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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android PhonePlease welcome contributing author Josephine Elia, a chemical engineer by day, a bookworm and blogger by night who considers education an interdisciplinary and lifelong pursuit. Josephine has contributed this week's free-flowing, easy to read main article we have edited to align with what II Peter 1:12 called "the present Truth"—what Jesus is doing NOW (I John 1:7). We illustrated the teaching, "God's Three Bibles" with one of her excellent timelines.

Like Israel, heaven lay about the Church in its infancy, but as it journeyed westwards the morning blush of love for Christ faded into the common light of day. Not until Christ loosed the Seven Seals through His servant William Branham did the evening Light of Malachi 4:6b and Revelation 10:1-7 "finish the mystery of God and restore the apostolic faith" (Zechariah 14:7; Matthew 24:27-28). Once again the heavens glow with glory and colour of promise that the western heaven will outshine the eastern, with a Light that shall never dim.

"Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb will come to pass when His Wife has made Herself ready. And She will be given the privilege to clothe herself in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteous actions of the saints. And Brother Branham told John, Write, Blessed are they who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. These are the true sayings of God." Then an unprecedented natural catastrophe will strike the earth; the first resurrection will commence and "the Lord will reach out His hand a second time to recover the remnant of His people, Israel, exiled in the [now Muslim] countries of the Middle East and North Africa" (Revelation 19:7-9; 1:1; Isaiah 11:11).

Our news items deserve careful reading because they indicate how the exceptional chutzpah of the impostors who rule the world under the god of this evil age are "gathering the apostate (once) blessed Christian nations and the whole earth to the battle of the great Day of God Almighty" (Revelation 16:14). More on this next time. Take note of the
red letters, watch the videos, read the transcripts of The Corbett Report, Tony Gosling's Interview with Scott Ritter, and the Full story. The Christian dispensation is fast drawing to a close.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Israel's War Criminals in their own Words

Occult Zionist flag

May 21, 2019 — Shooting unarmed Palestinian demonstrators "preserves Israeli values." Israel's public face, sustained and propagated by a wealthy and powerful diaspora that has significant control over the media, insists that the country is the Middle East's only true democracy, that it operates under a rule of law for all its citizens and that its army is the "most moral in the world." All of those assertions are false . . . And the United States is fully complicit in the slaughter . . . continues to subsidize illegal Israeli settlements that fuel the conflict and is putting the final touches on an Israeli approved peace plan that will now and forever make the Palestinians a non-people, without a nation of their own and without any hopes for the future. Meanwhile, they are target practice for Israeli snipers . . . Full story:

Comment: Israeli PM Netanyahu's belligerence obliges Iran to take a strong stand; Netanyahu has boasted that his influence led Trump to give him the Syrian Golan Heights, move the US embassy to Jerusalem, give Jerusalem to Netanyahu, and to revoke the JCPOA deal with Iran . . . unlike the inept US administration, the Israelis know well that Iran cannot accept them. The US president has sabotaged the peace process and squandered the position of his country as a mediator between the Palestinians and Israel (

A China Food Crisis more dangerous than Trade War?


May 21, 2019 — Deadly African Swine Fever (ASF) among . . . the world's largest pig producer have forced drastic killing-off . . . since cases were first detected last August . . . Chinese grain producers have been hit by . . . "Fall Armyworms," that devastate corn, rice and other grain crops. The combination hitting China as its leaders are in the midst of an escalating major trade war with the United States, could affect the world geopolitical map . . . in response to US trade tariffs . . . Beijing has restricted purchase of US soybeans, making domestic soy and other grain crops increasingly important . . . weather conditions have impacted Chinese production of soybeans and corn . . . Full story:

Comment: Sounds like the work of the White Helmets and HAARP, or their sponsor.

