Revelation 17:12-13 - Part III
The Power Behind the UN

The object of this message is to bring to your attention more of the Machiavellian schemes being operated through the auspices of the UN, identify the individuals and groups behind them, and their sinister purpose. Studied in conjunction with "Reconstructing the Tower of Babel" and, "Revelation 17:12-14 and the Black Nobility," it will provide some crucial items that can be verified in official public documents. This will give us a glimpse of the real motives and objectives of a global elite, working behind the scenes to bring men under subjection. We will place these in Scripture in the fourth and final message in this series, "Revelation 17 and 18: Pawns in the Game".

David Rockefeller (1915 - 2017) controlled the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), incorporated on July 29, 1921, as the American counterpart to Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The RIIA was formed and is still controlled by the successors of Cecil Rhodes, whose aim was to unite the US with Great Britain and bring the world back under British Rule ("The Founder: Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power," 100, by Robert I. Rotberg; "Dope Inc," 133-134, EIR; "The Anglo-American Establishment," ix, Carroll Quigley).

Their plan was to transform the British Empire into a Commonwealth of Nations and then place that system within a League of Nations. (The League of Nations was finally founded on January 10, 1920).

At a meeting in (The City of) London, they developed the idea of "willing co-operation between free peoples in a world relieved of the menace of aggression." A blueprint called 'The United Nations Plan For Organized Peace' was drawn up by a British Foreign Office team".

While it is obvious the UN has tremendous power, it is even more obvious that there must be a power behind the UN. The UN is world government and is trying to achieve consensus to force its global agenda on the peoples of the world.

The throne of Great Britain is the world's foremost position that determined solely by heredity. Prince Charles' breeding may be said therefore, to be the most important in the world, with links through marriage to all of the royal houses of Europe and to such diverse common ancestors as twelve Presidents of the USA including George Bush.

Prince Charles has worked behind the scenes pushing the huge radical environmental agenda of the UN into the forefront of world politics, and is perhaps the key leading figure creating "public-private" partnerships—a new form of government in developing countries worldwide.

The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (PWBLF) is spearheading this governmental change along with major multinationals. At about the same time as Charles became influenced by holistic philosophy, organic farming, architecture, homeopathic medicine and the return to Mother Earth, the UN adopted the environment as its mantra. The only way to change the laws in every country, and to take control, is to make environment the focal point. The environment is common to all of us.

Today the UN is crafting global environmental laws for subsequent ratification by all member states. These laws will impact upon all society in every country. Eventually the world will be ruled by "environmental governance" which is the result of "public-private" partnerships.

Like most radical environmentalists, Prince Charles, the potential head of the Church of England, elevates the earth over man. This is an inversion of Genesis 1 where God decreed man should subdue and have dominion over the earth. Charles' PWBLF has hundreds of partnerships promoting this philosophy and world view. The PWBLF's influence around the world is seen as deep, vast and broad, in educating the next generation of managers and economists.

He hosted a two-day international seminar aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, moored off the coast of Brazil, which set the tone for the subsequent UN Rio "Earth Summit".

"Sustainable development" is a term that has been incorporated into the overall philosophy of the UN, and the lending policies of WB, IMF and many other global groups and associations. Sustainable development states that all of the world's assets are finite, and that we must preserve today's resources for future generations.

The WB and IMF are seeking some standard by which to measure the production of every person on the face of the earth, to find out who is using-up the earth's resources and to ensure that our labour replaces what we have consumed. This is pure Hegelian philosophy. The UN and their environmentalists will have all the solutions (or penalties, taxes and fines) to the problems they devise.

This is in reality collectivism, or Communism: monopoly control of all of earth's assets. Eventually, personal property rights must disappear, with the "use" of real property monitored in order to "protect resources for the good of all mankind." Indigenous land rights are a step toward the abolition of personal property.

Echo depth gaugeThe rationale of privatising government assets and the philosophy of user pays becomes plain. Those in the seat of government power who know the "big picture" are feathering their own nest at public expense, financing the bread and circuses by selling the farm, the product of which will have to be purchased from the cartels based upon the "replacement" cost or scarcity which may invoke a UN tax. In 1993, following the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the WB established a division for sustainable development. The Earth Summit Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, is today senior adviser to WB president, Sir James Wolfensohn and also special adviser to the UN Secretary-General. Wolfensohn is himself a member of the Board of Trustees of the UN's Commission on Population and Commission on Sustainable Development.

In "Reconstructing the Tower of Babel," we said that the "silent weapon" of our invisible government is collection and analysis of data. Here's what they are doing:

WB has since added four other dimensions for monitoring the assets of the world through sustainable development.

