While the appearance of this organization marked a new era in the development of Satan's progress, it is necessary to go back to the beginnings of recorded history in order to get a complete picture of what Illuminism accomplished.

Babylon, as we stated in the beginning, was organized rebellion against God; a financial and commercial racket on a huge scale. It was the first example of collectivism, making use of mass slavery, occult control and a military machine. Nimrod was chief financier, dictator and occult director. The only difference today after four thousand years is that the hidden leaders of this racket handle the finances and hire the rest done.

Every possible outgrowth of such philosophies which naturally arise from God-denying and self-deifying systems, was carried into Asia-Minor by secret societies originating in Chaldee, Persia and Egypt. These Babylonish organizations were in turn perpetuated successively by the Manicheans, Pharisees, Fatamites, Assassins, and scores of others.

The occult leadership that was to so profoundly influence the direction of nations was brought into Europe by criminal remnants of the Crusaders and we see this moral disease being spread in various forms by the Knights of Teutons (later Prussia), Rosicrucians, and many others. The coordination of this hodge-podge mess of Satanism was to follow.

It has not been common knowledge that Germany's rise to power was under a governing aristocracy with whose aims of world domination, the rights of the subjects were not allowed to interfere. Nor is it generally known that according to the Congressional Library's Index File, "up to 1466 the history of East Prussia is identical with that of the Order of the Teutonic Knights." According to Chamber's Encyclopedia, Third Edition, the "conquests of the order raised it to the rank of a sovereign power "

Then, as today, in a materialistic system, the largest pocketbook ruled the roost. The proof of this lies in the record of the history of the manipulations of the financial-politico-occult ring that so successfully laid their plans for the coordination of the secret societies in Europe in the eighteenth century. While subsidizing these organizations, the plans were laid to take over the governmental system and its military machine that arose from the "Teutonic Knights", culminating in World War I.

Our present revolutionary organizations can be definitely traced back to the Illuminati, founded May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt being given credit for its organization. Although he was the nominal head, the real masters were those who furnished the money. The huge sums that were at the disposal of the organizers of the Illuminati in the banks of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Genoa and Venice, were not deposited by Weishaupt. There were also many subsidiary organizations set up in order to make the revolutionary machinery run more smoothly, some of them being the Economists, Philosophers, Encyclopedists, Jacobins, Haskalah, and others too numerous to mention.

In considering the connection between high finance, entrenched on Frankfort-on-the-Main, and the Illuminati, we should remember that behind Weishaupt was Moses Mendelssohn, Wessely, Itzig of Itzig, Ephraim & Co., Friedlander, and Meyer. Some of the other financiers who played a leading part in the French Revolution which followed this activity were Cerf-Beer, Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid, and Moses Mocatta. Itzig was Friedlander's son-in-law and was also a notable leader of the Berlin Kahilla.

Jewry was whipped into shape by the organizing of its liberal constituency. Modernism was fed to Protestantism by members of the Aufklarung and Illuminati and the poison is almost fatal to Christendom today. Lessing, one of the first so-called "higher critics," was an ardent supporter of the Illuminati and introduced Mendelssohn into the literary world. Subversive finance had worked its way into Catholicism by the infiltration of its agents into the Jesuit Order and when the Jesuits were suppressed by Papal decree in 1772 this seemed to have been the signal for the unleashing of operations with such force that the momentum has carried through for a hundred and fifty years.

The Wilhelmsbad Congress of 1782 made it possible for the revolutionary tool of the Asiatic financiers to control the continental set-up. The headquarters for illuminized Freemasonry was moved to Frankfort and such items as the death of Louis XVI and the French Revolution were arranged.

The Illuminati, under the renegade Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive satanic society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact antithesis of Christianity. Enticing its victim into the first initial degrees by the most beautiful altruistic and fraternal ideals and noble aspirations, it gradually wove a net of murderous satanism about them, implications in ritual murders at length binding them securely to the organization with chains of steel.

As Mrs. Webster has shown in her book, "World Revolution," p. 22, the ideals of Illuminism were:

1. Abolition of Monarchy and all ordered Government.
2. Abolition of private property.
3. Abolition of inheritance.
4. Abolition of patriotism.
5. Abolition of the family (i.e., of marriage and all morality, and the institution of the communal education of children).
6. Abolition of all religion.