USAF paints F-16 Jet with Russian Colour Scheme for 'Training Purposes'

May 20, 2019 — Nellis Air Force Base's Facebook page published a video of a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon . . . in a new paint scheme that resembles Russia's fifth-generation stealth fighter, reported The War Zone . . . to start training American fighter pilots against Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft . . . even, China's Chengdu J-20 or Shenyang FC-31 . . . a McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet . . . a US Navy Reserve fighter squadron . . . sporting the same . . . scheme . . . shows just how serious military commanders are . . . Full story:

Comment: The US continues attempts to exert sanctions pressure on Russia in a belief that it is possible to gain something from the Russian side in this way (

Donald Trump – just another Jewish US President

May 9, 2019 — An analysis 9/11 Dancing Israelis—by James Corbett. Maybe nothing truly new or groundbreaking here, but timely given the current push for war with Iran. Full story: video, transcript

May 20, 2019, Interview with Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps Major about this week's attack on oil tankers and a pipeline, threatening Persian Gulf oil supplies—he discusses US's position on Iran at present: reasons for US demonising Iran; one Norwegian, two Saudi Persian Gulf oil tankers attacked; attack on pumping station on a Saudi Aramco oil pipeline; Iran nuclear deal US in non compliance; do Iran have nuclear weapons? Iran nuclear deal: Tehran to lift cap on uranium enrichment. A year after US pullout from agreement, Iran says it is no longer committed to parts of the deal with world powers. Nuclear weapons on black market; is Israel safe with nuclear weapons? End of the US empire?

Yemen's Iran-allied Ansarullah: Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

May 16, 2019 — A spokesman of Yemen's Iran-allied Ansarullah (Houthi) movement said that the 'qualitative drone operation' against vital Saudi oil facilities represents a 'strategic turning point' in the Saudi-led war in the impoverished country. This translated video also contains other analytical excerpts from Al-Mayadeen TV dealing with details and possible ramifications of the major drone operation deep within Saudi territory . . . More broadly, the drone operation on Saudi Arabia comes as the drums of war grow louder between the United States and Iran, as Washington continues to heighten its economic, military, and political pressure on Tehran . . . Full story:

Comment: Read the subtitles on all of the videos. Last week saw what was supposed to be a hyperpower point fingers for its embarrassing defeat not only at Venezuela, which successfully defeated Uncle Shmuel's coup plans, but also at a list of other countries including Cuba, Russia, China and Iran.

Trump – from China to Iran to Venezuela – Threats and Sanctions Everywhere – a Chronicle of Disorganized Chaos Foretold

May 17, 2019 — As of May 10, Mr. Trump has arbitrarily increased tariffs on Chinese goods imported into the US . . . an action without any foundation . . . makes no sense . . . as China . . . much stronger than . . . tariffs are nothing else but sanctions. Illegality of such foreign interference aside . . . hardly any serious economist . . . would favour tariffs in international trade . . . China is a key trading partner . . . There are huge profit margins by US middlemen and importers of Chinese goods . . . the consumer . . . the US economy will likely suffer . . . this looks like . . . the desperate thrashing around of a dying beast . . .

We have the US and Venezuela—threats after threats after threats . . . "regime change" didn't work out—so far . . . Next—Iran . . . Next—or simultaneously is China . . . three countries . . . threatening the US dollar's world hegemony—and without that the US economy is dead, literally. The dollar is based on thin air, and on fraud—the dollar system used around the globe is nothing but a huge, a very big and monstrous Ponzi-scheme, that one day must be coming crashing down. Full story:

The Dow Jones US Banks Index has dropped 8% since the start of 2018, the S&P 500 Index has gained 7% over the same period. Here is an important message for Message believers as financial stocks make up 13% of the S&P 500 and tend to lead the market (i.e. the market is going to head south pronto]. If bank stocks continue to struggle, the S&P 500 is likely headed south in the coming months. Brother Branham warned, "You watch for a depression, brother. You think you've seen something; you just wait after while. You haven't seen nothing" (Jezebel Religion. p. 22:100).

Can anyone doubt that the USA is "the image of the beast of imperial Rome . . . that came up out of the earth; and had two horns like a lamb [civil and religious power] and spoke like a dragon" (Revelation 13:11-18)?

United States and Venezuela: a Historical Background

May 18, 2019 — "Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and they own it and we want it" – (Anonymous Trump official).

