The Human Choice - 17


An intelligent creator could be expected to first of all discover (invent) the element of matter most suited for the creation of a biological self-reproducing life-form. As the expression of life is limited by the order of the creation in which it exists, we should not be carried away by imaginations, or belief in science fiction creatures that are in forms illogical in relation to natural forces.

Having settled on a basic practical building block the intelligent creator might then design something basic; something tough enough to survive in, and help develop the potential of, the first creation of matter. Even the earliest known life-forms are quite incredibly complicated.

From this beginning matter is refined to support more advanced life, and more advanced life-forms are introduced. More advanced forms would, by intelligent nature, be developments based on the first life-form. Once the ORDER of matter has been decided all else must proceed logically from that base.

The idea of creation by magic is ruled out by the actual need for a Christian Revelation.

There is no conflict between what is known to have happened and how intelligence would proceed with the creation of life.

Those opposed to the idea of intelligent creation might say: "Well yes, we know that life evolved in rational steps but evolutionary theory does at least suggest a mechanism by which it could happen; you have no mechanism."

The answer to that, as we have seen, is that science does not, in fact, disclose a realistic mechanism for chance creation. Evolutionists only pretend to have a theory which they then pretend will work despite that all scientific evidence shows that chance evolution, not only never did take place, but cannot take place. It is better to admit that we do not yet know the technical process of how it was done than to live in the stagnant self-delusion of an impossible dream.

Only by accepting reality do we give ourselves a chance to advance our understanding. Progress in understanding creation has been stalled for almost the entire length of our recent scientific advance because of the blind and bigoted cultism of chance creation. The result of this is to be seen in social degeneracy and growing violence throughout the world.


Before we go to the key to it all let's preview some basics.

TRUTH is the directive of ORDER and the base for all creation.
Creation is the ORDERING (bringing to order) of matter.
Everything that physically exists, exists as an order.
Human truth is the reality of the order in which we exist.

Truth is the base for life. A true arrangement, or order, of elements must come before life can exist. Given life, no progress is possible without accumulation of order.

Accumulation of order can be achieved only by intelligence. In times of crisis we demand the truth because we know we can make no rational decision without it - we have to know the truth.

Without truth, living is futile: no true advance can be made; intelligence is helpless; lives are wasted in petty, useless endeavour - wasted in trying to achieve goals that are impossible, or horrific or self-defeating even if attained.

In times of crisis we most clearly see the need and urgency of truth, but is a time of crisis more important than any other time? Does it not follow that if we respected truth at all times - accepted that truth is always necessary - always urgent, then most problems would never appear.

If we accepted the everyday need for truth then all decisions could be rational and no human-responsible crisis would exist.

Most people can now see that truth is essential for rational decision-making. Why then is truth - social truth - in twentieth century society treated as a dirty word, a matter to be kept under cover and discussed in secret by mystics and philosophers?

Why are children at school taught the immature silliness that there is no social truth and that morals are situational? choice17.htm

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