In case you do not know to what the title of this section refers, we call your attention to a document that was placed in the British Museum on August 10, 1906, being cataloged under number 3926 D. 17. It was published by Sergius Nilus in 1901.

The Museum Document was translated by Victor E. Marsden, who lived in Russia for many years. Although Marsden was an Englishman, he was married to a Russian lady and was the Russian correspondent for the London Morning Post. The English translation of the Protocols has been published by the Britons Publishing Society, 40 Great Ormond St., London, W.C. 1. They were also published in London in 1919 by Eyre and Spottiswoode, the official printers for the British Government.

They comprise twenty-four documents and regardless of their authorship they comprise the codification of everything that has transpired to enslave mankind and destroy Christianity up to and including the present day. Their application to the "Russian" regime is shown by the fact that all copies known to exist were destroyed under the Kerensky government, while under his Bolshevist successors the possession of a copy by anyone in Sovietland was a crime sufficient to ensure the owner being shot on sight.

Upon careful analysis the Protocols are shown to cover every phase of human activity. They are not directed at any special group or race individually, they are directed against EVERYONE outside of an inner circle of individuals. This circle calls themselves Jews, but since we read in Protocol number 9 that "if any states raise a protest against us it is only PRO FORMA AT OUR DISCRETION AND BY OUR DIRECTION, for their anti-Semitism in indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren." Even the Jews are not exempt from death if the same is necessary for the carrying out of the satanic program. Since the inner circle behind the plans of the Protocols heads up all secret societies directing economic-politico-occult-financial control, it must be comprised of those whom St. John the Divine in Revelation says,"l know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Since the chain that binds this inner circle together is not one of race or religion, WHAT IS IT? The chain is finance! As Dr. Dequer states in "The Dragon God," "by the term 'goy' the Protocols refer to the uninitiated in the Mysteries. By the term "Jew" they refer to those who call themselves Jews and are not." No wonder they do not want the Jews to read the Protocol! Were they to do so they might unlock the key to the mystery of their enslavement at the hands of the "Synagogue of Satan." As an editor of the "Freund von Israel" has so aptly described the enigma: "the Godless Jew seems now to be the master of all Jewish powers, Israel runs the danger of becoming a Satanical race."

Several years ago we might have felt called upon to introduce evidence of the authenticity of the Protocols, but present-day world conditions eliminate this necessity, -- the test of the pudding is "in the eating." We will now simply quote excerpts from the Protocols and show their application to distinct fields of present-day activity:


(From Protocol No. 3): "We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe."

There is no record in the written history of the world which has so completely portrayed a world economic crisis as a description of what is taking place today. According to estimates from authoritative sources, as of July 1, 1934, the Communistic strikes during the present administration had cost industry more than three billion dollars. There has not only been a loss in money and equipment, but the loss has included the lives of many law enforcement officers and citizens. And this during the worst depression our country has ever known.


At the present time (1937) the CIO onslaught against industry is making past strike performances look like afternoon tea parties. The connection between strikes and bolshevism has been considered by many heretofore as only of an academic nature the argument being advanced that strikes merely indicated an upturn in business. But now there is something tangible for the American citizen to sink his teeth into.

The CIO (Committee for Industrial Organization) has developed from a mere infant, born in East Side New York, into a monstrous organism that is to cover the entire United States and serve as the basis for the "united front." Let us go back into history.

On the afternoon of August 17, 1922, a Convention of the Communist Party of America was called to order near Brideman, Michigan. Five days later the Convention headquarters were raided by the Michigan Constabulary, aided by county and Federal officials. Two barrels full of documentary evidence were seized consisting of names, records, checks, instructions from Moscow, speeches, questionnaires, etc.

Among these seized documents were copies of two reports to Moscow covering the work done in industry in the US. In one of the reports was the following statement:

"At best, the prospects of our influencing the labor movement are mainly in the predominantly Jewish organizations like the International Ladies', Garment Workers, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, Hat, Cap and Millinery Workers, etc.,

"There is a splendid chance for our propaganda and a strong revolutionary element, and there are strong nuclei among the textile workers; also the United Mine Workers."

"Among the shoe Workers there are great possibilities for our work. Also among the automobile workers . . ." (p. 136 of "Reds in America," by R.M. Whitney.)

