World Depopulation and Slavery - Part I

Genesis 1:28, "And God blessed them, and said, 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth'."

Daniel 7:25, "The beast shall blaspheme the most High, and harass the Hebrew saints (to be), and try to change the sacred seasons (that type the dispensations) and the Law: and the elect Israelites will under his power until the first three and a half years of Daniel's Seventieth Week are fulfilled" (Revelation 13:1-6).

This takes place after the close of the Gentile dispensation when Satan has been cast out from heaven and is incarnate in the Pope of Rome ruling one world government, introducing one world economy and eventually FORCING one world religion which will be Babylonian false Christianity against the faith, forcing the mark of the beast.

The Times of the Gentiles commenced when Babylon took Jerusalem captive. Nebuchadnezzar later enforced worship to the image of a holy man, the prophet Daniel (Daniel 3). The times of the Gentiles end with Mystery Babylon ruling over the whole world and enforcing worship to the image of a supposedly holy man, seated on "the sides of the north" in Jerusalem: the incarnate Pope (Daniel 9:27b; Revelation 13:11-18; Isaiah 14:12-14).

We are on the precipice of the close of the Gentile dispensation and fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and 39. The powers that be have very few moves they need to make before they are in a position to try to force a New World Order.

Our subject tonight is "World Depopulation." You must be have noticed how the plans of those who would rule the world become the policies of the UN and Western governments and are imposed upon all nations through government and non-government organizations (NGOs). But do you know that their intent is to massively reduce world population, and return the bulk of survivors to serfdom in a new Dark Age?

They propose reducing world population to two billion persons, and as their deadline for achieving this goal has arrived, interesting times lie ahead. Those who are aware will recognize these pogroms, conducted by your own government against you, and paid for by your tax dollars, variously described in your daily news.

Winston Churchill said, "From the days of Spatracus-Weishaupt, to those of Karl Marx (Mordecai), to those of Trotsky (Bronstein) . . . this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development and envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire" (Sunday Illustrated Herald, London, February 8, 1920). He wrote that before he became beholden to the Zionists.

Churchill knew of "this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization" and identified it with the international capitalism controlling the self-styled Jews who invaded Russia from New York City in 1917, imposing Communism which is a tool of these elite capitalists. Churchill knew this self-proclaimed "chosen people" "against whom the Lord has indignation forever" (Malachi 1:4) had long-term plans for world rule dating to atleast the previous century. Churchill knew their evil scheme was to be accomplished "on the basis of arrested development."

The resort to slavery, the lowering of wages, reduction of infrastructure development and an emphasis upon cheap, unskilled labor, have the effect of looting the preconditions of continued production at existing per capita levels. Increased working hours, decreasing investment in basic economic infrastructure and other apparent cost reduction measures, impoverish not only the victims of such a cheap labor policy, but ruin the economy of the nation foolish enough to tolerate such practices (Alexander Hamilton, December 1791 Report to the US Congress "On the Subject of Manufactures.") Two hundred years later it is government policy at the instigation of the hidden hand of parallel government.

Today this evil force is very close to bringing-in their New World Order (NWO) and one world government. They have achieved it as foretold in Isaiah 14:12, by "weakening the goiim or Gentiles, and humbling them level with the ground." By their power over the root of all evil, the love of money, they have divided and conquered every nation, tribe and tongue.

Meyer Amschel Rothschild of Germany once said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws . . ." He said "enforced unemployment and hunger, imposed on the masses because of the power we have to create shortages of food, will create the RIGHT of Capital to rule more surely than it was given to the real aristocracy."

Speaking of world government Amschel Rothschild said, "It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of such colossal riches that even the largest fortunes of the goiim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments ON THE DAY AFTER THE GREAT POLITICAL SMASH."

Well did Churchill know Rothschild's plan for "the reconstitution of society" to serfdom by retarding industry and encouraging debt.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the front organization and debt collector for Rothschild's heirs and kinsmen whom Brother Branham called "Wall Street crooks." They appear to have the game well and truly "sewn-up" with all angles covered. Take disarmament for example, the ultimate object of disarming people and sovereign nations is to ensure there can be no debt repudiation. Once there is a UN army and world taxation system, no nation will be allowed to say "No" to the bank. If the UN also gets a nuclear monopoly, all who oppose may be threatened with annihilation to boot.

We're witnessing the looting of national wealth and genocide or a depopulation of the nations that once formed the USSR. Make no mistake, this is a part of the game-plan of those lovely people from the City of London who gave us Communism, Nazism, two world wars, the League and United Nations, AIDS, etc., and to whom the destruction of a nation means less than the death of one sparrow.

