Part 2: The Origin of Freemasonry


  1. The Origin of Freemasonry
    1. Masonry was founded by King Herod Agrippa with other eight Jewish Founders
    2. The original name of ancient Masonry was "The Mysterious Force"
    3. The frightful oath of founding members
    4. Meaning of instruments and symbols of Masonry
    5. The name was changed to Freemasonry on June 24, 1717 in London
    6. The counsels offered by Janet to her husband James (Jonas)
    7. The objectives of Masonry were to destroy the Holy Roman Catholic Church, to create Socialism, and to establish domination of the whole world
    8. Janet's message to women of the world
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The Origin of Freemasonry

1. Masonry was founded by King Herod Agrippa with other eight Jewish Founders

2. The original name of ancient Masonry was "The Mysterious Force"

  • Hiram Abiud, the King's Counselor, who was the real founder of ancient Masonry, proposed the name of the association as the "Mysterious Force." This was his reason:
    • "...It seems that there has been a hand, a force, secret, mysterious, that punishes us without our being able to offer resistance. It seems we have lost all our strength to defend our religion and our existence itself.
    • "Majesty, based on the evidence that there is no efficacious means of incorporating our ideas, nor firm hope of attacking that force, undoubtedly mysterious; there is no other oath than to establish a Mysterious force, similar to that one (to attack mystery with mystery) (Editor's Note: phrase in brackets is in the original). I have come to the conclusion that it is our unavoidable duty, unless you have a better idea to establish an Association of greater power so it may assemble the Jewish forces threatened by that mysterious force. It is fitting that no one knows anything about this foundation, its principles and its actions. Only those whom Your Majesty may choose as founders will know the secret of the foundation." (p. 43).

    3. The frightful oath of founding members

    • The nine founders had to take a horrifying oath :
      • "I, (John Doe, son of John Doe), swear by God, the Bible and my honor, that, having become a member of nine founders of the Association, 'The Mysterious force', I bind myself not to betray my brothers, the members in anything that might harm their persons, nor to betray anything concerning the decrees of the Association. I bind myself to follow its principles and to realize what is proposed in the successive decrees approved by you, the nine founders, with obedience and precision, with zeal and fidelity. I bind myself to work for an increase in the number of its members. I bind myself to attack whoever follows the teaching of the Impostor Jesus and to combat his men until death. I bind myself not to divulge any of the secrets preserved among us, the nine; either among outsiders or among the affiliated members.
      • "If I commit perjury and my betrayal is confirmed in that I have revealed some secret or some article of the decrees preserved among and our heirs this commission of eight companions will have the right to kill me by whatever means available." (pp. 51-52).