(1) natural capital—minerals, water, forests, and anything natural; (2) manufactured capital—roads, buildings, homes, etc., and anything built. (3) human capital—every living person on earth, particularly their age, health, experience, education and ability to work, and (4) social capital—how people think, the political attitudes of non-government organizations (NGO's), local authorities, women, trades unions, farmers, children and young people, indigenous people, the scientific community, business, industry—in achieving sustainable development (UN Conference on Environment and Development—1992).

In short, they are building that silent weapon called logistics, building a database. All UN or UN-related organizations espouse sustainable development. These concepts permeate through all UN documents, goals, seminars, and pilot projects . . . and they are coming to your home soon.

Prince Charles is a director of 48 companies, 23 of which have a combined market value of over US$1 trillion. The biggest and most luxurious hotels are in partnership with PWBLF, as are the Hotel Associations in many countries. Trade and tourism are the world's largest industry and producer of jobs. They provide employment for 200 million people—one in every nine workers in the world. Their GDP generates more dollars than the GNP of the USA.

It is through public-private partnerships that corporations will replace the rule of nations. When you have a Board of appointed people representing government, corporations, the private sector, and NGO's—money rules, not government or the people. What we see in the making is a new form of governance transcending national borders, elected officials, and the will of the people. Little by little, people will be squeezed out and the NWO will fully emerge, with the global elite firmly ensconced.

Environment is something all the people of the world want to share—the air, water, fish and fowl. Whoever controls the environment, controls man. That is their hidden agenda. Prince Charles is at the heart of what is going on in the world as it relates to power, control, philosophy and "forward" thinking at every level of society. It would appear that he rules behind the scenes, encouraging, expanding, and pushing the agenda of the UN, partnering with the WB and other global agencies, all of which are advancing world government, a philosophy with which he is not uncomfortable.

Because of who he is, all doors are open to him. He transcends politics, national borders, and religion. He is very powerful by way of position, lineage, inheritance, importance, and influence. He is out to remake society and mould it into his image, which is based on Gaia hypothesis, usurping Genesis one. This alone will change the life for every person on earth as they become slaves to the new 21st Century feudal landlords, where every crust of bread they eat will be measured against what they produce in order to protect resources for future generations. This is the Divine Right of Kings. The real Prince Charles is extremely powerful and should be recognized as a very major player in this millennium end-game (Joan Veon, "Prince Charles—The Sustainable Prince").

Crusade against Corruption

In May, 1995, James Wolfensohn was knighted. He is now head of the World Bank with tremendous influence over the UN. Wolfensohn is also on the Board of Trustees of the Population Council, on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, CFR, and a director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development. With offices in New York City, Moscow and London, his company, James D. Wolfensohn, Inc., was a joint venture with Lord Rothschild. He was in The City of London with Schroeders Ltd (a Rockefeller company), at one time chairman, and a member of the Finance Committee of the Rockefeller Foundation. He also worked in the New York Office of Salomon Bros. (part of the Oppenheimer/Phibro Group, heirs to the Anglo American Corporation empire of Cecil Rhodes—Dope Inc., 94, EIR).

WB is now trying to demonstrate that the poverty and genocide they caused in Africa and Ibero-America by financial policy, is not the result of usury and the austere conditionalitys they imposed, but of corruption within those countries themselves. After destroying the economies of the countries, they are about to destroy whatever remains of national governmental institutions, and their political and industrial leadership, through "anti-corruption" campaigns. WB has the power to cancel loans without appeal where "spot audits" uncover official corruption.

Michael Camdessus, Head of IMF, immediately followed suit, stating that the IMF would regard it as its duty from now on to press for anti-corruption reforms in countries seeking to borrow. He had the 181 IMF member countries endorse a statement "against corruption." That further undermined any control of sovereign governments over this supranational body. Camdessus said "Now a Ministry of Finance will no longer be able to tell the IMF staff 'This is none of your business'."

Strong has been described as the key operative in the plans of the "invisible" British Empire to force through a change of paradigm, from the idea of industrial development, the nation-state, and the dignity of the individual, to the hell of pantheism and hatred for the creative faculties of man.

The WB is the single largest source of funding for environmental programs and projects, it is integrating environmental programs and projects and social dimensions into all of its operations. The WB is playing a key role in tackling global issues like climate change . . . and is mounting an initiative to establish sustainable development guidelines for private investment. It is at the center of the movement toward a sustainable way of life.