US hostility and efforts to overthrow the Venezuelan government forms part of a long and inglorious history of US intervention in Latin America going back to . . . the 'Monroe Doctrine' . . . to keep Europeans out of the region, but the right of the US to intervene in pursuit of its economic, political and military interests . . . from the late 19th century to the 1930's . . . Marine invasions, the installation of US client dictatorships and the resistance of popular revolutions led by several revolutionary leaders in El Salvador, (Farabundo Marti), Nicaragua, (Augusto Sandino), Cuba (Jose Marti) and Mexico [Lazaro Cárdenas] . . . Post-WWII . . . the overthrow of popular governments and the repression of social movements, including Guatemala (1954), Chile coup (1973), US invasion of the Dominican Republic (1965), Grenada (1982), and Panama (1989) . . . Venezuela (1998 to the present).

US General Smedley Butler summarized his 33 years in the military as a 'muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers . . . I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interest in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for National City Bank to collect revenue . . . I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the . . . House of Brown Brothers in 1902 – 1912. I brought a light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interest in 2016. I helped make Honduras right for American fruit companies in 1903 . . . looking back on it, I could have given Al Capone a few hints'! . . .

President Trump and his murderous cohort of Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams have declared war against the Venezuelan people but they have thus far been defeated. Full story:

US 'Bid to destroy Venezuela' threatens Foundations of International Law

May 17, 2019 — Washington's bid to "destroy Venezuela" is wrecking the international laws governing relations between all states, Venezuela's ambassador to Britain Rocio Maneiro warned today. "Nobody really understands the danger" of the precedent set by the decision by some countries [and Australia] to recognise would-be usurper Juan Guaido as Venezuela's leader in contravention of all international norms . . . she detailed the "net" cast by the US to trap Venezuela, including by oil sanctions that cost the country an estimated $6 billion in revenues in the first year from August 2017.

There are even harsher measures on state oil firm PDVSA and its US subsidiary Citgo that have cost $11bn in expected revenues. Sovereign assets have been retained, frozen or confiscated abroad amounting to $5.4bn held in 50 banks in 22 countries. There has also been a mammoth $30bn in estimated losses from the financial isolation imposed by the closure of Venezuelan accounts in dollars and Euros . . . from December 2014's decision to sanction its Central Bank through to the decision announced this week to ban flights from or to Venezuela from landing in the US. The Washington-based Centre for Economic and Policy Research published a study in April detailing the impact of these measures on Venezuela's ability to import needed goods, especially medicines, and estimated that 40,000 Venezuelans have died as a result of the US blockade . . . Full story:

Comment: There's far more diversity in Venezuela's 'muzzled' media than in the US Corporate Press. Creative reporting about Venezuela is, according to Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz, "the world's most lucrative fictional genre" (

Tragic Example of Transgender Delusions literally killing Children

May 17, 2019 — NBC has reported, the trend of biological women presenting as men while pregnant can have heartbreaking and tragic consequences:

When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn't consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant—a transgender man in labour that was about to end in a stillbirth . . . The "man" being referred to here is actually a woman, a fact that can be readily discerned by the fact that she is pregnant. Because she was presenting as a man, a nurse, quite reasonably, thought she was simply obese rather than a "pregnant man" . . . Medical practitioners work in the real world, not in the queer studies department. Full story:

Antediluvian Timeline to Noah & Postdiluvian Timeline to Joseph

By Josephine Elia

How many of you, when you read Genesis 5, are just itching to draw a timeline? I love Bible genealogies, and so when I read the numbers in Genesis 5, the data are calling out to me to analyse them. The antediluvian timeline really is fascinating, and there are many lessons to be gleaned from it.

The Patriarchs' Lives

When I was younger, I'd read this chapter and because of the way it's written, I gained the impression that these people lived back-to-back, i.e., one dies before the another starts his life. For example:

Because the genealogy would describe the complete life of one person first before going to the next, the overlap is not so obvious. In fact the overlap is remarkable because in reality Adam did not die in verse 5; he was still alive 874 years later when Lamech was born in verse 25! These overlaps paint an entirely different picture of life back then, and here is my version of the antediluvian timeline.