This exercise will break the Western world financially and exhaust it morally. It will revive the Communist empire to utterly destroy Christendom in behalf of those who consider themselves to be the world Messianic force to rule humanity as if we were so many human cattle (Talmud, Sanhedrin 98b and footnotes). Sovereignty over the assets of nations is being transferred from their citizens through deregulated markets and currencies to the international bankers.

Western-style "democracy" today is no more than a media campaign aimed at destroying belief in the moral person on which social cohesion is built. Unclean people, dysfunctional lifestyles and cultures of selected minorities are promoted whilst decency, established ideals and intelligent good is censored. Who controls our media? Certainly not Christians.

The usual instruments of destabilization of nations are pleas for human rights, environment, indigenism, democracy, campaigns for an "open" economy and the problems of unemployment and crime created by such measures. The examples of Russia and Indonesia have shown China how "democracy" destroys nations.

Recent US and UK attacks upon the Sudan and Iraq orchestrated by the City of London is swelling the anti-US tide and re-established the "Ugly American" image in a deliberate ploy by these would-be masters of the world to create World War III between the Muslim people, the kings of the East, and Russia, against the Political Zionists -- Israel, USA, UK and NATO forces.

China's preferred ally in establishing a just economic order, an orderly exchange-rate mechanism, the elimination of financial and economic weapons of mass destruction and the jailing of the perpetrators of economic and financial crimes against humanity, is the US. And she has made many overtures to the US administration.

But with the hard-pressed US Presidency, drawn into a Gulf War by the City of London and their Wall Street partners, Al Gore's rants about "democracy and human rights" (when the US has more prisoners incarcerated than even China, a nation four times its population) -- China has been forced into the arms of its Asian neighbors with whom she may be seen to be forming a strategic alliance to see it through the coming global chaos. A chaos caused by an imminent and complete collapse of the global financial system.

Jiang Zemin's diplomacy is drawing economically battered but industrially productive Japan, the scientific, technological and industrial potential of Russia, and India (now repaying its old debt to Russia) into an Asian economic bloc.

Both Russia and Indonesia (where 30% of the population is receiving less than one dollar a week to live on) have found that IMF conditionalities are aimed at the destruction of national economies (and forced everyone into buying American dollars, creating an all-time high for the Dow Jones). Japan discovered that the opening of her markets has given Moody's Investor Service the power to trigger financial chaos. Her lending to Malaysia and Indonesia is indicative of a growing trend to a strategic alliance within an "Asian productive triangle."

In Revelation 16:12, Jesus prophesied how the apostasy of the once Christian West would prepare the way for the "kings of the East." Like Babylon, the West has become materially rich and in need of nothing, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. We're living in a stupefied unreality of drugs, drunkenness and debt, our minds brainwashed by the sub-sewer Talmudic filth of Hollywood Brother Branham always condemned. Even the President of the world's most powerful (once Christian) nation is a cocaine-sniffing dope-head, implicated in drug importation through Mena Air Force Base amongst other "inappropriate" activities.

The Bible tells us that God has a definite, deliberate perfect and unchangeable PLAN. It also informs us Satan has a COUNTER-plan. Now God can work only through men and woman who believe and have a clear understanding of the Plan in His unchanging Word. So without understanding it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

History is either: 1) accidental, or 2), the outcome of meticulous planning toward the accomplishment of long-term objectives. People who believe the chaos theory of history won't seek understanding as they see their own lives and the lives of nations as a series of random events without any control from the top.

History is the record of past events. In the Light of Bible faith, it is the record of many battles in the 6,000-year-old war between God and Satan that portrays the vessels of God's Word overcoming the enemy and bringing the ultimate purpose of God to realization. And we don't have long to go now.

God can only use men and women who can receive the faith and who yield themselves, soul, spirit and body, in order that His Word may live through them (Colossians 3:3). Christians cannot believe the theory that history is a series of accidental unrelated events and we recognize the just as the Holy Spirit is helpless until He finds someone who will yield to Him, Satan is powerless until he finds someone willing to yield to him. Thus we sing "Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin."

Whilst current history often appears episodic, it is actually in the culminating stages of a very long-term policy that is moving internationally, but visible only in the long perspective of time. Thus to identify policy in history, one must recognize individual events as LINKS in a PARTICULAR chain -- a chain beginning somewhere in the past and extending into the future. When we recognize the chain, we can follow it to the core of intent.

