The Program of Confusion

The world is in a condition of ferment, confusion of thought is rampant. Thrones have toppled, economic rises are intensified and suffering humanity is being sold on the idea that PRIVATE capitalism is to blame. A great portion of our citizenry has been dispossessed, making possible a ready audience for any kind of "ism" that is offered as a cure for our economic troubles. The greatest voice is seemingly given to those who would have us believe that the whole background of the world's civilization has been wrong, including those Christian precepts that were directly responsible for destroying feudalism and slavery; for bringing into being the Magna Charta, and, in our own nation's history, the writing of the Constitution of these United States. Too many of the instruments that mould public opinion, whether mechanical or human, would have us believe that Christ was a revolutionary, that Eastern and Asiatic ideas are better than those brought forth by our own flesh and blood, and that we should enter into a "brotherhood" with nations that preach class hatred between all possible divisions of humanity.

In fact, an attempt is being made to sell us on the idea that our present troubles befall us, not only in spite of Christianity, BUT BECAUSE OF IT, and that our lot is a natural and logical result of our economic and governmental system, based individualism. Voluminous documented evidence shows that such is not the case. The cause of our troubles is not inherent in the American system. It is extraneous -- it is injected from without. THERE IS a definite Satanic program from without with adequate finances to translate this program into action.

An intelligent solution for any problem requires facts. It is our opinion that most of the aid given today to the adversaries of the American system is a concrete example of sincere folks attempting to do the best they know how without having ALL the facts. The more information they try to get on this subject the more thoroughly entrenched they become in the belief that to save America means embracing the same doctrines that were responsible for the death of a long list of empires that inherited these same doctrines in past ages. Having ALL the facts would also acquaint them with the death and oppression that has stalked all the unfortunate peoples who came into this world in countries that were under the heel of the Asiatic concept of government -- government not by principle, but by the personal dictates of a self-deified mortal messiah.

This mass-control (enslavement) of mankind was first begun on the wholesale scale some forty centuries ago during the days of the building of the "Tower of Babel." The political machine then set up has never ceased to function. Today its leadership is still whittling away at an attempt to bring the whole face of the earth under their complete subjection. Even though they operate among various nations and tongues, there is nevertheless a language available that is universally understood -- the LANGUAGE OF THE DOLLAR.

The following information is dedicated: to the Farmer who had difficulty in swallowing the theory that wealth could be produced by its destruction; to the Instructor who may have asked himself whether the "liberalism" he is teaching and advocating is the same "liberalism" that, in actual practice, turned out to be more liberal with human life than with anything else (over thirty million souls in Russia); to the Communists who, a believer in materialism, may sometimes wonder who is paying the price that his materialistic leaders require for doing the job so thoroughly; to the Christian who sits in church with bated breath while listening to a sermon in which Jesus Christ is shamelessly compared with Lenin who died of syphilis; to the Fascist who is disillusioned upon running across the information that behind Mussolini, the anti-Semite, in the Banca Commerciale Italiana, founded under the direction of the Galician-Jew Toplitz, and now under the direction of his son, Signor Lodovio Toplitz; to the "Hitlerite" who may be somewhat confused over the fact that Max Warburg who helped make possible the sovietization of Russia, was honored by the Third Reich which nation is the avowed enemy of the Bolsheviks; to the American Republican who wondered why the VITAL issues were ignored by his party during the last campaign; to the American Democrat who has not yet found what it is that Communists, "brain-twisters" and "progressive" Republicans have in common with Jeffersonian believers in state's rights; and to the real Jew who might spend a few hours in trying to determine just what he can do to get from under the yoke of the false leadership that has fastened itself upon his people so securely that they are driven relentlessly on and on heaping the fires of destruction over their heads by their forced participation in THE PROGRAM.

If anyone of the foregoing becomes a student of revolution he finds, as he progresses in his research, that the ramifications of the attack against Christian civilization are unlimited. It extends into every sphere of activity in which one can possibly engage, whether for remuneration or as a hobby. Before he is through (and one is never through because the problem is as old as the white race itself), he must run the complete scale of research: into finance, government, politics, occultism, war, revolution, religion, education, entertainment, and business. The first step is the realization that there is a strange admixture of people involved, not bound together by a like position in life or by an outwardly noticeable objective, yet drawn by some hidden power, so that their varied activities work toward a common goal. They are found to have nothing in common from the standpoint of nationality, yet the objective is the same in China, Africa, Europe, Central America, Asia and the United States. This, too, in spite of the fact that the living conditions in these various regions throughout the world are vastly different. Their religions are dissimilar, their systems of government vary, and the difficulties to be met, economic and otherwise, are not the same. Not only are these people a strange admixture, but their theories present the same disconnected picture, not unlike a jig-saw puzzle before it has been pieced together.