What this means is that Genesis 5 can also be written in the following way:

    Adam lived 130 years and begat Seth. (Wikipedia's Timeline of Genesis patriarchs omits Cain and Abel as Cain was not in Adam's genealogy).
    When Adam was 235, Seth begat Enos.
    When Adam was 325, Enos begat Cainan.
    When Adam was 395, Cainan begat Mahalaleel.
    When Adam was 460, Mahalaleel begat Jared.
    When Adam was 622, Jared begat Enoch.
    When Adam was 687, Enoch begat Methuselah.
    When Adam was 874, Methuselah begat Lamech.
    When Lamech was 56, Adam died.
    All the days that Adam lived were 930 years.

That's 9 generations co-existing at one point in time for 56 years!!

Here are some points of observation from the timeline:

    •Of the 10 antediluvian patriarchs, Methuselah lived the longest. He died the same year as the Flood.
    Methuselah was also the first patriarch to see a son die. All the other patriarchs died before their sons.
    •Methuselah's son, Lamech, died 5 years before the Flood (he did not die because of the Flood).
    •Lamech was the most short-lived patriarch of the 10. He died at 777. Interesting number.
    •Lamech prophesied when "he called his [son's] name Noah [which means rest or comfort], saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed" (Genesis 5:29). Adam prophesied "that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the violence and quantity of water, and at another time by the force of fire" (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, I, 2:3). Enoch prophesied the Great Flood, and Methuselah was a living prophecy as his name means "when he is dead it [i.e., the Flood] shall be sent".
    •All 10 patriarchs saw the deprivation of mankind in their lifetime.
    •Brother Branham explained: "10 is a bad number," the number of closed history. But man always counts backwards, starts at 10, 9, 8, 7 . . . 0. Israel's 10 tribes were all carnal. When the prophet Joseph blessed his children, Ephraim and Manasseh, God crossed his hands, transferring the birthright from the older son, the Law, and putting it upon Christ. God counts ahead, He made the world in seven days and rested. He started with the first of 7 Church Ages; it is later than you think, the counting is over [we are living the antitype of the fiftieth day of Israel's Pentecostal feast]. The next thing is "zero," let's go Home (The Countdown, p. 12:79-80)!
    •Methuselah saw all the patriarchs from Adam die (except Enoch who was translated and types Christ's end-time Bride, and Noah who was saved).
    •Enoch was taken up to heaven at year count 987.
    Seth was still alive when Enoch was translated—he was 857 years of age.
    •This means that everyone from Seth to Lamech was alive when Enoch was taken up to heaven.
    •Adam was the sole patriarch to die before Enoch's translation. What encouragement! Adam had to leave Eden, but 57 years after he died, one man called out from the seventh generation from the first Adam, was translated. [A perfect type of Christ's end-time Bride called out from the seventh generation from the last Adam: 57 years after Christ loosed the Seven Seals and revealed through His Prophet in 1963 (Revelation 10:1-7) I expect the first resurrection and translation of "we who are alive and remain"].
    •Noah was born 69 years after Enoch's translation.
    •Abel is not counted in the Patriarchy as he was slain without offspring.
    •Cain is not in Adam's genealogy as his father was the Devil-incarnate Serpent who seduced Eve (Genesis 3; II Corinthians 11:1-3; I Timothy 2:14; Hebrews 12:8; I John 2:13-14; 3:12).
    "Enoch was the seventh from Adam" (Jude 14). Had Cain been in Adam's genealogy Enoch would have been the eighth from Adam.
    •Genesis 4 records the genealogy of Abel's half-brother, Cain. Were he Adam's son, the law of the birthright would have placed Cain in the lineage.

When I worked on the Antediluvian Timeline, I was fascinated. But when I worked on this Postdiluvian Timeline, I was . . . flabbergasted. I couldn't believe my eyes! Needless to say, it completely changed the way I read Genesis and the stories in that Book. So, I invite you to go through this with me—I think it would be well worth your while.