Thirteen years later, we read that the CIO was founded in Washington, DC., in November of 1953 and that the chairman was John L. Lewis; the secretary Charles P. Howard, and the national committee consisted of SIDNEY HILLMAN, DAVID DUBINSKY, Thomas F. McMahon, Harvey Fremming, M. ZARITSKY and Thomas Brown. Hillman is President of the AMALGAMATED CLOTHING WORKERS' UNION, Dubinsky is head of the LADIES' INTERNATIONAL GARMENT WORKERS' UNION, and Zaritsky is head of the CAP, HAT AND MILLINERY AND NEEDLE TRADES UNION.

The reason for calling attention to certain names is that ON NOVEMBER 10, 1936, the Associated Press furnished the newspapers with the information that Sidney Hillman placed more than a million dollars at the CIO's disposal and Dubinsky's union appropriated $500,000 towards the unionization movement in the middlewest. ON NOVEMBER 18, 1936, the "sit-down" strikes were officially under way the first one being called on that date in Atlanta, Ga, ON NOVEMBER 19, 1936, Zaritsky publicly proclaimed himself as an ally of Lewis.

Five months before this Wm. Z. Foster, who is national chairman of the Communist Party of America, wrote in the Daily Worker, issue of July 6, 1936:

"Gradually, the progressive and left forces in the AF of L generally tended to rally around the steel committee. It was no accident, therefore, that the three Socialist-led needle trade unions (AMALGAMATED CLOTHING WORKERS, INTERNATIONAL FURRIERS) contributed between them almost twice as much cash as was given by all the 24 cooperating unions together. . . . " (See page 58 "The Roosevelt Red Record," by Mrs. Dilling. No home should be without her books.)

Sidney Hillman is a foreign-born Lithuanian Jew and besides having been head of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers at the time of the Bridgman Raid, also organized the Russian-American Industrial Corporation of New York City. This latter organization sent over a million dollars to Soviet Russia. Hillman also helped to raise funds for the support of the Spanish Communist Government that has already been somewhat described in these pages.

Dubinsky is an old hand at revolutionary work. According to a pamphlet entitled "Leninism," published by the National Republic, page 22, he "was born in Poland of Jewish parents. In 1906 he was active in Russia in radical labor circles, and was arrested for strike activities there in 1907, . . ." Dubinsky was exiled to Siberia, escaping to the US after five months of exile. He has managed, however, to keep in practice by aiding the attempt to overthrow the government of the "land of the free and the home of the brave."

In the "12th Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International," "Prepare for Power," issued in 1934, we read: "The revolution, to a certain extent, veils its offensive operations under the guise of defense. . . . Strikes are mere dress rehearsals for the revolution." From the "11th Plenary Sessions Report" we read, "Every shop must become a fortress of communism, and every member of the party an organizer and leader of the daily struggles of the masses."

There, dear reader, you have an accurate description of the present purposes and the future objectives of the CIO. The strikes of today are serving two purposes: (1) as dress rehearsals, (2) and for the purpose of enlisting all of America's man-power into a controlled system that can he thrown on the streets en masse. Thus throwing the entire nation into chaos.

(From Protocol No. 5): "We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate, mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws."

The deceased NRA was similar to the "Freedom and Planning" scheme which was loudly ballyhooed in England, in fact, it was an attempt to apply the same scheme to our own conditions. The group behind the "Freedom and Planning" plan is very closely associated with the "Foreign Policy Association" of New York. The "Foreign Policy Association" was largely organized and kept alive by Felix Frankfurter and the late Paul M. Warburg. The father of the English plan, Israel Moses Sieff, in the latter part of 1933, urged its members to "go slowly for a while and wait until we see HOW plan carries out in America."

On page 47 of "The American Hebrew and Jewish Tribune," December 1, 1933, we read, "Prof. Felix Frankfurter of Harvard is among the President's closest advisers. He is held responsible for drafting the NRA." The NRA was organized and financed by means of the "Twentieth Century Fund" of which Edward A. Filene is the President, before the bill was actually passed by congress.

The foregoing may possibly explain the highhanded methods of the Secretary of Labor, who suggested to Governor Davey, of Ohio, that he virtually kidnap managers in the steel industry and force them to sign an agreement with the CIO.

it may also explain the aid being given the CIO bolsheviks after the latters' attack on Henry Ford.