Presenting himself as "defender of the poor," Wolfensohn said, "We at the Bank are more aware than ever of the continuing line between the degrading environment and the poverty still afflicting so many countries." Thus the "international community" must replenish at least US$2 billion of the US$500 billion in arrears: pledged and never paid for the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

GEF was established to finance the genocidal program that emerged from the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, where the transition to a sustainable development was agreed under Agenda 21. Strong said that the key is in private enterprise; but the governments are, in general, on the other side. "There is a growing awareness, in the private sector that environment . . . is good business."

James Wolfensohn said the World Bank contribution to the GEF, "the principal international funding mechanism for global environment, extends far beyond funding. The Bank's partnership with the GEF helps to combine global environmental protection with economic development."

Transparency International (TI) was launched in May, 1993. Among the participants was the late former president of the World Bank, and top population controller, Robert McNamarra. Their "Source Book" features an "Interfaith Declaration: A Code of Ethics on International Business for Christians, Muslims and Jews, 1993." It describes meetings initiated in 1984 by Prince Philip under the auspices of St. George House, Windsor, to promote the concept. Sir Evelyn Rothschild became a "patron of this endeavour," purporting to represent Judaism.

According to the document, "A group of distinguished (unnamed) members of the three religions convened periodically . . . (unidentified) Theologians, academics, and prominent figures active in business and government were all involved." As to the "Origin and Purpose of the Declaration," it explains that "the globalization of business is well under way and growing . . . the volume of world trade is accelerating again . . . Cross border investment is expanding even faster than trade . . . Stocks and shares of any of the world's largest enterprises are quoted on a variety of stock exchanges . . ." (The action is in speculation and manipulation of investor's funds rather than in productive enterprise for corporate profitability, long-term viability and human benefit). Thus, "it's purpose is to set out an ethical basis for international business. It includes some principles and guidelines for practice to help business people, traders and investors . . . It also gives guidance in resolving genuine dilemmas which arise in the course of day-to-day business . . . There is evidence that the morality and ethics standards are declining in the participants' respective countries, as exemplified by the wide reporting of dishonest and corrupt practices. Part of the problem is an ambivalence concerning what is considered right and wrong . . . thus a reiteration of shared ethical precepts in the form of a Declaration would help to sustain . . . the standards of international business behaviour."

The declaration itself makes clear that there must be a sort of alliance between the "providers of finance" and "customers" and "employees," against corruption, and corruption is identified with sovereign governments and industrialists. Note the skill by which the manipulators have divided the parties into two camps; one good and one corrupt. Money lent, must of course, be repaid "at all due dates." A business cannot operate without finance. There is, therefore, a partnership between the provider and the user. The company borrowing money shall give to the lender:

  • "What has been agreed to be paid and on the due dates."
  • "Adequate safeguards in using the resources entrusted."

"Regular information on the operations of the business and opportunities to raise with directors matters concerning their performance . . ." And among the anti-corruption duties of local and national governments, there is that of "protecting the local environment from harmful emissions from manufacturing plants . . . and any practice likely to endanger humans, animals or plant life.

Prince Philip established these "ethics." TI's propaganda repeatedly emphasizes the need to establish an "Anti-Corruption Authority" that is independent of governments, and to fight the corruption of the "politicians".

TI is basically an arm of City of London-controlled agencies such as WB. By their controlled Media and well-targeted scandals, their "anti-corruption crusade" will morally assassinate people with the support of millions of citizens terrorized by the coming economic depression. They will not realize the sinister purpose behind TI is to destroy the world economy and "warn" any members of the political and industrial elite still holding to thoughts of economic development and national sovereignty.

Once the media receive all the details of an investigation that is legally supposed to be secret, unless he submits to political demands, he is mercilessly lynched. His career, and sometimes his life, is over. National development, institutions, integrity and living standards are set to tumble.

Currently TI has chapters in more than 60 countries, and around 70,000 members. It is among the elected members of Crown Agents which, since 1833, has provided logistical and technical services to the British Crown Colonies, especially procurement of weapons.

TI is employed in parallel with the environmental movement, and co-ordinated by WB and IMF which no longer limit themselves to imposing deadly conditionalitys and destroying the victim country through usury. Now, they want to take over governments and states directly. The "reforms" launched by Wolfensohn emphasize direct control of the credits granted by the WB even after they have been delivered to a particular government, on the pretext of preventing corruption.

Prince Philip views man as "a dangerous accident who upsets the balance of nature, and thus must be limited or suppressed." As international president of the World Wildlife Fund, he's organized pseudo-ecumenical conferences on "Religion and Conservation" with representatives of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam to push a pagan agenda based on the return to Mother Nature, away from the idea of man in the image of God. He said, "I believe that . . . a new and powerful alliance has been forged between the forces of religion and the forces of conservation.