There is no easy way to communicate all of the fascinating points observed from this exercise, so I will note them in bullet points. I'd also add that with the postdiluvian timeline, there's some caveat and uncertainties in the accounting, since the data are not as explicit as in the antediluvian timeline. I'll go over these uncertainties in this post. And for references, the bulk of the data is found in Genesis 11:10-26.

    •I was fascinated to discover that 9 generations co-existed for 56 years in the antediluvian period, but after the Flood 10 generations co-existed for only 118 years, the sequence from Noah to Abram's father Terah, from year count 1878–1996. So while Noah and Shem still had the blessing of longevity they saw more generations as man's life expectancy was diminished after the Flood, and their offspring were reproducing and perishing earlier in life.
    •Matthew's genealogies of our Lord are written in the descending line, while Luke's genealogies are written in the ascending line. Matthew extends to Abraham, the common ancestor of the nation of Israel and is divided into three parts, each of fourteen generations; Luke to Adam, the common parent of those in the Book of Life. The desire for historical completeness is more strongly manifested in Luke. Being (as was supposed the son of Joseph) the son of Eli, though supposed to be the son of Joseph. This manner of introducing the parenthesis will show at once that we agree with those who consider that, while Matthew gives the genealogy of Joseph, Luke gives that of Mary. It was far more likely that Luke would give the genealogy of Mary than that of her husband as she is the principal figure throughout his early chapters; while Joseph occupies a far more subordinate position than in Matthew. He explicitly narrates that Mary bore the Holy Child, through the miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit; why then should Luke, who was not writing for Jews, give the descent of His foster-father, when he is intent upon asserting that the Lord was not related to Joseph according to the flesh? He is expressly contrasting His true descent from Eli, the father of Mary, with His supposed descent from Joseph; and Mary is simply passed over, because it was not customary among Israelites to insert the names of females in their genealogies. We find it then here stated, that Jesus was the descendant of Eli, through Mary, his daughter. Through the miraculous birth, which Luke described, one member in this line of male ancestors was missing. If Mary became the mother of our Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit, He could have no male ancestors but hers, and the name of Eli, His grandfather, must stand immediately, before that of Jesus, in His genealogy, since the introduction of the mother's name was not customary, and that of the father impossible in this instance. So here, I'm taking Genesis 11:12 to mean that Salah was born when Arphaxad was 530 years, it doesn't matter whether Arphaxad was his father or grandfather. What I'm not assuming is that Arphaxad actually begat Cainan when he was 530 and we don't know at what age Cainan begat Salah. I hope you can follow that . . . (comments on this point are welcome).
    Shem was still alive when Abram was born. Even greater yet, he was still alive when Isaac was born. Shem died when Isaac was 50 years old, some 10 years before Esau and Jacob were born, 10 years after Isaac married Rebecca.
    •Shem saw 10 generations after him, although not all living at the same time.
    •In Patriarchs and Prophets Seventh Day Adventist founder Mrs. Ellen G. White [whom we do not follow] wrote, "Adam, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Shem, in unbroken line, had preserved from age to age the precious revelations of His will. The son of Terah became the inheritor of this holy trust." This is taken to imply that Abram was instructed by Shem personally. Imagine that, to hear of God's grace and judgment from someone who went through the Flood, who saw and experienced the 'before' and 'after' pictures.
    •Abram was born some ~350 years after the Flood, but he was instructed by someone who actually went through the Flood!
    •Genesis 10–11 record how the nations were divided after the Flood. The Semitic line of Eber's the descendants were divided between the Abrahamic line in Peleg and the Arabic line in Joktan, the Elder, and Adam's descendants were separated from Cain's offspring [for miscegenation wrought genocide upon the Adamic lineage as the offspring were not in the Book of Life].
    •Everyone from Arphaxad to Isaac had direct interaction with at least one person who actually went through the Flood.
    •Everyone from Arphaxad to Terah could have heard about the Flood from Noah himself!
    •This means that everyone who was born after the Flood unto the days of Isaac was a contemporary of the survivors. Imagine how foolish a sceptic who denied the Flood would have sounded in those days when the Flood would not have been regarded as ancient history.
    •Noah outlived Nahor (Abram's grandfather) by 9 years.