Life, no doubt, is full of the accidental; but it is full as well of the consequences of policies -- policies which may be unrelated, related or opposed, and short in duration or long-term. A short-term policy may be defined as one which exists within the span of a generation, and a long-term policy as one which transcends the generations. Long-term policies are those of organizations' and the most fundamental of such policies is survival of the organization as such, be it a family, a nation, or an institution. Another such policy is the extension of the influence of the organization, whether by example, precept, or power. Conversely, the existence of long-term policies denotes the existence of the ORGANIZATIONS which sustain them.

The difference between God and the enemy is that God's Plan is infallible. It's been published openly to all with eyes to see and faith to comprehend. The Bible foretells and history unfolds the manifold events planned in secret by people with power, influence, information and ambition disproportionate to their character and to the rest of society.

These people have yielded themselves as Satan's executive officers to bring-in the totalitarian one world government he offered Jesus in exchange for worship (Matthew 4:8-9; Revelation 13:1-18; 21:10; Isaiah 14:13). It is imperative we recognize that "hidden hands" are behind the scenes, manipulating the workings of nations.

Visit Conspiracy Scholar's Nook and also the Books Area of our Church Site where you will find a growing resource for the edification of Christ's Bride, exposing the plans and activities of Satan's earthly executives. You will be able to benefit from eight years work Brother Eric has invested compiling a chronology identifying these men with their membership in five clandestine organizations working toward one world government. These are the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Rhodes Scholars, Skull and Bones, and Freemasons. These and other groups are inter-related. Eric is seeking to co-operate with researchers of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Fabian Society, and Vatican.

Now we realize that Rome will ultimately rule the coming one world government, then she will be destroyed by Communism. Her enemy has a long-term strategy that was revealed by the Russian delegate to the UN, Dimitri Manuilsky, in 1950. His generation is long-gone, but his words are coming to pass NOW.

Manuilsky spoke of "launching the most spectacular peace movement on record." The object of which was to "put the bourgeoisie to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record . . . The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to join in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist."

NATO Commander, Brigadier W.F.K. Thompson stated "the ideological content of Marxism will continue to be eroded so that the two systems of society will gradually become more and more compatible" which is precisely what Manuilsky laid down. The element of surprise will emerge when the Eastern satellites turn out, after all, still to be in the control of hard-line Communists, while at the present they are being administered to the West as increasing doses of hypnotics (South Africa Daily Express, April 19, 1968).

This "peace offensive" was launched by Khrushchev in 1956, the year Brother Branham declared America had her last chance to repent. But it passed largely unnoticed because of the dramatic diversion provided by de-Stalinisation. The vital importance of Khrushchev's speech at the Twentieth Party Congress was that it inaugurated the STRATEGY of "peaceful co-existence" as the means of achieving world-wide Communist dictatorship. Thus the final take-over of the entire world by the Communists will succeed through the element of surprise -- an objective which could not be gained by a conventional military confrontation.

The Communist strategy has put the West to sleep, and we're in bed with them. Christians know the prophet Amos taught that no two can walk together except they be agreed in the faith. This is why we are forbidden to join with the Communists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, or any individual or group who is not born again.

Almost the whole world is Communist in its thinking, and political parties of all persuasions are Communist in their policies. What is globalization and the concept of one world government but the centralization of control by an all-powerful State. It is Communist doctrine. What is multi-culturalism but multi-racialism under another name espousing the unscriptural notion of Thomas Jefferson that "all men are created equal." Communism! Equality and gender mixing, introducing women into the Forces, co-education, equal employment opportunities, cross-dressing in clothes that pertain to a man, homosexuality etc., are all manifestations of the spirit of Communism. Jesus Christ called the seventh and last Church Age "Communist." The Greek word is Laodicea which means "people's rights."

Communism is a spirit, the spirit of anarchy; of rebellion against authority. Paul describes its manifestation in II Timothy 3 and 4 where he says that after the opening of the Seven Seals, "men will love only themselves, money and material possessions, becoming proud and boastful, blasphemers, disobedient, ungrateful to their parents, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, preferring good times to worshiping God . . . for there's coming a time when they won't listen to sound doctrine, but gather around themselves teachers who'll tell them the things they want to hear." People's rights.

Communism has peacefully taken control of people's minds, largely through brainwashing in our corrupt education system, churches and media. But it will not peacefully take control of our backyards.