Even tragedy is not without its humor. Maurice Sugar, one of CIO's leading exponents of "justice" in that he represents them in courts of justice in Detroit, according to the "Labor Digest," was "convicted of draft evasion in 1917." In 1936 Sugar was openly supported by Communists for local office in a Detroit election campaign.

And last but not least, to make the picture complete for the "needleworkers' boy Friday," Lewis was given a place on the Communist Honor Roll for 1937 alongside with Stalin, Browder, Mooney, et al. Also, many months before there was even an inkling of the unrest that was to besiege the automobile industry, the map for the U.S. was redrawn in Moscow and the City of Detroit WAS RENAMED "LEWISTOWN."


(From Protocol No. 2): "It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains: war will thus be brought on to the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give the strength of our predominance, and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international agentur; which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves."

If we add the slogan of 'self-determination" to the slogan of "no annexation," the two comprise the battle-cry of the Soviets. And, strangely enough, these same two slogans are the predominating theme of the LEAGUE OF NATIONS, and of its father and mother, THE PEACE TREATY AT VERSAILLES.

In order to dodge the responsibility of the suggestion that the League might be Jewish we refer you to the New York Times of August 28, 1922, which gave the boastful statement of Nahum Sokolow at the Carlsbad Congress in which he declared that the League of Nations was a Jewish idea which had taken twenty-five years to accomplish. Dr. Dillon, in the book on the Paris Peace Conference, also said: "Of all the collectivities whose interests were furthered at the Conference the Jews had perhaps the most resourceful and certainly the most influential exponents. There were Jews from Palestine, from Poland, Russia, the Ukraine, Rumania, Greece, Britain, Holland, and Belgium: but the largest and most brilliant contingent was sent by the United States. It may seem amazing to some readers, but it is none the less a fact, that a considerable number of Delegates believed that the real influences behind the Anglo-Saxon peoples were Semitic."

This principle of "self-determination" has ever since been the by- word of the League. It has been the most effective weapon of the Soviets; it has knocked down the last barrier to the ripening of the over-propagandized counties into full-grown soviet members. In the "Workers Dreadnought" (a communist publication) for May 8, 1920, we quote the following; "If Ireland should become independent. Great Britain would be struck to the very foundations. Now, therefore, it is the duty of all British Communists to demand the complete independence of Ireland, and to take all the measures required to bring it about, and for the entire Third Internationale this is of the utmost importance." In the light of the foregoing, the reader should read on page 134 of "The Alien Menace," by Col. Lane, in which De Valera is referred to as "this Spanish-American Jew."

The inconsistency with which the League works can readily be seen with its attitude towards Japan and Manchoukuo. In a speech before members of The George Washington Law School, Nov. 23, 2933, George Bronson Read stated: "Mongolia is an independent republic set up by Russia and incorporated into the Soviet system. The Powers uttered no word of protest against this violation of China's territorial integrity. . . . Whatever Soviet Russia does in China seems to be within the law, but when the people of Manchoukuo take advantage of the opportunity presented by Japan's resort to self-defense to declare their independence and enter into an alliance with Japan for mutual defense against a menace that looms just over their borders, the whole world condemns them . . . The world id being brought face to face with another crisis in which the nation employing force to defend its existence and its system of government will be judged and condemned as the aggressor, while the nation whose conquests are advanced by the spread of its subversive doctrines will be absolved of all wrong." Mr. Rea is Counselor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Manchoukuo.

Do not be confused by the WORLD COURT. The real name is "Permanent Court of International Justice of the League of Nations." The Court and League are Siamese twins, born at the same time and led by the same blood stream. We have seen the greatest campaign to force the United States into joining this meddling organization and we venture to say that from now on (December 21, 1984), the propaganda will come in large doses and in subtle forms. The major source of funds for this work comes from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace headed by Nicholas Murray Butler." These funds amount to $11,720,000 and can be augmented by the funds of the parent Carnegie Corporation, which amounts to $161,303,000.

If we are enmeshed in the League we would have one vote out of fifty, the same as Cuba. This in face of the fact that we have one-third of the world-wealth, one-thirteenth of the population, and yet only one-seventy-second of all armed forces. The League's decision would amount to nothing without power to enforce. Can you imagine an International Army? Can you imagine Soviet soldiers in your own back yard telling you what to do? Not so far-fetched, however, if we were all in the League.