    4. Meaning of instruments and symbols of Masonry

    • King Agrippa explained the meaning of instruments and symbols used in Masonry:
      • "You already know that we must make everyone believe that our Association is very ancient... We will reinforce this deceit with the use of the instruments of construction that the architect Hiram utilized in the construction (of the Solomon Temple), such as the Square, the Compass, the Trowel, the Scales, the Hammer, etc., all of wood as Hiram Abiff had them." (p. 62).
      • "...Every session will be opened by striking three times consecutively with this hammer; thus we will remember eternally through centuries, that we have crucified him and with this hammer we have fixed the nails in his hands and feet, killing him. These three stars you see symbolize the three nails (Editor's Note : The Anti-Christ Maitreya has a "Great Sign" in his homepage on the WWW: Within this "great sign" are the three stars of David, telling the Jewish people that he is continuing the work of the 9 Masonic founders: to persecute the true Church which is the mystical body of Jesus Christ).
      • "Within our Association, we will make degrees, as we have mentioned previously. These will be thirty-three, symbolizing the age of the impostor. We will give a name to each degree and we will create other similar symbols. All these things were my ideas and those of brothers Moab and Hiram. The meaning of these ironic symbols must not be perceived; it must remain among the nine of us. For the other brothers or affiliates it is enough to make them see the utilities and instruments so they may believe that the Association was founded in the times of Solomon or earlier than this." (p.64).
      • "Any brother can propose a new symbol."
      • "What do you think and observe, brothers, concerning what I have presented to you?"
      • The six men approved without objection, everything being recorded. (Note from the Original Manuscript: 6 men and the three proposers: the King, Moab, and Hiram).
      • Then the King said: "Let us rejoice! Let us begin the march on the path of triumph! Let us take our first three steps! Let us strike three times with this victorious hammer, with the symbol of death for our enemy the Impostor, the symbol of the establishment of our honorable principles that we fix with the nails of brotherhood and union! Let us all exclaim with joy: Onward to victory!" (p. 64)
      • During the First Session, the nine founders also created a new symbol: the apron that symbolized the protection of the clothing from the mud. This together with the Masonic instruments are to conceal the true purpose and to assure the affiliates of the antiquity of the Association. (p. 64).
      • The King-President said: "I, with my authority as President (and not as King) grant each one of you the 33rd degree, the highest in our Association. . . . Since our brother Hiram is orphaned of his father since childhood, knowing no one other than his widowed mother, I propose to call our Association, "The Widow," asking your approval. From now on the name of the founders will be "The Sons of the Widow." Each member of the Association will call himself a son of the widow until the end of time because we believe that our Association will live until the end of time." (p. 65)
      • (Note: King Agrippa became blind within five days of the illness of the eyes, then paralyzed, and died shortly afterward in the year 44. Acts of the Apostles (12:23) reported that the King was struck by an angel and eaten by worms before he died. Hiram Abiud replaced The King as president of the Association but disappeared mysteriously and his body was found eaten by vultures. Desaguliers became mad and died in extreme poverty).

    5. The name was changed to Freemasonry on June 24, 1717 in London

    • Masonry set up the Temple of Jerusalem and sent heir-descendant of Hiram Abiud to Rome to establish the two Temples of Rome and of Achaea. After the members of the latter two temples killed St. Peter and St. Andrew, the Temple of Rome became the presider of all temples in the East. The heir-descendant of Moab Levy was sent to Russia, that of Adoniram to Gaul (France) and those of the successor of Abiud to Germany. The movement initiated by the Mysterious Force did not expand greatly due to the fear created by its name. Joseph Levy and Abraham Abiud, heir-descendants of Moab Levy and Hiram Abiud, were sent from Russia and Germany to London where they met John Desaguliers, who was a Protestant with intense hatred for Catholics. The three agreed on naming the Association Freemasonry on August 25, 1716. Then on June 24, 1717, they met with the associations of architects and builders in London and officially launched the Association with the new name. Since 1717, the temples were changed to lodges.