After a hundred and fifty years we find the same objectives being fathered by Communism. According to the Congressional Report of the Fish Committee, p. 4, they are:

1. Hatred of God and all forms of religion;
2. Destruction of private property, and inheritance;
3. Absolute social and racial equality; promotion of class hatred;
4. Revolutionary propaganda through the Communist International, stirring up communist activities in foreign countries in order to cause strikes, riots, sabotage, bloodshed and civil war;
5. Destruction of all forms of representative or democratic governments, . . . .;
6. The ultimate and final objective is by means of world revolution to establish the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat into one world USSR, with the capital at Moscow.

The attack against Christianity, while inspired by Satan, is also a necessary feature of the Asiatic International racket for control of the world's wealth and its people. It is "good business." Robinson, writing in 1798, in his book, "Proofs of a Conspiracy," p. 209, says that "Their first and immediate aim is to get possession of riches, power, and influence, without industry; and, to accomplish this, they want to abolish Christianity; and then dissolute manners and universal profligacy will procure them its adherence of all the wicked, and enable them to overturn the civil governments of Europe."

A hundred and twenty years after the above words were written, Lenin made himself seventy million marks for his workmanlike supervision of Russia's destruction. Just to show that this was purely a Business transaction and that there were no hard feelings involved, Lenin made a statement in the Russian Cabinet in October of 1918, in which he said: "I am often accused of making this revolution with German money. I never denied it and do not now. But, on the other hand, I will make the same revolution in Germany with Russian money." (See Nesta Webster's "The Surrender of An Empire," pages 76-77.)

Lenin may have thought that the money paid to him was of pure German extraction, but according to Section VIII of a document drawn up by the American secret Service and transmitted by the French High Commissioner to his Government we read:

"SECTION VIII. - If we bear in mind the fact that the Jewish Banking-House of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. is in touch with the Westphalian-Rhineland Syndicate, German-Jewish House, and with the Brothers Lazare, Jewish House in Paris, and also with the Jewish House of Gunzbourg of Petrograd, Tokio and Paris; if, in addition, we remark that all the above-mentioned Jewish Houses are in close correspondence with the Jewish House of Speyer & Co. of London, New York and Franfort-on-the-Main, as well as with the Nya-Banken", Judaeo-Bolshevik establishment at Stockholm, it will be manifest that the Bolshevik movement is in a certain measure the expression of a general Jewish movement and that certain Jewish Banking-Houses are interested in the organization of this movement," (See "The Mystical Body of Christ" by Denis Fahey, Pages 88-92).


To this day, after almost twenty years, the facts concerning the rise in power of Soviet Russia have been suppressed. The popular conception is that the Communists overthrew the "terrible" Czaristic regime, thus paving the way or a "new democracy." What are the facts?

THERE WERE TWO RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONS! The first one came with the abdication of Nicholas II on March 16, 1917; this marked the end of the Russian Empire. The governing power then developed upon the Duma, the only legal mandate-holding group in the country. A provisional government under Kerensky was organized and was immediately recognized by the US. Russia lived under this democratic form of government for about eight months until November 7, 1917, at which time about 30,000 or 40,000 communists, falsely promising to restore the land to the peasants, took over the Russian nation, the same being under the supervision of Lenin who, with a group of others, mostly Jews, were allowed to go through Germany in a sealed car. (See pp. 69 and 70 of the Fish Congressional Report).

Trotsky (real name Lev Davidowitch Bronstein), according to the report drawn up by the American Secret Service, mentioned herein previously, left New York, the funds being supplied by Jacob Schiff of that city. Section II of the same report also states that: "Through Stockholm, the Jew, Max Warburg, was likewise furnishing funds to Trotsky, and Co." On page 627 of the Lusk Report, Volume I, we find that Trotsky was associated with the Russian Socialist Federation and that prior "to the overthrow of the Kerensky Government in Russia, the plans for the coming proletarian revolution in that country were fully discussed and perfected by revolutionary committees of the Russian Socialist Federation in the United States." (The Lusk Report is a report of the Joint Legislative Committee of the State of New York Investigating Seditious Activities, comprising four volumes and printed in 1920.)