Among these theories will be found that of "the brotherhood of man," and as the phrase is pondered over we cannot help but notice that nations of the world are either tearing at one another's throats, or getting ready to do so. Then there is the theory of "pacifism" which, upon sober reflection, seems intended to be foisted only upon our own United States, England, Sweden, and other Countries that have most closely followed the laws of the Bible as they pertain to economics, government, etc. especially that God-given law that says that when a nation goes to war against its enemies it shall first make an offer of peace. Not only are we to have "pacifism" according to this strange theory, but Soviet Russia is to throw its eighteen million soldiers into the arena to see that we get it -- by destroying our government and by our personal "liquidation." That is "pacifism" with a vengeance!

Another theory is that private property should be abolished which would indicate that God erred (in their judgment) when He gave to us the Ten Commandments, for two of these commandments would be only "reactionary" and useless if the profit (and loss) system were done away with. Another theory is "planned economy." In Sovietland they economized so thoroughly that millions died of starvation. In America we decided to take no chances so we started our economizing at the source of production by destroying livestock and crops. No use in being oldfashioned!

The next phase of the student's research uncovers the fact that behind the first bulwark of "fronts" having the varied theories there is a leadership that is very often predominantly Jewish. We follow the thread back a little farther and as we proceed the ratio of Egyptians, Persians, Turks, Germans, Italians, English, and others increase until we reach a point in history where the Jews do not seem to be any more in predominance than any other single people. Yet in spite of this, when we try to analyze the problem in an abstract and impartial manner, and in examining we find evidence that involves Jesuits, European Continental Masons, Mohammedans, Orders of Knighthood, and even Hindus, if one of them turns out to be Jewish and we mention the fact, then we are termed anti-semitic and are classed as purveyors of race hatred! Many students are thus discouraged from going behind the scenes of history.

Can it be that the Jew was deliberately roped in and sold on the idea that he is of the "Chosen People" for a purpose? If so, when did it take place? If so, why was it done?


The use of the above phrase has been abused by all. It has been either applied to, or claimed by, almost every conceivable classification of human society, regardless of whether the classification is made from the standpoint of religion, economics, or race.

To begin with, the prophecies of the Bible as they apply to the descendants of Israel, involve a much greater acknowledgement of and a greater responsibility to Christianity, than have been shown up to the present time by those crowing most vociferously under the claim to the title of Israel. The effect of this state of affairs on Christendom is discouraging. Not only has it discouraged, but it has driven honest people away from a belief in the very foundation of Christian civilization . . . the Bible itself.

The following material is not given in order to create a religious issue. It is given in order to throw a little light into the darkened corners of history, without which one cannot understand the main reasons for the opposition to those precepts of life and government to which our country legitimately fell heir.

"Hebrew", "Israelite", and "Jew" are NOT synonymous terms.

The word "Hebrew" comes from Eber, who came into existence 2277BC (Genesis 10:24). Many of us are Hebrews, including the Arabs and the Turks. Six more generations takes us to Abraham (also a Hebrew, but not a Jew). Abraham's grandson, when born, was named Jacob, but his name was later changed to Israel (Genesis 32:28). The descendants of ALL OF ISRAEL'S sons are Israelites and the rest of the Old Testament is concerned almost wholly with these Israel people and the nations with which they are thrown into contact. After their sojourn in Egypt, and their exodus through the Red Sea under the leadership of Moses (not a Jew), they were formed into the National Israel at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:6).

For approximately 500 years the twelve tribes were together in this Israel Nation, but were finally divided in 975 BC, into two separate kingdoms, the House of Judah and the House of Israel. The House of Judah was made up of the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin, while the Northern Ten Tribes made up the House of Israel, the division being recorded In the eleventh chapter of I Kings. Never again are the two Houses united, The House of Israel being eventually carried away in captivity to Assyria by Shalmeneser IV (II Kings 17), thus ending their Biblical recorded history, their destiny being foretold from this point in prophecy.