At a gathering of sixty prominent environmentalists and religious leaders at Windsor Castle, April 29 to May 3, 1995, for the "World Summit for Religion and Conservation", he said, "the main threat facing the planet is population growth. Thus "vital actions" are needed by both religious and non-religious bodies to interfere in human activities and protect the environment from the dramatic increase in the world's human population . . . The key issue for the conservation of our natural environment is to find ways of protecting it from the consequences of human population explosion".

He said that the United Nations Environment Program would ask religions to be "environment monitoring agencies at the local level in return for an increasing role in UN decision-making". And "the WB has extended an invitation to faith leaders to establish a dialogue with the WB Directors on the 'Ethics of Contemporary economics'."

As Mark Burdman pointed out in EIR (May 19, 1995), "If that sounds like an attempt to use religious leaders as, in effect, operatives in a new environmental Gestapo that is in full conformity with the Royal consort's prescription to the Windsor gathering".

Indeed the historical parallel that comes to mind is the beginning of the Christian era, when the Roman oligarchy, having reached the depths of depravity, corruption, and auto-cannibalistic usury, set up a utopian project to stop the influence of the emerging Church. They tried to gather every cult in the empire in a sort of unholy ecumenism. This was the meaning of the Pantheon, a place in which each "religion" had a precise pigeon hole, and all acted together, to promote the purposes and the ideology of the empire.

Finally the Romans created a super-cult, using the forms of the secret cult of Mithra, under which they tried to collect all existing religions. It was supposed to be the perfect instrumentum regni; it would have stopped the spread of Christianity and assured creation of a global empire. The hammer and sickle on the Communist flag is a Mithraic symbol. The Roman oligarchy was able to take over and use many of the cults as the masters of Communism have done in this present time; but the whole structure collapsed.

Prince Philip is involved in making the religions instruments to act in unison to promote their purposes and ideology, by replacing "debt" with "corruption", as the main problem of the Third World. Thus a determined fight against corruption is the precondition the Third World countries must offer international financiers in order to obtain a reduction of debt.

In his 1994 apostolic letter "As the Third Millennium Drew Near," Pope John Paul II urged: "In the spirit of the Book of Leviticus, Christians will have to raise their voice on behalf of all the poor of the world." He proposed the Jubilee (the year 2000) as an "appropriate time to give thought, among other things, to reducing substantially, if not cancelling outright, the international debt which seriously threatens the future of many nations."

Martin Palmer, Prince Philip's adviser on "religious affairs," and head of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) organized a meeting between religious leaders and Wolfensohn's office at the World Bank headquarters in May, 1997 to discuss the debt crisis.

These oligarchic eco-fascists intend to destroy not only nations but the great monotheistic religions as well. Through TI, any opposition to the project will be eliminated. Both genocide and confiscation of property which has value of any kind, is planned, to, as they would say, balance the debt. Both the WB and IMF have spelled out the program for the future: TI and its sponsors will decide, politically, which countries will be butchered in the future. In other words, the world bank becomes the moral authority that decides who owns what asset, and how to punish the "corrupt," by depriving them of their wealth.

The Australian branch of Prince Philip's new "anti-corruption" organization, TI, was funded and staffed by the Melbourne offices of Royal Dutch Shell, one of the main supporters of his WWF. (EIR 60, September 12, 1997). Its Chairman is Henry Bosch. Since 1995, its Directors have travelled the far corners of the earth to seek out and destroy "corruption." That is, to destabilize any country refusing to submit to the fascist conditionalitys of the WB-IMF.

Their activities have led to the establishment of chapters in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Uganda, South Africa, India, and South Korea. Directors Isabel Blackett and Peter Rooke helped establish the organization in Pakistan, in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, an NGO in Islamabad. He has addressed the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and numerous business and trade union groups.

WB told TI-Oz that "corruption prevention should be integrated into all the Bank's work in the Asia Pacific". All of TI's top officials were drawn from WB, and TI is a WB front.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Julius Chan temporarily expelled WB in 1996, charging "it had destroyed many countries." In January 1997, the WB returned in the guise of TI, to mobilize the NGO and low-church street mobs which helped overthrow Chan's government in a fabricated corruption scandal that June. The head of TI-PNG, Sir Anthony Siaguru was deputy director of the Commonwealth 1990-1995.

Prince Philip's racist plot to splinter Australia exposes the role of the British oligarchy, operating through such fronts as World Wide Fund for Nature previously the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Anti-Slavery Society, in sponsoring the creation of a movement to effect the biggest land and resource grab in Australia's history. According to the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Report on Aboriginal Land Rights, the institution responsible for setting up the land rights movement is the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), which was founded personally by the Duke during the Royal Tour of 1963, two years after he had founded the WWF.