Thus we find that in an attempt by this financial group to forestall the defeat of Germany (they were using the Prussian Governmental structure as an empirical basis for operations) by destroying Russia, they also inflicted a moral blow on the Allies by depriving them of Russia's man-power. The future was also taken care of by the same act, Russia being placed in position where she could be utilized as a national base for the organizing of a military and economic machine that would threaten the world with the communistic brand of commercial collectivism.

Let us introduce other testimony. According to a pamphlet entitled "Trotsky," written by a former Soviet Commissioner: Trotsky-Bronstein could never have succeeded had he been compelled to rely solely on his Red army or his personal strategy. But he was very efficiently assisted by his financial allies. This powerful assistance from New York, London, Berlin and Paris ultimately placed the victory in his lap."

In the face of the above facts, the sources that are financing and directing the agencies of propaganda which tell us that the whole population of Soviet Russia is kept at work and enjoys a measure of equality not available anywhere else in the world, become apparent. Even the White Russians were double-crossed, for we read in "The Third Internationale," a newspaper published in Moscow, of admitted Bolshevik murders. They are as follows:

............1 Royal family and seven innocent persons.
..........28 Bishops and Archbishops.
....6,775 Priests.
....6,575 Teachers.
....8,800 Doctors.
.54,850 Officers.
260,000 Soldiers.
150,000 Police Officers.
..48,000 Gendarmes (detectives).
355,Z50 Intellectuals.
198,000 Workers.
915,000 Peasants.

Our duped ministers of the Gospel who proclaim the praises of the "great experiment" have probably missed the fact that in 1929 alone 1,370 church properties in Russia were either confiscated or destroyed. Our misguided communists in the US are to be pitied, for they evidently do not realize that part and parcel of the organized plan of Sovietism is the certain objective to wipe out the family; yet even a communist loves his children!

The Jews have been duped because they also have had the true facts of Bolshevism hidden from them. This has been done so successfully that they have taken quite an active part in its projection. In fact, it has been done so well that Bolshevism is Jewish. Not all Jews are Bolsheviks, but the truth is that in Soviet Russia the officials are preponderantly Jews.

The late Victor E. Marsden, who was correspondent in Russia for the London "Morning Post" at the time of the revolution in 1917, compiled a list of 545 principal early Bolshevik officials. Out of this number, 454 were Jews. The list of the names of these officials and their aliases was published in the "Revealer," issue of August 15, 1934. The proportion has not changed much in the past nineteen years, for out of fifty-nine who comprised the Central Committee for the Communist Party in Moscow, prior to February, 1936, fifty-six of them were Jews according to the "Defender," issue of February, 1936. (This monthly magazine is published in Wichita, Kansas.)

The USSR stands for the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Every country that is converted to Communism automatically becomes attached to the USSR, to be ruled over by the above personnel, or one very likely to be similar to it.

According to the "Jewish Chronicle" of January 8, 1933, "Over one- third of the Jews in Russia have become officials. Anti-Semitism in Russia is NOW CLASSED AS COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY, AND IS PUNISHED BY DEATH."

On March 1, 1918, in order to give the women "equality," a decree was proclaimed by the Free Association of Anarchists of the Town of Saratov which prohibited a husband from interfering with the rest of the male inhabitants should they decide to use his wife as communal property.

The propagandists would have us believe that Soviet Russia is a nation born in "planned economy," reared in "equality for women," and "owned by the proletariat."

The real article, though, consists of a territory that is owned by the directorate of an international economic and financial racket. Its resources were used for breaking down the price structure of the world by "dumping" so that the nations and people of these nations would he bankrupt. More than thirty million of its inhabitants were starved to death in order to furnish food and crops for this "dumping" act and those who were left had to assist in building a military machine that was to replace the one lost to these super-racketeers when Germany lost to the Allies.


The so-called "democratic" government of Spain is Communistic controlled from Moscow. An official Portuguese document presented to the Committee of Non-Intervention shows that Bela Kun and Lasovski were sent to Spain in order to carry out its sovietization.