    6. The counsels offered by Janet to her husband James (Jonas)

    • James said:
      • Before beginning with her words, my wife required me to relate to her all the efforts and conspiracies that the Masons devised against Catholicism.
      • I told her how, through my permanent contact with the grand Masons, I discovered that there are three groups of them in the lodges: Some attack Catholicism. Others attack all religions. The third, composed of men from the first two groups, battle in politics for the purpose of coming to dominate temporal authority.
      • Here is what my wife said to me:
        • "James, your affiliation with the new Masonry was not to support the enemies of religions, nor to support any religion, but, as we have resolved from the beginning, to study it and compare it with the Masonry of your ancestors for the purpose of completing this History."
        • "We have both understood in the texts of this History the upset produced when your ancestor Levy changed the name of the Association, together with Desaguliers. In accord with what you relate to me, there exists among us Protestants a sect united to the Jews (your relatives) whose goal is to demolish what our Jesus (sic), may He be glorified, and to crush Catholicism and the Roman Church. Such are the principles of Desaguliers and Anderson."
        • "My parents and I, dear James, are not of that sect. Yes, we are Protestants, but we are far from the intention of crushing the Roman Church. Listen to what I tell you: We believe that Jesus Christ is the one who built it. and He said that it will not fall. You must have our faith in spite of our traditional revolt that we inherited from our parents against the authority of the Pontiff. In our hearts we conceal a firm faith that the Church of St. Peter is the original Church of Jesus. Never have we thought, neither my parents nor I, of associating with the enemies of the Church. You, who are now converted to Christianity through my intercession, must adopt the principles I have inherited from my parents. Be careful in collaborating with those two sects: the one that attacks Catholicism in particular and the other that attacks all religions in general. Be careful that you do not fall into their traps. Since you obeyed me and converted to my religion, you loved me and married me, I desire that you always continue firm with me in your Christianity, firm in your promises, and in your new principles. (Editor's Note: "Janet sounds like an impersonation of the Roman Catholic Mary, and not a Christian woman or even a Protestant -- Ephesians 5:24; I Timothy 2:11-15).
        • "Continue then in the path of completing the studies for which you entered the new Masonry, to succeed in satisfying our longings to reveal truth and to denounce evil, in order to dissipate the darkness when later the doors of light will be opened before the blindfolded eyes so they may orient themselves in the path of truth. And there on the peak of the solid mountain of reality the light will be irradiated that will guide each confused person and each confuser." (pp. 107-108)

    7. The objectives of Masonry were to destroy the Holy Roman Catholic Church, to create Socialism, and to establish domination of the whole world

    • There are triple-objectives of the new Masonry: (a) to preserve Judaism for the Jews, (b) to attack Roman Catholicism, (c) and to embrace naturalism and nihilism. As a result, it acted for the demolition of thrones, the abolition of authorities, spiritual and temporal, so it may have absolute domination of the world. (p. 115). It preaches liberty, equality, and fraternity with perverse meaning: liberty without limits, liberty of blasphemies and deceits, liberty destructive of character, religions, wealth, lives and families; equality signifies the disappearance of all order, everything falling into confusion, with the loss of true values; fraternity is a brotherhood full of egotism and privileges, love of revenge, divisions, endless conflicts, betrayal, robbery, pride, profanation, and nihilism. If the new Freemasonry is the daughter of mother Masonry, Socialism is its granddaughter.
    • The mother Masonry threw all her intention in a single goal, which was the battle against Jesus' men. The daughter Masonry (i.e. Freemasonry) surpasses that limit by great distances. It acts for the demolition of thrones and the abolition of authorities, spiritual and temporal, so it may have absolute domination of the world. (p. 115)
    • Jonas (James) Lawrence (1775-1825) predicted even before the birth of Communist theory (Karl Marx, 1848: Communist Manifesto) that the new Masonry will give birth to Socialism. Not only that, all the corrupt descendant organizations will be the daughters and granddaughters of mother Masonry. (p. 119). (Editor's Note: As the Protestant denominations are the harlot daughters of Rome -- Revelation 17:1-5).
    • This is Jonas's own words:
      • "Know, my son, that the new Masonry, responding to the demands of the enemy of humanity and fulfilling orders to increase the daughters of corruption, gave birth to Socialism. This granddaughter came to be evil worse than earlier evils.
      • "I predict to you, Samuel, that all these creatures will grow and give birth, by Satanic spouses, to all other creatures of wickedness, corruption and destruction.
      • "They will be multiplied and they will scatter their seeds over all the earth, corrupting it and how poisonous will be their fruits!
      • "Each one of those creatures will form a party and each party will look out for the interests of its mother, aggravating the evils of confusion, civilization disappearing, eliminating religion and education degenerating. Then the trumpets of grief and disaster will blow.
      • "This prophecy of mine will be fulfilled and will have a great echo. Our descendants will see infernal generations. Men will remember me, after my death. They will testify to this opinion of mine that all the corrupt descendants will be daughters and granddaughters of mother Masonry. How fitting this is, with respect to this: Evils beget nothing but evils." (p.119)
    • Jonas prediction has been fulfilled for the most part.

    8. Janet's message to women of the world

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