(Philip's WWF co-founder was another member of the Black Nobility, Prince Bernhard. Another WWF co-founder Lord Aubrey Buxton, was on the executive of London's Anti-Slavery Society, which in 1956, had deployed Lady Jessie Street to begin agitation for land rights for Aborigines, and wrote the wording of the 1967 Referendum that not only changed the Constitution, giving Aborigines the right to vote but made Aboriginal Affairs a Federal responsibility, accelerating the planned land-grab).

Their aim is to control the necessities of life, such as food and raw materials, as their global financial system disintegrates. The Aboriginal land rights issue was created from scratch by Prince Philip and WWF in order to destroy Australia as a sovereign nation state. The destruction of Australia's sovereignty allows this oligarchy to steal from Aborigines and all Australians, what is perhaps the richest concentration of raw materials on the face of the earth, as a part of its drive to dominate food and minerals world-wide.

The world's environmentalist and "indigenist" movements were founded by Prince Philip and the oligarchic elites of Britain. These elites control all of the raw materials cartels such as Royal Dutch Shell, RTZ, etc., So these mining and commodity firms lawfully fund the radical environmentalist/indigenist movements in order to lock up resource-rich land from development, which they will buy or otherwise acquire for the proverbial 'beads' from their indigenist front men and avoid payment of royalties to Australia.

Lima Agreement

Australian business and government have retrenched 3.3 million full-time workers in the 12 years from 1986-1997 in a massive downsizing of the nation's work force. 66% of these have been in the blue collar or low-skill sections of the economy - in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and construction. Job destruction has fundamentally changed the nature of the Australian work force. Companies are presently shedding 300,000 full-time jobs each year.

In 1960, Australia had one of the largest manufacturing workforces in the world. Today it struggles to maintain a manufacturing work force equal to that of Turkey.

The de-industrialization of Australia is not an accident: it is government policy. The job losses have been officially planned by the leaders of our country in order to meet the agenda of the NWO. This is not conjecture but what our public policy documents state. It started with the Lima Agreement.

Like so much of what is bad for Australia, the Lima Agreement had bipartisan support. It states, "developed countries should assist the developing countries in raising the competitiveness of their production . . . they should adopt . . . elimination or reduction of tariff barriers in order to ensure increased exports of manufactured and semi-manufactured products . . . from developing countries".

"Special attention should be given to the least developed countries, which should enjoy a net transfer of resources from the developed countries in the form of technical and financial resources as well as capital goods." This was achieved through the "Progressive elimination or reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers, and other obstacles of trade." And was to include "processed agricultural products".

The policy has been successful: Asian standards of living are improving as ours are declining. As George Bush said in his 1990 State of the Union Address, "It is a big idea: a NWO, where diverse nations are drawn together in a common cause . . . only the US has the moral standing, and the means to back it up".

Could any other nation sink so low?

MAI—the Final Sell-Out

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) is an international treaty being negotiated in Europe among the 29 OECD countries with no public consultation. The final agreement will pass world-wide legal quasi-control of governments to the international financial cartels.

Germany's wartime tactic of hiding secrets in plain sight has kept this silent weapon from public recognition. Information overload kept the public so busy they could not see the woods for the trees (Daniel 12:4).

Under this Agreement, governments would be ruled by corporations. It would enable investors in multinational corporations to remove or change any legislation issued by national governments that foreign investors perceive as against their interests. MAI has no provisions to make investors accountable to national governments.

According to Renato Ruggiero, Director General of the WTO, "We are writing the constitution of a single global economy".

"As proposed, MAI would force countries to treat foreign investors as favourably as domestic companies; laws violating this principle would be prohibited. Under these conditions all the transnational corporations will find it easier and more profitable to move their investments, and production facilities, to low-wage countries".

"At the same time, these countries would be denied the tools necessary to wrest benefits from such investment—like laws mandating employment of local managers. Efforts to promote local development by earmarking subsidies for home-grown businesses and limiting foreign ownership of local resources would also be barred. If adopted, the MAI would mean foreclosure of Third World development strategies, increased job flight from industrial nations, and new pressures on countries, rich and poor, to compete for increasingly mobile investment capital by lowering environmental and labour standards".

The MAI is based on the investment provisions of NAFTA but would apply them world-wide. It would result in depopulation by policy. That should please the UN and the power behind it.

The UN is a vehicle to introduce a new feudalism called NWO and to enslave those granted the right to exist, under a chosen people or elite who propose to rule this world. bb980311.htm

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