According to the New York Lusk Report, Bela Kun (real name Cohen) was one of those who had charge of the Red Terror in Hungary and carried out the "torturing and executing of the bourgeoisie, especially the groups held as hostages, the so-called counter- revolutionists and peasants."

In his book, "Spain, A Tragic Journey," F. Theo Rogers, a veteran newspaper man, brings out that the Spanish Parliament was elected by the people in 1936, but when it met, power was seized by a powerful and unscrupulous Leftist minority hacked by Moses Rosenberg, the Russian Ambassador in Madrid. By a system of trickery the electoral vote was upset and there arose a government of gangsters, of anarchy, and not one of laws.

There is a chapter in the history of the Spanish Revolution that should be known to American Liberals. On page 81 of his book, Rogers states that: "Perhaps there are no more pathetic victims of the Spanish Civil War than the liberals. For after mob fury has been wreaked on the suspects of the better classes, the anarchists turned upon the Leftists who dared to disagree with them." The gangsters are dominated by the Federation Anarquista Iberica, known as the FAI. The terrible FAI seized buildings, and then, using them as headquarters, marked out their victims, No one could even obtain a passport from Spain unless it was approved by these anarchists.

Instead, of carrying on a "fight for democracy" the Red Government of Spain is bent on the extermination of patriotic men, women and children, extermination that included the gouging out of eyes, raping of women, and the drowning of soldiers by dropping them into the sea with weights tied around them. Even the old Roman custom of lighting living torches is not passed up. The Red officers must also see to it that the "loyalist" armies put up a brave stand for propaganda purposes, so, according to a United Press dispatch of Oct. 16, 1936, "Government machine gunners turned their fire on their own men to stop the retreat on Madrid. . ."

Let us see who is financing this wave of terrorism that is supervised by the so-called "Loyalists." From the London Daily Mail of August 4, 1936, we read: "We know that on April 5 Moscow dispatched 79 agents to Spain for the express purpose of precipitating a Red revolution."

According to the official Communist paper, "Pravda," Russia contributed $13,000,000 to the Communist "Loyalists" in Spain recently. By April of this year (1937) the communists in the US have raised a half million dollars for the anarchists in Spain and probably much more. Dubinsky and Hillman both CIO leaders, have each forwarded $5,000 for the support of the "Spanish Anti- Fascists." Some of this money may eventually find its way back to us for the "Loyalists" are offering American aviators $1500 a month with a bonus of $1000 for every plane shot down. A photostatic copy of one of the offers is printed on page 25 of the February, 1937, issue of the National Republic. (The National Republic is published in Washington, DC.)

The anarchists in Spain are following the same procedure that they did in Russia twenty years before. An item from the "Nationale Dagblatt" in Holland, dated Nov. 17, 1936, states that "A great number of jewels seized by the Spanish Bolshevik Government from monasteries, museums and private owners and sent abroad -- chiefly to Soviet Russia -- has now been sold in Antwerp, Paris and London."

Almost every issue of the Daily Worker (official organ of the Communist Party) carries appeals for "their comrades in Spain." Harry Gannes, Associate Editor, has also written a pamphlet entitled "How The Soviet Union Helps Spain," the closing statement of which reads, "We must throw all our energy and support behind the Soviet Union and Spanish Democracy." Democracy! Liberalism!!

In the name of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity," more than a million people were slaughtered in the deliberately planned French Revolution. Incidentally, most of the victims were of the middle class and peasantry. France, the leading nation of Europe, then wallowed in chaos and bankruptcy for many years. In the name of the world "Proletariat" Red Communism has been responsible for the death of thirty million individuals of all classes. Now Spain is deluged in blood as the result of a class war costing a million lives. If the Red program is to continue, one nation after another will follow the same routine. Isn't it time that we count the cost of bogus liberalism which divides us into classes and makes us destroy ourselves? Are the forces engendering such strife liberal and progressive?

Facts are stubborn things and in this particular instance they concern terrible things, not only of the past but for the future. These same forces, backed by the same line of financiers, also have for their object the overthrow of the US Government and subjection of its people. Your church is to be next! Your children are to be next! In fact, YOU ARE TO BE NEXT! confuse2.htm
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