The Human Choice - 16

Jesus Vs. Satan



We have looked at the evidence against creation by chance and found it overwhelming; is there also a like evidence against creation by intelligence? If we listen to chance creationists we might think so but, as we have seen, they make claims without, or contrary to, the evidence.

Chance creationists, when pushed into a corner, will claim that neither side can prove its position; therefore, in the end, it is just a matter of choice. In taking this position they try to cover-up that in law and in reason there are possibilities additional to hard evidence: You can be charged with contempt of court. We see tampering with the evidence to be proven against one side, can we find honest evidence for the other?

"Chance creation" is proven unable to support its claims; can "intelligent creation" be shown to be plausible?

As written earlier it is not of much use to seek answers to the origin of creation so let's accept that it is not yet within human ability to understand either the creation of something from nothing or the existence of something without beginning.

However there is one point that can reasonably be made: there is no such thing as supernatural. What we now call supernatural should be understood to mean no more than a nature of things that we, as yet, do not understand. The whole nature and substance of the Christian revelation supports a rational creation and denies both supernatural creation and chance creation. Were it possible for the Creator to reach the desired end without going through a development process then we, in our transient state, would not exist; the creation would be complete at its conception.

If there is something that can be called natural to the universe it must surely be the creative force and if there is something that can meaningfully be called unnatural then that would have to be everything created. But it would not make sense to call life and motor cars supernatural as they are the natural product of the creative force.

Perhaps it might make sense to change the word supernatural to super-physical because it would seem possible to draw a sensible division between such forces as "gravity", "intelligence" and "mental telepathy" as against forces generated by use of "petroleum fuels", "steam expansion" or "atomic energy".

However the possibility of understanding intelligent creation has not been brought entirely to a standstill by the cult worship of materialism and chance creation. If we face that there is no such thing as supernatural in creation then science is already hinting at the non-miraculous solution of many of the wonderful events reported in the Gospels.

Without suggesting that we now understand the true nature of the "resurrection" or the "virgin birth" we have advanced sufficiently in science to glimpse that such things could be understood within the nature of the creation in which we exist.

That we once crossed oceans in sailing ships did not mean that there were not other ways of reaching distant shores, nor may aircraft be the ultimate mode of travel; nevertheless sailing ships did prove that distant shores existed and could be reached. At least some of the 'miracles' associated with Christianity are now seen to be capable of solution by technology. The virgin birth itself can now be duplicated by the crude mechanical means of artificial insemination. Lights and designs in the sky, voices having no visible human source, these are phenomena that can also be duplicated by our still primitive technologies.

A simple wireless, at the time of Jesus, would certainly have seemed miraculous. Today our science is sufficiently advanced that, even in these comparatively early days, few, if any, 2000 year old 'miracles' seem entirely beyond future understanding.

In another direction we see evolutionists flamboyantly claim-ing that the ancestry of man is monkey - a desperate attempt to rationalise a teaching that is inherently irrational. Logically we might expect the most likely close relative to humankind (if such there be) is the dolphin.

Looking at the progression of biological life from an intelligent point of view we see that by far the most complex design in biology is the human brain. And the only comparable brain is that of the sea mammals of the whale/dolphin line.

In order to begin the creation of mankind the creator must first solve the problem of a brain to serve a self-motivating spiritual creature, something quite different and far more complicated than anything needed for the simple life-forms.

The animal body is comparatively simple and genetically easy to change but to save any conflict of interest it might be desirable to trial a human capacity brain in an aquatic mammal where its use is limited by the inability of sea creatures to manipulate their environment. Apparently evolutionists are so restricted in their perceptions that they are unable to conceive of design beyond external appearances.

In support of a dolphin connection we may note the natural affinity between man and dolphin; also the mermaid mythology. There is no such affinity between mankind and the obnoxious monkey other than that artificially inspired over recent years by evolutionist propaganda and media promotion of nature worship.

No doubt, if we change direction and re-establish our culture in line with a valid creation concept, we will learn, not only to manipulate genes sufficiently to design new animals, but re-create existing designs. (Even dinosaurs could be seen again if we have an environment and a need for them).

The creation of matter itself may not be beyond understanding. Perhaps our humanity, some day, may take part in the creation of a new world in an ever-expanding universe.

But of course, there is that proviso that we must be prepared to worship truth rather than dogmatically cocoon ourselves in a worship of primeval adolescent emotions, childishly comforting but socially self-destructive.

What I want to impress is that intelligence is rational. And, to use a simile: let us say that intelligence, like water, is the same substance wherever in the universe it is found.

Also: that intelligence, like water, is seldom (on earth) pure, it is usually contaminated, sometimes to the extent that it becomes poisonous to life. Also, sometimes, it is so contained as to be unable to express itself, or perhaps can only express itself in a seemingly weird form. I put it to you that all order has an affinity with intelligence and that mutations of order may express themselves in weird or dangerous ways.

We should not think of God as a magician but as a pure intelligence expressing itself through an esoteric arrangement of unknown substance - expressing itself in a creation where the structure of what is created sets design limits and procedures.

We are part of that expression and by purifying our thoughts in a way that we presently call scientific, we can learn to understand and become part of that expression.

Or, as we are told in the Bible, we can get to know God through the things He has made.

Romans 1:19-20. ..we see the divine retribution revealed from heaven and falling upon all the godless wickedness of men. In their wickedness they are stifling the truth. For all that may be known of God by man lies plain before their eyes: indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, which is to say his everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made. End quote.

That insight is either from an otherwise unreported revelation of Jesus or gleaned from the Old Testament.

As said earlier mankind wants either to play God or petulantly to reject all responsibility and sulk in the role of a mere puppet. Both attitudes reveal a deep-seated desire to avoid responsibility. We are: the children sitting in the market-place and shouting at each other,

"We piped for you and you would not dance.
We wept and wailed, and you would not mourn." M't.11:17.

The desire to play God is not the result of a desire to be responsible for others but an ego trip of arrogance - a desire for the exercise and display of power for self-aggrandisement without regard for possible consequences in this life or in a more important future life to come. It is, like the puppet's servility, an evasion of responsibility.

It is important that we recognise this in our behaviour because it helps explain so much of our stubborn misunderstanding and avoidance of the Christian Revelation.

Responsibility is like a gravity of the mind, it holds us to sound decisions and restricts our imagined desires.

The 'miracles' of Jesus had to be performed to impress an ignorant mankind; He understood that mankind would deform the message and Satan would use animal desires to seduce mankind to greater and greater irresponsibilities. He knew there would come a time when it would be necessary to "rescue" the message. choice16.htm

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