Postdiluvian Genealogies

    •If you put the postdiluvian timeline side by side with the postdiluvian genealogy below, you'll see something else that's amazing.
    •In Genesis 23 after Sarah died, Abraham went to the children of Heth to buy a piece of land for her burial. Sarah died when she was 127 years old and Isaac was 37, three years before he married (year count 2145).
    trees of Life and trees of DeathHeth was Canaan's son, Ham's grandson, meaning that he was possibly a contemporary of Salah, who was still alive during the time of Abram, but died before year count 2145. So it may be that when Abraham went to the children of Heth, that Heth was still living; Canaan might have been alive. More likely Ham, being long-lived like Shem, was still alive. Heth and his descendants were Hittites. In Genesis 26:34-35 Esau grieved his parents by marrying two Hittite women of Cain's accursed race, so that his nation, Edom, was and is to this day physical Serpent's seed. A clear understanding of this history is essential when reading the Old and New Testaments. [Concerning Cain and Canaan I encourage you to study this diagram (right) which explains how Adam is the Patriarch of His race while Eve is "the Matriarch of All Living"].


Antediluvian and Postdiluvian Patriarchs

Now if you zoom out to see both the antediluvian and the postdiluvian timelines, you can count the degrees of separation between Adam to Abram.


•Adam could pass on his knowledge of God to Methuselah and Lamech, who had direct interactions with Shem for about 100 years. Shem, then passed it on to Abram, and possibly Isaac. Thus, there are only 3 degrees of separation between Adam and Abram.
•Seeing this zoomed-out version makes me realize that there are not many degrees of separation between the Patriarchs and Moses, since Moses lived around 200 years after Joseph's time (my next timeline project).

comparison of pre- and post-flood lifespansOne of the most striking chart is the life span of each of the patriarchs. Until Noah's time, most lived to almost 1,000 years; subsequently the life spans of his descendants decrease along a falling curve to the present life expectancy of about 70 years.

The Flood involved vast changes of the earth's form and climatic conditions. The canopy descended as torrential rain providing some of the flood water, although most would came from "the fountains of the deep." Without the canopy, cosmic radiation was free to reach the earth and as a result the general life expectancy began to decrease.

Exposure to radioactivity can damage the cells of all organisms. Cells are at their most vulnerable when they are dividing and the chromosomes become visible just before they divide. Hence pregnant women and young children should not be subjected to X-rays, due to their rapidly developing cells. As an indication of the damaging effects X-rays can have, radiologists have a life expectancy of 60.5 years against the average of 65.7 years for doctors not exposed to these rays (Dillow, J. The Waters Above: The Earth's Pre-Flood Vapour Canopy, Moody 1982. p. 82:166; Creation Research Society Quarterly, 15.1:29). Several researches have shown that Down syndrome children are born to older women because they have been subjected to a higher number of X-rays over a longer period of time than average (Mendelsohn, Dr. R. Confessions of a Medical Heretic 1979, Contemporary Books, Chicago). Like light, radio and 5g waves, X-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radiation can alter genetic information in the chromosomes creating harmful mutations and rendering the organism less fit to operate in the world. This genetic damage can be inherited, rendering following generations less fit and prone to disease: this "genetic load" gradually increases over the generations, which is why marriages between closely related people, such as brothers and sisters, is forbidden. Any offspring from such a union would be likely to have a "double dose" of the same damaged genetic material and be that much less fit by deformity, mental retardation, etc.

There is a sharp drop to the time of Arphaxad, then another at the time of Peleg "when the earth was divided." In Abraham's time it was still permissible to marry a near relative as he married his half-sister Sarah, who was the daughter of his father but not the daughter of his mother (Genesis 20:12; True Science Agrees with the Bible, Malcolm Bowden).

If you would like to have the Excel files of these timelines, please email Josephine and I will email them to you. There are many more notes than can be shared in this article. For example, the age of Terah when Abram was born is inferred from several Bible verses, so there are uncertainties there. The age of Jacob when Joseph was born also needed to be calculated from several time points given in multiple places in Genesis. If you wish, I can send them as well. nl1072.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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