As Nebuchadnezzar was a move of God to destroy apostate Israel, so is Communism a move of God to destroy the false church. It can't take-over until the Roman church has ruled the world for the first three and a half years of Daniel's Seventieth Week, following the close of the Gentile dispensation. Nevertheless, there will be a failed attempt by Russia to control the world before the appointed time. That is, a failed attempt to take over the United States of America in the form of an invasion.

Brother Branham told us Russia will attack and invade the United States, soon after Los Angeles and 1500x3-400 miles of California sink under the ocean, marking the end of the Gentile dispensation. This may be six months after the Millennium Bug or Y2K computer problem renders US defense capacity on a par with the Boy Scouts. I expect Russian troops will then be welcomed to fly in aid after the earthquake. They'll deliver aid, alright. The Prophet said they'll invade America, looting homes and stores, and raping the womenfolk. They'll have no better opportunity for success.

America's armed forces are powerful because of their technological superiority but they are not large. The Department of Defense says they will not be Y2K-compliant until 2009. Regular readers of this Newsletter know the USDOD admits to the unreliability and certain unserviceability of many of their weapons systems come January 1, 2000. At risk are intelligence-gathering, surveillance, logistics, mobilization, and combat effectiveness.

In April 1966, the USDOD awarded Boeing a US$1.2 billion contract to rectify the Y2K problem on their satellite Global Positioning System (GPS). The system will be switched off from August 22, 1999 to December 31, 1999. In the West, aircraft, ships, missiles and smart bombs use the GPS for telecommunications and navigation. So when the GPS goes down in August, US missile defenses will also be down. NATO ICBMs have also been converted to GPS and will be out of service. This may explain their present unprovoked attacks upon Iraq. Ironically, a handful of embedded chips in these satellites might prevent the GPS from coming back on-line.

A system of navigation based on earth's magnetic field was used for thirty-years by the US military. It is still in use by Russia and is not affected by Y2K. What a window of opportunity for an invasion, particularly after the earthquake cripples the nation.

Jack Brock of the General Accounting Office (GAO) has said, "Time is running out to correct US Navy systems that could malfunction or produce incorrect information when the year 2000 is encountered during automated data processing. The impact of these failures could be widespread, costly and potentially debilitating to important Navy operations worldwide."

The GAO reported that 120 of the Army's 376 mission-critical automated information and embedded weapons systems still need Year 2000 reprogramming. And as of February 1998, 12,120 -- nearly two- thirds -- of the Army's 19,731 non mission-critical systems still required Year 2000 fixes.

America could lose its military superiority and the ability to quickly retaliate. If the actions of Russia are uncertain, what about China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Libya? The kings of the East! And how will America thwart terrorists with their increasing capability to use weapons of mass distribution?

Graham Allison, Jr. (BB/CFR/TC), of Harvard University, Advisory Board member for the Center for National Policy and former Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) Director, said: "There are suitcase-style nuclear weapons in the former Soviet union. Some criminal elements in Russia, not the Russian government itself . . . would steal nuclear weapons, would sell them to a terrorist group," he said, (showing photo of a Hamas leader in wheel chair). "The weapons would then be brought to an American city and would be used in a terrorist fashion. And God forbid, I believe that it is something we unfortunately will live to see."

This isn't fearmongering -- its a fact. Welcome to the year 2000.

Daniel 2 and 7-12 as well as Revelation 13 and 17 instruct us that the end of this world order will be characterized by a one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion. But some catalyst will be needed to introduce these conditions. Throughout history mankind has had regional catastrophes -- earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, plagues and famine. Potentially we have Y2K which is global, and its man's doing.

Brother Branham spoke about scientists in our day hybreeding God's Word (nature) in their laboratories and trying to disprove God in their Bible schools, making Satan the god of this evil age. And he said that where their medicines and hybrid food are not killing us, nervous and psychological disorders are. Science -- reasoning against the laws of God -- is hybreeding His Word.

Over the last fifty years, science has advanced such that learning has become the god that we worship. Lust for knowledge against the Word caused Eve to fall in the Garden and Paul taught that because men in this last day do not love God's Word above their necessary meat, God would send them a strong delusion, making them believe the same lie Satan told Eve -- promoting God's permissive will. Satan is the sum of wisdom and beauty and the god of this evil age worshipped today as science and intellectual reasoning. And isn't the computer's artificial intelligence the incarnation of science?

Computer science has made these spectacular advances possible. But the computer is only as accurate as the information finite man has programmed into its hardware and software. I believe Y2K is a very real problem whose consequences were NOT maliciously predetermined but which are presently being factored into strategies serving the purposes of rival groups of godless men who would rule this world.

