarter of the world's population, or 2 billion people—faces radically different priorities and trade-offs than their American, European or Australian counterparts; 74% of the Australian workforce is now unemployed.

Staying at home is a luxury that most of the developing world cannot afford: without work, some people would be unable to buy food the very next day, throwing themselves and their households into immediate jeopardy. (Consider the refugees, migrants and homeless people who have no stable place to shelter). While intelligently targeted social distancing is forced everywhere, stricter measures such as broad shutdowns carry a much higher human price in the developing world. All nations face hard choices, but rational policies can ease the trade-offs.

The most basic need is food, but one should prepare ahead of time and the able-bodied in congregations must be regimented lest irresponsibility imposes burdens on the prudent. With a little land and water one may keep chickens for eggs, a goat for milk, cultivate fruit trees and plant vegetables. I am neither a gardener nor a cook but I can recommend a nutritious food easily cultivated continuously indoors, trading surplus with neighbours, selling to restaurants or the market. It offers an infinite variety, is both inexpensive and easy to manage.

Looking through the eyes of Melchisedec we see Jesus' prophecy is correct: political leadership is not of the Lord's side. "The kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and the merchants, and every bondman, and every free man" are working to establish Lucifer's new world order. The inescapable outcome of the pandemic will be an increase in national debt and with that increasing profit and power for those who control money, Rome and her banksters. "And all who dwell upon the earth will worship the Devil-incarnate beast, whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If anyone has an ear, let him hear. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity: he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints" (Revelation 13:8-18).

There is coming a global DEPRESSION and global FAMINE. "You watch for a depression, brother. You think you've seen something; you just wait after awhile. You haven't seen nothing. You think you're dying for a good spiritual revival; you wait till after a bit. You just wait, long and cry to hear the Word of God. The Bible said so. "There'll be a famine in the last days," said the prophet, "and not for bread and water alone, but for hearing the true Word of God" (William Branham, Jezebel Religion, p. 22:100; The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 167:2-169:7; Amos 8:11). You will have to prepare and learn to help yourselves . . . NOW.

History is planned. Coronavirus is NOT a pandemic it is a HOAX producing democide. "You yourselves perfectly well know that . . . it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the "Goyim" see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else" (Protocol 10:19).

Provided that developing nations are assured of debt relief (however it be agreed upon) and the world's leading agricultural exporters can ensure the continuance of their operations (preferably subsidized by the state as emergency aid to the Global South), then it's possible that this looming catastrophe can be averted. If that doesn't happen for some reason, then not only could countless people perish, but the geopolitical stability of this broad swath of the planet could be shattered if domestic and/or international unrest follows as a result.

The developing countries of Africa, Asia, India and Latin America, collectively known as the Global South, are at risk of mass starvation caused by COVID-19 unless the world acts as soon as possible to prevent this looming catastrophe. Reuters recently reported about this worst-case scenario in three articles over several weeks titled "India's coronavirus relief plan could leave millions without food aid," and "How Africa risks reeling from a health crisis to a food crisis" and "Latin America to see sharp increase in hunger, poverty: FAO".

The global food supply chain has been disrupted as a result of the world's COVID-19 containment measures. Although food is still being produced in these countries, it is not reaching consumers because some truck drivers concerned for their safety do not pick it up. Many of these nations are also reliant on food imports, but their partners abroad have restricted exports in order to have sufficient for their own people. As such, domestic crops are rotting and the price of imported food has risen. The UK, Canada and the USA are experiencing the same logistical problems while in Australia visa restrictions prevent farmers from harvesting fruit and vegetables.

Logistical problems apparent in some churches must be addressed before "the squeeze" tightens making certain no-elect persons a noose around the necks of a congregation. Too many in the pews cannot see the true oneness of the godhead, scriptural water baptism and the revelation of original sin; some see Church as a friendly no-cost social occasion: others are attracted by raucous Rock 'n Roll that excites the spirit, sways the hips and taps the toes. Never heard in Branham Tabernacle or denominational services prior to the 1960s, it is an affront to God and absent "stimulation of revelation." Contrast this against the inspired "How Great Thou Art," and "Down from His Glory" sung by Brother Morris Ungren when he announced "The Revelation of the Seven Seals." Christian hymns draw the heart to worship in reverent holiness and mutual communion with Christ.

Unlike certain denominations we are not a charity providing food and clothing to strangers but a separated people preparing God's elect for self-discipline, prudence and self-sufficiency to ensure they can provide for their own home in the time of lawlessness, famine and depression from which no nation will be exempt. God will not see His children begging for bread but He expects us to meet our own responsibilities.

When Brother Branham preached "The Rapture" he saw a preview of Christ's Bride. "I stood there and seen a beautiful little lady, just correctly dressed, and things, marching this way. There was Somebody standing by me, in the vision. And they said, "The preview of the Bride." I seen Her go by. They come on this side, and went around."

"I heard it coming up, the churches coming up from this other side. There come the Asian church. Oh, you talk about filth! Here come the European church. Oh, my! And then I heard a Rock-and-Roll coming, and it was Miss America, the church, and she didn't even have on any clothes. She had papers, like newspapers, gray, hold in front her, dancing by Rock-and-Roll; Miss America, the church."

These were the Rock 'n Roll (American Negro slang for fornication) Pentecostals, Independents and Branhamites (so-called).

"I stood there in His Presence. I thought, "O God, as a minister, if that's the best we could do? Oh! Oh!" You know how you feels. Then I thought, "God, hide me. If I could just get away from here. If all that we've done, and that's what we have to produce, if that's what?"

"And then when them women passed by, all doing all kinds of rocks and things, and short hair, and painted faces. And as they passed by like that, supposed to be virgins to Christ. And when she passed by like that, I turned my head, you know, with this holding in front of me. It was disgraceful, the back of them. And there they was, going like that. And I turned my head, to weeping, like that. "And then when them women passed by, all doing all kinds of rocks and things, and short hair, and painted faces. And as they passed by like that, supposed to be virgins to Christ. And when she passed by like that, I turned my head, you know, with this holding in front of me. It was disgraceful, the back of them. And there they was, going like that. And I turned my head, to weeping, like that."

"I said, "I couldn't stand it in there. Him standing there, and me know that me, a minister of the Church, and that's what I had produced for Him." I said, "O God, I can't look at it. Let me die. Let fade away," and like that."

"And as soon as it went out, every time one of them would come, they'd go out to a certain place, then drop off. I'd just hear the sound of it as it went away."

"Then I heard something like "Onward Christian Soldiers." I looked, and here come that sainted bunch of little girls just exactly the way they was, all correctly dressed, their hair hanging way down on their back. Smooth, clean, marching like this, to the step of the Gospel. [Not Rock 'n Roll]. She was the Word. They looked like one out of every nation. I was looking at it as they passed by, and seen them pass by. Instead of going down, they started going up."

"I noticed one of them trying, two or three of them trying, getting out of line. I screamed. "Stay in line." And the vision left me. And I was standing in the room, screaming, "Stay in line." Like, That".

Ministers and Brethren, we must maintain strict conduct, order and doctrine, and ensure the saints "stay in line" with "the present Truth" Jesus revealed through Brother Branham. We are that W_O_R_D, rainbow trout separated from old boots and bottles, frogs, turtles and catfish, floating down life's stream. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you with His Presence. nl1107.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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