One hundred and thirty-five years later, the House of Judah (although by this time having lost many its number), were taken captive into Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, where they remained in captivity for 70 years. Now, those who returned from this captivity (and the number of those taken) ARE THE JEWS OF THE BIBLE. They were already a mixed multitude and the word "Jew" is a contraction of "Jehudim" or "remnant of the land of Judah," and has nothing to do with the seed or the faith of Abraham, refering only to a people who came from that place. Sennacherib in 709 carried away 200,000 from the walled cities of Judah into Assyria nine years after he had completed the captivity of the Northern House of Israel, and it was not until AFTER THIS that Isaiah referred to Judah as "the remnant." The Jew is first mentioned in the Bible in II Kings 16:6, the Book of II Kings being written after the Babylonian captivity. It is not Scriptural, being arbitrarily used by the translators. By the time of Jesus Christ, few "Jews" were even Semitic, John Hyrcanus having forcibly converted the Edomites (who were no longer Semitic) to Judaism around 120BC.

The effect of the Babylonian Captivity upon this remnant of the House of judah has never been fully comprehended. The occult-politico-finance nationalized racket was then flourishing, in Nebuchadnezzar's Neo-Babylon and the Babylonish Captivity of the remnant of Judah was their initiation into the Asiatic system. Contact with the secret society cults that are part and parcel of the Asiatic system is always demoralizing.

Thus we see that the House of Judah was only a portion of the former Kingdom of Israel and that those taken into Babylon were likewise only a small portion of the House of Judah. Those who returned from Babylon to Jerusalem after seventy years were only a small section of the original captives, their number being augmented by an infiltration from the of many varied racial types from the provinces of Medo-Persia that extended all the way from India to Ethiopia. You will remember, in connection with this last statement, that when Mordecai and Haman had their trouble which culminated in a victory for Mordecai, the Emperor of Persia decreed that it would be legal for the Jews to kill their enemies and, as a consequence, "many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell: upon them" (Esther 8:17.)

We now have a conglomeration of people, a goodly portion of them Asiatics, with a background born from the cults of Babylon that were based on man's deification. Is it any wonder that Christ was rejected as the Messiah? The attempt to vindicate this rejection has been the cause of the many stories that have come down to us through the centuries aimed at destroying the belief in the Deity of Jesus Christ. Such "vindication" took every form. The acts of Jesus were attributed to His "expertness" and "knowledge." They said he was an illegitimate child. They said He was only a great teacher. They said He was just one from a great number of prophets. They said He attained perfect "illumination."

This Jewish nation that was set up after the return from Babylon existed only until its dispersion by Titus in 70 AD. At this time the followers of Judaism who escaped, migrated to various parts of Europe and Asia. Those in Germany and Poland became known in time as the Ashkenazim because the name "Ashkenaz" was applied to medieval Germany in rabinicaI literature.

The Ashkenazim of what is now known as the Russian Ukraine were augmented by vast hordes of Mongol Chazars, Tartars and other Asiatics who attached themselves to this Asiatic mixture that contributed to the further downfall of Jewry. And though they are 3000 years LATER THAN THE HEBREWS, they are the ones who are making the most fuss over being the "chosen people," although not Hebrews, Israelites, or the Jews of the Bible. The story of this ingrafting can be found in the Jewish Encyclopedia which can be found in the larger public libraries, under the captions of "Anthropology," "Russia," "Purity of race," "Chazars," etc. We must look elsewhere for the descendants of the ten-tribed House of Israel.

They are not Jews but they call themselves Jews. It is from this infiltration that has come the leadership that was to concentrate unto itself the direction, enslaving, and driving of all peoples known as Jews. In turn, it was from this leadership that the financial cult o iniquity arose to power, to reserve unto itself the ability to "cash in" on every collectivised movement throughout the world. It was from within this leadership that pogroms have been directed against Jews all over the world so that a people, bound together by fear, would be more capable of being controlled. In fact, today, many deep students of the revolution are not so sure but that the "Synagogue of Satan" that has evolved, also includes a few with no Asiatic blood in their veins. The tie is not entirely one of blood; this occult leadership is bound together by LIKE FINANCIAL INTERESTS. It is not accurate, strictly speaking, to call them Jews, but since they call themselves such we are left with no other alternative.


Meyer Amschel Rothschild once said, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." The truth of this statement is today borne out by the representation of the Ashkenazim in the Rothschilds (or Myers) of Germany, the Sassoon Families of Baghdad and the Orient, and the Samuels of London. Our own country is thoroughly under the domination of this group by their control of our Federal Reserve System and the Banking House of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., whose late president, Jacob Schiffs presented Lenin with a cool million to finance Russian-Jewish Bolshevism, now known as Communism.

The major revolutions of England, our own country, France, Germany, and Russia, were necessary to enable these predatory interests to grasp control of the MONEY CREATING powers of these nations. Revolutions get nations into debt. GETTING THEM INTO DEBT IS THE FIRST REQUISITE.