As discussed on previous occasions, the main contenders are the Vatican, international bankers and Communism. Communism is a creature of the international bankers although presently it may be a loose gun, somewhat independent of its Capitalist patrons.

I'm going to read you a letter from Rumania. Rumania is a testing ground where the elites can experiment upon human guinea pigs. So was Vietnam. Depopulation is their game, and don't think they're not conducting experiments with you -- in some way.

Do you have fluordated water supplies? Fluoride is rat poison. An unpublicized "statutory rule 69" in the May 1970 Government Gazette says that fluoride treated water can be used in food and drug manufacturing and set a maximum fluoride level of 1ppm (which is toxic). Sound nourishing? Fluoride is a hypnotic drug that accumulates in the body, producing schizophrenia. It was used in Russian prison camps and is harmful to dental health. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control, and loss of liberty. (Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, Chairman of the International Society for Research on Nutrition and Vital Substances, Melbourne Age, February 13, 1968; Fluoridation and Lawlessness, Committee for Mental Health and National Security, Henwood and Dancey, Pty. Ltd., Geelong).

Modern fuels? Military jets use a fuel called JP-8+100. Analysis by an independent laboratory revealed two toxic substances: (1) Ethlyene di bromide which causes liver damage, lung and skin Cancer and lowers the immune system by depleting the body of B vitamins and zinc; and (2), zinc chloride. I wonder how these chemicals react with methyl tert butyl ether (MTBE), added to the deadly unleaded gas in your family car?

Lead from leaded petrol is, after combustion, relatively harmless, but the ingredients in unleaded petrol, dimethylbenzene, toluene, mesitylene, xylene and benzene, are all declared carcinogens and far more dangerous. Catalytic converters don't work til' they read 400 degrees. And remember, cars fitted with anti-pollution gear are clean for about one year or 50,000KM. The British National Society for Clean Air no longer supports unleaded petrol.

Blood tests show lead levels to have gradually decreased since the '30's despite increasing use of leaded fuel. This has followed the decreased use of pewter, lead solder in food cans, and replacement of lead water pipes (Thomas C. Maliha

Why then do political greenies and mass media support lies, and claim removal of lead from motor fuel as an environmental victory? According to Shirley Scheibla, Washington editor of Barron's, "the gadgets applied to our cars by the EPA now result in the use of 300,000 extra barrels of gasoline a day; by 1980 the controls will require the consumption of an added two million gallons of gasoline per day. Meanwhile, federally required reduction of lead in gasoline has reduced fuel efficiency by another twenty percent. And no two experts seem to agree on whether the required gadgetry actually decreases pollution. Some think that the net effect is an increase" (Gary Allen, The Rockefeller File, p.144).

The Greenies are funded by Rockefeller, Lord Melchett, the heir of the Imperial Chemical Industries fortune and other oil interests who wish to promote the consumption of the fossil fuels they control, rather than clean nuclear energy they do not control. Do a little research on "Greenpeace" and you'll find its not an NGO dedicated to protecting the environment, but a cover for diverting millions, for laundering money, and for suborning politicians. There is no public accounting for a penny of the US$200 million per year that pass through its secret accounts (EIR, May 20, 1994).

Speaking of depopulation, were you aware that the World Health Organization (WHO) and USDOD designed and distributed AIDS? Here's an excerpt from the BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Vol. 47 No. 2 of 1972. On page 259, under Recommendations (3), it states: "An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function, e.g., by depressing 7S versus 19S antibody, or by affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function (Allison et al., 1971). The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus may itself be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the Cells responding to the viral antigens.

If this proves to be the case, virus induced immunodepression might be highly instrumental in prolonging certain virus infections, such as murine leukaemia, hepatitis, sub-acute sclerosing panencephalitis, or infections caused by LDV, LCMV, or ADV."

This sounds more like biological warfare than medicine. And it is, AIDS blew up wherever WHO had been "immunizing" against smallpox. Africa is being depopulated by AIDS.

Refrigerants without CFC's, multiculturalism, deregulation of currencies and international trade, and the removal of protective tariffs, are all part of the depopulation game in which you and I are participants. Its being played to the death. . . maybe yours.