Washington said, "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world." We want more than one chance in fifty in deciding our own destiny.

From Colonel Rezanof's book, "La Troiseme Internationale Communists - Le Komintern," p. 48 (translation of French text); "Meer-Henoch-Movchev-Vallach (LITVINOFF), Common law criminal, known as having taken part in the robbery of the post office at Tiflis, 13 June, 1906. He escaped to Paris, where, during the search the stolen objects were found. He is head of the Bolshevist Foreign Propaganda. Former German spy, registered by the Bureau as spying on the allies."

This criminal, whose fingerprints are on file in Paris, became THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNSEL OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS IN 1935.


(From Protocol No.9): ". . . We have in our services persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restoring monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists, and utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task: each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to overthrow all established form of order."

Too many peace-loving Americans are being hoodwinked into lending their support to "peace" organizations that are dominated by a leadership that comes in the above category.

The following is contained in the Communist manual "World Rules for Civil War": "They must be accused of being class governments; they must be pushed to extravagant expenditures; the armed forces must be disorganized and corrupted so that they will be unavailable when the time comes to isolate the authorities and paralyze their action."

Another trite way of stating the same objective was included in a resolution of "The World Congress Against Imperialist War," which read in part: "Each of us have pledged and sworn to fight with all our force and with all the means at our command against imperialist capitalism . . . against armaments, against war preparations, and in consequence against the governments ruling us."

The fact that honest Americans desirous of peace are prone to believe in the integrity of all national "pacifist" leaders, has contributed greatly to the ease with which the former are duped into lending their support to collectivist objectives. Most of them have never realized that many of the pacifist activities such as harassing foreign embassies in the US and the tearing down of flags that represent countries with which the US is in friendly relationship, are the very things that disturb the international horizon.

"Peace organizations" usually require embracing the League of Nations, joining the American League against War and Fascism, sending aid to the Communist Government of Spain, and marching in peace parades in the larger cities. In these parades is to be seen the red flag, the hammer and sickle of the communists, and pictures of Lenin, which are usually more numerous and are given preference over the American flag of our ancestors.

We are apt to forget that when Litvinoff, Commissar of Foreign Affairs of Soviet Russia, is away from the conference table of the League of Nations, that he then sits at the conference table of the Communist Internationale, plotting the overthrow of the US and other Christian countries by means of world revolution.

We believe that most members of these "pacifist" organizations do not how that the American League Against War and Fascism is guided largely by its Vice-Chairman, Earl Browder, who is also general-secretary of the Communist Party of the USA>

At present we have the "Emergency Peace Campaign," sponsored, by a list that includes Rev. Harry E. Fosdick, John Haynes Holmes, Norman Thomas, etc. Twenty-three years ago we had the "Emergency Peace Federation," organized by such people as Rosika Schwimmer and John Haynes Holmes. In the "Red Network," by Mrs. Dilling, we read that Rosika is a Hungarian Jewess, and that she was a member of the "radical National Council of 15 governing Hungary 1918-19, under communist-aiding Count M. Karolyi, who delivered Hungary to Bela Kun Communist terror regime; . . ."

One of the latest wrinkles in collectivist control of pacifists has been brought about by the organization of "Peace Councils" in many countries. (Excepting Russia, Germany and Italy.) The English branch of this set-up has evidently gone the farthest in communistic association for we read on page 548 of "The Patriot" (published in London), issue of June 25, 1936:

"Among the many subsidiary bodies formed by the Communist Party are local organizations called 'Peace Councils.' Reports of their formation and their activities are given in the Daily Worker, the only paper that seems to take any interest in them . . ."

"The organizations that join these Councils usually include the local branches of the League of Nations Union, the 'Labour' Party, and the Communist Party . . . "

In the issue of July, 1936, of the same publication, we read:

"Among the speakers at the Leeds Congress of the National Peace Council was Harry Pollitt, leader of the Communist Party. The Daily Worker, 29 June, said that - 'The current is setting swiftly and strongly away from paralyzing the organized working-class fight against the National Government, WHICH HAS TO BE SWEPT AWAY before peace can be assured."

Peace lovers should proceed carefully and remember that, according to their own statements, the great effort of the Bolsheviks is to cripple our nation through Pacifism, or rather through taking away its means of self-defense. confuse4.htm
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