It took the revolution of 1688 to lay the foundation for the (once Jewish owned now Jewish controlled) Bank of England which was established in 1694. It took clever manipulating by the "Bank of England" to get Parliament to suppress the money creating powers of the Colonists in violation of the original charters to the Colonies by their Mother Country. On p. 30 of Dewey's THE FINANCIAL HISTORY OF THE US he states, "Franklin in 1766 told England that one of the reasons for the ill feeling in America toward her authority was the PROHIBITION OF PAPER MONEY." Thus while our "English" cousins in the Bank of England laid the foundation for our revolution, Meyer Rothschild financed the colonists with funds made by leasing Hessian troops to George III, through the agencies of Haym Solomon and Robert Morris. This is commonly known as "playing both ends against the middle."

After the Revolutionary War the next chore for the internationalists was to assume control of our "money creating" powers. In understanding the swindle that began with the establishment of "The Bank of the US" (copied after the "Bank of England"), one should know more about Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was born in the West Indies under the name of Levine, but after his mother went to James Hamilton, he changed his name to Alexander Hamilton. We invite you to scan the "Federalist, and note how often Hamilton mentions the necessity of Congress making it possible for the nation to "PROCURE SUFFICIENT MONEY" for the government. Our brief respite from the evils of privately manufactured money between the ending of the first "US Bank" and the granting of the next twenty-year charter was marked with the reams of propaganda as to the worthlessness of our State's money and by a refusal on the part of the "Eastern Banks" to accept it. After the expiration of this second charter our Civil War was needed in order to get our country sufficiently in debt to send her to the "Internationalists" for funds. The slavery issue was deliberately fostered.

The war was finally over and the stage was set. Control of the gold of all major nations was now in the wrong hands. It was now a simple matter to shift gold, the basis of the nation's money, from one country to another, alternately inflating and deflating, alternately extending credit with prices high and confiscating property to pay debts on a lowered market.


In 1876, Bismarck revealed to Conrad Siem the doublecrossing of the Northern States by the Internationalists. This material was published by Siem in "La Vielle France," N. 216, March, 1921. From these revelations it was evident that the division of the United States was decided upon by the Internationalists long before the Civil War. Miss Coogan quotes parts of this article in her book, "Money Creators," on page 214 of which we read, "The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, Indebted to the financiers, for the vigorous Republic, which was practically self-providing. Therefore, they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus to dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic. They made the rupture between the North and South imminent. The masters of finance in Europe made the rupture to exploit . . . But Lincoln read their plots and understood, that the South was not the worst foe, but the financiers."

It was also brought out that with Lincoln's plan of obtaining from Congress the right to borrow from the people by selling the bonds of the States, these Intermediaries were avoided. Thus Lincoln would have saved our country from the tragic situation which the Civil War was to bring about debt enslavement to the foreign financiers. No wonder Lincoln's death was decided upon!

Bismarck was no mean prophet for he stated: "They will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become their inheritance." (Ibid, p. 216.)

Now we can understand why the Federal Government had such a difficult time raising funds for the Civil War. Possibly the fact that one of the main instigators of the Southern Secession was one Judah P. Benjamin, a Jew, who later became its Secretary of State, will explain the foreign aid to the Confederacy. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, "Throughout, Benjamin was Jefferson Davis' most intimate and most influential adviser, and was generally described as the "brains of the Confederacy." Benjamin's most important labors were, however, rendered in connection with the diplomatic activities of the Confederacy. Unfortunately, a thorough study of the diplomacy of the Confederacy has not yet been published, nor any adequate biography of Benjamin, of which that would be the principal chapter. But by such a publication it would be shown how near the Confederacy came to securing European intervention - particularly THROUGH THE AID OF NAPOLEON III.

We next wonder how much can be properly classed as "diplomatic activities" in considering the death of Lincoln at the hands of Booth. In an issue of Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War, issue of Oct. 8, 1894, p. 788, we read, "It was afterward proved that a cipher found in Booth's trunk corresponded to that used by the Confederate Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin." As a portion of the evidence offered before the Military Commission at the trial of the conspirators, the following was quoted by Harper's; "Charles A. Dana, Assistant, Secretary of War, testified that he went to Richmond April 6, and there found in Benjamin's office the key to an official cipher. It is a machine about a foot long and eight inches high, and consists of a cylinder of wood, which has a paper envelope inscribed with letters; the cylinder revolves on pivot-holes at each end, and a bar across the top contains wooden indices pointing down to the letters. Major Eckert then being sworn, testified that a cipher found in Booth's trunk corresponded with that of which Dana had spoken." confuse1.htm
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