I'd like to read you a letter received from subscribers to Bible Believers' Newsletter who work in Rumania. "In 1990 and 1991 the coal miners came to Bucharest . . . in helmets and fatigues, with axes and clubs in clenched fists to put down any opposition. They beat the life out of any "intellectual-looking" person they met. Several innocent citizens were killed and many injured. The coal miners are a politically powerful group who are striking to demand higher wages. The government doesn't know what do about them, but tomorrow they'll probably make their appearance in Bucharest. Please pray there will be no injuries. Rumania is a nation in crisis. On the streets, dogs are competing with begging children and the elderly for charity. And because conditions are so harsh, the public is in sympathy with the miners."

Their follow-up letter says, "The government talked the miners into going home . . . with the help of tanks, guns, tear gas and clubs. They were protesting the closure of mines and loss of jobs. Many Rumanians were sympathizing with the coal miners rebellion because they too are tired of eating bread and soup bones."

Hey! This is the "Level playing field" of the proposed NWO. This is why unionization is out and individual contracts are in. This is depopulation by reducing investment and development.

How will it be in YOUR cities when YOUR miners are FORCED to work for the same wages paid to coal miners in Brazil, in China, or be unemployed when Social Security payments are eliminated and the investment portfolios of superannuation and mutual funds have sunk so low they can't afford to liquidate their situation?

"Hey buddy, can you spare me a dime?"

A third letter asked, "Do you know why the coal mines were shut down? Because the IMF told them they had to close all "unproductive" . . . mines . . . all 40 of them. They say it is cheaper to IMPORT coal from other countries with higher wages . . . and pay high transportation costs? Incredulous. And so in Romania, we have the tastless imported vegetables from Holland and they have the tasty, homegrown vegetables from Romania. And the wheat farmers had to let their crops go to waste because the government was importing wheat from Hungary . . . it was cheaper, they said."

Reading on. "The Associated Press (AP) had a strange article about Rumania concerning what happened on Christmas day. They said all over Rumania and especially in Bucharest people were going to the hospital with severe stomach pains from too much indulging of Christmas dinner. They said 3500 were hospitalized in Bucharest alone. They didn't tell the complete story, and made it sound like the people here had plenty of food and made pigs of themselves -- at least on Christmas day. The reason so many were ill was because they had had so little food for so long -- when they had a good meal . . . it made them sick. Also, the quality of food is so poor for some . . . they became ill. Staying alive here (and in Russia) means selling possessions, stocking the shelves with home-canned cabbage, and relying on a network of personal ties for the rest."

"We had Leonard, the baby of Mihaela and Laurentiu (street kids on inhalants) for 10 days and his parents took him back, thinking they could take care of him with the help of her mother. However, her mother lives in a room with 13 people . . . no electricity and, of course, little food. All the adults smoke and Leonard - because of the history of his parents and also this environment at her parents -- developed acute bronchitis. They were totally unable to take care of him and he became very ill. So, we have Leonard back and are honored to be able to help him get a good start in life. Please pray that his little lungs will heal and that he won't have any damage due to his parents lifestyle."

The follow-up letter says, "Leonard will have to be hospitalized tomorrow. He has acute pneumonia. Please pray for him, his lungs are so weak."

I'm not reading this to make you cry. I'm trying to show you that the SAME foreign people who control Rumania and the other Soviet satellite countries own the sucker in the White House, and their people staff his Administration. They control England, Australia and most of the world. This hidden hand or parallel government will reduce us all to these living conditions. They are doing so now. Hence our growing unemployment and insurmountable debt.

One more paragraph.

"MOLDOVA -- 27 below 0 Celsius. Ron (her husband) is currently in Moldova, having evangelistic meetings in a community where 650 blind people live. They all know Braille and are requesting Scriptures and books in Braille . . . so we have quite a task to provide them with what they want. He also visited Viorica and she said it was so cold at school, they tried exercising every hour or so to try to get warm. He said the blind people haven't received their pensions for months and everyone there is having such a hard time. Pray for these precious people."

Georgetown University demographer, Dr. Murray Feshbach said on December 9, 1997, "Because of IMF conditionalities 20 million people in Eastern Europe had died from economic causes. A planned disintegration of productive capacity has led to the destruction of medical infrastructure. Diseases which are easily cured are creating permanent damage, malformations, heart disease, mental impairment, which cannot be cured, for lack of medicine."

"75% of pregnant women have serious illnesses during pregnancy, and only 37.6% of newborns do not suffer complications in the birth process or postpartum period. Anemia in pregnant women has increased by 300%. Only 10% of secondary school students have "normal" health, and 50% of prisoners are infected with TB" (The Strategy, March, 1998).

Think on these things as you make yourselves ready for the close of grace and the manifestation of the Sons of God (Revelation 19:7). bb990201.htm